THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think




I just ran across your website researching Theodor Geisel and his "hate propaganda" directed at New England Protestants and Jews over "Christmas". I noticed you had an exercise that gave students the opportunity to practice stage 6 genocide against their classmates that do not do Christmas. 

<> I cannot for the life of me understand why a public school teacher would do this to their students unless they have some very serious ulterior personal motives and agendas at work.

I feel sorry for your students, if this is the case.  Geisel was a racist. His library in San Diego has become a Mecca Shrine for California Nazis and Klansmen, and have sparked student protests all over California, many of whom served as the butts of his hate propaganda, which went far beyond just his hate of New England Protestants that didn't do his German Christmas.  Perhaps you have no Protestants in your school district, perhaps you have no Jews or Muslims or Taoists or Atheists or Agnostics or Baptists or Jehovah Witnesses or, or, or... but that you would "train" your students to see people who do not do "Christmas" as "Grinch" is no different than teaching them to call African-American children "niggers", hispanic children "spics", or Italian children "Kikes"!?!  Surely you know this already, do you not? (But do not care? or truly do not know?) I really wish to understand  your logic as a "teacher" for this, so would you please "explain it" to me so I do not come to pre-mature conclusions about your motivations?

I can only ask you, is it that you do not realize what you are doing to your students, or you actually do, and that is why you are doing it?

Labeling individuals who do not do "Christmas" as "Grinch", and having the nerve as an American to ask students to do this to themselves, and their fellow classmates verges on Nazism.  Studies have been done on this kind of biggoted educational material, and have found it to be extremely detrimental to all students subjected to it, even those who are benefited by it's compliments of "cognitive distortion". Perhaps they didn't cover this in your education in Michigan?

It is a shame and a disgrace to your state and your university, if they didn't. If they did, and you are still doing it, I am in shock and really don't know what to say to you?  I hope God will open your eyes to what you are doing to people, and to these innocent vulnerable children placed in your care.

May God have mercy.


Hello, I am the administrator of the teacher you emailed. I'd just like to clarify.
In the story of the Grinch Ė no one bothered the Grinch. He didnít like that the others were celebrating Christmas so he decided to sabotage it and destroy it.
So what youíre saying is if someoneís doing something we donít like, itís OK to sabotage it? Our school follows all state and federal laws in regards to Holiday celebrations. Shame on your State and your University if they taught you that the motive of reading the Grinch is to spread Naziism.
When you see God I am hopeful he approves of the way you spent your time. So many needs in our society and youíre battling the Grinch. Good luck in your journey.


Dear Christmas Lie,

I just read the email you sent to a colleague.  Do you honestly spend this much time hunting down Dr. Seuss fans?  Well, I guess everyone needs to have a cause. I'm impressed that you have such a good wireless signal down in your bunker, surrounded by Spam and jugs of water.  Or, more likely, in your mom's basement, alternating between your hate-filled emails and Worlds of Warcraft.

Your email leaves me with an important, burning question:  What about Winnie the Pooh?  Is it safe to introduce students to him, or is he a representation of Al Qaeda, with his Hundred Acre Wood a symbol of a jihadi training compound?

Is Clifford the big red dog acceptable, or are we subliminally telling our students that they must take steroids and become huge if they want to be accepted by their peers?

I hope you can clear these issues up for me, so I can become the type of teacher you wish me to be.

Good luck with your Nazi hunting and have a Merry Christmas.

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Dear Mr. <>,

Your comments were ad homenim attacks, not rational explanations, for this practice.  The question was, why do you ask children to view others (and even possibly themselves) who do not do "Christmas" as green animalistic monsters? And then ask them to go through "exercises" placing words in their mouths? That is a rational question, and deserves a rational response. If you find you are incapable of a rational response, you probably should think a little more about the question.

I have no problem with a school and Christmas, or/and Dr. Seuss, or any other literary figure in history including Hitler. My complaint to the teacher was that she was asking students to go through a visualization exercise that depicts people who do not do Christmas as the Grinch character, a green animalistic monster.(Which is typical institutional procedure in stage 6 genocide)

Perhaps you are not aware that Grinch is hate literature. Perhaps you are. Perhaps you know it was produced to insult New England Protestants for their role in Prohibition, and perhaps you know it has missed it's intended target, or perhaps you don't.

But the fact you pretend to be clueless about asking children to depict people of other faiths in this imagery is not covered up by your exaggerations and protests. That is what you are doing. So you either know you are doing it, and do not care that you are, or you you simply don't realize that is what you are actually doing.  I made no assumption about which was the case, but ask your teacher to clarify which it was.

I will be returning Mr. <> email next week after I give his explanation serious and thoughtful reflection appropriate his explanation.  Since you are in communication with him, you can pass that along.

Tell him also, I appreciate the time he took to respond.


I have received 2 emails from people at your school, neither of which were you. One said he was your school "administrator", the other didn't bother with a title before shooting off his tirades from a cell phone.  I didn't go through the trouble of looking up your "administrator" or "principle" or whoever because this is not some activist chasing down "Dr. Seuss" fans on the internet, as the last emailer charged.

I was asking you as a teacher. 

<>I wasn't interested in creating a ruckus for you. I simply wanted to know why you, as the teacher, are doing this? Do you not "know" what  you are doing to them, or is that you feel it is "for their own good" that you do this to them? Or are you being "told" to do it?

That is a very simple and ver fair question, and requires nothing more than a very simple and fair answer. Fair meaning honest. Meaning admit the obvious to yourself about this "exercise" and explain why it's a desirable "educational exercise" ?

If you are "defensive" about it, then I can only assume you know you are pushing something here in terms of good taste and proper social protocol for an "educator". If you are not 'defensive" about it, there is no reason to run and hide behind an "administrator" about what you are doing.

I have nothing but good wishes and intentions for you as a teacher, despite my disagreement with your actions on this subject. I am not interested in creating problems for you, and would not publicly reveal your name to anyone, concerning our correspondence. I have no interest in pushing a "cause" or using an "attorney" or filing a "greivance", or doing anything other than actually trying to "understand" your actions as an educator. 

If you can't "explain them", then perhaps you should say that. 

The website is hoping to educate readers in the general public, about something that we are all being lied to about,... not hurt, injure, or intimidate common Americans, especially an educator, including you, your "administrator", or even his friend <>. 

Perhaps my initial letter was too "loud" in it's tone, since you are unfamiliar with this topic, and perhaps you found it threatening and intimidating, and if that is true, I do offer you my complete and sincere apologies as that was really not the intent.  I am seeking answers to questions, not confrontations and activism.  Nothing more needs to be done, than simply ask a question and have it answered. That question is would you like this done to you?

I think you know the answer to that question in your heart, but I would like to hear what your mind has to say about it. As I want to understand your thinking., and/or maybe why I don't understand it now. <> I cannot understand why you would not see a "problem"? So help me understand.

Now concerning your administrator, since he emailed me, I will be emailing him back as well out of courtesy. But as I stated earlier, if I had wanted to blow this up and go nuclear, I would have had my attorney send him a threatening letter, and then he could have gotten all nasty and sent one back, instead of just asking you politely to explain this policy.  Administrators are beuracrats. Often they get their jobs through political means, and consequently they are very political in what they say and do. I have no interest in politics. This is not a "political question" that needs a "political answer".  You are the teacher of those children. You work as a teacher because you love those children and care about them, if you are in the vocation of your calling.

As a good teacher you would stand between them and life and death, if necessary. You would never to anything to harm them, abuse them, or exploit them even on a bad day. You may go home and cuss and fuss about them to your spouse in private. You might even make jokes about a few or their parents, and even occasionally say things you would never want repeated. But if you are like any teachers I have ever known, you love your children, otherwise you couldn't do what you are doing. 

Because you love them, you do what you do. And you have listed a "visualization exeercise" that teaches them to see other children who do not do "christmas" (or perhaps even themselves if they do not) as a green animalistic monster.  That is what "grinch" is, and "Christmas" is what he "doesn't like".  So that very clearly identifies this character with certain children.

This question is not about Dr. Seuss. It's not even about the story you are taking this exercise from. You could do the same thing with any literature, including the Bible if you were a malicious person and wanted to exploit your children for some "cause".  But I do not think that is true about most teachers that actually teach children, including you.

So the question is very simple and straightforward. And I would appreciate it if you could answer it?  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a universal principle I think most people can see the wisdom in, it was even a motto at Geisel's fraternity.  Applying it to what you do as an educator is certianly within reason.

Why are you doing this? Would you want this done to you?


To date,, is still waiting to hear any explanation at all from this teacher in the public school system supported by tax payer federal funds, in Michigan. Appearantly, any parent not wanting their child to be subjected to their animalistic labels, is not worthy of even so much as an explanation for this abusive action.