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Introduction The Sages and the Star-Child
The Revelation of the Magi
 An Ancient Christian Apocryphon 
Brent Landau
This document purports to be the personal testimony of the biblical Magi on the coming of Christ, and is the longest and mostcomplex narrative devoted to the Magi surviving from antiquity. The first chapter is acritical edition of the Syriac text of this apocryphon as found in the Chronicle of Zuqnin ,an eighth-century world chronicle preserved in a single manuscript, codex VaticanusSyriacus 162. The corresponding annotated English translation is the first of its kindfor this text.The second chapter compares the Syriac text with a much shorter version of thenarrative contained in the Opus Imperfectum in Matthaeum , an Arian commentary onthe Gospel of Matthew from the fifth century. It concludes that the Opus is a witnessto a Greek version of this apocryphon, basically equivalent to the received Syriac. Thethird chapter attempts to trace the prehistory of the text prior to its fifth-century form,and argues that the earliest form of the text was a pseudepigraphon, written from theputative perspective of the Magi themselves. This text, which was composed in the late second or early third century, was redacted in the third or fourth century to include athird-person account of the Apostle Judas Thomas’ conversion of the Magi.The fourth chapter investigates the use of foundational Christian writings by the Revelation of the Magi. Although the text is obviously dependent upon Matthew forits basis narrative structure, the terminology and theology of the Gospel of John ismuch more influential, especially since the text portrays the Magi’s star as Christ inluminous form—the literal “light of the world.” The fifth and final chapter argues thatthe text employs two different modes of religious diffusion: divine universal revelationand human mission. Its presentation of divine revelation has particular consequencesfor understanding the origins of religious difference. According to the Revelation of theMagi, because Christ can appear to anyone, in any place, at any time, he is actually the wellspring of all of humanity’s religious traditions.

I. The Magi from the East in the Ancient Christian Imagination Of the various characters appearing only in the infancy narratives of thecanonical gospels, none have been the objects of such intense speculation as theMatthean Magi. Despite—or perhaps because of—the extreme paucity of detail in Matt2:1-12, Christian commentators from antiquity to the present have attempted toanswer every conceivable question about these mysterious visitors. Were these ma&goi magicians, astrologers, Zoroastrian priests, or something else entirely? From where in“the East” did they come? What were their names, and how many did they number? What was the nature of the star they saw, and how did they know its meaning? Why did they bring the Christ child gold, frankincense, and myrrh? What became of themafter they departed from Bethlehem?Several different types of ancient sources exist that bear witness to thisspeculation. There are commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew, such as theanonymous fifth-century  Opus Imperfectum in Matthaeum, a work having greatsignificance for this study because of a legend it preserves about the Magi. There arehomilies; one given by John Chrysostom (Hom. Matt. 6.2) berates members of hiscongregation for believing that the Magi story demonstrates the effectiveness of astrology. There are artistic representations, such as an image of three Magi in Persiandress bringing gifts to the Christ child and his mother, carved into the wooden doorsof Santa Sabina in Rome.

As a final example, there are narrative compositions, likethe non-canonical infancy gospel known as the Protevangelium of James, where the Magireport to Herod that they saw a star so bright that it caused all other stars in the sky todisappear (Prot. Jas.21:8). Among this diversity of witnesses, one exists that has received precious littlescholarly attention, but is arguably the single richest document about the Magiproduced in Christian antiquity. This composition, which this study calls the Revelation of the Magi (henceforth RevMagi),is a lengthy and complex apocryphon thatpurports to be the personal testimony of the Magi and provides their perspective on thecoming of Christ. The text is only extant in Syriac, though a summary of the samebasic narrative occurs in the Opus Imperfectum in Matthaeum (henceforth OIM), theaforementioned commentary on the Gospel of Matthew probably composed in thefifth century by an anonymous Arian theologian. An especially remarkable feature of the RevMagi is its frequent departure from some of the most common ancient Christian interpretations of Matt 2:1-12. Here the Magi come not from Persia, butfrom a semi-legendary country in the Far East known as “Shir.” Their journey fromtheir homeland to Bethlehem does not take two years — a supposition based on Matt2:7 and 2:16 — but is accomplished in the blink of an eye by miraculous means. Mostintriguing of all, the Magi’s star is not a star, a comet, a planetary conjunction, or evenan angel, but Christ himself in celestial form—a star-child.The purpose of this study is to provide a critical introduction to this remarkablebut neglected text. It includes an edition of the only surviving text of the RevMagi, anannotated English translation, and chapters analyzing its history of transmission, itsexegetical relationship with foundational Christian writings, and its most pressingtheological concerns. The introduction to this study addresses several preliminary issues: the manner in which the text of the RevMagi has been preserved; a summary of its entire narrative; an accounting of the previous history of scholarship; and anoverview of the aims of each chapter in this study.


The Revelation of the Magi 

English Translation

By Brent Christopher Landau


1. Introduction

1:1  About the revelation of the Magi, and about their coming to Jerusalem, andabout the gifts that they brought to Christ.

1:2  An account of the revelations and the visions, which the kings, [sons of kings] of the great East spoke, who were called Magi in the language of that land because in silence, without a sound, they glorifiedand they prayed.

1:3  And in silence and in the mind they glorified and prayed to the exalted and holy majesty of the Lord of life, to the holy and glorious Father, who ishidden by the great brightness of himself and is more lofty and holy than all reasoning.

1:4  And the language of human beings is not able to speak about him as he is, except as he has wished, and when he has wished, and by means of whom he wishes.

1:5  And neither his heavenly worlds nor the lower ones are able to speak about his majesty,except as it is fitting for the will of his majesty to reveal to the worlds so that they areable to partake from the gift of his majesty, because it is great and they are not able to speak of it.

2. The Magi—Their Names and Lineage

2:1  And so, there were those wise men, who were called Magi in the language of the land because in silence, without a sound, they praised the God of all, that one who, by his word and will, has come to be all that is, all that exists and arises, and all that is going to be.

2:2 And there is nothing that exists outside of his will, and furthermore, there is no one who will stand against the will of the Father of all.

2:3 The names of the wise men and kings were called as follows: Zaharwandad son of Artaban;Hōrmizd son of Sanatruq; Auštazp son of Gudaphar; Aršak son of Mihruq;Zarwand son of Wadwad; Arhō son of Kosrau; Artahšišat son of Hawīlat; Aštanbōzan son of Šīšrawan; Mihruq son of Humam; Ahširaš son of Sahban Nasardīh son of Baladan; Merōdak son of Bīl.

2:4  These are kings, sons of Eastern kings, in the land of Shir, which is the outer part of the entire East of the world inhabited by human beings, at the Ocean, the great sea beyond the world, east of the land of Nod, that place in which dwelt Adam, head and chief of all the families of the world.

2:5 And these sons of kings received commandments, laws, and even books from their fathers.

2:6  And generation from generation, one by one, they received (them,) from the time of Seth, the son of our father Adam, because Adam revealed (them) to his son Seth when he had him.

2:7  And Adam taught Seth about his prior greatness, before he transgressed against the commandment, and about his expulsion from Paradise. And he warned his son Seth not to transgress also against the (divine) justice as Adam (did).

3. The Transmission of the Mysteries

3:1  And Seth received the commandment of his father with a pure heart, and he took care of the agreement and the gift of the exalted Lord of majesty.

3:2  And it wasgiven to Seth to set down in a book and to make known the wisdom, and to call uponthe name of the LORD, the lord of every soul who seeks after life.

3:3  And from him a book appeared in the world for the first time, which was set down in the name of the Exalted One.

3:4  And Seth entrusted to his descendants the book that was set down, and it was transmitted up to Noah, that one who was found just and was delivered from the waters.

3:5 And [in the time of the Deluge,] Noah [took] the books of commandments with him [in the Ark. And when] he came out of the Ark, Noah also commanded the generations after him, who recounted his great deeds and the hidden mysteries that are written in the books of Seth about the majesty of the Father and all the mysteries.

3:6  And the [books,] and the mysteries, and the speech were handed down in succession by tradition even until our fathers.

3:7 And they learned and received with joy, and handed them down to us ourselves, and we also kept with love and fear their mysteries of the books and the secrets and the words.

3:8  And we prayed in silence and gave thanks and glorified, bowing our knees and lifting our hands to the height of heaven, to the Lord of that majesty that is hidden from the eyes of everything that lives.


4. The Prophecy of the Star

4:1 And those books of hidden mysteries were placed on the Mountain of  Victories in the east of Shir, our country, in a cave, the Cave of Treasures of the Mysteries of the Life of Silence.

4:2  And our fathers commanded us as they also received from their fathers, and they said to us: “Wait for the light that shines forth to  you from the exalted East of the majesty of the Father, the light that shines forth from on high in the form of a star over the Mountain of Victories and comes to rest upon a pillar of light within the Cave of Treasures [of] Hidden Mysteries.

4:3 And also command your sons, and your sons their sons, until the mystery of the star that shines forth from the exalted majesty appears to your generations, a light like a star, and giving light to the entire creation and obscuring the light of the sun, moon, and stars, and not one of them is seen or is able to stand in the presence of its light.

4:4 For it is the great mystery of the Son of the exalted majesty, who is the voice of the Father; the offspring of his hidden thought; the light of the ray of his glory; the will and image of his hiddenness;

4:5 the all-engendering Word of his thought; source of life never-failing from his spring; the all-governing Word according to the will of the one who sent it; an image that has no form or likeness among any things that exist.

4:6 This one, by whose power and word all the worlds were set in order and established, is the Son of perfect mercy, is the ray of light of the glory of the Father of ineffable majesty.

4:7 Therefore, know that when this light from that majesty that has no end shines forth for you and will appear like a star to you so that you are able to see him: eagerly, with joy and love, and completely, with care, taking with you his own pure gifts, which were put in the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries on the Mountain of Victories by your fathers, go to where his light, the star, leads you.

4:8  And you will see a great and amazing sign, God appearing in the bodily form of a human being, unsightly, poor, imperfect, frail, lowly, even the sign of the cross appearing upon him. And you will go before him with love and joy, taking with you your gifts, and you will worship in the presence of the child, despised, poor, and killed.

4:9 And you will offer him your gifts, and you shall receive from him the blessing of salvation and shall partake with him in the joy, which, when he comes with his hidden glory, with his perfect divinity, with his perfect riches that do not pass away, with his new world, with his light that [lacuna],  with perfect salvation, which he will give to all [lacuna].

4:10  Also, take care and command your sons. And if the coming of the light of the star does not happen in your days, also have your sons tell it to their sons, until the mysteries and revelations shall come to pass that are written about his coming.”

5. The Ritual of the Magi

5:1 And we received the laws and commandments from our fathers, and we taught all the mysteries, and we reminded our sons: “Perhaps in your days the coming of the light of this star will happen, as we received and learned from our fathers.”

5:2 And we went up to the Mountain of Victories, and when we were all assembled at the foothills of the mountain from each one’s dwelling place, we remained in one place for purification on the twenty-fifth day of every month.

5:3 And we bathed in a certain spring that was on the foothills of the mountain, and it is called “The Spring of Purification.”

5:4  And seven trees stood over it: an olive, a vine, a myrtle, [a cypress,] an orange, a cedar, and a juniper.

5:5 And that mountain was altogether incomparably more beautiful and desirable than all the mountains in our land, and the smell of all sweet spices effused from it, and the dew that was sprinkled was a sweet smell.

5:6  And when it became the first of the month, we ascended and went to the top of the mountain and stood before the mouth of the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries.

5:7  And we knelt on our knees and stretched forth our hands to heaven, and we prayed and worshiped in silence, without a sound, to the Father of that heavenly majesty thatis ineffable and infinite forever.

5:8  On the third of the month we entered the cave into the treasures, the treasures that were prepared as the star’s own [gifts] and for the adoration of that light that we awaited.

5:9  And what we read and heard from the revelation, when we returned, descending in joy, we said to and instructed our sons, our families, and everyone who gave themselves with love to learn.

5:10  And if it should chance that one of us should pass away, we would raise up his son or one of the sons of his family [in his place,] as when we succeeded our fathers, until the time of the coming of the star has been fulfilled.

5:11 We also taught the people of that country, those who gave themselves to the love of revelation to learn with joy. And those who did not wish to learn and distanced themselves from help because they saw our quiet way of life, that we prayed in silence, [we] said our mysteries to them with honor.

6. An Excerpt from Seth’s Books of Revelation

6:1  Again, from the books that were in the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries: every word that our father Adam, the beginning of our great lineage, spoke with his son Seth, whom he had after the death of Abel, whom his brother Cain killed and over whom his father Adam mourned.

6:2  And Adam instructed Seth his son about[lacuna], [and about the revelation] of the light of the star and about its glory, because he [saw] it in the Garden of Eden when it descended and came to rest over the Tree of Life; and it illuminated the entire (garden) before Adam transgressed against the commandment of the Father of heavenly majesty.

6:3  And when he transgressed against the commandment that (the Father) ordained for him, the sight of the star was taken away from him, and (it was also taken away from him) because of his expulsion from Paradise. And Adam our father mourned over (his) foolishness, that he was humbled from his greatness.

6:4 And he strongly warned his son Seth, and he taught him to walk in righteousness so that he might find mercy before the Father of majesty.

7. The Fall of Adam

7:1 And he said to him: “My son, there will be generations and ages from me and from my offspring, and they will be recounting my foolishness and speaking figuratively with figures of speech to one another.

7:2 They are fulfilled about me, and they will say: ‘Every kingdom that will be divided against itself shall not stand.’ This is fulfilled about me, because I doubted about my kingdom in which I stood, and I, by my hands, destroyed it myself.

7:3 My son, the rib that was removed from me became a thorn and it blinded my eye.

7:4 I even prophesied when I saw her, and I said: ‘This time is bone and flesh from me.’ And rightly did I call her ‘time,’ because she became a stumbling block for me.

7:5 My son, guard from her the words of your mouth and donot reveal to her all the mysteries of your heart.

7:6 For my compassionate master made her a helper for me, for honor and glory, because he loved me like a beloved son.

7:7 And I made her an injury for me and a destroyer of my footprints so that she cast me out of Paradise, my kingdom.

7:8  And I did not understand my honor, but I was puffedup in my heart by the advice of treachery that she gave to me, a cup of sound filled  with poison by the lie of the serpent.

8. Adam’s Ignorance of God’s Mercy

8:1 “And I did not understand my priority when I did not (yet) exist, and when I did exist, in what sort of honor I was, nor my authority over the entire world, nor my love among the holy watchers, nor my entire life inside Paradise, nor, more than everything, the mercy and kindness of my holy master who loved me and was merciful to me like a kind father.

8:2   And when I transgressed against his commandment in my boldness, he did not judge me as a lord who holds a grudge, but as a kind father whose mercy is mixed with discipline.

8:3 For if he had judged me according to my foolishness, he would have destroyed me as vanity and made me as if I never existed. And who would stand up against him and say: ‘What are you doing?’

8:4 But he disciplined me with mercy and did not judge me according to my foolishness, since, behold, my son, I saw the entire Creation, which is under my authority as before.

8:5   And my deceiver, the Evil One, wanted to humiliate me with his fraud and be liberated from under my authority. On the contrary, my kind master, in his mercy, put him under my feet that I would trample him, having put fear upon me so that I would not obey his advice again.

8:6  And like a judge (in) his justice, he shut his lying mouth and filled it with dust, and he tore off his feet so that he could not walk upon them, (and) he separated him from every animal created like him.

8:7 And all these things happened to me, my son, and I was brought low from my majesty. The cause of all these evil things, Eve your mother, was a stumbling block for me.

8:8  But you, my son, guard yourself from her advice and do not obey her as I (did,) but love and honor the Lord of life, my kind master, and he will save you and have mercy upon you.

9. Adam’s Prediction of the End Times

9:1 “For there will be from my family and my children glorious and honorable people, (the reciters) of the mysteries of the majesty. And they will find great mercy and will pray, ask, and be heard.

9:2 And [lacuna] of the majesty, but at the end times of that generation they will again be [rebelling,] and they will not be afraid of my foolishness and of the judgment that I have. Instead, they shall be headstrong and shall speak blasphemy unto the heavenly majesty.

9:3 And they will say many things, and shall also make painted idols and graven images, and shall even serve the sun and the moon, and they shall speak words of blasphemy.

9:4 And all these things that are among them from the deceits of my treacherous deceiver, because he will offer the love of his fraud and his deceit filled with poison to each of the generations that will be after me.

9:5 And he will [show] and make them desire the empty praise of great riches, pride, clothes, property, fornication, boastfulness, injustice, greed, and various possessions.

9:6  And he will appear to them like a lover or a friend and entice them. And again, with reveling, drunkenness, impure and defiled feasts, which are an illusion[of his] empty [apparitions,] and again, with possessions of assorted excesses, he will take hold of them with fraudulent affection, which is not virtuous, just as also to me through Eve.

10. Adam’s Final Exhortation to Seth

10:1 “He led me astray by his fraudulent word like an innocent person concernedfor my welfare: ‘See, I promise you something right and suitable for you, (namely) that, when you have eaten from the tree, from which you were commanded not to eat, you will become like your God,’ my merciful master.

10:2 I, wretch (that I was), did not understand my honor, that his fraudulent promise could not come true, nor could the clay be like its potter, nor the servant like his master. But I know the great mercy of the majesty of my kind master, which is to be revealed for me at the end of days.

10:3  And at the end he will save me from destruction and raise me from the dust as he raised me up when I did not exist. And my enemy rejoiced and exulted over me sinceI had fallen by his deceit.

10:4 My kind savior and merciful master is going to sustain me and have pity upon me with his mercy, and [descending] to the darkness, he will strengthen me by his light and illuminates my eyes as he did before, (when) he breathed the spirit into my nostrils and I lived.

10:5 But you, my son, and your generations after you, it has pleased my maker and my savior that you should find mercy before him; for he does not reckon against you my own sins because of his kindness.

10:6 For if he had requited me according to my foolishness, I would not have begotten forth fruits, nor would he have accepted the offering from your brother Abel, nor would he have exacted retribution for his blood from the hands of his brother who killed him.

10:7 For he does not neglect in his great mercy anyone who loves him and walks in justice before him. Even to those who offend him, he gives opportunity for repentance, and is gracious to them if they repent and seek (it) from him, because his mercy upon his world is great.”

10:8  And Seth heard everything that his father Adam commanded him, commandments more numerous than these, and wrote them down with diligence, and we found them in the books that were placed in the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries.

10:9 He also commanded and added to them. And Seth purified his heart so that he would not obey the deceitful Evil One, and he praised and called upon the name of the Father of heavenly majesty.

10:10 And Seth also commanded these mysteries to his sons. And we were reading (them) every month that we went up the mountain, and with love we entered the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries. And we also learned them and taught our sons and families.

11. The Appearance of the Star to the Magi

11:1 Then, when the time and fulfillment of what was written in the book shappened, concerning the revelation of the light of the hidden star, we were indeed thought worthy for it to come in our days and to receive it with joy, as we were commanded by our fathers and as we ourselves read in the books.

11:2  And each of us saw wondrous and diverse visions that were never before seen by us, but their mysteries were in these books that we were reading.

11:3  And each one came from his dwelling-place according to our ancient custom to ascend the Mountain of Victories [lacuna] to wash in the Spring of Purification, as we were accustomed.

11:4  And we saw [lacuna] in the form of an ineffable pillar of light descending and it came to rest above the water.

11:5 And we were afraid and shook when we saw it. And we cannot speak about the brilliance of the star of light, since its radiance was many times greater than the sun, and the sun could not stand out before the light of its rays.

11:6  And just like the moon looks in the daytime in the days of Nisan, when the sun rises and it is absorbed in its light, so also did the sun seem to us when the star rose over us.

11:7  And the light of the star, which surpassed the sun, appeared to us ourselves and the sons of our mysteries, but it did not appear to anyone else, because they were removed from its mysteries and its coming. And we rejoiced, and glorified, and gave unmeasured thanks to the Father of heavenly majesty that it appeared in our days and we were thought worthy to see it.

12. The Star Descends to the Mountain of Victories

12:1 And when we bathed in the Spring of Purification with joy, and we ascended the Mountain of Victories as we were accustomed, and we went up and found that pillar of light in front of the cave, again a great fear came upon us.

12:2 And [we knelt] upon our knees and we stretched out our hands according to our ancient custom, and we praised in silence the vision of its wonders.

12:3  And again, we saw that heaven had been opened like a great gate and men of glory carrying the star of light upon their hands. And they descended and stood upon the pillar of light, and the entire mountain was filled by its light, which cannot be uttered by the mouth of humanity.

12:4 And (something) like the hand of a small person drew near in our eyes from the pillar and the star, at which we could not look, and it comforted us. And we saw the star enter the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries, and the cave shone beyond measure.

12:5 And a humble and kind voice made itself heard by us, which called out and said to us: “Enter inside without doubt, in love, and see a great and amazing vision.” And we were encouraged and comforted by the message of the voice.

12:6 And we entered, being afraid, and we bowed our knees at the mouth of the cave because of the very abundance of the light.

12:7 And when we rose at its command, we lifted our eyes and saw that light, which is unspeakable by the mouth of human beings.

13. Epiphany in the Cave of Treasures

13:1 And when it had concentrated itself, it appeared to us in the bodily form of a small and humble human, and he said to us: “Peace to you, sons of my hidden 100

mysteries.” And again, we were astonished by the vision, and he said to us: “Do not doubt the vision that you have seen, that there has appeared to you that ineffable light of the voice of the hidden Father of heavenly majesty.

13:2 And again, (do not doubt that) it appeared to you to concentrate its light in its rays, or that it appeared to you in the form of a small, humble, and unworthy human, because indeed, the inhabitants of the world cannot bear to see the glory of the only Son of the Father of majesty, unless it appeared for them in the form of their world.

13:3 And again, other signs shall appear in it, which are hidden and (would be) shameful for the heavenly majesty, for the sake of the redemption of the lives of human beings, because my Father has loved them that they should not perish by the error in which they have persisted.

13:4 And again, I will perfect the love of the Father, even unto the death of a cross. For the sake of their salvation I will descend to raise them up with me in love and indivisible peace if they shall believe in me without doubt, and give thanks, and glorify through me the Father of that glorious majesty who sent me for their salvation.

13:5 And I have loved them that they may not perish by the error in which they have persisted. And therefore, since I have appeared to them in the fullness of all the times, they have no excuse for their offenses unless they repent and believe in me.

13:6  And also you, everything that you were commanded by your fathers, and everything that you learned from the mysteries of the books that you have read, do, since behold, the hidden mysteries of the light of the star that you have been waiting to see, behold, he himself has (now) told you about himself as you are able to hear.

13:7  And you will believe without doubt, seeing in me signs of many forms.

13:8  And again, take with you the treasure that was deposited inthis cave by your fathers and [continue in joy] and worship the [lacuna] I will be born like a human being.

13:9  And again, worship me there [lacuna]: even now, as I am speaking with you I am also there. Because my gospel has been proclaimed by angels, I am both there and with the majesty of my Father.

13:10  And I am everywhere, because I am a ray of light whose light has shone in this world from the majesty of my Father, who has sent me to fulfill everything that was spoken about me in the entire world and in every land by unspeakable mysteries, and to accomplish the commandment of my glorious Father, who by the prophets preached about me to the contentious house, in the same way as for you, as befits your faith, it was revealed to you about me.

13:11 And I am going up with you and am a guide for you on the entire journey that you are traveling, seeing signs, glorious wonders, and great victories upon the entire earth. And you will see the completion of all the mysteries in Jerusalem, and everything that was spoken with you will come true for you.

13:12  And again, you will see signs of humility, even a lowly and weak form, such that people will act boldly against me, and they will desire to do that which they plotted in deceit against me, and they will not be able to have [their goal] take place.

13:13 But all that they do will be for their killing and their destruction, and the will of the Father shall be fulfilled for the sake of the salvation of the life of the whole world.”

14. The Magi Realize Christ’s Polymorphy

14:1 And when he spoke all these things with us, along with a great many that we cannot say because of the great riches of their majesty, all of us went out of the cave, exulting and rejoicing that we were thought worthy for all these mysteries of that unspeakable majesty to be revealed around us and spoken with us.

14:2  And we took that entire treasure that was deposited in the cave, letters having been sealed in which it was placed. And we descended from the mountain, glorifying the mysteries of the revelations of the light of the star that appeared to us.

14:3  And each of us was speaking about the revelations and visions that had appeared to him in the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries, but our visions did not resemble each other, and all the wonders of many forms that appeared to us.

14:4 There is one of us saying, “I saw a light in which there were many images that were amazing.” And there is one saying, “I saw an infant who had unspeakable forms.”

14:5 And there is one saying, “I saw a youth who did nothave a form in this world.” And there is one saying, “I saw a human being who washumble, unsightly in appearance, and poor.”

14:6  And there is one saying, “I saw a crossand a person of light who hung upon it, taking away the sins of the entire world.” And there is one saying, “I saw that he went down to Sheol with force and all the dead rose and worshiped him.”

14:7 And there is one saying, “I saw that he ascended in glory, and he opened the graves, and he raised up the dead, while they are crying out and saying: ‘Holy is our king and holy is his descent to us! Because of our sins he humbled himself to save us.’”

14:8  And there is one saying, “I saw him ascending to the heavenly height, and angels opening the gates of heaven before him. And clouds of seraphs and angels are taking him upon the palms of their hands, and the Paraclete Spirit taking a diadem and a crown and making victory shine before him, and all the hosts praising and singing the honor of his humility, which prevailed in the whole struggle of error and death.”

14:9 And when all these things and others like them, of which there were many, (happened,) while descending the Mountain of Victories, we gave praise and repeated to each other everything that we saw and heard there.

14:10  And we were in great rejoicing and great exultation that we were thought worthy to see this complete gift of salvation for which all the kings, and righteous ones, and prophets, and powerful ones prayed, and hoped, and waited, that they might see this sight. But they did not see it because it was not then the time of the coming of the star of light, giving perfect salvation to its believers.


15. The Father Speaks to the Magi

15:1  And while we were praising these things, suddenly a voice with much light and with unspeakable kindness came to our ears from the heavenly height of majesty, saying to us: “Everything that you have seen, and heard, and discussed, and had spoken to you, and (at which) behold, you are amazed, is (only) one drop of salvation from the house of [majesty.]

15:2  For there is no one who can know all the mysteries of singleness except the one who is issued from the thought of the hiddenness of the Father. And no one knows the Father except the voice bringing forth the word of salvation, revealing the depth of hiddenness of the thought of the Father, in whom he is forever.

15:3 And by the (same) voice and word the heavenly worlds and the lower ones of the Father of majesty came into being and were ordered: the angels, and powers, and princes, and authorities, even this world in which you exist, and the height, and depth, and length, and width.

15:4  And there is otherwise nothing that exists outside the will of the Father of majesty or that has come to be without the voice of life. For this is my beloved Son, being sent of perfect love. This is the revealer of the secrets of the Father for his beloved ones, as it is fitting for them and as they can receive by his gift of the Son.

15:5 This is he who has told of new and perfect worlds for those who are persuaded and believe in him. This is the interpreter of wisdom and hidden mysteries. This is he who is the image and form of the Father of majesty, by  whom he is always heard.

15:6 This is the only begotten Son, perfecting all the will of his Father. This is the one who is not loved and honored as he deserves, because that world loves the darkness and its desires more than him.

15:7 This is the one who was humbled and became a human being for the salvation of human beings so that they  would not perish. He put on, by his will, a body, a humble form, that with it he might slay death and take away the dominion of death, to give eternal life to those who love him and believe in him.

15:8 This is the one in whose name signs and portents take place through his believers. This is the perfect Son, doing the will of he who sent him. This one is the way  and the gate of light for those who enter by it.

15:9 This is the one who is in everything and is named and spoken of above all. This is the bread of life that comes down from me for believers; he is the sower of the word of life and he is the shepherd of truth who gives himself as ransom for his flock. He is the great priest who by his blood absolves the worlds; he is a drink of the vine of life.

15:10  This is the one that you saw who is in many forms that appeared to you, but is not deprived of either my love or the person of his glory. And no one exists over him or over his majesty to speak of how he is, except I, and I and he, we are one in unspeakable glory.”

16. The Miraculous Journey

16:1 And when all these things and many others were spoken about the revelation that appeared to us, the star was with us in (its) all excellent forms so we could see it. And we spoke about it like frail human beings, not being able to say anything that we saw.

16:2  And we got ready with our whole encampment, and with our provisions, and with the pure and holy gifts, those that we brought out of the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries, in which they were [deposited] previously by our fathers, and we went forth in great joy, our hearts exulting to come to the place that was commanded to us, to worship the vision of the star of infinite light.

16:3 And the star, our guide, our good messenger, our perfect light, our glorious leader, again appeared for us, going before us and upholding our whole caravan from all sides, and enlightening us by its hidden light.

16:4 And we had no need of the light of the sun or of the moon, because their light became diminished in its sight, and by night and by day we walked in its light, exulting and rejoicing without distress or weariness.

16:5 And it prepared before us a blessed dwelling-place in which to reside while we rested and exulted. Even our provisions were abundant in our eyes and did not decrease, but rather from one day to another they increased when it came to rest over us with its light.

16:6 And it gave rest to us from all our fatigue as if we were not journeying on the road, and it made mountains, and hills, and rugged places level before us.Even the rivers before us we crossed by foot without fear, because of the light of our good guide that went along with us for our encampment. And again, when we crossed into the places [of beasts and vicious snakes,] we trampled them with our feet.

16:7 And our leader and our guide, in his glory, appeared to each one of us in all forms and appearances in every (stage.) And he filled our hearts with great joy, and all the (stages) in which we journeyed were short and swift in our eyes, because our victorious sign and our powerful light, which is beyond every human mouth to speak, guided us with its victorious strength.

17. The Magi in Jerusalem

17:1  And when we arrived in the region of Jerusalem, in the month of flowers, our good emissary led and brought us inside Jerusalem.

17:2  And its nobles and rulers were disturbed and troubled, and they asked us: “On account of what cause have you come here? Perhaps because of the mysteries of your magianism?” because they saw us looking up at heaven, and worshiping our sign, and praying to our guide, because they did not understand our mysteries and they reckoned us as magi.

17:3  And we said to them: “We saw a sign of heavenly majesty in our land, as we were instructed by our fathers, that a king, and a messiah, and a life-giver, and a savior who gives himself to death for the sake of the entire world has been born here.

17:4 And we have come because we saw all his signs and the forms of his hidden divinity in the appearance of a human clothed with a body. And we came, rejoicing with our pure gifts, which were deposited by our fathers in the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries on the Mountain of Victories.

17:5  And he commanded us in a great vision to come to this land  to worship him in reverence, because he has worshipers in every country. He becomes for them a life-giver, and a savior, and a forgiver of sins, and through him the Lord of all is pleased with his creation and makes atonement with his people.”

17:6 And Herod,the governor of the region, called and sent for the honorable elders of the city, and asked them: “Where it is written that the king messiah, and savior, and life-giver of the worlds is to be born?” And all of them said to him (as) from one mouth: “The village Bethlehem, as was said by the heavenly majesty to our father David, the ancient prophet who lived a long time ago.”

17:7 And when we heard from them what they said, again we rejoiced greatly. And while we were exulting, we saw our leader and our guide; again we abounded in joy all the more.

17:8  And while we spoke mysteries, and all manner of revelations, and praises, we went in joy to Bethlehem as the blind scribes had read, not believing what they read from their books, nor Herod, the blind governor, [unseeing] of the love of the light that was born in their land, which (was) the light before (all) worlds. And they are dwelling in darkness in the world in their days.

17:9  But Herod said to us in his deceit: “When you have seen the messiah, come and tell me, that I also may go to worship him.” And because he was not worthy for the worship of the light that was born, because he was a dwelling of error, it was said to us by our guide and our light that we should not return to him, because he was not[worthy] to see the great light of the world, because he was totally deaf and blind to its worship.

18. Arrival in Bethlehem

18:1 And we went and entered Bethlehem in joy, which was worthy to be called the village for the holy birth and for the great light that appeared in it (to kill) and destroy all error and to bring death to an end.

18:2 And all of us went to the homestead in which our guide was born, and we saw a cave like the form and appearance of the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries, which is in our country, from which we had learned the hidden mysteries that were preached about him, which were deposited in it by our ancient fathers, and they were all accomplished today in our coming here.

18:3  And we saw the pillar of light, which descended as we had seen it before, and it stood in front of the cave, and that star of light descended and stood above the pillar, angels on its right side and on its left side.

18:4 And when we saw it, again we rejoiced, though being afraid. And the pillar, and the star, and the angels entered and went before us into that cave, in which the mystery and light of salvation was born.

18:5 And a compassionate voice instructed us, “Enter inside,” and we went in after it, and we took our crowns, and we put them under his feet, because the everlasting kingdom is his.

18:6 And we knelt and worshiped before him upon the earth, because every knee that is in heaven and on earth bows to him and worships him.

18:7 And we opened our hidden treasures, and they being sealed, we took them and came near the treasure of salvation, who is sealed with heavenly majesty.

18:8  And we brought forth our treasures before him, who is the treasure of salvation, that we might receive them from him in the kingdom by many fold before his own judgment seat of salvation.

19. Epiphany in the Bethlehem Cave

19:1  And the glorious infant and the ancient light perfecting the will of the Father of majesty opened his mouth, and he said to us with a love of abundant and sweet mercy: “Peace to you, sons of my hidden mysteries, sons of the East, of the heavenly light, because you have been found worthy to see the ancient everlasting light, you and also your fathers.

19:2 And as you were worthy, behold, you have received him in perfect love without doubt. And again, you will be worthy to see him in his great light before which there will no longer be any mysteries, because they all are fulfilled in him.

19:3 And he alone from this time onward rules over all, and all are subject to him.

19:4  For it was I who was revealed to you in your land, and I spoke with you by mysteries. And again, I became for you a guide and leader to this place until you came in peace before me.

19:5 And again, I shall be with you even until the end, and I am not separated from you nor from all those who believe in me with perfect love.

19:6 And again, you will be witnesses for me in the land of the East together with my disciples, those who are chosen by me to preach my Gospel.

19:7 And when I have completed the will of my Father regarding everything that he commanded me, (I will go up) in the glory in which I was with him. Yet even now, while I am speaking with you, I am with him and have not become separated from the majesty of the Father.

19:8 Now I shall give to you now another sign at which you will be astonished: in the hour that you see the sun  darkened in the daytime like the night, and there is a great earthquake upon the earth, and the voice of the dead is heard from their graves giving praise, then at that time know that all the times and seasons have come to an end in my coming to you.

19:9  And lift your eyes to the (heavens,) and see them opened in glory before me, and I am ascending in praise fitting for me and sitting at the right hand of the Father of majesty, from whom I have been sent to save the world.”

20. Angels Praise Christ

20:1 And while the Savior was speaking all these things with us, that entire cave shone, and it became in our eyes like another world, since [in this world] there was no light like it.

20:2 And many voices of [seraphs] were speaking and [lacuna] which are innumerable: “Yea and Amen!

20:3  O first-born opener of the secret womb, o holy infant, o completer of the will of the heavenly majesty who is the perfect ‘Yes,’ and through whom everything came into being, and ‘Amen,’ by your light and by your word they were made perfect, and all the worlds seen and unseen were brought to completion.

20:4  And all the angels and the powers worship you. And yours is the place of salvation, which you will give to your chosen ones. And yours is the ancient light, because you are the beloved fruit of the thought of the Father.

20:5  And you are the image and will of the one who upholds all, the revealer of hidden things, because by the word that is spoken all that is in the thought is made known. And you are all, and all is in you, and there is nothing outside of your will.”


21. The Commissioning of the Magi

21:1  And when all these praises were spoken and we heard, we were afraid and trembled, and we fell upon the ground like dead men.

21:2  And the child, the offspring of light, stretched out his right hand mightily and put it upon us. And he comforted us and said to us: “Sons of my mysteries, do not be afraid. For all these things that you have seen and heard from the first day until today, and at which you are amazed: even those ones that [you hear] are not greater than I am, but for you they are mighty because you are clothed in weak flesh, yet for me they are very small things.

21:3  because of your frailty, you are not able to see or hear a single one of the wonderful things that belong to me with the Father who sent me. But since you have been found worthy to see and hear these things at this time—and behold, you are amazed as wonderful things are in your sight!—again you shall be deemed worthy by my love, which is with you forever, to see and hear these great things that cannot be spoken now. And neither watchers nor angels are able to speak of them, because these things are very great even for them.

21:4 Therefore, rise and go in peace to your light-receiving land, because you have been deemed worthy to receive the perfect light of the heavenly majesty, and to come and worship it with your gifts in joy. Behold, you have completed everything that you were commanded by your fathers, and you have also been deemed worthy to know and learn the ancient hidden mysteries, which were written for you from the first generations. Now, behold, you have seen the completion of your mysteries, and you have completed everything that you have been commanded for my love and for my witness.

21:5  And again, you have been deemed worthy to be witnesses for me in the East with my disciples, who were chosen by me before the world came to be. And when I have completed the will of my Father regarding everything that he commanded me and have ascended to him in glory, I shall send to you some of my chosen ones who have been chosen by me for your land. And they shall speak and witness the truth with you that it may be your seal with one accord.

21:6  Therefore, rise and go in peace. Again, I am with you in all visions and signs, just as I am with you from the first day. For just as I am in sight and in all forms here—and behold, you are amazed by all the visions and forms in which you see me—I am also with the Father of majesty whose will I am since the world began, and I am never separated from you, nor from the presence of the Father, because I am a ray of his light and I was sent to you to enlighten you.

21:7  And behold, you are amazed as frail human beings—how much more when I have come to you in the majesty of my Father. As for you not being able to stand before me, neither (could) the angels and powers that are above you when I descended upon them, and they saw a vision of wonders and stood in fear and trembling. Even as it was fitting for them I appeared to them, and for you I appeared as you were able to see.

21:8  For the Father of majesty does not have an image and form in this world, except I who am an epiphany from him, since I am his will, and his power, and his wisdom, since I am in my Father and my Father is in me. And I am—as it is fitting for God to be seen and for the world to know him, and again, as the sons of wisdom can receive and hear with love—the majesty of the Father who sent me. And now I have appeared to you in the form of humanity to fulfill everything that is written about me.

21:9 Because of the reason and the foolishness of your ancient father Adam’s sin, which became your downfall to Sheol, death has had authority over you and error has reigned in deceit over your generations and has supposed in its rashness that it was lord over you and that you had become its property forever. And again, I have made known to you, your fathers, and even to that ancient race of yours, your freedom, because you are from the race of light. And it was not in vain that you were created in the world, and heaven, and earth, and all the worlds came into being for your sake.

21:10  And also, the Father of majesty, because of this love, sent me, and Iclothed myself in your form, that by it I might bring to an end and destroy all those who afflict you and your captors. And I shall offer you to the Father, before him as apure and perfect offering, since there are no blemishes of error on you. And I shall set you free with love, and with truth, with pure water, and the birth of the Holy Spirit, and you shall be for me by love brothers and believers, like infants in whom there are no blemishes of evil, from now until forever.

21:11 Therefore, joy, and praise, and thanksgiving he will cause to go up from you in the heavenly heights from you through me, since I am his will. And joy, and redemption, and the fellowship of the Spirit, and eternal life shall be given to you through me, since everything is in agreement without division. As from the beginning under the wings of the Father will it be, his power, and his wisdom, and his righteous will sanctifying and having mercy upon you forever and ever.”

21:12  And again, a voice from on high, and from every direction, and from inside the earth was heard, which answered and said “Amen! The will of complete salvation, joy and peace to all the worlds!”

22. The Magi Meet Mary and Joseph

22:1  And when we received from him the commandments of salvation, we went forth from his presence in great joy, and much exultation, and with praise, our hearts being filled with great hope, to come to our land.

22:2  And Joseph and Mary, honored and blessed people, went out with us, they who were deemed worthy and entrusted to be called by the name parents and to be up bringers for the offspring of the voice of  virgin hearing and up bringers for the perfect will of complete mercy. Mary became the gate for the great light that entered the world in grace to banish the darkness.

22:3 And she became the way of salvation for God giving birth to himself, who appeared in the bodily form of a human being. And there will be for her a name, and a memory, and a blessing forever and ever.

22:4 And they lifted up their eyes and they saw the light that was born by his mercy in their house, which is with us and accompanies us.

22:5 And they said to us: “We were not pleased by your coming to us. You have led away the light and the great hope of the whole world, and you have gone away [with him] and[have deprived us] of him. We were deemed worthy by great grace to be trusted to be attendants for it, for the upbringing of the body that appeared in our house, and now, behold, we have seen him going away with you.”

23. The Magi’s Revelation to Mary

23:1 We said to her: “O woman blessed among women, o blessed Mary, who was deemed worthy by mercy to receive the conception of the Spirit by your pure obedience and to bring forth the child of salvation of the eternal Word, you were trusted and deemed worthy to be called mother for him.

23:2 And now, behold, your glorious child is inside of you, and behold, he awaits you in the house, even while he is not separated from us, as he said to us, because he is the great gift of salvation that by your child was given to all the worlds.

23:3 And the mystery that was hidden from the beginning in the Father of all has been revealed to us in your child. And the treasure of salvation has appeared which had been kept for all generations. This great gift and light of salvation is not yours alone, but is (for) all the heavenly and lower worlds.

23:4  And lift up your eyes and see that he is in the entire creation and enlightens it all, and it is full of his glorious mysteries. And now he has appeared in the world in a body, and the forms with him are seen in every land, because he has been sent by his majesty for the salvation and redemption of every human being.”

24. Mary Speaks to Christ

24:1 And when Joseph and Mary turned back, rejoicing about all these things that they had heard about the holy child, they went away to their house.

24:2 And Mary entered and found the child of light laughing about and glorifying all his great and amazing mysteries, proclaimed in the entire world from [ancient times,] and behold, all of them are fulfilled in his appearance today. And he glorified and gave thanks to his Father who sent him for the redemption of his worlds.

24:3 And Mary and Joseph worshiped him and she says to him: “I have rejoiced that I have seen the treasury of salvation, and my light, and the holy child, who is the obedience of my ears.

24:4 And oopener of my womb by [your] holy mercy, o Lord of my holy virginity, I have greatly rejoiced that I have found my great treasure in my house where I gave birth and my great light, which exists forever. I had thought, o my beloved, that the Easterners were taking you, with your great love for them, in exchange for the gifts they offered to you from your own, since I saw your holy form going along with them.”

25. Christ Blesses Mary

25:1 And he answered in a sweet and humble voice and said to Mary: “Peace to you, my mother and up bringer, since you were deemed worthy to be blessed among women, since you were deemed worthy for the fruit of the voice of salvation. Since you accepted and conceived with love in your mind and with faith without doubt, you shall receive the reward of your service and shall have blessing and remembrance in all(the) generations, and in the new world you shall receive a good reward.

25:2 And because of you, Eve and her offspring will have hope and salvation, since by your person you have made her pass beyond the spear that fenced in the Tree of Life.

25:3 And by your person tranquility and peace have happened for all the worlds from now on and forever, Amen! For I, who appeared in your house, have come to fulfill the will of the Father who sent me, and everyone who hears me and believes shall live. For behold, you have perfectly accomplished your own service without a flaw, for which you shall receive a good recompense.

25:4 Therefore, I am turning to all my brethren who are in the entire world, that I may perfectly fulfill everything that the Father commanded me for my believers, so that they may bring forth the fruits of eternal salvation. And I shall also give to them all the promises of my Father, which throughme are fulfilled, and are given, and are accomplished for my believers and everyone who believes in me.”


26. The Return Journey Home

26:1 And when we came to the first (stage), again the sign of light appeared to us in front of us, and we rejoiced and exulted greatly, and we knelt and worshiped upon the ground before it.

26:2 And we glorified the vision, and we answered in our voice as one and said to it: “We worship and give thanks for your kindness and your light, which accompanies [our] encampment everywhere.”

26:3 And he answered and said to us: “I am everywhere, and there is no land in which I am not. I am also where you departed from me, for I am greater than the sun, and there is no place in the world that is deprived of it, even though it is a single entity; yet if it departs from the world, all its inhabitants sit in darkness. How much more I, who am the lord of the sun, and my light and word are more abundant [by many times] than the sun.”

26:4 And we answered and said before him: “O our light and our savior, we know all these things and they are true for us. And we believe that all these wonders that we saw with all your believers are, for your majesty, small things. But for us they are powerful, and no mouth can speak of them or acknowledge any of them.”

26:5 And when the time of supper came, we brought out some of our provisions to refresh ourselves, and we saw that our provisions were replenished beyond those provisions that came out of our country with us when we came. And then, again, we were all the more afraid, glorifying the majesty that was with us, which did not hold back from our weakness.

26:6 And when we ate our supper from the food in passing the night, each of us spoke joy and praise. As with a fountain that spouts forth much water, so the visions and wonders did not resemble each other.

26:7 And we spoke to and glorified our guide, and our leader, and the light of our encampment, and the many forms, and his glorious vestments, and his beautiful images, and his perfect likenesses, which were with us.


27. The Magi Address the People of Shir

27:1  And we journeyed on all (our stages) with his glorious signs until we came to our borders, and all our families, children and a multitude of the people of our land came out to meet us.

27:2 And when they heard that we had come, they met us with great joy and received us, rejoicing, and exulting, and glorifying. And they marveled at our appearance and the health of our entire encampment.

27:3 And when we went to them, they assembled and came before us. And we began to speak and narrate for them about how our ascent took place, and about the astounding visions that accompanied us, and about our entrance into Jerusalem, and about everything that was spoken with us, and about our journeying to Bethlehem, and about the glorious visions and revelations of the Father of heavenly majesty, which appeared to us in the cave: a great light and wondrous appearances in the bodily form of a humble human being, and about his light of the star, which went before us as a glorious guide.

27:4 And when, again, we entered and saw before us the unspeakable glory, and we fell and worshiped the divine child of great light, two angels were standing by and a pillar of cloud was standing by, like all the visions that we saw previously on the Mountain of Victories in the Cave of Treasures of Hidden Mysteries, which is in our land. Also, in that cave everything was accomplished in truth, even about the forms and vestments of the glorious and divine child who appeared to us in the cave of Bethlehem.

27:5  And he spoke to us and taught us, “Behold, all the mysteries, and parables, and forms, and revelations are fulfilled, and everything that has been spoken about me by the prophets and in the whole world from the first day until today. From now on let the will of he who sent me be accomplished in me regarding everything that he sent me to fulfill.”

27:6  And we offered him gifts that we took from the Cave of Treasures, which were deposited by our fathers from his own. And we worshiped him, the Lord of worship,and he opened his splendid and glorious mouth and spoke [salvation] with us as we were able and sufficient to hear it, and in this way he planted the word of salvation in us.

27:7 And he spoke and revealed to us concerning the place of salvation and concerning the heavenly kingdom of the Father of majesty, the Lord of all, who sent him for the healing of the worlds, to cure their sickness, because they could not be healed by one of the ancient prophets, but only through the will of the son of perfect mercy.

27:8 And he dismissed us to come to our land in peace, and when we came to thefirst stage, rejoicing and exulting the entire way, again we found our guide and our light with all the forms that we saw before us. And we trembled and were greatly afraid, worshiping and glorifying his majesty, which accompanies our encampment.

27:9 And also, our provisions were filling our vessels, overflowing from his blessings, and were even more than the provisions that we had taken with us when we set out to go. And behold, they are sitting filled before your eyes, our vessels overflowing from them, because of the power of his blessings, which settled upon us, and so that they might be proved true for you and you might believe everything—the visions and wonders that we saw—and that you also might be deemed worthy to become believers and chosen ones for him.

27:10 And his great power and his revelations will indeed stay with you, because he is also here [with us] in truth, as he spoke to us, and we believe that his light is not removed from our encampment. Indeed, again, he is in the entire world, for he is the light that is all-sufficient and all-enlightening by his perfect love.

27:11 Everyone who wishes, receive without doubt, with a whole heart and true faith, and eat from these provisions, which have come with us. And be deemed worthy and, you too, join in his blessing, which accompanies us and is with us forever.”

28. The People Eat the Magi’s Food

28:1 And some of the people, rejoicing in love, took of those provisions and ate. And they began rejoicing and leaping for joy, while glorifying and saying to each other everything that appeared to them. There was one of them saying, “At the moment I ate of these provisions, I saw a great light that has no likeness in the world.”

28:2 And there is one saying, “I saw God bearing himself in the world as he wished.” And there is one saying, “I saw a star of light that darkened the sun by its light.” And there is one saying, “I saw a human being whose appearance is more unsightly than a man, and he is saving and purifying the world by his blood and by his humble appearance.”

28:3 And there is one saying, “I saw something like a lamb hanging upon a tree of life,and by him and his blood redemption takes place for all the creatures of the world.” And there is one saying, “I saw a pillar of light diving down inside the bowels of the earth,and the dead rise to meet it, and they worship and glorify it with great joy.”

28:4 And those who ate from those provisions were speaking to each other many other things beyond these, and their mind brought forth much glory day by day. And there was great joy in the entire land of the East, and the nobles, and the poor, and women, and children from the entire land were gathered together in the love of our Lord before those nobles who were called Magi.

28:5 And they came and heard from them the new and glorious teaching, and the mysteries, and the revelations, and everything that was spoken with them from that first day that they went out from their land until they came back in joy. And again, day by day, revelations, and visions, and all kinds of powerful manifestations were increased for them.

28:6 And the faith increased with the love of the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the mighty works which he did through them, that offspring of light who appeared to them until he accomplished the will of the one who sent him in everything and was taken up with glory to that heavenly height, his first abode. And the faith of salvation increased in the land of the East in those who heard.

29. Judas Thomas Arrives in Shir

29:1 When, again, Judas Thomas went down there by the will of our Lord when he sent him, again the faith increased all the more in those who heard, through the many mighty works and signs that Judas Thomas, the apostle of our Lord, was doing there.

29:2 And when the nobles had heard that Judas had gone there, as the light that appeared to them had said, they gathered together and went to him to meet with him in prayer and faith. And they saluted Judas with complete love, rejoicing in our Lord.

29:3 And Judas also greatly rejoiced with them, and while they were with him for(several) days, they related to Judas how they were deemed worthy to receive from the first day this gift of the light of the world, and about their ascent to him at Bethlehem and everything that was spoken with them, and about the revelations and visions that they saw there in the cave, and about their descent, how he, in his light, accompanied their entire encampment with many visions and revelations.

29:4 And when Judas the Apostle recognized that the gift of our Lord had overflowed upon them, he also related to them about our Savior while all the brethren were gathered together as one, and about the mighty works, and healings, and wonders, which he did in the very sight of his apostles, and about the forms of his images, and about his astounding appearances, about which we are not able to narrate, since he was always appearing to us so that we were amazed by him, and we stood in the outpouring and in the doubt of mind, since no one had ever appeared in such a way in the days of the world.

29:5 And when all the brethren heard what Judas related to them, they all glorified with one voice the Lord of heavenly majesty through his Son, the will of perfect salvation. And they sought from Judas, the apostle of our Lord, to make them partakers with him in the seal of our Lord.

29:6 And Judas said: “My brothers, I also rejoice, because it is for this gift that I was sent in salvation, since everyone who believes in salvation and with love receivesthe seal of my Lord Jesus Christ in truth, the Enemy does not rule over.”


30. The Hymn of Judas Thomas

30:1 Then at night, before Sunday, Judas also led those brethren who, rejoicing,had asked him to receive the seal of our Lord also. And he went out to a spring of  water, and he took oil and gave praise over it, and he said:

30:2 “We praise you, o mystery of salvation, which was given to us in oil by grace for anointing.

30:3 Glory to you, o hidden mystery, which was given to us in oil by grace for salvation, for anointing. Glory to you, o hidden mystery, which was given to us in oil for salvation and absolution.

30:4 And by it (you) enlighten us and drive away darkness and error from us. And again, by its mystery the athletes of the contest defeat their enemies.

30:5 Glory to you, o mystery of the oil,since you became worthy to be in fellowship with Christ. With you the victorious are crowned in the contest,and you are twinned with the Spirit.

30:6 And you fly over the water like your (twin,) the Holy Spirit, you mix the soul with mind,and you renew the body with the birth of salvation.

30:7 Come, o partner of the first born; Come, o renewer of humanity by the birth to eternal life;

30:8 and rest upon these believers, the beloved ones of our Lord Jesus Christ, and purify them and sanctify them from all the stains of their bodies,

30:9 and may they become for you temples for your dwelling and rest for the Son of perfect mercy. And may you perfectly sanctify them with the birth of salvation.”

31. The Magi Receive the Eucharist and Commission to Preach

31:1 And he baptized them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and when they all came up from the water, a certain child of heavenly light appeared to them, who descended from heaven and said to them: “Peace be with you, sons of all my mysteries. And behold, now all the visions and revelations that you saw from the first day have been accomplished in your birth.”

31:2 And they were afraid and  fell upon the ground, and when they stood up he appeared to them in the form of a glorious and divine young man. And taking a whole loaf of bread, he gave praise, broke, and gave first to the Apostle Judas, and also to each one of them, and he said to them, “Behold, the consummation and sealing of your birth of salvation. From now and forever, be confirmed in my promise.”

31:3 And when he was separated from their sight, again they saw him going up to heaven in glory that has no end.

31:4 And Judas said: “We glorify your sweet majesty, your singularity in many personifications, your glorious images that you have shown us, and the clothes that you have put on for our sake, that we may be clothed in your powerful majesty.

31:5 And by as many names as you have been called, you are not in any one of them, for you alone have known your great name and your majesty, and your exalted Father, and no one else.

31:6 And all these forms in which you were clothed and appeared for our sake, that we might know  you, were because you loved us with your great mercy that was for us, and everything that the crucifiers brought upon you, you endured for our sake, being exalted above all sufferings and being a kinsperson of that one who does not suffer, in order that we should have redemption by your grace.

31:7 And on our behalf you endured everything and you suffered everything, for you are our advocate, and our guide, and our light, and our savior, and because we have believed in you, we have everything in you. And you have completely given it to us by the trust of your love towards us, you who endured everything for our sake.”

31:8 And all the new disciples of the word of salvationanswered and said with great joy: “We glorify, and we worship, and we give thanks for your majesty, which is unspeakable by the mouth of human beings because we are too weak for it, and for your great light, you caused to shine upon our weakness, by which you made us worthy in your mercy for your fellowship of everlasting life.”

31:9 And while they were delighting greatly in thanksgiving, and prayer, and visions of our Lord, a multitude of brethren were added to the faith day by day.

31:10 And Judas said to them: “Therefore, my brethren, let us fulfill the commandment of our Lord, who said to us:‘Go out into the entire world and preach my Gospel.’ So, my brethren, be you also preachers of the Word like us, because you have also received the gift of our Lord. Also go out to every place and preach the gift of our light and of our savior generously to everyone.”

32. The Preaching of the Magi

32:1 And they went forth from there to the every place and preached in perfect love about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Lord of all, even doing mighty works and healings in the name of our Lord, which are unspeakable by the mouth of human beings, through the Holy Spirit that was poured out upon them by the gift of our Lord.

32:2 And they preached the faith of truth, saying and teaching to  everyone: “Flee from the darkness and come to the light that does not pass away, so that you may live and have refuge under the wings of our Lord Jesus, our savior and our great refuge on the last day, from the fearsome judgment of fire that will come suddenly to purify the entire earth from error, which has ruled over it in its deceit.

32:3 And you shall be delivered by faith from the heat of the fire and shall enter that rest that is prepared for all the chosen and the believers who have believed in the child of perfect light, and in eternal life, in the kingdom of my Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Lord of all, in his heavenly majesty, in his new world, and in his heavenly and great and never-passing-away light, and in his glorious rest. And you shall rest forever and ever, amen and amen.”

32:4 The story about the Magi and their gifts has finished.

THE SAGES AND THE STAR CHILD: An Introduction To the Revelation Of The Magi