THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think




The genre of institutionalized "Hate Propaganda" known as "THE GRINCH", is actually an intentional application of stage 3 of the genocide process, in which target minority religious and ethnic groups are compared to Animals/Insects.  This is done as part of the process of social "branding" to precipitate persecution and even violence. "Institutionalization" of this religious hate literature receives support from enemies of American freedom and democracy within America itself to undermine it's Constitutional Separation of Church and State.  The aim of invoking "Grinch" is to avoid open discussion and debate of it's theology, political intents and tactics of persecution and eliminationism, by reducing it's critics to derogatory labels, stereotypes, and yes, (stage 3 genocide).   The super-imposition of the image of a green animalistic monster over the self-image of children or their parents is no "accident".  It is being carried out with full intent, planned design, and with utter cruelty against children, who are made the "target" and "victims" of it's "hate speech" propaganda in America's public & private institutional systems. (And "hate speech" is by the dictionary definition, precisely what it is).  People who "support it" reject in practice (regardless of whatever words they may mouth) FDRs post World War II vision for America, which was built upon the four freedoms.  One of which was freedom from persecution over religion.  A concept both the caricature of "Grinch" and it's promoters completely reject, along with Theodor "Seuss" Geisel, who created it as "revenge" against New England Protestants for their involvement with Prohibition, (which closed his family's lucrative German Beer brewery).  Resentment over which, he harbored the rest of his life, and vented in his creation of "The Grinch".  On closer examination of "The Grinch" story, one will find the suppressed under-currents of rancid antisemitism, and theological "Nicolaitanism". Theodor "Seuss" Geisel was not what  (Christmas promoters) have told you he was, and neither is his story, "The Grinch". 



Before you whip out the "Grinch" label over Christmas, you should be aware of what you are really saying to people, not about the one you insulted, but about yourself (and your decision to use the label).



GRINCHING - Definition, 
(1)  Promotion of "Derogatory labeling", such as "Scrooge" or "Grinch" in reference to religious, philosophical and ethnic minorities that are conscientious objectors to Rome's solar-mass and it's use of compulsion for homogeneous public enforcement.
(2) "Derogatory labeling", such as "Scrooge" or "Grinch", often directed at civil rights, religious freedom, and first amendment advocates, as "Grinch" in an effort to avoid rational discussion, logic, theology, history or reason about the legal, moral or ethical value of a "position" [most often used by proponents of State-funded, and State-enforced compulsory Christmas laws and the removal of the Constitutional provisions of separation of Church and State] 
(3) "Derogatory labeling", such as "Scrooge" or "Grinch", directed at ethnic or religious minorities to create "prejudice","systemic discrimination", and "persecution" using Rome's solar-mass as the "common characteristic" to persecute.

"Grinching" is also stage 3 of the "Genocide Process".[Dehumanization: Comparison of target group to Animals/Insects] See below - Genocide Watch, The International Alliance To End Genocide, By Gregory H. Staten, President Genocide Watch

There is extensive evidence for the role of social categorization in the development and maintenance of prejudice and discrimination. People tend to experience less positive affect toward members of the out-group, remember more negative information about out-group members, and are less helpful toward out-group than in-group members (see Brewer & Brown, 1998).- Journal of Langauge and Social Psychology, Ethnic Minority Labeling, Multiculturalism and Attitudes of Majority Group Members

Language both shapes and reflects social reality. Discriminatory language is therefore both a symptom of, and a contributor to, the unequal social status of women, people with a disability and people from various ethnic and racial backgrounds...Language is a major vehicle for the expression of prejudice or discrimination. Some of the major forms of discriminatory language are:
• Extra Visibility or Emphasis on Difference
• Stereotyping
A stereotype is a generalised and relatively fixed image of a person or persons belonging to a particular group. This image is formed by isolating or exaggerating certain features; physical, intellectual, cultural, occupational, personal, and so on which seem to characterise the group.
Stereotypes are discriminatory in that they take away a person's individuality. Although they may reflect elements of truth, these are usually misinterpreted or inaccurate owing to oversimplification. The status of minority groups in society is often adversely influenced by use of stereotypes.
 Derogatory Labeling
The discriminatory nature of derogatory labels used to describe members of minority groups is often obvious. However, derogatory labels are still commonly used, and must be avoided.
• Imposed Labeling
A characteristic often shared by minority groups is their lack of power to define themselves. Often the names and labels by which they are known, whether derogatory or not, have been imposed on them. Imposed labelling may be inaccurate and may also be alienating for the groups it supposedly describes. - - The University of Salford, Guide to Non-Discriminitory Language


ABC 7 Eyewitness News
NEW YORK (WABC) -- Ten subway riders, including two with prior bias crime busts, were charged with assaulting a group of four Jews wishing each other "Happy Hannukah" aboard a Q train in Brooklyn last week. Authorities say the victims, two men and two women, were on a southbound Q train at Canal Street in Lower Manhattan when they were approached by the gang of 10 at around 11:15 p.m. Friday. They were allegedly beaten up by the group in an attack now being investigated as a bias crime, because one is accused of shouting, "Hanukkah is when the Jews killed Jesus." Two of the victims, Maria Parsheva and Walter Adler spoke to Eyewitness News reporter NJ Burkett. "At first, I got hit, but I wasn't bleeding," Adler said. "It was one of those sucker punch, shock punches. But by the second time, there were like people stomping me." But it was what the attackers said that will stay with Adler longer than the bruises."'You killed him, you killed Jesus, you killed him on Hanukkah, you dirty Jew, you [expletive] Jew,' Adler said the attackers said. Adler said the incident was sparked by him wishing his friends a Happy Hannukah to his friends. "And almost immediately, you see the look in this guy's face, like I've called his mother something," Adler said. "And I see the way this guy looks, and I see the way that this guy wants to fight me, and I look, and I see another guy right in front of me, another guy. And I see the crowd moving in." "Attacking someone because they yell 'Happy Hanukkah' is obviously reason to believe this is an anti-Semitic," Parsheva said. When Hassan Askari, another passenger on the train, tried to help, he was beaten up too. "I don't understand," Askari said. "They just said 'Happy Hannukah.' That was it. There was nothing else." Although hate crimes charges have not yet been brought, it is being investigated as a bias incident. Police say the victims were treated for bruising and swelling to the head and face, but none required hospital treatment. The 10 suspects, ages 19 and 20, were arrested at the DeKalb Avenue station in Brooklyn. They were charged with assault and unlawful assembly. "No one else helped up, except Hassan," Parsheva said. "No one else on the train." "A Muslim-American saved us, when our own people were on the train and didn't do anything," Adler said. "Someone who in the media often gets painted as the enemy of Israel and the Jews, this is a...Sunni Muslim, this is someone that jumped in, he knew we were Jews, to help us." During the investigation, one of four victims revealed the comment made by one of the attackers, prompting the hate crimes task force investigation. Two of the 10 suspects charged have prior hate crimes arrests. Authorities say 19-year-old Joseph Jirovec was one of six charged in a June 2006 attack on four black youths in Brooklyn's mostly white Gerritsen Beach neighborhood. Jirovec, the son of a firefighter serving in Iraq as an Army staff sergeant, claimed at the time that the motivation for the attack was his membership in a violent street gang, and not bias. He said his street name was "Bloody Fitted" and that he held the rank of two-star general in the Bloods street gang. Another of those arrested, 19-year-old Zachary Rogalski of Brooklyn, was charged in a May 2005 attack on several black youths in Marine Park, Brooklyn. He was part of a group of nine white youths who beat up a group of three blacks looking for a $70 cigarette lighter they lost during a previous fight, according to police.

(Copyright ©2012 WABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.) - - ABC NEWS LOCAL 7, Jews Offering Holiday Greetings Attacked

Gibson cuts him off, saying "Rob, you're done. " and Boston says "You should all be ashamed of yourselves." Gibson makes a motion and a moment later Boston's microphone is cut off mid-sentence, and Gibson spits at the camera "Rob, you're done. Rob, get your facts straight before you come on the air." - (John Gibson Melts Down, by Newshounds) A couple of hours after Gibson’s show ended and Rob went home, Gibson’s producer called Rob’s cell, saying, “John’s really upset that you called him a liar.” The producer asked if Rob would be willing to appear on Gibson’s radio show for Round Two. Rob, who managed to keep his cool while Gibson became unhinged, said he would. Before they could schedule an appearance, Gibson got on the phone to start screaming again. …Eventually, Gibson said, “Don’t come in where I drink… Don’t come visit a bar when I’m in there.” After Rob asked if Gibson was threatening him, Gibson hung up on him. The ordeal, as Rob explained, was rather surreal. The bottom line, however, remains the same: Fox News’ John Gibson has pretty serious “issues.” Let’s all hope he gets some help before he ends up hurting someone — or himself. - (John Gibson Goes Bezerk - On and Off The Air, Dec. 22, 2005, The Carpetbagger Report)

On the December 2 broadcast of Fox News' The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly, host Bill O'Reilly stated that he would "use all the power that I have on radio and television to bring horror into the world of people" who "diminish and denigrate the [Christmas] holiday. QUOTE: "I'm gonna use all the power that I have on radio and television to bring horror into the world of people who are trying to do that. And we have succeeded. You know we've succeeded. They are on the run in corporations, in the media, everywhere. They are on the run, because I will put their face and their name on television, and I will talk about them on the radio if they do it. There is no reason on this earth that all of us cannot celebrate a public holiday devoted to generosity, peace, and love together. There is no reason on the earth that we can't do that. So we are going to do it. And anyone who tries to stop us from doing it is gonna face me." - O''Reilly promised to "bring horror" to alleged "anti-Christian forces" who oppose Christmas, Media Matters For America, December 07, 2005 4:27 pm ET



QUESTION: What do you say when people call you "A Grinch"!                            
ANSWER: Remind them "the Grinch" was the one wearing the "Santa-Clause suite" 
                               and deceiving Children into the very opposite of all they thought they were doing. 
                (You're not the one wearing the "Santa-Clause" suite)

In the story of "Grinch", the lonely monster descends from his mountain to deceive the naive, unsuspecting, innocent people of whoville wearing "A Santa-Clause Suite".  And under-cover of this suite, he does exactly and precisely THE OPPOSITE of everything everyone THINKS he is really DOING. 


Geisel's cartoons also called attention to the early stages of the Holocaust and denounced discrimination in America against black people and Jews, but he supported the Japanese American internment during World War II. Geisel himself experienced anti-semitism: in his college days, he was refused entry into certain circles because of a misperception that he was Jewish. Geisel's racist treatment of the Japanese and of Japanese Americans, whom he often failed to differentiate between, has struck many readers as a moral blind spot. -Yahoo!Answers - Was Dr. Seuss Anti-semitic?

The above quote is that standard line you will find about Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel.  he was a "wonderful man", he "loved children", he "fought for freedom", he "supported FDR", he "opposed Hitler", etc., etc., etc.  the explanations will wax eloquently and long about all the things he did pointing to his stories such as "Sneetches" and his cartoons supposedly defending Jews against Hitler's war on them, etc., etc., etc.

It's all so wonderful, how could ANYBODY be against THIS GUY !?!  But that's precisely what "The Grinch" does to people in "Whoville". It's not GRINCH, ... why it's SANTA-CLAUSE!  Many of these "characterizations" are coming from people who wish, for one reason or another, to promote his acceptance uncritically among the "mass audience" known as "the American Public".  But there is very strong evidence, in fact, proof, these "promotional" images being created for him, are not who he really was at all. In fact, there was another side to Geisel, and the OTHER SIDE is both the one HE HID FROM THE PUBLIC, and the one that constituted WHO HE REALLY WAS.  And... it is absolutely NOTHING like the one they are "promoting all over the internet, and mass media" in America.  

The REAL Theodor Geisel was not at all like the one he, and his handlers, have held up to the public "to believe in".   We are about to TAKE OFF THEODOR GIESEL'S SANTA-CLAUSE SUITE, and find out what's ACTUALLY HIDDEN UNDERNEATH IT.  And... you will be UTTERLY SHOCKED BY WHAT YOU FIND.

Geisel openly told his audiences, that the "Grinch character" was actually HIMSELF!

The Grinch, however, was so named because, as Ted said, "I just drew him and looked at him, and it was obvious to me who he was." - Theodor Seuss Geisel: Author Study by Melissa Kaplan

Seuss based two of his most famous characters on himself: the Grinch and the Cat in the Hat. In December 1957, just after How the Grinch Stole Christmas! appeared, Seuss explained the origins of the story to Redbook magazine: I was brushing my teeth on the morning of the 26th of last December when I noted a very Grinchish countenancein the mirror. It was Seuss! Something had gone wrong with Christmas, I realized, or more likely with me. - Dr. Seuss Biography, from

Geisel's OWN gray Seville Cadillac had the customized license plates "GRINCH" on his car. -Of Sneetches And Whos And the Good Dr. Seuss: Essays on the Writings, by Thomas Fensch

Most ignore all these identifications of himself with his own character GRINCH as nothing more than entertaining humor... but the fact of the matter is there is more to it than that. Much more. There is something called "psychology".  And his self-identification are in very real ways, SELF-PORTRAITS, of how Theodor Geisel SAW HIMSELF WITHIN.  And his consciously CONFESSED ACT of PROJECTION in creating them!  In other words, this is not a "conspiracy theory" or a "Literary Speculation" HE ACTUALLY SAID IT WAS THE CASE HIMSELF!

He has drawn a self-portrait of Geisel looking into his bathroom mirror and the Grinch looking back. Seuss told many variations on this story, but he always mentions his identification with the Grinch, once describing him as a “nasty ..character that was really myself.” - Dr. Seuss Biography, from

(The "Christmas Lie" Strikes Again)




Theodore Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was born on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He grew up at 74 Fairfield Street, an ideal location for a youngster, as it was only six blocks from the zoo where his father worked and three blocks from the library. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1925, where he was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the Casque & Gauntlet Society, and wrote for the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern humor magazine. - Wikipedia, 4/26/12, EReference/Dr. Seuss

VALLADOLID NICOLALITANISM was the driving ideology of the "Fraternity" which he joined at Dartmouth.  It might be possible to benevolently say, that it's foundational theology had no "effect" on his productions as a "writer" of "Children's books" except for the demonstrable fact, it obviously did, NICOLALITANISM itself being the premier example and by itself perhaps deniable to the so inclined.  But his membership in a fraternity, established by what were clearly VALLADOLID ministers, who chose as their own logo and colors, the very description of "Mystery Babylon" FROM THE BIBLE.  When MINISTERS do this kind of thing, it is not simply a "ooops! Looky there? How did that happen?" moment.  They spend their entire lives and professions reading and studying the sacred texts of the Bible.  When they intentionally select SCARLET and PURPLE fully knowing it is directly cited as THE VERY COLORS OF "MYSTERY BABYLON" or "SECRET BABELISM", and then START a college "Fraternity" with "secret initiation rites" often doing nothing more than saying "prayers to Zeus" or "Apollo"(NT Apollyon) then no one needs to pretend they didn't "see anything", unless they're just plain stupid. And whatever pathetic "explanations" are offered publicly as part of their "sacred hypocrisy", is just as phony as their hypocritical "religion" (which in reality is none at all).

Our traveler was next brought to the foothills of Mt. Olympus in Northeastern Greece, where the greater gods were supposed to live under their ruler Zeus. It was in these mountains that our founding Brothers became Greek.” - (Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., New Membership Intake and Development Process, New Member Initiation Rituals, page 8)

He is asked to show his obedience by offering it over an open flame at the Delphic Shrine which is the Altar of Apollo.  This is the god that the pledge (initiate) offers their sacrifice to.  (Kappa Alpha Psi Ritual, 1968, page 42) - GLO Rituals and the Bible, Ephesians 5:11 Ministries

 The Fama Fraternitatis builds on the Pythagorean tradition of envisioning objects and ideas in terms of their numeric aspects. In the Ragguagli di Parnasso a Universal Reformation of the Whole Wide World, by order of the God Apollo, is published by the Seven Sages of Greece and some other Litterati. The Secretioris Philosophiae Consideratio Brevio a Philippo a Gabella, Philosophiae studioso, conscripta; et nunc primum una cum Confessione Fraternitatis R.C. (1615, Confession of the Brotherhood) and the Chymische Hochzeit Christian Rosencreutz Anno 1549 of which the Lutheran theologian Johann Valentin Andreae (1589-1674) is presumed to be the author. - Fraternal Socieities - Sororities


It was this Fraternity that Theodor Geisel was a member of at Dartmouth, and this Fraternity that he began his "career" with as an "author" and "animator".   A Fraternity based on the "Sacred Hypocrisy" of "Mystery Babylon" from the Bible, a Fraternity founded upon Jesuit/Masonic slave-trade VALLADOLID CATHOLICISM.  After World War 2 and the "Holocaust", did Theodor Geisel ever become "uncomfortable" with being a member of a "secret society" Fraternity, based on such discriminatory and anti-democratic ideals? No, of course not. He simply adopted it's "esoteric NICOLALITAN philsophy" for his "career".  Which also, it should be pointed out to the reader, began BEFORE the "embarrassment" of Hitler arose in Germany.  His name "Seuss" claimed to 

be his "middle name", and a "family name", was not pronounced like ZEUS, it was pronounced like VOICE.  

This pronunciation WAS CHANGED by GEISEL himself to create the HOMOPHONE with ZEUS by intentionally playing on the default English pronunciation of the word.  This was done AT DARTMOUTH, while in this Fraternity, despite the claims it was later in life and simply the mispronunciation of others. The entire reason "Seuss" was used, was to avoid detection by school authorities who had banned him from extra-curricular activities for holding a "drinking party" when it was "illegal" during "prohibition". The claim that it came later as a "mispronunciation" is patently false, because it occurred as soon as he started using the name, BY ANYONE WHO SPOKE ENGLISH! when at Dartmouth!  How do you know this?  For the simple reason, in English "Seuss" is pronounced like "Zeus" with an "S" as "Seus". "Seus" actually being an alternate spelling of "Zeus".  So once again, the "cover story" is transparent "baloney".  The "default" pronunciation in English (for ANYONE who speaks English) for "Seuss" is "Zeus" in it's "S" version as "Seus".  Did someone "write a poem" and poke fun at it's "mispronunciation" in English? Yes. But it was being mispronounced that way in English his entire life in Springfield, Massachusetts, and he knew that when he first used the name.

He was ALSO already FULLY AWARE of it's connection to ZEUS.  In fact, the Greco-Roman DEITY "ZEUS" was unavoidably known by him and his homophone use of the name based on the English mispronunciation he had spent his entire life growing up with in Springfield, (which he was already fully aware of), and this Homophone of Seus/Zeus was fully intended, from the beginning, as you will see below.

"It is known that the Greek name endings with sus, seus, and sous [which are phonetic pronunciations for the chief Greek god of Olympus] were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as means to give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus." - Dictionary Of Christian Lore And Legend, Professor J.C.J Melford, 1983,p.126

Nicolaitan "Christians" (including idiotic ministers) will attempt to argue there was nothing wrong with him using this name, then it is also true, there is nothing "wrong" in pointing it out. 

And here, it is pointed out as his "preferred pen name".  And there is more to this "pen name" than "Dr. Zeus" fans want their fellow American public to know which will be discussed in the section below entitled "The Deity Behind The Nazi 3rd Reich"  Here these connections are noted as to how the common Homophone came about. 

Zeus is the Greoc-Roman cognate for Jupiter.  The Roman empire, over-looked by many, was partly Greek. That is why historians used to frequently use the more accurate designation the "Greco-Roman" empire, as what constituted the "Roman empire" proper, was actually an "alliance" between major "Greek cities" in eastern and southern Italy WITH Rome.  Naples, Sorrento, Pompeii being only a few examples.  These were "Greco-Roman" cities.  "Jupiter" was not some other "god" than "Zeus" it was one and the same, with a Romanized name. 

"Jupiter" in Germany, during this time, had become quite famous, as it was the name of one of their most popular EXPORTS, particulary important TO WRITERS, ...A PENCIL SHARPENER.  So naturally, "Dr. Zeus" (as a writer) and "Jupiter" (Germany's famous "pencil-sharpener") went hand in hand.  Why did he "lie" about taking pride in his German heritage?  Because Germany became an enemy of the United States in war. Ask any American Muslim today what that is like. But "lie" about it, is precisely what he did. And too probably, to no less degree, precisely because he knew what "Dr. Zeus" would mean to many of those same "mothers" he was "selling his books too". (Many of whom would not have shared his "appreciation" for the Greco-Roman demon-god to whom children were thrown off cliffs as "sacrifices for" in Greece)


And perhaps as well, the fact he was also the deity which Jews were slaughtered on behalf of, in the sack of Jerusalem, and the "Desecration of the Temple" was done by sacrificing pigs on the alter in his honor... ON DECEMBER 25TH.  The same national Jewish tragedy which the Jewish Hanukkah celebration is still held to this very day, to memorialize victory over, and during which Christ himself first came to the Jewish temple on the celebration of.

So naturally, one of "Dr. Zeus's" premier "works" of literature would be in honor of that same deity, on that same day, in which he joins with Antiochus Ephiphanes in symbolically "slaughtering Jews" and "descrating the Temple" of Christ.


The pattern of instruction to minors to "keep the secret" of what the "stranger" did while the parents weren't "watching" is classic NICOLALITAN prep work for covering pedophilia activity among children. The story itself gives absolutely horrid advice to children while it "brainwashes" both the children and the parents, mind-numb to it's actual content, through "chanting". A technique he admits to be precisely that which is a word with a different meaning than "rhyme". "Chanting" is a religious technique that is used to create altered states of consciousness.In keeping with secret-society Nicolaitanism, and it's patron Saint "Nicolas", LYING, was demonstrably an acceptable religious,spiritual and moral practice to Geisel who had demonstrated his comfort with it's ethic on numerous occasions.  From his "secret drinking parties" (which he lied about) to intentionally flaunt the laws of the United States at the time, to his use of fake names to write stories, when banned by Dartmouth from doing so, to his actual instructions to minors in his other famous story "The Cat in the Hat". A story which actually tells children concerning "a  male stranger" who sneeks his way into the home of children while their parents are away, destroys everything, and then patches it up before the parent returns home, with the instructions to the children to "not tell" the mother.  

More about the actual hard "content" of his "stories" will be discussed later blow.  Here it is sufficient to note, that  NICOLALITAN  monism theology, and it's ethics of compulsion and deception were firmly in place in his life and ideology, and part of his earliest decision making process which included LYING whenever convenient to do so, and constituted his actual "teaching" to children, even in situations as dangerous as home intrusion by an adult male stranger. And this "advice" was no "accident". It is both the hallmark and premier symptomatic indicator of NICOLALITANISM and it's "secret culture" of pedophila.

Defending it by claiming it is "not to be taken serious", belies the fact, this is called "education" and passed out as "education" in schools, not "un-education", and why spend your time "educating children" by "teaching" them to do all the wrong things, then allegedly "fixing it" by saying "oh, by the way, don't do anything we just told you do to"? You have just wasted both their time AND yours if such is the case. Would you "teach" math this way? Spend 2 hours on how to add up the problems all wrong, and then tell them after it's all finished, P.S. "don't do it that way"? That's not "education", that's "disinformation". And the analogy is not accidental, as that is precisely what GEISEL HIMSELF said about his own work on children. (But no one listened, thinking he was "just joking")  Or perhaps that is what others insisted he was doing, (who even possibly knew better themselves).  Most people WILL do anything for "money", unfortunately.


Geisel grew up speaking both German and English. Both of his parents were born of German immigrants, and the grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all spoke German in the home and outside in the thriving community of German-Americans, and English with the non-German-Americans in the heavily stratified social culture of Springfield. Geisel learned to read while still very young.By six years of age, he was already reading Charles Dickens and Robert Louis Stevenson.  His grandfather owned a brewery with another German immigrant.The brewery name was Kalmbach and Geisel, called Come Back and Guzzle by the locals. Ted's father, an expert competitive marksman who practiced every morning (something which Ted found rather ridiculous), told Ted that he must always strive for excellence, that "if you don't, you end up with schlock." - Theodor Seuss Geisel: Author Study by Melissa Kaplan

The very German "Lutheran Church" that Geisel grew up in, was part of the Missouri Synod, a conservative branch of the Lutheran Church.  In terms of historical Evangelical doctrine, it is very historical and very orthodox in that sense. But unfortunately, it is also one of the more "pro-nazi" branches of the Lutheran Church in America. Sometimes, these affiliations and intellectual associations are not even consciously acknowledged though they remain in almost comical fashion.  The problem is not unique to "German" Lutheran Churches.  The same kinds of "married" ideologies were found throughout the south in Baptist churches during Slavery, the post Civil-War reconstruction era, and to some extent, even today.  The "Lutheran" Church struggled with it's German ethnic identity and America's conflict with Hitler, in the same way that southern Church struggled with their identities over Valladolid doctrines.  But Geisel having been raised in such a "German Church" could not possibly escape it's consequence on his formative years of consciousness, and while it is claimed he did by virtually all of his promoters, this site challenges that claim. And like those "Churches" in the South, during the Civil-War and Reconstruction era, those most "conservative" were precisely those, who "struggled" THE MOST within themselves, attempting to defend their cultural elites, and at the same time remain true to a Biblical faith. Inevitably, one losing to the other in the end.

"The Christian News" is but one prime example of how these things have been prevelant in the past, and even today remain in the Missouri Synod.  "The Christian News" is conservative, very biblical in it's orientation, historical in it's studies of the German reformation.  The average reader would never suspect they are reading material written by "holocaust deniers", until the subject comes up in a line or two along the way. And there it is...

The Christian News, true to its function as a Christian Lutheran paper, has, since its founding in 1962, combated a number of false beliefs which I consider to be hoaxes no less than the HolocaustHerman Otten, Institute for Historical Review, Christianity, Truth and Historical Revisionism

In fact, it's rants over holocaust denial has earned it a spot on the Anti-Defamation League's list of "Hate Speech and Holocaust Denial" publishers.  The German "Lutherans" (who are American born Germans, not German) probably honestly believe their own claims but these claims are not coming from Lutherans in Germany who saw the camps.  In fact, the "Chaplain" the U.S. sent to Nazi war criminals in Germany, accused of war crime murders and sentenced to death, came himself from the Missouri Synod, fluent in German also, and he related his own shocking experience at Dachau;

"...the hospital was in Munich. While in Germany he went to Dachau concentration camp, ‘where my hand, touching a wall, was smeared with the human blood seeping through’." - - Henry Gerecke - Chaplain to Nazi War Criminals, by Don Stephens

Like German  Lutherans, Many American Southerners, still defend the "old south", it's slavery, it's klan, it's compromises with Rome over the Jesuit Slave-trade, it's co-conspiratorial allegance to over-throw the government of the United States, the whole "nine-yards".  And there is an excuse for everything that was ever done as though they cheer for a territorial football team, rather than discuss truth.  The same has happened in many "Lutheran" Churches in America as well concerning World War II, Germany and even with some with Hitler.

Their defense of whatever error they will begin to defend, will always begin with a dissertation citing how they are not really "Antisemitic", just like the Southern Churches would begin theirs with whatever citations they could collect concerning acts of charity, kindness or friendship with an African-American.  The parallels are identical, and so is the behavior, and even attitudes.

And deep within these "Church" cultures, exist the suppressed feelings, beliefs and even teachings, that their "side" wasn't "really bad" or "really wrong" as people think, and here are all the reasons why. In the American south, listening to southerners, you would hear how "slaves" were so valuable, and they cost a lot of money, and they were "treated just like family". Of course, if you were an honest person, and  actually lived in the south, and saw the shanty shacks these people actually lived in, yourself, you would realize these supposed "family members" were living like livestock on a good day.  And "the real family" was up on the hill, in the huge Plantation enjoying their servitude.  The "klan" was really "helping people", yeah if you think vigilante lynch mobs and political assassins, or blowing up women and children for nothing in their own homes or Churches, do that sort of thing.  The fact is "denial" is the last stage in any "Genocide". It is so predictable, you can find it on the chart used by the State Department itself for any and every country on earth, from Germany to Rawanda, the patterns always look the same. And DENIAL is always it's last phase.  The opposite of denial, is "repentance".

So how did Geisel, the Valladolid Nicolaitan German Lutheran, handle this "conflict"?  He did a good job of convincing Americans he was "pro-America" in the war effort certainly as many Americans of compromised situations had to do.  But just because he was doing these things, did those essentially German ethnic attitudes "disappear" or were they "disposed of" through personal "repentance"? The answer is no, ...they did not. Not anymore than those found in "The Christian News" by Herman Otten.  But unlike Herman Otten, Geisel knew better than to publish them... overtly anyway.

"Sneetches" is often a story that is pointed to to show he really had denounced Antisemitism.  On the surface of it, it certainly looks that way. It's a wonderful story about one group discriminating against another group, and thinking themselves "superior".  Parents recognize the value of such lessons, and read the story with great delight to their children hoping they will learn from it to be "fair" to people who are "different".  But if you look a little closer at this story, like the ideology of Nicolaitanism itself, there is a "double message" in it's content, and the "flip-side" of what Geisel might have been saying, is not at all what people have "assumed" was being said.  In fact, he may have been saying something quite opposite to what he told the public, at the same exact time. (Remember this is the "technique" of "Nicolaitanism" as an ideology, the very same used by Charles Dickens with "Christians" who he "mesmerized" into embracing and extoling a story about one of their own repenting and praying to the "demons" of Rev. 9:11)

In Germany, Hitler's atrocities were promoted as "justified" because "the Jews" thought of themselves superior to the "German Race", and they needed to be "taught a lesson".  Appearantly, Geisel was still trying to "teach them a lesson" in his "children's book".  Nicolaitans as a "religion" say one thing publicly, but do and say another in private, it's exact opposite.  The parallels between Geisler and Dickens on the use of "mind control" techniques to "seduce" and "deceive" their audience into accepting the very Antithesis of what they believed is documented on this site in both cases.  Here, you have Geisel depicting Jews as thinking of themselves "superior" and needing to "learn a lesson", while he tells the public it's "against antisemitism".(A perfect opposite)


Geisler was reading one of the most antisemitic authors in the English language, by the age of six. One of his first literary accomplishments was reading through the collection of Charles Dickens, including "A Christmas Carol".  Later in life as an adult, obviously aware of Dicken's alleged use of "Mesmerism" in "A Christmas Carol" on his audience, Geisel also tried his hand at using "mind control' techniques on his audiences.  He attributes his to a technique called "Chanting".  "Chanting" of course, is a standard procedure in eastern religion to induce altered states of consciousness.  He attributed his use of "rhythmic" "Chanting" to the discovery when he was a child, and his mother would "Chant" to him.  The success of the method, causing him to loose consciousness, and easily drift into "sleep" was then "applied" to his "propaganda" technique, developed later in his literary career, while manipulating the consumer behavior of American mass audiences for large corporations, for things such as D.D.T. poison, which he portrayed as "safe enough 

to gargle with", despite the early concerns and warnings from environmental, medical and chemical scientists.

Identifying with Charles Dickens went farther however, than simply adopting the ethic of manipulating audiences with techniques designed to deceive and manipulate them into conclusions that by-passed their conscious consent, he also adopted Dicken's THEOLOGY of Nicolaitanism.  Noting that both Dickens Theology and Methodology were adopted by Geisel, how then is anyone to really suppose that Geisel had any real reservations about Dicken's  Antisemitism, which reached historical proportions in Dicken's creation of Fagin, the universal evil Jew?


He began submitting humorous articles and illustrations to Judge (a humor magazine), The Saturday Evening Post, Life, Vanity Fair, and Liberty. One notable "Technocracy Number" made fun of Technocracy, Inc. and featured satirical rhymes at the expense of Frederick Soddy. He became nationally famous from his advertisements for Flit, a common insecticide at the time. His slogan, "Quick, Henry, the Flit!" became a popular catchphrase. Geisel supported himself and his wife through the Great Depression by drawing advertising for General Electric, NBC, Standard Oil, and many other companies. He also wrote and drew a short-lived comic strip called Hejji in 1935. -, Dr. Seuss, 4/26/12

QUOTE: “It is thought that the large-scale celebration of birthdays in Europebegan with the cult of Mithras, which originated in Persia but was spread by soldiers throughout the Roman Empire. Before this, such celebrations were not common; and, hence, practices from other contexts such as the Saturnalia were adapted for birthdays. Because many Roman soldiers took to Mithraism, it had a wide distribution and influence throughout the empire until it was supplanted by Christianity.” END QUOTE  - "Birthdays" by

The term Aryan originates from the Sanskrit word ārya, in origin an ethnic self-designation, in Classical Sanskrit meaning "honourable, respectable, noble".[3][4] In the 18th century, the most ancient known Indo-European languages were those of the Indo-Iranians' ancestors. The word Aryan was therefore adopted to refer not only to the Indo-Iranian people, but also to native Indo-European speakers as a whole, including the Greeks, Latins, and Germans. It was soon recognised that Armenians, Balts, Celts, Albanians and Slavs also belonged to the same group. It was argued that all of these languages originated from a common root—now known as Proto-Indo-European—spoken by an ancient people. The ethnic group composed of the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their modern descendants was termed the "Aryans".- Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2008 revision). UNIVERSITÄT ZU KÖLN. Retrieved July 25, 2010.

General Electric of course, was not the only "corporation" in America that had become involved in "co-promoting" Nazi ideology in America.  There were in fact, many. Coca-Cola out of Atlanta, Georgia had it's logo being distributed on metal Swastikas, Ford had been decorated by the Nazis with one of it's medal of honors, J.P.Morgan and even Prescostt Bush with Harriam-Brothers Bank, had gone so far as attempt to put together a military coupe and over-throw the US government to install a "Nazi" dictator.  One historian has noted that the entire "Wall Street" establishment had been active supports and even financiers of Hitler's Nazi Germany.  When one begins to look at the depth and width of how ingrained Nazism had become in America, it is almost a mystery how America even survived World War II.  It has to be due at least in part to the willingness of some of these same people, to at least, to some extent "repent" of their error once they realized where it all had been "headed", ..or the amazing force of leadership of FDR and his supporters, which Geisel was admittedly among.  But Democrats who love to cheer on Geisel, forget that Nazi sympathy was not isolated to the Republican party. It had strong supporters among Democrats too, and one of the most famous and powerful Democratic "political dynasty" families in the entire United States, was based out of Geisel's own home state of Massachusetts.  They reversed course in support of the United States and FDR, who after the attack on Pearl Harbor by Hitler's ally, made "choosing sides" non-optional for the United States.

And while "Aryanism" was being promoted in America prior to World War II, it was also being promoted in communist Russia. Stalin had conducted progroms against Jews in Russia even prior to World War II and Hitler!

The Nazis planned to eliminate the Jews in any case, but the prior killings by the NKVD certainly made it easier for local gentiles to justify their own participation in such campaigns. As I have written in Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (2010), where all of the major Nazi and Soviet atrocities are discussed, we see, even during the German-Soviet war, episodes of belligerent complicity in which one side killed more because provoked or in some sense aided by the other. - The New York Review, Hitler v. Stalin: Who Killed More?

The strange "split" and "re-integration" of Nazism into the Soviet-Union and the United States through confiscation and absorption of "Nazi" intelligentsia into these two very different countries, resulted in a new "hybrid" of Post-WW2 Nazism which according to the History Channel was largely responsible for the "Cold War" between these two previously allied countries.  After the war, Soviet dictators continued progroms, murdering thousands of Jews, despite the strange and obviously blatant contradiction Karl Marx (their hero) had been "Jewish" and had been a "Chief" target of hatred by their own nemesis "Hitler"?  And "western" antisemitic politicians had blamed communism itself on "the International Jew".  Nazism infiltrated and infected Soviet society, just as it had done in America through Wall Street, Prescott Bush and the CIA, reshaping both into it's own "image".  The fact that Geisel did not "support Hitler" was not by his choice, it was his country's choice, which he remained outwardly loyal to despite his German ethnicity. This was obviously admirable, but then again, it was his basic duty as it was for any American. Everyone in America had some reason to "sympathize" with Hitler, from southern racism, to Northern Catholicism, to Wall Street investors, to the Asian populations in the west.  He did nothing more than all these other Americans also had to do.  The fact he was sympathetic with communism before or after World War II, while Jews were being slaughtered there as well, proves nothing, and if anything, certainly creates even more suspicion something may have been wrong. Communism was no more an ally to the U.S. after World War II for whatever reason, than it's predecessor, Nazism.  Does it matter which enemy you "sympathize with"? And in reference to this point, it mattered not at all, they both shared the same trait of antisemitism.


One of Theodor Geisel’s superior officers during World War II described him in an evaluation as a “personable zealot.”An oxymoron? Perhaps. But it also provides a fitting description of the man who was better known as Dr. Seuss, the best-selling children’s author of all time. The documentary, THE POLITICAL DR. SEUSS, traces the evolution of Geisel’s art and political philosophy and shows how he deftly combined his delightful, otherworldly creations with ...(political) ideas.  But this is a side of Dr. Seuss’s work that is rarely discussed. Most Americans don’t know, for example, that during World War II he drew editorial cartoons for the left-wing New York newspaper PM, or that he made ARMY PROPAGANDA FILMS with Frank Capra- PBS.Org, The Political Dr. Seuss, Independent Lens

The important thing to note here, is that Geisel was not simply "an author who loved children".  He was admittedly nervous to even be around them by his own claim, and had none of his own.  He was a trained military propagandist.  And one of the strongest movements in the history of "propaganda" (even surpassing that of Rome's inquisition era) was from Germany, and developed among German intellectuals prior to the Nazi movement, which simply built on the foundation of German intellectual thought about the "value" of "propaganda", one of the most famous sources of which you see to the right, Arthur Schopenhauer, who specifically targets "children" for "brainwashing".  Geisel bragged in his own words, the purpose of his "children's stories" was using his military grade propaganda skills for "subversion".  And it is not accidental he joins the word with "hell".


Main Entry: sub·ver·sion 

Pronunciation: \səb-ˈvər-zhən, -shən\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin subversion-, subversio, from Latin subvertere

Date: 14th century

1 : the act of subverting : the state of being subverted; especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within

2 obsolete : a cause of overthrow or destruction

Main Entry: sub·vert 

Pronunciation: \səb-ˈvərt\

Function: transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French subvertir, from Latin subvertere, literally, to turn from beneath, from sub- + vertere to turn — more at worth

Date: 14th century

1 : to overturn or overthrow from the foundation : ruin

2 : to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith



The year 1915 saw the sinking of the Lusitania by the Germans and the change of public feeling towards German-Americans. While the German-American community in Springfield was close-knit and one fairly well integrated into the social and business structures of the community, the hostility they encountered grew. Ted was shocked to hear from one of his schoolmates that he was being referred to as "the German brewer's kid with the three-legged dog."  Church services had been conducted in German, and German was the first language at homes, many businesses, at the riflery club (where his father was a top marksman) and the Turnverein community hall which sponsored an active and popular young gymnastics group. The gymnastic exhibitions grew so popular with the city at large that they were ultimately held in Courthouse Square, where a fair-like atmosphere surrounded it with German songs, bands and hearty German food. As the anti-German sentiment swept through the city, however, cross-cultural socializing became less frequent. German cultural affairs dwindled as the German-Americans, now calling themselves merely Americans, sought invisibility. They were already well known in the circle of their daily lives, however, with Ted and Marnie suffering through the taunts of schoolmates. ...In a continuing effort to reduce the tensions, young Ted threw himself into the war effort, collecting tin foil, planting a Victory Garden of potatoes (which he forgot to harvest) and, through his Boy Scout troop, selling Liberty Bonds. Thanks to his grandfather Geisel, Ted, at age 14, ranked in the top ten of Springfield scouts in bond sales. These scouts were recognized publicly in May 1918 in a public ceremony. The awards were passed out by then-Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, with thousands of townspeople thronging the huge Municipal Auditorium. There, each scout was awarded his medal by Col. Roosevelt. When Roosevelt got to Ted at the end of the line he stood perplexed, then yelled over to the scoutmaster "What's this boy doing here?" whereupon Ted was unceremoniously hustled off stage.  Roosevelt had only been provided with nine medals and the flustered scoutmaster, rather than explaining things, just hustled Ted off stage, leaving psychological scars that would affect Ted for the rest of his life. Although he had never experienced it before, Ted at this point became terribly stage stricken and from that time on became horribly shy of public appearances, his fear of public appearances bordering on the neurotic.  - Theodor Seuss Geisel: Author Study by Melissa Kaplan

In Ted's thirteenth year, not only was the possibility of war between U.S. and Germany growing increasingly certain, so too was the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment: Prohibition. The future of the Kalmbach and Geisel Brewery, the largest in New England, faced economic ruin. Many of their Anglo neighbors were prohibitionists, thus worsening the tensions between them. (It was during this time that the Geisel family would engage in one of its elders' pastimes, plotting revenge and wickedness and practical jokes against their neighbors and other prohibitionists and stuffed shirts. The plots generated more laughter within the family than anything else as they were never carried out,but the residue of these family plottings show tell-tail traces in some of Seuss' later works published in Judge and other adult humor and general interest magazines.)  - Theodor Seuss Geisel: Author Study by Melissa Kaplan

The connection between Theodor Geisel and his judgmentalism toward his New England neighbors on nearly every level has been noted by literary critics of his work, and these connections to his stories are admittedly the "inspiration" for his caricature of "Grinch".

It has been said that the conflict between the Whos and the Grinch was inspired by how German immigrants in Dr. Seuss's native Springfield, Massachusetts, were mistreated by the owners of the factories where they worked. -, Grinch Trivia

Of course these explanations are nothing more than excuse making for Geisel who could not even begin to understand what "bad working conditions" looked liked compared to southern states where the Valladolid  culture had established itself in America, had virtually no labor union movements at all at this time, and most "labor" workers in his day, lived in either at, or below, the poverty line.  Miners often were not even paid with money but rather metal tokens to buy not much more than beans and bread from a "company store" and returned home to shanties, literally with dirt floors.  These excuses were (and still are), excuses for hatred, against a people he sought to do nothing more than make the target for his personal revenge.

And, to further complicate the matter, this is all based on THE ASSUMPTION, that there was not even the very slightest motivation of very real very present antisemitism in his work.  This extremely benevolent assumption however goes entirely counter to all the environmental and intellectual factors both as a child and later as an adult, that he both was exposed to, and embraced as ideology.  



(The beloved children's author who just loved children)


Ted claimed to have been awarded a fellowship to Oxford University and the elder Geisel reported the news to the Springfield paper, where it was published the following day. Ted confessed the truth—Oxford had denied his fellowship application—and Mr. Geisel, who had a great deal of family pride, managed to scrape together funds to send him anyway. Ted left for Oxford intending to become a professor (he couldn’t think of anything else to do with an Oxford education). It would be the first of many turning points in his career. -


Though he knows how to write for children and their wild imaginations, he never had kids of his own. “You make ’em, I amuse ‘em,” he once said. His wife said in an interview once that he “couldn’t just sit down on the floor and play with them,” and was always a bit uncomfortable and afraid around themTime Mag., Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, 9 Facts To Know About The Famed Author


He had a bit of a dirty mouth, and would try to sneak in some PG-13 language into his works. ...Geisel considered his greatest achievement to be killing off the Dick and Jane books, which he said weren’t challenging enough for children, and were boring. Time Mag., Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, 9 Facts To Know About The Famed Author

Selma G. Lanes, in Down The Rabbit Hole, has perceptively written of Seuss's clever and relentless piling on of gratuitious anxiety until the child is fairly ready to cry 'uncle' and settle for any resolution, however mundane, that will end his at once marvelous, exquisite, and finally unbearable tension... The anxiety in Seuss's books", she adds, "always arises from the flouting of authority, parental or societal... The child can sit back and experience genuine pleasure, knowing that the anxiety building up in him is vicarious and that no punishment will follow Seuss's forbidden pleasures."  -Of Sneetches And Whos And the Good Dr. Seuss: Essays on the Writings of Dr. Seuss Of Sneetches And Whos and the Good Dr. Seuss edited by Thomas Finch

Ted's relationship with his young readers was instinctive. Some critics, pointing out his revolutionary style, his sometimes antiauthoritarian writing, and his wildly disorderly yet personable style, said that he took the side of children. Ted confirmed this in an interview, stating: "I'm subversive as hell! I've always had a mistrust of adults. [And] one reason I dropped out of Oxford and the Sorbonne was that I thought they were taking life too damn seriously."  Of Sneetches And Whos and the Good Dr. Seuss edited by Thomas Finch



The head librarian at UCSD has just confirmed rumors that yet another racially-tinged incident has occurred at the Geisel Library.  Last night, at about 11:15pm students reported to Libraries staff that someone had put a Ku Klux Klan-like hood on the statue of Dr. Seuss [Theodore Geisel] on the forum level of the Geisel Library.  Campus police–who were called and are investigating the incident—promptly removed the hood.  We don’t have pictures of this incident yet but we’ll post them as soon as we get them. -J.F. [Note: ...given Dr. Seuss' history of drawing racist propaganda in his early years.For more on that, click HERE. However, as one Professor just noted to me, "it seems anyone in tune enough to know the history of Theodore Geisel or of San Diego as "Klan Diego" would know enough to leave a sign, or something to more clearly articulate the politics behind the act"]. UCRegent Live, March 2, 2010


Police say the female student hung a noose from a bookcase inside the Geisel Library. Campus police are not classifying it as a hate crime, but there are saying the noose was left with the intent to terrorize. It’s another racially-charged incident since a group of students took part in the so-called Compton Cookout party. Fox told students at a campus demonstration that her highest priority is their safety. “We need to come together and stand together strongly. I pledge to you that we will create a campus climate that students will know that this university that respects them and their communities,” Fox said. - Found In Geisel Library


2:25pm UPDATE: In sympathy with students of color at UCSD, black students at UCLA organized a brief sit-in at that school’s administrative headquarters, Murphy Hall, in the hallway outside the office of Chancellor Gene Block. A campus spokesman said about 100 protesters were involved, no one was arrested and there was no damage. It ended after Block went out and talked with the students and expressed concern about the situation at UC San Diego. Students at UC Irvine are also trying to meet with the administration there.  1:05pm UPDATE: C President Yudof’s statement on UCSD noose incident says student who confessed claimed she had two accomplices (see statement below).  12:45 pm UPDATE: Students are now occupying the offices of the UCSD chancellor, as the Black Student Union demands that the university close temporarily due to safety concerns. One report on Twitter suggests that they’ve given the university a 5 pm deadline.  - Found In Geisel Library


As a Democrat, he naturally would have been so inclined. That he landed a job getting paid to make political cartoons against Hitler is a job many people would have cherished, especially for a paycheck, especially during a depression. And this proves?  Did he like Hitler? Probably not. "Probably" is the best that can be said about it. Many fought in World War II, who upon reflection after the war was over and the politics involved in it were no longer incendiary expressed their "admiration" for Hitler, and his alleged "genius",  a supposed "genius" that left Germany in utter ruins and shame, and split into two rival countries. Genius. And this kind of thing has been observed in both liberal and conservative circles, and among Democrats and Republicans.(Primarily because of it's "religious" component)

But if you mean by "supporting F.D.R." he "supported F.D.R.'s VISION for AMERICA", you would be absolutely wrong.  Geisel did not support FDR's VISION for AMERICA.  How do you know?  Because FDR made his VISION perfectly clear in both his policies and his speeches.  He spelled it out in graphic detail, and when saying "graphic" that is precisely what is meant, using "graphics.  In FDR's speech on the FOUR FREEDOMS, he specifically mentions in great detail, his VISION of what he considered to be one of the FOUR FOUNDATIONAL FREEDOMS, which would serve as the very basis of the concept of "Human Rights", inspired by the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence themselves.  Rights which are "unalienable" 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -  IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776, The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

That means by virtue of reality itself, these are basic human rights due every person on earth no matter where they live, and recognized as such by such governments that wish to be known as "civilized" and "benevolent".  FDR's "Four Freedoms" stood in direct contrast to the "Vision" of the "Third Reich" and "Communist Dictatorship".  The "Four Freedoms" meant that everyone should work toward a society in which people had the freedom to speak without fear of violence and persecution, and along those same lines, people have the freedom to worship according to the dictates of their own conscience without violence and persecution.  This was a value that Geisel did not share, and those who promote his literature and in particular his caricature of "Grinch" by their own open admissions DO NOT SHARE.  So it is perfectly impossible for anyone to claim naively that he "supported FDR's FOUR FREEDOMS" when the most prized possession among his own literature, was a direct repudiation of that vision, and is cited incessantly by people who openly reject that "vision', which is not just a "vision" it is our own legal foundation as AMERICA.  The SAME AMERICA Geisel also openly admitted in regards to that he was "Subversive as Hell!" Why would you want to "subvert" America's FREEDOMS?


Because around the same time, he created his animalistic condemnation of any child who would not do "Christmas", the Lutheran World council was busy "re-unifying" with Vatican Rome.  Lutherans had such a wonderful time being destroyed by Romanism in World War II, they thought they would try it again, but this time as "liberals" (meaning in the absolutely opposite-speak context of "Re-unificaiton" with the religious source of the "Third Riech" itself, Mussolini's Vatican Rome)  Ironically, an ultra-extreme "conservatism" that goes all the way back TO THE DARK AGES. (And includes condemnation of "Contraception", "abortion under any circumstances", use of "torture" as a "government policy", and elimination of all religious "civil-rights", along with America's "Bill of Rights".

While the second Vatican council convened in 1960, it's work was conducted throughout the 1950s. After all the work had been done through private channels, it culminated in the second Vatican Council in 1960. At the second Vatican council, the German Lutheran Church was both invited to attend, and participate, which it did.  Afterwards, the new phrase "the continuing work of ecumenicalism" began the operating phrase heard throughout "liberal" Churches (while simultaneously working to raise up "the Religious-Reich" on the "conservative" side of the equation)  Both for the same exact end, though appearing to be complete "opposites" on the political surface.

 In 1966 TIME Magazine stated that the brand new Lutheran council in the United States sent cordial greetings to the Washington meeting of Roman Catholics. This was stated “as evidence that the spirit of unity is reciprocal. - Amazing Discoveries,Rekindling the Reformation, Ecumenical Partnerships

Appearanlty, Geisel and his German Lutheranism, was much more important to him that being a "supporter" of FDR, or FDRs "vision" for America, or his alleged "Liberalism" (all which were nothing more than "labels" for this mercenary "subversive" to hide behind). And the good ole FDR America he supposedly was "such a storng supporter of, was one he quickly threw into the trash bin, to openly brag about "subverting". Geisel was an FDR "supporter"? The claim is "Pure Baloney", unless you consider JUDAS to have been a "strong supporter" of CHRIST, when he was getting paid his 30 pieces of silver.  Or the traitors who "opened the gates of Jerusalem" against the Jews, for the Roman army to invade, during the sack of Jerusalem, in 70 A.D.  This kind of "support", is not the kind, anyone needs, and certainly not the kind that should be rewarded with false compliments.


Helen Palmer Geisel was the driving force in their relationship, keeping everything together in the background while Ted worked. She was also instrumental in the creative process, being his strongest editor and severest critic, biggest champion and the buffer between Ted and publishers and editors. She not only kept up her own writing career writing for Disney and Golden Books, she was intimately involved with Beginner Books, screening manuscripts, working with artists and authors, and trying to smooth the choppy waters when Ted butted heads with writers and the rest of the Random House staff.

Helen Palmer was the one responsible for Geisel's entire career as a "Children's author".  She opened the door for him, she advocated for him with this publisher's companies, she was his editor and in short his "trainer" and teacher creating works for children.

When Helen was struck with complete paralysis and hospitalized for months, Ted was lost in many ways. He had once complained "All I want to do is to write books, and everybody's forever nagging at me to keep them," Unable to even make entries in their check book, bills went unpaid as he drifted from day to day, spending much of his time beside the silent Helen as she lay encased in a heart-lung machine, rigging up Seussian contraptions (a continuing reflection of his fascination with Rube Goldberg's fantastic contraptions) of mirrors so that she could see their dog outside. Whether he was truly absent minded or cunningly simple, he had through the years abrogated the business and household affairs side of their life together completely to Helen.

Theodor Geisel was such a slackard he could not even pay the bills on his own, without his wife doing it for him, much less spawning his career as a "Children's author".  And after all that she did for this man, what did his wonderfully small heart do? That was as he said in "Grinch" (3 sizes too small?).  Well, he decided he liked his friend's wife better.  (Because he was such a "good friend"?)

The Geisels and the Dimonds were close friends. Ted and Audrey realized they were more than friends when on a yacht while whale-watching, a heave of a wave threw Audrey into Ted's arms. "He caught me and we looked at each other and the awareness was mutual. You look away and you talk about inane things, but it would never be the same." Source: Judith and Neil Morgan. Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel: A Biography. pg. 201. Eight months after Helen's [his first wife] death Ted moved into a hotel in Reno with Audrey for her to establish a six-week residency. "My best friend is being divorced and I'm going to Reno to comfort his wife." Source:,  The marriage of Ted and Audrey was on August 5, 1968 at 5:00 p.m. in Reno by a Justice of the Peace at the Washoe County Courthouse. They had no friends at their wedding. Audrey and Ted honeymooned for two days at South Lake Tahoe. -, Audrey and Theodor Geisel Marriage Profile


Or rather, had her, kill herself FOR HIM?  Even though Geisel was such a slackerd he couldn't even pay his own bills, even though she had created his entire career as a "children's author", even though she saw him betray not only her, but even his own best friend, she was so distraught, and wanting him so desperately to have his "better life", she did the alleged courtesy of killing herself, ...for him. [as the story is told]. And maybe it's true. At least that is what they found written on the note.

Though Helen recovered, she was never out of pain and never was able to work again at her former speed and strength. She continued to strongly support Ted, helped run Beginner Books, traveled to different places around the world with Ted, and made her own contributions to children's literature (under her maiden name), but the pain, fatigue and despair grew worse, even after their hiring an assistant to work with them at the Tower in La Jolla. Their close and loving relationship began to deteriorate as Helen could no longer provide the support, nurturing and protection Ted required to be able to freely create. Finally, in an act that niece Peggy said was done "out of absolute love for Ted," Helen committed suicide by overdose in the fall of 1967.

If he had not been rich and famous, and had not been known for championing Rome's solar-mass, would the interpretation of all these events today be the most benevolent possible by the farthest stretches of extremely gullible sympathetic imaginations? Certainly not. And had he actually had any children at the time, his custody of them would certainly have come under scrutiny of the courts, given other scenarios. California has had a very long history of letting it's "celebrities" get away with the criminally unimaginable. The truth is, the idea doesn't bother anyone as long as they are making money, and that's the reason it's mentioned here. 


She "killed herself" for Geisel? Even if everything is precisely and exactly as it is claimed to be, to the virtual letter, what rational logical thinking mind would not at least suspect someone trained in military grade psy-op propaganda would not have the skill or ability to put these kinds of thoughts into the head of this vulnerable medicated woman, and have them acted them out for his benefit?  It's very easy to communicate "approval" or "disapproval" of certain actions with a spouse, and it is clear this woman thought by murdering herself she was doing Geisel a "favor", and that is if this story is totally (100%) one hundred percent true as it is told to the public.(And realistically, how often has that ever occurred among the "rich and famous"?)  Obviously (once again, if this story is true), she would have never done this to herself if she had thought it would have distressed or destroyed him emotionally.  Her action of self-destruction was in fact, received and appreciated by Geisel, who said thank you very much and married his already married (but now newly divorced) "lover" only months later.

But of course, no one sees what they do not want to see, when it comes to a "beloved children's author" that calls people who don't do Christmas, "Grinches".  

Ted was not to remain alone for long. In August of the following year, he told a colleague "My best friend is being divorced and I'm going to Reno to comfort his wife." Earlier in the spring of 1968, Audrey Stone Dimond told her husband, Grey, that she planned to leave him and marry Ted. The Geisels and the Dimonds had long been close friends, often entertaining with each other, attending numerous social events, going boating and vacationing together. 

A "beloved children's author" who makes children who do not do Christmas into green monsters, and as you will see below, expedited the death of not only his wife, but of over six million children (without much of a conscience about it while he was being made rich to do it). Geisel, unlike what most people know, did not "get rich" writing stories as "Dr. Seuss". He was already "rich" when he retired his professional career as a "DDT pesticide propagandist" for Standard-Oil, to write "children's books" as "Dr. Seuss".

This is the "defender of Christmas". The same who "made an example" out of the children of the New England Protestants he had hated for decades because of what they did to his family in prohibition, and unfortunately, by proxy Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Jehovah Witnesses and any and every other religious minority in America, by painting their children green, picturing them as monsters, and calling them "Grinch" to be publicly mocked, ridiculed and hated.  This is the man, in reality, whose "heart was not 2, but 3 times too small".  




Unknown to many, perhaps even most except the Dr Seuss connoisseur, Theodor Geisel did not "get rich" selling Children's books. He became wealthy selling DDT.  It was his work for the Standard-Oil company in working as a propagandist for the saftey of DDT, that resulted in both wealth and fame for Theodor Geisel, not his "children's books".

Professional excuse-makers for "Dr. Seuss" like to claim all the poisoning of children he promoted working for "Flit [DDT] Insecticide", was done in "innocence" and nobody at the time knew the dangers.  But that excuse is simply that.  The fact of the matter is that Theodor Geisel was getting "paid" to promote DDT in such a public-friendly way it nullified and silenced it's critics, and eliminated any public concerns.  The fact is, that warnings about DDT began in earnest while Geisel was using his skills at "propaganda" literature, pushing it as a poison so "safe" you COULD GARGLE WITH IT.

As early as the 1940s, scientists in the U.S. had begun expressing concern over possible hazards associated with DDT, and in the 1950s the government began tightening some of the regulations governing its use.  -United States Environmental Protection Agency, DDT - A Brief History and Status

...None of the warnings that the early Soil Association circulated about DDT and other new agri-chemicals were wholly original. Instead, the organisation was disseminating information about disquiet felt by many scientists, naturalists and others in the face of what amounted to an entirely-unregulated use of a large number of substances that had not been proven to be safe. - The Early Soil Associations Campaign Against Pesticides, by Erin Gill

Of course, we know now with hindsight that what he was telling children's parents about DDT was a fiendish, horrific LIE.  But the fact is, it was "suspected" to be a LIE when Geisel was knowingly PUSHING HIS PROPAGANDA TO USE IT, and CONVINCE the public OTHERWISE.  And why was he doing that? Well, because THEY PAID HIM TO DO IT. (And he had no conscience using his skills as a "propagandist" to do it) Geisel was a literary mercenary and nothing more.

Geisel's tenure while promoting "Flit", lasted for a decade and a half (15 years) stretching to 1943, and was conducted against a background of protesting voices in science, farming and environmentalism, over which he was given the job of "drowning out" in the public consciousness, with cutsey cartoons designed to promote the lie it was "safe enough to gargle" (the Big Lie). 

And that makes it all "OK", because he got PAID to kill children, instead of just doing it, say, "for fun"? Or he was "bored"? (which would have been "evil") The problem is that with Geisel, the same moral defect that led him to push DDT pesticide without a concern to what it might be doing to children, is the same moral defect that led him have an affair with his best friend's wife, literally over the grave of his own wife that gave birth to his entire career as a children's author and then killed herself for his benefit, that was the very same moral defect that led him to demonize the children of New England Protestants, who didn't do Christmas. His "heart' was in fact, not 2, but 3 times too small.


Theodor Seuss Geisel was a young cartoonist, Standard Oil—a major player in the petroleum industry that had branched out into making bug sprays—noticed that he'd used their Flit spray guns in several illustrations. Standard decided to hire Seuss to make funny cartoon advertisements, which appeared in national magazines and newspapers. He did work for the company between 1928 and 1943, and "is generally acknowledged to be responsible for greatly popularizing the use of household poisons," writes Allen. Certainly no fan of chemicals, he continues: Seuss helped America become friendly with poisons; we could laugh at ourselves while we went about poisoning things (INCLUDING OURSELVES). In the process, the public grew comfortable with the myth that pesticides were absolutely necessary.That work also helped Seuss, who was then working for a national humor magazine, pay the bills and work on the beloved books he would later become famous for writing. But anyone who's seen Seuss' books warning about the dangers of industrialism might wonder what the heck happened. Allen offers a possible explanation: Perhaps Dr. Seuss realized his earlier mistakes and indiscretions with Standard Oil's Flit and tried to make amends with The Lorax. Geisel must have known that Flit's cartoons and his World War II cartoons for DDT had an enormous impact on the public's use of pesticides and acceptance of DDT. - Mother Jones, Dr. Seuss Pesticide Shill? Apr 9, 2012


before Dr. Seuss emerged as one of the great children’s book authors he toiled away as a cartoonist under his given name — Ted Geisel. Geisel inked cartoons for some of the nation’s major chemical companies who were looking for ways to dump their wartime nasty concoctions on an unsuspecting US public. Voila! Pesticides and other agro-chemicals were born. Author and farmer Will Allen (of Cedar Circle Farm here in Vermont) wrote about the rise of chemical farming in his 2007 book, The War on Bugs. ...Allen delves into Geisel’s early cartooning work replete with pro-pesticide, pro-patriotic toons for the agrichemical industry. In particular, Geisel helped to make Flit — and the Flit gun — a household word in this “war on bugs.” As Allen notes in his book, many believe the positive, pro-environmental themes of The Lorax stemmed from Geisel’s own attempt to scrub clean his early cartooning legacy that helped to introduce chemicals into the food supply and everyday life. Allen notes, “Perhaps Dr. Seuss realized his earlier mistakes and indiscretions with Standard Oil’s Flit and tried to make amends with The Lorax. Geisel must have known that Flit’s cartoons and his World War II cartoons for DDT had an enormous impact on the public’s use of pesticides and acceptance of DDT. Dr. Seuss, Petrochemicals and the War On Bugs


Dr. Seuss turned Flit and the Flit gun intohousehold necessities. His success, which kept Flit inthe leadership position in the marketplace, also madethe incredibly prolific Geisel economically comfortableand afforded him enough freedom to gestate his later cartoon masterpieces.The Seuss taglines—”Quick Henry, the Flit!,” “Swat theFly!,” “Kill the Tick!”—became nationally knownslogans. Seuss helped America become friendly withpoisons; we could laugh at ourselves while we wentabout poisoning things. In the process, the public grewcomfortable with the myth that pesticides wereabsolutely necessary.The Flit campaign was an advertising stroke of genius,and luck. Why luck? Because Seuss had actuallyconsidered using FlyTox or Bif for the name of the bugspray in his 1928 cartoons. The Rockefellers were twicelucky: Dr. Seuss chose to help sell Flit and severalother Standard Oil products. And the public loved it!Gradually, American householders came to dependon their Flit guns. Whether filled with Flit, Bif, Black Leaf 40, or arsenic, the home spray device had become an essential tool in the public’s mind. The petroleum solvent that Seuss was selling as Flit,however, was very dangerous and probably carcinogenic in large doses, though mild when compared to the World War II chemicals that would besprayed from Flit guns on everything from bedbugs toflies, mosquitos, and humans after the end of the war. Considering the reverence with which Dr. Seuss is held today, it is difficult to envision him as a pivotal figure in the public acceptance of poisonous pesticides. Nevertheless, some historians feel that his campaign was largely responsible for popularizing dangerous pesticides to the American public.  Adelynne Whitaker, the author of A History of Pesticide Regulation in the U.S., contends that the Dr. Seuss cartoon campaign had the effect of increasing pesticide use tenfold for the nation’s families.One of Seuss’s later books,The Lorax, with its save-the-environment theme, is ironic when compared toimpact of the Flit cartoons. Perhaps Dr. Seuss realizedhis earlier mistakes and indiscretions with StandardOil’s Flit and tried to make amends with The Lorax.Geisel must have known that Flit’s cartoons and hisWorld War II cartoons for DDT had an enormousimpact on the public’s use of pesticides andacceptance of DDT. Seuss was proud of his success asa pesticide salesman. - War on Bugs, Pesticides, Household Poisons and Dr. Seuss


Although DDT produces serious functional and morphologic changes in virtually every organ of the body (2, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18-22, 24, 28, 30-33, 38-40, 42, 44-49, 51-61), among its most disturbing and debilitating manifestations are those of the nervous system. In a previous report (5), already mentioned, the disorder which now appears to have reached pandemic proportions throughout the United States, has been described as follows:"...A group of or all the following: Acute gastro-enteritis occurs, with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea usually associated with extreme tenesmus. Coryza, cough and persistent sore throat are common, often followed by a persistent or recurrent feeling of constriction or of a 'lump' in the throat; occasionally the sensation of constriction extends substernally and to the back and may be associated with severe pain in either arm. In some cases the hyoid bone becomes acutely painful to pressure for a few days. Pain in the joints, generalized muscle weakness and exhausting fatigue are usual; the latter are often so severe in the acute stage as to be described by some patients as 'paralysis.' Pain and stiffness in the back of the neck is a frequent complaint. Sometimes the initial attack is ushered in by vertigo and syncope. Intractable headache and giddiness are not uncommon. Occasionally herpes zoster appears. Paresthesias of various kinds occur in most of the cases; areas of skin become exquisitely hypersensitive1 and after a few days this hyperesthesia disappears only to recur elsewhere, or irregular numbness, tingling sensation is, pruritus or formication may occur. Erratic fibrillary twitching of voluntary muscles is common. Usually there is diminution of vibratory sense in the extremities."“After subsidence of the acute attack, irregular spasm of smooth muscle throughout the gastrointestinal tract often persists for weeks or months, associated with increased fatigability, which only gradually regresses. Febrile reactions occur occasionally during the initial stages but are not the rule. Except for a tendency to anemia, and in some cases a relative lymphocytosis, no constant changes are observable in the blood. Many of the patients have an acute bout of apprehension associated with the foregoing symp-tom complex and rarely is this relieved by reassurance as to the absence of physical findings sufficient to account for the severity of the disturbance.”Thus far several hundred cases of this syndrome from various parts of the United States have been investigated.Certain of the disturbances relating to the nervous system were observed in early investigations on the toxicology of DDT, both in animals (7, 38, 57) and in man (9, 22, 58), and were well known to those versed in this field before DDT was introduced for indiscriminate use as an insecticide. But because of the bizarre nature of the syndrome now prevalent, it is often confused with a variety of known disturbances, infectious, organic or psychogenic, when it is not attributed to some mysterious new infectious agent.This is especially true because exposure to DDT is virtually universal, through its widespread occurrence in milk (53, 56, 60)2 and milk derivatives, meat (8)3, fats and oils, vegetables and fruits (43, 59)4, as well as from direct exposure by inhalation, ingestion and absorption through the skin, of DDT in the form of aerosols, solutions, emulsions, and dusts.The 0.5 per cent concentration originally suggested as the upper limit for reasonable safety (7) rapidly increased to 3, 5, 10, 25 and now even to 100 per cent preparations. The incredible carelessness with which this lethal compound is now used by the public has no known precedents.The relationship would undoubtedly have been detected much earlier, however, were it not for the tremendously wide variation in sensitivity to DDT in the general population; Certain individuais appear to be able to tolerate large cumulative doses without apparent ill effect; others are so sensitive that mere traces of DDT can set off an almost immediate reaction of the type described. In addition, sensitization phenomena appear to occur in many previously nonreactive persons after repeated exposure to DDT. Although it is known that detoxication processes both in animals and man involve conversion of DDT to the less toxic acetate (35, 46, 47), little is as yet known about variations from person to person in these detoxication mechanisms, and even less about the intermediary metabolism concerned. Regardless of detoxicatiou, DDT is stored cumulatively in body fat and excretion of the sub-stance is extremely slow even after intake ceases. For this reason, and also because actual morphologic damage may occur, recovery is often very slow, requiring weeks, months and even years.The purpose of this article is to call attention to the necessity for consideration of DDT poisoning is the differential diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders, and to report our further observations on the neurologic and subjective manifestations. -DDT Poisoning; A New Syndrome With Neuropsychiatric Manifestations, Morton Biskind MD & Irving Bieber MD, American Journal of Psychotherapy


Pregnant women exposed to the insecticide DDT are much more likely to give birth prematurely, or to full-term but low birth weight babies, says a US team. Although DDT is now banned in the developed world, it is still widely used elsewhere to combat malaria, particularly in Africa. "One of the reasons this finding is important is there are not any generally accepted adverse health effects of exposure to DDT or its metabolite, DDE, in humans," says researcher Matthew Longnecker of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in North Carolina.Longnecker analysed data on 2380 babies born in the US in the 1960s, when DDT was still widely used. He also measured the concentration of DDE, a metabolite of DDT, in blood samples taken from the mothers during pregnancy. His team found that the risk of premature birth or low birth weight rose with increasing concentrations of blood DDE. A high blood DDE concentration was more strongly linked to prematurity than maternal smoking. Premature babies account for a large proportion of infant deaths. If high DDT exposure really does cause prematurity, the insecticide could have accounted for 15 per cent of infant deaths in the US in the 1960s, Longnecker estimates. "In earlier decades in the US, we may have had an epidemic of pre-term births that we are just now discovering," he says. "We have to be concerned about what might be happening in those 25 countries where DDT is still used." NEW SCIENTIST, DDT Linked To Human Helath Problems, July 13, 2001

In the decade of the 1960s 42,807,305 live births were recorded. 15% would have been the deaths of 6,421,095 million (six million) CHILDREN, as a result of Dr. Seuss's work. Literally, a virtual holocaust. INFOPLEASE.COM, Live Births and Birth Rates By Year 

A study in 1968 showed that Americans were consuming an average of 0.025 milligrams of DDT per day!When DDT gets into our bodies, it is stored primarily in such fatty organs as the adrenals, testes, and thyroid. DDT is also stored in smaller concentrations in the liver and kidneys. DDT concentrations are especially high in human milk. Milk production depends heavily on the use of stored body fat, and this is where DDT tends to stay in our bodies.So exactly how much DDT can my body tolerate before I should really start worrying? That depends on how much you weigh. At concentration above 236 mg DDT per kg of body weight, you'll die. Concentration of 6-10 mg/kg leads to such symptons as headache, nausea, vomiting, confusion, and tremors. Chemistry, Duke University, Effects of DDT

We reviewed relevant human data cited in the 1991–1995 Medline database and elsewhere. High-level exposure to selected organochlorines appears to cause abnormalities of liver function, skin (chloracne), and the nervous system. Of more general interest, however, is evidence suggesting insidious effects of background exposure. THE HUMAN HEALTH EFFECTS OF DDT (DICHLORODIPHENYLTRICHLOROETHANE) AND PCBS (POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS) AND AN OVERVIEW OF ORGANOCHLORINES IN PUBLIC HEALTH



In 1962, Silent Spring by American biologist Rachel Carson was published. The book catalogued the environmental impacts of the indiscriminate spraying of DDT in the US and questioned the logic of releasing large amounts of chemicals into the environment without fully understanding their effects on ecology or human health. The book suggested that DDT and other pesticides may cause cancer and that their agricultural use was a threat to wildlife, particularly birds. Its publication was one of the signature events in the birth of the environmental movement, and resulted in a large public outcry that eventually led to DDT being banned in the US in 1972.[5] DDT was subsequently banned for agricultural use worldwide under the Stockholm Convention


Along with the passage of the Endangered Species Act, the US ban on DDT is cited by scientists as a major factor in the comeback of the bald eagle, the national bird of the United States, from near-extinction in the contiguous US.[8]

As early as the 1940s, scientists in the U.S. had begun expressing concern over possible hazards associated with DDT, and in the 1950s the government began tightening some of the regulations governing its use.[13] However, these early events received little attention, and it was not until 1957, when the New York Times reported an unsuccessful struggle to restrict DDT use in Nassau County, New York, that the issue came to the attention of the popular naturalist-author, Rachel Carson. William Shawn, editor of The New Yorker, urged her to write a piece on the subject, which developed into her famous book Silent Spring, published in 1962. The book argued that pesticides, including DDT, were poisoning both wildlife and the environment and were also endangering human health.[5]

Potential mechanisms of action on humans are genotoxicity and endocrine disruption. DDT may be directly genotoxic,[46] but may also induce enzymes to produce other genotoxic intermediates and DNA adducts.[46] It is an endocrine disruptor; The DDT metabolite DDE acts as an antiandrogen (but not as an estrogen). p,p'-DDT, DDT's main component, has little or no androgenic or estrogenic activity.[46] Minor component o,p'-DDT has weak estrogenic activity.


DDT and DDE have been linked to diabetes. A number of studies from the US, Canada, and Sweden have found that the prevalence of the disease in a population increases with serum DDT or DDE levels.[50][51][52][53][54][55]


DDT and DDE, like other organochlorines, have been shown to have xenoestrogenic activity, meaning they are chemically similar enough to estrogens to trigger hormonal responses in animals. This endocrine disrupting activity has been observed in mice and rat toxicological studies, and available epidemiological evidence indicates that these effects may be occurring in humans as a result of DDT exposure. The US Environmental Protection Agency states that DDT exposure damages the reproductive system and reduces reproductive success. These effects may cause developmental and reproductive toxicity:

A review article in The Lancet states, "research has shown that exposure to DDT at amounts that would be needed in malaria control might cause preterm birth and early weaning ... toxicological evidence shows endocrine-disrupting properties; human data also indicate possible disruption in semen quality, menstruation, gestational length, and duration of lactation."[24]

Human epidemiological studies suggest that exposure is a risk factor for premature birth and low birth weight, and may harm a mother's ability to breast feed.[56] Some 21st century researchers argue that these effects may increase infant deaths, offsetting any anti-malarial benefits.[57] A 2008 study, however, failed to confirm the association between exposure and difficulty breastfeeding.[58]

Several recent studies demonstrate a link between in utero exposure to DDT or DDE and developmental neurotoxicity in humans. For example, a 2006 University of California, Berkeley study suggests that children exposed while in the womb have a greater chance of development problems,[59] and other studies have found that even low levels of DDT or DDE in umbilical cord serum at birth are associated with decreased attention at infancy[60] and decreased cognitive skills at 4 years of age.[61] Similarly, Mexican researchers have linked first trimester DDE exposure to retarded psychomotor development.[62]

Other studies document decreases in semen quality among men with high exposures (generally from IRS).[63][64][65]

Studies generally find that high blood DDT or DDE levels do not increase time to pregnancy (TTP.)[66] There is some evidence that the daughters of highly exposed women may have more difficulty getting pregnant (i.e. increased TTP).[67]

DDT is associated with early pregnancy loss, a type of miscarriage. A prospective cohort study of Chinese textile workers found "a positive, monotonic, exposure-response association between preconception serum total DDT and the risk of subsequent early pregnancy losses."[68] The median serum DDE level of study group was lower than that typically observed in women living in homes sprayed with DDT.[69]

A Japanese study of congenital hypothyroidism concluded that in utero DDT exposure may affect thyroid hormone levels and "play an important role in the incidence and/or causation of cretinism."[70] Other studies have also found the DDT or DDE interfere with proper thyroid function.[71][72]


Occupational exposure in agriculture and malaria control has been linked to neurological problems (i.e. Parkinsons)[73] and asthma.[74]


DDT is suspected to cause cancer. The NTP classifies it as "reasonably anticipated to be a carcinogen," the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies it as a "possible" human carcinogen, and the EPA classifies DDT, DDE, and DDD as class B2 "probable" carcinogens. These evaluations are based mainly on the results of animal studies.[1][24]

There is evidence from epidemiological studies (i.e. studies in human populations) that indicates that DDT causes cancers of the liver,[24][36] pancreas[24][36] and breast.[36] There is mixed evidence that it contributes to leukemia,[36] lymphoma[36][75] and testicular cancer.[24][36][76] Other epidemiological studies suggest that DDT/DDE does not cause multiple myeloma,[24] or cancers of the prostate,[24] endometrium,[24][36] rectum,[24][36] lung,[36] bladder,[36] or stomach.[36]


The question of whether DDT or DDE are risk factors of breast cancer has been repeatedly studied. While individual studies conflict, the most recent reviews of all the evidence conclude that pre-puberty exposure increases the risk of subsequent breast cancer.[36][77] Until recently, almost all studies measured DDT or DDE blood levels at the time of breast cancer diagnosis or after. This study design has been criticized, since the levels at diagnosis do not necessarily correspond to levels when the cancer started.[78] Taken as a whole such studies "do not support the hypothesis that exposure to DDT is an important risk factor for breast cancer."[46] The studies of this design have been extensively reviewed.[24][79][80]

In contrast, a study published in 2007 strongly associated early exposure (the p,p'- isomer) and breast cancer later in life. Unlike previous studies, this prospective cohort study collected blood samples from young mothers in the 1960s while DDT was still in use, and their breast cancer status was then monitored over the years. In addition to suggesting that the p,p'- isomer is the more significant risk factor, the study also suggests that the timing of exposure is critical. For the subset of women born more than 14 years before agricultural use, there was no association between DDT and breast cancer. However, for younger women—exposed earlier in life—the third who were exposed most to p,p'-DDT had a fivefold increase in breast cancer incidence over the least exposed third, after correcting for the protective effect of o,p'-DDT.[46][81][82] These results are supported by animal studies.[36]

People living in areas where DDT is used for IRS have high levels of the chemical and its breakdown products in their bodies. Compared to contemporaries living where DDT is not used, South Africans living in sprayed homes have levels that are several orders of magnitude greater.[36] Breast milk in regions where DDT is used against malaria greatly exceeds the allowable standards for breast-feeding infants.[102][103][104] These levels are associated with neurological abnormalities in babies.[92][102][103] - effects on humans



the insecticide could have accounted for 15 per cent of infant deaths in the US in the 1960s, Longnecker estimates. "In earlier decades in the US, we may have had an epidemic of pre-term births that we are just now discovering," he says. "We have to be concerned about what might be happening in those 25 countries where DDT is still used." NEW SCIENTIST, DDT Linked To Human Helath Problems, July 13, 2001

In the decade of the 1960s 42,807,305 live births were recorded. 15% would have been the deaths of 6,421,095 million (six million) CHILDREN, as a result of Dr. Seuss's work. Literally, a virtual holocaust. INFOPLEASE.COM, Live Births and Birth Rates By Year 





The title of this section will be enough to irritate "Dr. Zeus" fans.  They are completely persuaded by 50% that they favor, and ignore the 50% that is troubling, to such an extent, they will completely dismiss the other 50% of all that he did, as though that part of it did not count, or matter.  But without both considered, you have only distortion of who he was, and what he was really doing with his "Children's stories".  And it is the 50/50 split that is the real identifier of his personal "philosophy", which is precisely that of NICOLAITANISM.  It is the "esoteric philosophy" of nearly all, if not all, "secret societies" and many of their spin-off collegiate Greek Letter Organizations, which he was actively and early involved with in college.  And the philosophy of the Roscicucians, whose early pioneers included it's Lutheran patriarch.


As mentioned above, his "middle name", and "family name", was not pronounced like ZEUS, it was pronounced like VOICE.  

This pronunciation WAS CHANGED by GEISEL himself to create the HOMOPHONE with ZEUS by intentionally playing on the default English pronunciation of the word.  This was done AT DARTMOUTH, while in this Fraternity, despite the claims it was later in life and simply the mispronunciation of others. The entire reason "Seuss" was used, was to avoid detection by school authorities who had banned him from extra-curricular activities for holding a "drinking party" when it was "illegal" during "prohibition". The claim that it came later as a "mispronunciation" is patently false, because it occurred as soon as he started using the name, BY ANYONE WHO SPOKE ENGLISH! when at Dartmouth!  How do you know this?  For the simple reason, in English "Seuss" is pronounced like "Zeus" with an "S" as "Seus". "Seus" actually being an alternate spelling of "Zeus".  So once again, the "cover story" is transparent "baloney".  The "default" pronunciation in English (for ANYONE who speaks English) for "Seuss" is "Zeus" in it's "S" version as "Seus".  Did someone "write a poem" and poke fun at it's "mispronunciation" in English? Yes. But it was being mispronounced that way in English his entire life in Springfield, Massachusetts, and he knew that when he first used the name.

He was ALSO already FULLY AWARE of it's connection to ZEUS.  In fact, the Greco-Roman DEITY "ZEUS" was unavoidably known by him and his homophone use of the name based on the English mispronunciation he had spent his entire life growing up with in Springfield, (which he was already fully aware of), and this Homophone of Seus/Zeus was fully intended, from the beginning, as you will see below.

"It is known that the Greek name endings with sus, seus, and sous [which are phonetic pronunciations for the chief Greek god of Olympus] were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as means to give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus." - Dictionary Of Christian Lore And Legend, Professor J.C.J Melford, 1983,p.126

Zeus is the Greoc-Roman cognate for Jupiter.  The Roman empire, over-looked by many, was partly Greek. That is why historians used to frequently use the more accurate designation the "Greco-Roman" empire, as what constituted the "Roman empire" proper, was actually an "alliance" between major "Greek cities" in eastern and southern Italy WITH Rome.  Naples, Sorrento, Pompeii being only a few examples.  These were "Greco-Roman" cities.  "Jupiter" was not some other "god" than "Zeus" it was one and the same, with a Romanized name. 

"Jupiter" in Germany, during this time, had become quite famous, as it was the name of one of their most popular EXPORTS, particulary important TO WRITERS, ...A PENCIL SHARPENER.  So naturally, "Dr. Zeus" (as a writer) and "Jupiter" (Germany's famous "pencil-sharpener") went hand in hand.  Why did he "lie" about taking pride in his German heritage?  Because Germany became an enemy of the United States in war. Ask any American Muslim today what that is like. But "lie" about it, is precisely what he did. And too probably, to no less degree, precisely because he knew what "Dr. Zeus" would mean to many of those same "mothers" he was "selling his books too". (Many of whom would not have shared his "appreciation" for the Greco-Roman demon-god to whom children were thrown off cliffs as "sacrifices for" in Greece)


And perhaps as well, the fact he was also the deity which Jews were slaughtered on behalf of, in the sack of Jerusalem, and the "Desecration of the Temple" was done by sacrificing pigs on the alter in his honor... ON DECEMBER 25TH.  The same national Jewish tragedy which the Jewish Hanukkah celebration is still held to this very day, to memorialize victory over, and during which Christ himself first came to the Jewish temple on the celebration of.

So naturally, one of "Dr. Zeus's" premier "works" of literature would be in honor of that same deity, on that same day, in which he joins with Antiochus Ephiphanes in symbolically "slaughtering Jews" and "descrating the Temple" of Christ.


Charles Dickens crafted an entire story about an imaginary "Christmas dissenter" who was "haunted by his past" so severe that he was driven to the point of bizarre behavior.  The real man who based this story on however, was very happily a rambunctious member of the Church of Scotland who did not observe Christmas and was a very happy man despite this religious conviction. On the other hand IT WAS CHARLES DICKENS HIMSELF who was HAUNTED SO SEVERELY BY HIS PAST he was driven to near insanity.  Thus, Charles Dickens had managed to create a "scapegoat" to PROJECT his own unreconciled issues of life onto, and then demonize.

Likewise, not surprisingly, Theodor Geisel, a fellow Nicolaitan, and avid student of the original Charles Dicken, managed to do precisely the same in his own story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".  Without understanding what NICOLALITANISM is, one will probably not be able to understand what they are about to read.  Without understanding the secret Monism behind Nicolaitanism, being TWO OPPOSITE THINGS at the same time (one SECRETLY and the other PUBLICLY) one will not understand how nor why, GIESEL followed Charles Dickens's footsteps in both is work of "Christmas propaganda", and the decision to use deception as an ideology, and be precisely opposite of everything people were being made to think they were.

PROJECTION is a common trait of both hypocrites and  NICOLALITANS  because obviously,  NICOLALITANS  are by definition, Hypocrites because it is A PHILOSOPHY of HYPOCRISY, so naturally these traits in the extreme will be consistently found between the two, which are actually often, one and the same, by virtue of it's ideology, which embraces the notion, not as a flaw, but as a virtue.


The Grinch, a bitter, cave-dwelling creature with a heart "two sizes too small", lives on snowy Mount Crumpit, a steep, 3,000-foot (910 m) high mountain just north of Whoville, home of the merry and warm-hearted Whos. His only companion is his faithful dog, Max. From his perch high atop Mount Crumpit, the Grinch can hear the noisy Christmas festivities that take place in Whoville. Annoyed and unable to understand the Whos' happiness, he makes plans to descend on the town and deprive them of their Christmas presents, Roast Beast, Who-hash and decorations and thus "prevent Christmas from coming." However, he learns in the end that despite his success in taking away all the Christmas presents and decorations from the Whos, Christmas comes just the same. He then realizes that Christmas is more than just gifts and presents. Touched by this, his heart grows three sizes larger; he returns all the presents and trimmings and is warmly welcomed into the community of the Whos.-WIKIPEDIA.ORG/How_The_Grinch_Stole_Christmas


(1) The Grinch, a bitter, cave-dwelling creature with a heart "two sizes too small",
(2) lives on snowy Mount Crumpit, 
(3) His only companion is his faithful dog
(4) Annoyed and unable to understand the Whos' happiness, he makes plans to descend on the town
(5) he learns in the end that despite his success...just the same.

(1)Theodor Geisel was an admitted recluse who "hated" public appearances.  He also didn't like to be around Children.
(2) Geisel lived on "Mount Soledad"
(3) Geisel had a Yorkshire terrior
(4) Annoyed by the "happiness" of others, he "descends" with his "Grinch" story
(5) he learns in the end that despite his's just the same.

Projection is a form of defense in which unwanted feelings are displaced onto another person, where they then appear as a threat from the external world. A common form of projection occurs when an individual, threatened by his own angry feelings, accuses another of harbouring hostile thoughts.-Encyclopedia Brittanica, Projection

Geisel has publicly stated for the record, GRINCH was in fact, himself.  Most ignore the "confession" and accept his "explanation" of how it referred to his own "Christmas gone wrong" one year, but there was much more more to this "confession" of "self-projection" than most are willing to see, despite it's more than obvious presence as established fact. Most are so ecaufocused on the propaganda value of "protecting Christmas from Grinches" they completely miss the main atrocity of the story. Grinch was working on a plot of DECEPTION and it's primary TARGET was CHILDREN, and he was carrying out that plot of deceit IN A SANTA-CLAUSE SUITE.

Why did GEISEL self-identify GRINCH as HIMSELF?  Because he was doing precisely THE SAME THING AS GRINCH, except he wasn't "stealing Christmas", he was "stealing" something else even more precious. And his motivations were just as cynical and based entirely on resentment.


And it is by no accident that the "homophone" namesake of "Seuss" (Zeus) also "lived atop" Mount Olympus as an "angry god" that hurled lightening bolts at humanity from his perch, in much the same way Theodor Geisel did as a hypocrite, accusing, judging and denouncing others, of all that he himself had been busy doing with his own life. Including, and certainly not limited to, misunderstanding "Christmas" and seeking to "punish" those who were "different" than himself.

While the general institutional public (and particularly  NICOLALITANS ) may wish to now make a "hero" out of Dr. Seuss for marginalizing and stigmatizing children who do not participate in the Roman worship festivities of the sun as "Christ", Dr. Seuss (the real Grinch) is no longer living on his mountain.

Dr. Seuss (a/k/a Theodor "Seuss" Geisel) is now dead. He died September 24th, 1991, and afterwards his spirit left his body, ...and if there is any truth accidental or otherwise in the collection of literature that span 3 continents, 4 world religions, scores of prophets, seers and apostles, and 2-5 thousand years of observation, summarizing the earth's testimony concerning God and the afterlife, he is now burning in hell.  Not to be cruel, or narrow minded, those are simply the raw facts as they stand, be the truest interpetation of those facts Jewish, Christian or Mulsim ..or even some other variation of any or all three. As surely as Theodor Geisel was a missionary of Charles Dicken's NICOLALITANISM and open promotion of full blown devil worship, the "worship" of the Lake of fire, as "God" (an act of blasphemy), that is where he is, as you read this text.  He, as the LUCIFERIAN he was, is no longer on a mountain, but in a pit, as the prophets warned, and as God promised, headed for the same "Lake of Fire" he demonized children for not observing, as something he himself, actually was. He wasn't a "great children's author" as most claim, he was a great "propagandist" who took to writing "children's books".  And that too is simply the unwanted truth of the matter.

Geisel's NICOLALITAN roots were ingrained into him from his earliest days as a child, and it was childhood itself that "Dr. Zeus" had intentionally "targeted" for his, as he calls it, "subversion". A "subversion" that claimed to be one thing to the public, but in reality, was quite it's opposite.  And fear of  being exposed as the fraud he was, led him to a state of near neurotic fear of even being around "children".

His wife said in an interview once that he “couldn’t just sit down on the floor and play with them,” and was always a bit uncomfortable and afraid around themTime Mag., Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, 9 Facts To Know About The Famed Author

While it is rumored he remained "Lutheran" mostly by "Lutherans" on the internet, who now wish to claim him as their own, his actions clearly indicated the truthfulness of his denunciation of religion in general. 

The biography cites The Lorax and The Butter Battle Book as exceptions. It also says that Theodor Geisel worked to keep the 1966 animated version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas from having an ending that was "trite or overly religious."USAToday,Christian doctrine disguised in Dr. Seuss stories?

He was married without clergy by secular judges, he was buried without a funeral, without comment, and without markers to any faith.  

Theordor Geisel, Died: September 24, 1991 in La Jolla, California. Ted died in his sleep at home from jaw cancer at the age of 87.  Judith and Neil Morgan: "... as Ted had instructed, his body was cremated; there was no funeral service, nor any grave or marker." - Source: Judith and Neil Morgan. Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel: A Biography. pg. 289.

His widow denounced the usage of his material by any anti-abortion groups and making it known she was a strong supporter of their nemesis, Planned Parenthood, and he prohibited the use of his characters in any commercial-religious context, specifically turning down a rumored record setting royalty to keep his characters away from any association with a "Christian" Christmas. - Cultural Studies, Issue 5, by Lawrence Grossberg

Dr. Seuss, having been raised a very German Lutheran, effectively denounced "religion" in general, and both Christ and God in particular, though still maintaining loose connections to the label "Lutheran" for "German Ethnicity" reasons.  And despite his denunciations of both religion and God and professed detachment from "religion", made it one of his life's ambitions to demonize, from his very earliest days, any who would not do "Christmas", and intrinsically "religious" high-holy day.  Isn't that odd, don't you think?  Not at all, if you truly understand the "meaning of Christmas" (which despite it's "religious nature", has never had anything to do with either the Bible, Christ or God, but quite it's antithesis, i.e., the worship of Satan) That too is just the raw fact as it stands. (See section "The Reason for the Season")

Isn't it also odd, that "Christmas promoters" who "claim" preposterously to be "Christian" resort to LUCIFERIAN occultists, devil worshipers and blasphemers to "promote" their "holy day"? (Such as Charles Dickens and Theodor Geisel?) Next time they wish to blatantly and fraudulently lie to you, telling you "Jesus is the Reason for the Season", watch WHO they hold up in your "face" to harass, mock and condemn you for not doing it and compare your children to animals, beasts and monsters.  It will never be a godly Christian or Scholar from antiquity, or the scriptures they read. It will be, always and without fail, a devil-worshiping NICOLALITAN of one sort or another. Often a NICOLALITAN (in Literature) who openly and continuously mocked and blasphemed God. Precisely because that is, as it always has been, it's "true meaning".

And that is precisely what they do, because that is what they must do.  Because the real "Christians" who believed in both God and Christ and the Scriptures, rejected it as the fraud it is today, and always has been, and these idiotic "Christians" running around in America today chasing their "political and prosperity tails" like chickens with their heads cut off, stand in the corner with the blasphemers and against their own histories and even Christ.  And these are the very people historically who rejected Rome's "Solar-mass" and were the very people Theodore Geisel was most interested in hating, persecuting and mocking with his "hate literature" now called "How the Grinch stole Christmas" (as if "a Grinch" would want it for any reason to begin with).  you cannot "steal" something you do not wish to "have".

As you will see below, the reasons for his hatred are somewhat understandable, perhaps even forgivable by a stretch of imagination, but what is not so forgivable, is that those who would still demand compulsion to worship the sun and call it a "Christ" mass, cite this "hate propaganda" incessantly cramming it down the throats of little children every year, to teach them to hate themselves, their parents, their self-identity, their religious heritage, and perhaps even their God, for no other reason than they will not bend their knee to Rome's lies. A Rome that was a medieval fascist dictatorship and inspiration for the Nazi's 3rd Reich.  Their situation is much less "forgivable" than Dr. Seuss's own compulsion to express his own personal twisted hate for them. Which he did very well as any Klansman or Nazi can now testify with a noose in one hand and a swastika on the arm of the other standing in front of his "library" at what has come to be known as the University of California at "Klan-Diego" .

"Dr. Seuss" is now an "estate" whose inheritors are busy canonizing him as a "Saint' in order to maximize their "profits" from his material.  This too is perhaps "understandable".  That they would take such filthy stories of hate, out of the vast collection of literature that he produced, which included things like "Yertle the Turtle" and the "the Sneetches", and let them be over-shadowed by the "Christmas promotions" of "the Grinch" (which they should wish to bury in the deepest hole they can find), as a "defining work" for his "legacy", is not as "understandable", nor "forgivable".  This is their choice not his.

And if they wish to let his hate literature "Grinch", be the definition of their commercial enterprise they now wish to admirably call "his legacy", and promote for money, then it can only be said, Theodor "Seuss" Geisel has been left with, under their own "supervision", a "legacy of hate", hypocrisy, error, and shame, and tragically not much more.  This they will exchange for their "royalties".

Why did Theodor Geisel have such hate for people who do not do "Christmas"? That he would want to pass that hatred around the world, against, and even into children? Because of some traumatic experiences he had as a child that these same people in his own mind, indirectly inflicted upon him and his family, because of their mistaken New England politics of prohibition.  And because to no less a degree, Theodor Geisel himself was "brainwashed" as a child through a diet of "Christmas propaganda", that his own mother fed him as early as the age of six, before he could barely begin reading.

The problem with seminal racism and hatred is that it, like a disease, is often passed from one vessel to the next without even the conscious awareness of what has transpired.  Southern children often were raised hearing the "N" word so frequently, they often disassociated it's usage with personal hatred and prejudice not even having the "consciousness" the word was an expression of hatred for a group of people. They would always defend their use of, by pointing to "a friend" who was "black", thus demonstrating to themselves no particular "personal" animosity.  The situation was obviously never as convincing to their "friend" they had to hide their common language from out of shame.  Such is the case precisely with Geisel's indoctrination as a child, with literature written by an avid anti-Semite Charles Dickens, as early as six years of age.  Dickens hatred and NICOLALITANISM became a "generational curse" passed on to Theodor Geisel, which would feed his own hatred for a people he knew, nor cared anything about, except malice and revenge.

The "commercial profiteers" wish now to "re-make' Theodor Geisel into a "Children's Saint", but there is a huge reality that stands in their way. That reality is that Theodor Geisel himself, has today become best known for a form of hate literature which will not stand the test of time.  Hate literature that was born to do nothing more than teach children to hate themselves, their parents, and their history, targeting a one group of Americans but finding another, most victimized by the German Nazis, Geisel himself worked against, despite all their denials that such is "really" the case. ("My best friend is Black", they now say in their defense)

Theodor Geisel created what has become today a "classic" of "Christmas Propaganda", and it's imagery is invoked all over the internet, and by Nazis and Klansmen all over America, complete with it's full measure of intended hatred, now not just for New England Protestants, but for Jews.  And this is now his "legacy".  Precisely because it is in fact the "spirit" behind it's content, and it is a "spirit" most easily "recognized" by those who share it's "kindred spirit", Nazis and Klansmen, the real origin historically of precisely where and how this kind of hate emerged. (Despite everything else that one might wish to claim in Geisel's defense)


Geisel was well aware of the Nazi connection to the Roman "Solar" mass.  And just like he created "propaganda" for the everyday use of DDT, so safe you could gargle with it, after the work of "re-unification" began by the German Lutheran Church in the 1950s with Vatican Rome, he applied his skills to doing the same for Rome's Solar-mass now called a "Christ" mass.

Hitler rightly understood the historical connection between "Caucasian", the "Caucus mountains", the Nordic religion, and his own Swastika, from whence came Yule-tide to begin with, marked by the same Swastika adopted for his own Nazi party and his "Nordic Man, all wrapped in Roman "Christianity".  How else do you propose to restore the "Holy Roman Reich" without it's STATE RELIGION?

QUOTE: At Adolf Eichmann's trial in Israel in 1961, Eichmann clearly stated that both he and Reinhard Heydrich were answerable to the Popes (White Pope-Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli and the Black Popes-Jesuit General Wvladimir Ledochowski S.J. a Polish Jesuit) for the "Final Solution decree of the Vatican Third Reich of Europe using Four Roman Catholic Dictators Hitler,Pavelic,Mussolini and Franco!

On December 7th 1941 (Pearl Harbor)the Nazi Catholic Stormtrooper SS began GAS VAN OPERATIONS in Lodz and Chelmno regions of Poland, Jews were herded into Catholic Church in Chelmno until the next morning the hundreds of GAS VANS arrived escorting the Jews from the Roman Church directly into the GAS VANS once the measured drive to the remote forests the Jews were dead via carbon monoxide!! (source: "Shoah" documentary, Claude Lanzmann) 

German Lutherans were part of this equation.  They had their head up this sewer for centuries, and many still do.  It was directly because of Martin Luthers's rancid racism, that convinced the Nazis, that the Luthern's contributions to Antisemitism, should not be over-looked, but brought into the Nazi party in one great "ecumenical movement" which would be a virtual orgy of hate, racism and medieval genocide..
JULIUS STRIECHER Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 1945, 
QUOTE Anti-Semitic publications have existed in Germany for centuries. A book I had, written by Dr. Martin Luther, was, for instance, confiscated. Dr. Martin Luther would very probably sit in my place in the defendants' dock today, if this book had been taken into consideration by the Prosecution. In this book The Jews and Their Lies, Dr. Martin Luther writes that the Jews are a serpent's brood and one should burn down their synagogues and destroy them... 
-Julius Streicher, (Trial of The Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 1945, Vol. 12)'''

ODIN, (the Norwegian ZEUS), had a long white beard, was often depicted dressed in RED, and rode a horse through the sky once a year in Autumn.  When SAINT NICHOLAS was layered on top of the Scandinavian god ODINNicholas lost his Mediterranean appearance, grew a long white beard, mounted a flying horse, and changed the date of his “flight” in the sky to December, still wearing his wooly Scandinavian Reds. [A costume similar in design to one worn by the Pope] In the bid for pagan converts in Scandinavia andNorthern EuropeRome promoted the veneration of Saint Nicholas and taught he did (and they should) distribute gifts on December 25th. The "Gifts in the Stockings" had been incorporated into the Saint's Veneration, since its arrival in Bari, Italy and its fusion withPasqua Epiphania.

While Theodor Geisel had no "Christ" in his story of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (a "Christmas" without a "Christ" in it), he was very sure to INCLUDE the Persian Solar-serpent Tree, and it's side-kick ODIN. (Which the "Grinch" dresses up in to "Steal Christmas").  Why was there NO CHRIST in Geisel's story "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"? Because "Dr Zeus" (as the name implies) knew "Christ" was never part of it to begin with.

The "Christ" of the Roman Reich is not the Jewish messiah described in the New Testament, but a NICOLAITAN synthesis of the pagan gods of the ancient Roman empire, which it "re-interpets" with the title of "Christ", and is given the birth and physical characteristics of Apollo (son of ZEUS). In the GERMAN FORM, this is ODIN or THOR and BALDAR (the Germanic cognate of "Apollo" [NT Apollyon, Rev. 9:11]). The "Solar-Mass" is the celebration of the "birth" of Apollo, and this is in fact, the very same "celebration" DR ZEUS was fully, intentionally, and deceitfully promoting through compulsion to the American public, by stigmatizing all dissenters with a derogatory label composed of all his own flawed, negative, and unresolved personal characteristics, in the same precise manner as CHARLES DICKENS, Geisel's literary model.

His GERMAN ethnicity being much more important in this equation, than any "love" for FDRs America, or vision for it, and certainly in complete disregard for THE FOUR FREEDOMS.(Which he effectively denounced in his own story by intentionally using "Opposite-speak" concerning it's compulsion).  It is not devotees of Rome's Solar-mass that are historically being "forced" to do anything, it is it's dissenters who are the ones under "compulsion","deception" and "theft".(Which Geisel fully knew as well)

Thor, Odin, Teutonic paganism, and the Nazis (including the ancient Solar-symbol of the Swastika itself all the way from ancient Persia and it's "Yalda Tree") are all wrapped up in this very old, very ancient, and in Europe very German "holy day" Rome adopted through Constantine and his pedophile Nicolaitans, as a "Christ" mass, and nothing could be farther from the truth.  And Theodor Geisel KNEW this to be the lie it is, and promoted it anyway in his story of "Grinch", just like he promoted DDT.

Geisel also knew that it was not the promoters and enforcers of Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon that had suffered deceit, defamation and theft, but dissenters to it, and he also knew historically that the vast proportion of those dissenters were not New England Protestants he had blamed for prohibition, but Jews, who had suffered under Rome's THEODOSIUS CODEX passed under the papacy of Pope Sixtus III (666 literally) that had led to their stigmatization, slaughter and butchery for thousands of years, and infamously no where greater than in his own GERMANY, even during the middle-ages, when the ovens of Nuremberg ran just as hot, and well as they did during Hitler's 3rd Reich.

The fact that Geisel would act in such a hypocritical cavalier manner, is perfectly consistent with his entire career as a NICOLAITAN and "literary mercenary", willing to injure, defame, maime, kill or destroy anyone and anything for a "profit", including the six million children he was directly involved with killing.

A "Conscience" is not something Theodor Geisel (Dr. Zeus) ever demonstrated a singular clear-cut, non-contradictory example of, in his entire life.  Geisel's "conscience" came in the form of a "Check" and a number on his bank account. (The same only thing, his promoters today are concerned with to the exclusion of everything else). And thus why today for that very same reason, Geisel (Dr. Zeus) is becoming a "soiled commodity" for public consumption, precisely as it should be, as you will see below.


Much of who we are does not come from our conscious protests and declarations, but emerges from the dark resources of the unconscious and subconscious mind, which are most powerfully formed when we are children. The same formed in Theodor Geisel as he read his way through Charles Dickens hate literature, and had his earliest years formed in a seed-bed of antisemitic "German-Church" rhetoric, from both it's laymen and theologians alike. 

The same "children's mind" that "Dr. Seuss" sought to intentionally make a "target" by his own confession, to teach children to hate themselves, their parents, and their history (if it laid outside the confines of Rome's sun-worship). The inspiration for the swastika itself.  As an ethnic German during the Nazi era, a pesticide salesman, and a VALLADOLID NICOLALITAN, there would naturally be no more group on earth he would wish to express his hatred for, than those who refused the Roman Empire's compulsion to worship the Sun and call it "Christ". The same that had put his own family's brewery out of business.  But unfortunately, hate is hate, and it does not distinguish where it splatters, nor who it soils, when it is vomited out in such vile hate propaganda as "How the Grinch stole Christmas".  Something the Geisel estate should shamefully bury, not sell every year at the expense of millions of children, for their own filthy lucre, and Geisel's own future memory and legacy.

And why did his library end up in "San Deigo"? What's in San Deigo, California that is not in say "Springfield, Massachusetts" or "Dartmouth" or any of the other many places that were so significant in his past? Which San Deigo has no particular significance to or for?  You probably will not be suprised by the answer is you have come to understand by reading the other sections of the website, what the "big secret" behind NICOLALITANISM REALLY IS.

ABC NEWS did a special investigative report in 1996-97, with John Quiones at BALBOA PARK in SAND DEIGO, and found that it had become an INTERNATIONAL TOURIST DESTINATION for the underground world of pedophile child sex slavery.  The men would come into the park and pick-up Mexican boys that had slipped across the border illegally, and not only engage in pedophile prostitution with them, but abduct them and sell them as sex slaves on an international black-market.  In other words, San Deigo, the chosen location of Geisel's "Library" shrine, is also home to the hottest destination in the country for PEDOPHILIA, protected by the Catholic Church Diocese and given "honors" in it's civic life.  The connection is no accident, particularly if you know what "NICOLALITANISM " (and it's most "sacred ritual", Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon), actually really is.  The connection to Geisel's work and the NICOLALITAN secret culture of "pedophilia" is no accident nor baseless "suspicion" either, as you will find out below.  Geisel's work was in fact, "inspired" by NICOLALITAN pedophilia, and it's standard double meaning messages are found within nearly every book he wrote, specifically in reference to it's most abominable desecration of all, pedophilia.  A NICOLALITAN practice Geisel himself was implicated in, but whose compromise with and even participation in, has been kept a well guarded "secret".

[ABC NEWS INTERVIEW WITH COREY FELDMAN] "I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That's the biggest problem for children in this industry ... It's the big secret." It was not Feldman's only stomach-turning assertion. He also claimed that the "casting couch," the sick Hollywood legend by which roles are given in exchange for sex, even applies to children.  In addition to saying that he himself had been molested as a boy by "vultures" in show business, Feldman went on to claim that the demise of the late actor Corey Haim was precipitated by "a Hollywood mogul" abusing him as a boy. Feldman added: "There was a circle of older men who surrounded themselves with this group of kids. And they all had either their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry …"[T]here's a lot of good people in this industry, but there's also a lot of really, really sick, corrupt people. And there are people in this industry who have gotten away with it for so long that they feel they're above the law, and that's got to change. That's got to stop."-ABC NEWS PRIMETIME NIGHTLINE, Interveiw with Cory Feldman, Pedophilia in Hollywood

Theodor Geisel, as the NICOLAITAN that he truly was, not only knew these things to be precisely as they are, he promoted their activity in his own literature!  Excusing and denying what Geisel has done with his "propaganda skill" over the claim there is nothing on record that he ever indulged the practice himself, is completely beside the point. He probably never used DDT either, but he still "promoted" it to the detriment of millions of children in America.  Obviously as Corey Feldman stated in his interview with ABC NEWS, if Geisel had been involved with it personally, chances are very slim you would have ever heard about it anyway.  But that is once again, completely beside the point.  There is no "evidence" to suggest Geisel ever "gargled" with DDT either. He still "promoted" in exchange for the "riches" of this world.



Rev 2:6  But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

 Rev 2:14-16  But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols (Dec.25th), and to commit fornication. So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.

December 25th, and seducing Children to commit fornication (pedophilia), has existed together since it's beginning, and is simply the real true record of it's history.  It wraps itself in everything "good" it can find, in order to "hide" everything "bad" that it "secretly does".  And that is the RELIGION of NICOLAITANISM (Rome's Solar-Mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass) and for real Christians, calling it by the name "Christ" is blasphemy.  And this is THE GRINCH'S real "deception" being conducted not FOR, but AGAINST, all Children, both in America and around the world. And his "library" housed in the very capital of pedophilia in America.

In real life, the good doctor is Theodor Seuss Geisel, a man whose private world seems as full of contradictions as the notion of an author of gentle children's books firing off a tirade against the nation's chief executive.-L.A.Times, May 26th, 1986, The Private World of Dr. Seuss 

Anyone familiar with the historic "secret" components of Nicolaitanism, and it's Roman solar-mass ritual (which we now erroneously call a "Christ" mass) will easily be able to spot the more than obvious peophilia messaging in Geisel's works.  For the most part they are self explanatory, and if noticed, rather blatent and shocking, here are but a few of many examples (which should need no commentary):

a circle of older men who surrounded themselves with . And they all had either their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry …

"I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That's the biggest problem for children in this industry ... It's the big secret." It was not Feldman's only stomach-turning assertion. He also claimed that the "casting couch," the sick Hollywood legend by which roles are given in exchange for sex, even applies to children.  In addition to saying that he himself had been molested as a boy by "vultures" in show business, Feldman went on to claim that the demise of the late actor Corey Haim was precipitated by "a Hollywood mogul" abusing him as a boy. Feldman added: "There was a circle of older men who surrounded themselves with this group of kids. And they all had either their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry …"[T]here's a lot of good people in this industry, but there's also a lot of really, really sick, corrupt people. And there are people in this industry who have gotten away with it for so long that they feel they're above the law, and that's got to change. That's got to stop." - -ABC NEWS PRIMETIME NIGHTLINE, Interveiw with Cory Feldman, Pedophilia in Hollywood


His earliest drawings, for the time in which they were drawn, were "Adult porn".  Now naturally it would be "unfair' to accuse him of "having absolutely no morality", simply because he was a pornographer.  Geisel expressed Nicolaitan philosophy, theology and occultism,, and simultaneously claimed to be a "Lutheran".  And it's not just the "drawings themselves' which are the problem, it is his own explanation of them, and motivation FOR THEM.  Geisel wrote in the foreword of his Lady Godiva book, which was an early advocacy for Nudism which he described as:  "A beautiful story of love, honor and scientific achievement has too long been gathering dust in the archives.” He called his promotional work for the "nudism" industry "scientific achievement" (and did so as a "Lutheran").  And "Peeping Tom" was simply misunderstood, it was something to actually be "proud of". 

The "syncretism" of opposites (in his theology) is clearly present in the earliest expressions of his literature.  His "Theology" was an "Amoral theology" (i.e., Nicolaitanism, which also thinks child-rape, lying, murder and blasphemy of God [God is Satan and Satan is God]) is also perfectly fine too.  And while you might not wish (as an Atheist) to grant any legitimacy to any truth concerning religion of any kind, you need to realize that part of "religion" is "psychology".  And "confusing" ones polar archetypes of "good and evil' within the subconscious psyche, makes for some very "messed up" and very "sick" people.  Precisely the kind, you as an Atheist, probably spent your life hating, and not even knowing it.  

The kind of "sick" people, who rape children, and hide it, and call it and themselves, "Christian" and it's masked celebration a "Christ" mass, while they do it.  The kind of sick people who murder millions of people "for Christ".  The kind of "sick" people who promote "torture" and deceit and child abuse and thievery and murder, for "Christ".  That is what you defend, when you defend them for being "liberal", when actually they adhere to something so "ultra-conservative", it goes all the way back to medieval Europe and the Dark Ages. They are not "liberal", they are "amoral fascists", and their "liberalism" is no more principled, genuine or sincere, than their hypocritical mixed-up worthless "sick" religion.

And in case you are not a "liberal Atheist", and if you are a real "conservative", then there should be no need to explain any of this to you. You should recognize immediately, that this is not "what you signed up for" as a "conservative", you think yourself to be.  "Pedophilia Nicolaitanism" is not "conservative" "family values", unless you just have a very very very "sick" family. And if you do not not see these truths are real issues of concern for any real "conservative", you are simply a phony yourself, and you need to stop using the word. You are in all probability, part of the RELIGIOUS REICH  and probably a NICOLAITAN yourself.  It is not an "accident" as the GOP has become "pre-occupied" with it's "Christmas war", it is has simultaneously become literally infested with "Nicolaitanism" and it's practice of "child-rape". (See: News, NICOLAITANISM runs amok in the GOP)



Theodor Seuss Geisel was "such a wonderful man" and "beloved children's author" he applied his military grade psy-ops propaganda skills, at creating a "master-piece" of genocidal hate literature aimed turning "children" who do not "do Christmas" in a green animalistic monster which he called "Grinch".  The effectiveness of this genocidal hate literature is seen whenever the subject comes up. Step 1, person says they do not want to be "forced" to do something concerning "Christmas" (Jewish/Protestant/Other) , Step 2. They are called "a Grinch", and singled out for retribution.  Purpose accomplished.

By DEFINITION, this is precisely what the UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL identifies as indicative of Nazi "Propaganda", and what the 1999 State Department Briefing on THE EIGHT STAGES OF GENOCIDE include in it's description.  What kind of man would "do this to children"?  The same kind that would tell them to GARGLE WITH DDT.


Propaganda is biased information designed to shape public opinion and behavior. The word comes from Latin and originally referred to the biological reproduction of flora and fauna, that is, to the propagation of plants and animals. It took on new meaning in the 17th century when the Papacy established a special division within the Catholic Church, the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (propaganda fide), to systematically spread Catholic doctrine throughout the world to win new converts and stem the rising tide of Protestantism. Propaganda thus came to connote the dissemination of religious ideas in order to shape the opinions and behavior of mass audiences. ..Nazis eliminated the "marketplace of ideas" through terror and media manipulation and mobilized propaganda as a weapon to unite the German people around a "leader" and to facilitate aggression, mass murder, and genocide. <> How Does Propaganda Work? Modern propaganda draws upon techniques and strategies used in advertising, public relations, communications, and mass psychology. It simplifies complicated issues or ideology for popular consumption, is always biased, and is geared to achieving a particular end. Propaganda generally employs symbols, whether in written, musical, or visual forms, and plays upon and channels complex human emotions towards a desired goal. It is often employed by governmental and private organizations to promote their causes and institutions and denigrate their opponents. Propaganda functions as just one weapon in the arsenal of mass persuasion. In contrast to the ideal of an educator, who aims to foster independent judgment and thinking, the practitioner of propaganda does not aim to encourage deliberation by presenting a variety of viewpoints and leaving it up to the audience to determine which perspective is correct. The propagandist transmits only information geared to strengthen his or her case, and consciously omits detrimental information.  - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, PROPAGANDA


Hate speech is, outside the law, any communication that disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as race, color, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or other characteristic. - Nockleby, John T. (2000), “Hate Speech,” in Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, ed. Leonard W. Levy and Kenneth L. Karst, vol. 3. (2nd ed.), Detroit: Macmillan Reference US, pp. 1277-1279. Cited in "Library 2.0 and the Problem of Hate Speech," by Margaret Brown-Sica and Jeffrey Beall, Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship, vol. 9 no. 2 (Summer 2008).

World English Dictionary
hate speech — n
speech disparaging a racial, sexual, or ethnic group or a member of such a group
Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins
Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 

hate speech - noun
speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Unabridged
Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2012. 

Hate speech, for example, is a form of verbal aggression (→  Verbal Aggressiveness ) that expresses hatred, contempt, ridicule, or threats toward a specific group or class of people ( Asante 1998 ). Hate speech encompasses verbalizations, written messages, symbols, or symbolic acts that demean and degrade, and, as such, can promote discrimination, prejudice, and violence toward targeted groups. Hate speech often stems from thoughts and beliefs such as hatred, intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, or stereotyping ( Allport 1954 ). Common forms of hate speech include ethnophaulisms, racial slurs and epithets, sexist comments, and homophobic speech (→  Prejudiced and Discriminatory Communication ). Hate speech functions to distort the history of targeted groups, to eliminate the agency of targeted groups...   - The International Encyclopedia of Communication, Hate Speech and Ethnophaulisms, by Terry A. Kinney

Etymology, From prefix ethno- and the phaulism; phaulism is derived from the Greek word φαύλισμα from φαυλίζειν "to vilify" from φαῦλος "bad, unjust."
ethnophaulism (plural ethnophaulisms)
An ethnic or racial slur typically utilising the caricature of some identifiable feature of the group being derided, often physical features. For example, "nigger", an offensive word for Africans, refers to their black skin. -, ETHNOPHAULISM

What do you mean, We don't celebrate Christmas? Does that make us the Grinch?  - Being A Jew At Christmas by

Department of Justice
R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46
Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46)
Public incitement of hatred
319. (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of
(a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.
Marginal note:Wilful promotion of hatred
(2) Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of
(a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.
Marginal note:Defences
(3) No person shall be convicted of an offence under subsection (2)
(a) if he establishes that the statements communicated were true;
(b) if, in good faith, the person expressed or attempted to establish by an argument an opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based on a belief in a religious text;
(c) if the statements were relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which was for the public benefit, and if on reasonable grounds he believed them to be true; or
(d) if, in good faith, he intended to point out, for the purpose of removal, matters producing or tending to produce feelings of hatred toward an identifiable group in Canada.  - R.S.C.,1985, C. c-46, sec. 319, [Criminal Code of Canada]



[ You nauseate me, You're a rotter, I wouldn't touch you ]


Hate speech is, outside the law, any communication that disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as race, color, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or other characteristic. - Nockleby, John T. (2000), “Hate Speech,” in Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, 

An ethnic or racial slur typically utilising the caricature of some identifiable feature of the group being derided,... -, ETHNOPHAULISM






You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch 
You really are a heel!
You're as cuddly as a cactus
You're as charming as an eel,
Mr. Grinch!
You're a bad banana with a
Greasy black peel!

You're a monster, Mr. Grinch
Your heart's an empty hole
Your brain is full of spiders
You've got garlic in your soul,
Mr. Grinch!
I wouldn't touch you with a
Thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole!

You're a vile one, Mr. Grinch
You have termites in your smile!
You have all the tender sweetness
Of a seasick crocodile,
Mr. Grinch!
Given the choice between the two of you
I'd take the, um, seasick crocodile

You're a rotter, Mr. Grinch
You're the king of sinful sots!
Your heart's a dead tomato splotched
With moldy purple spots,
Mr. Grinch!
You're a three-decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich
With arsenic sauce

You nauseate me, Mr. Grinch
With a nauseous super naus!
You're a crooked dirty jockey
And you drive a crooked hoss,
Mr. Grinch!
Your soul is an appalling dump heap 
Overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of rubbish imaginable
Mangled up in tangled up knots!

You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch
You're a nasty, wasty skunk!
Your heart is full of unwashed socks
Your soul is full of gunk,
Mr. Grinch!
The three words that best describe you are as follows and I quote:

Stink, stank, stunk!


        (Does that sound like "goodwill" to you?)


1. Clear References To Antisemitism In The Language of "The Grinch Song"

Description of "theological/religious Aspect"

You've got garlic in your soul,

Your soul is full of gunk,

Your soul is an appalling dump heap...of rubbish

"Sacred Heart/Solar plexus" Theology

Your heart's an empty hole

Your heart's a dead tomato

Your heart is full of unwashed socks

Description of "Blood Liable" Doctrine

You're a mean one, 

You're the king of sinful sots! *

You're a vile one

You're a foul one

You're a nasty

You're a monster

*   (The dowry that the man provides his bride-to-be with at the wedding reception. It might be money plus gold and silver and is in prominent display. ...)


Greasy black peel


I wouldn't touch you

You nauseate me

Given the choice between the two of you, I'd take the, ..sick crocodile (Subhumanization)

This is what is said to "Children" in public schools who do not do "Christmas"!



Literature in education enjoys rightfully so, a very liberal license to be, do and say just about anything.   And certain in the interest of "education" that should not be drastically tampered with, no matter whether anyone personally agrees with or disagrees with the content under study.  Otherwise real education will be reduced to indoctrination.  In fact, if anything, our policies on educational content are already way too strict, and only permit the "state's version" of anything to be learned about or discussed. For example, why is it that if you object to students being depicted this way in their own classroom (especially in a public school), you will hear the cry of "foul" over "censorship".  But if you request in the interests of "public education" the "history" of the other side of the debate gets also heard, then suddenly it's "inappropraite"? Really? Apparently it's only "censorship" when it is "inhibits" something someone in charge wants to force down children's throats, without conscience.

There is a huge, vast difference between "education" and "propaganda".  And "propaganda" literature, written as "propaganda" literature certainly should be studied like all others. But when "propaganda literature', and specifically "propaganda literature" that is designed to conduct "stage 3 genocide" on members of our socieity, becomes "required cirriculum", and it's "point of view" an "academic requirement", then something has gone seriously off the deep end. (And especially if it is a "public school" supported by Tax Dollars from Americans who do not share that "point of veiw")  Then it not only is simply morally and ethically wrong, it is an "abuse" of public trust, public finance and public office. Aside from the fact, that for these hypocritical "educators" who prance around donning the label "Christian", it is also an immoral violation of Christ's own teaching.

Such is precisely what is being done with Geisel's "hate literature" called "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas".  It is being "used" as a "political tools" to attack and marginalize Jews and Jewish children, primarily.  Imagine your child sitting in the middle of a classroom, and the teacher telling all the kids in class to "visualize" anyone who objects to Rome's solar-mass as "Grinch", and then "write words in a bubble describing them" and have them read to the whole class, and there is the Jewish kid sitting there in the middle of this class by themselves, being called "Grinch"? How do you think this child is going to be treated by their fellow classmates? And how do you think this child is going to feel about themselves, toward society, toward their own identity?  This is absolutely inexcusable behavior for a "public school" and any teacher would do this kind of hateful garbage, has no business "teaching" children.  They obviously care nothing about their welfare whatsoever.

And of course, this abuse will not just get extended to Jewish children, but to every child of any background that doesn't do Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon.  Protestant children, Atheist children, Mulsim children, Taoist children, you can go down the list as far as you like.  And even if not a single child of any of these backgrounds ever end up in this person's class, she is teaching state-sponsored hatred and bigotry to these impressionable children, using a public classroom, and public tax dollars to do it. And this has to stop.

This teacher was "contacted" about the use of this "visualization exercise" using "Grinch" to intentionally marginalize and stigmatize children of other backgrounds in her classroom.  You can READ THE RESULTS of this correspondence in the NEWS section. It was made very clear, neither the teacher nor who alleged "Administrator" had any concern about what they were doing to these children, whatsoever.  In fact, it was clear from the tone of their responses, they were "offended" they were even "asked" to explain it. (As though these other children should just shut up and play "Grinch" for them compliantly) in their little Nazi game of societal marginalization, using the public school system.


It is not without accident Nazis are suddenly among the "biggest fans" of Geisel and his perverted Nazi-pedophilia literature.   They recognize their own philosophy, and theology within his pages. And they use it's most hateful caricature "Grinch" as a political weapon whenever they are given the opportunity to use the word "Grinch", like "nigger", "kike", or "spic" use to be used.  

One day, this propaganda phase will be done. And the people who did these things will be no more proud of themselves for doing it than those old cartoons you can now find on Youtube, which have been banned from public viewing because they are so absolutely racist and offensive to the vast majority of people now constituting the American public (regardless of their race).

The "future" of this hate literature will eventually fair no better, simply because change is not only a necessity, but an inevitability.  It is in America's own interests to change from this kind of behavior, and certainly, in the interests of any who remotely claims the label "Christian".  But beyond the motivations of change out of self-interests, are those which are going to be imposed on the world from external forces, over which, the people who promote this kind of abuse in society will find themselves at odds with, and that being divine providence and justice itself.  God himself has registered his disagreement with this propaganda and use of it's imagery, and has promised in the scriptures, to hold not only it's individual supporters personally accountable, but the entire earth itself, and it's population, in the form of a series of divinely decreed "judgements", two of which, are red-tide and global warming.  The perfect rebuke from heaven for an "Imperial society" intent on forcing the world into esoteric "worship of the Sun" as "God" or "Christ" or "Custom".


"Forced compulsory observance of "Christmas" by Romanists and Masonics, is "defended" to "Christians" by calls to advance "religion IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE".  They will cite their need to force everyone to pray in Public, at football games, at school, where-ever and whenever anything "public" occurs, they demand it begin with an "Invocation".  Most real Christians never bother to even look up the term "Invocation", sometimes even being asked to "lead" it in recognition of their "public religiosity".

The odd thing once again, of course, is that along with all the other things these people, is that this activity is completely denounced by Christ, who commanded his own disciples to refuse "public prayers" in the "public square", and restrict them to home in private.  Where God who "hears in private" will "reward openly".  But since these people follow the very "opposite of Christ" and "call it Christ" it is natural that they should DO and DEMAND exactly "opposite" of the real Christ found in the Scriptures, who openly and rather blatantly condemned, all they are doing and saying.  not only "condemned it", but pretty much assigned it's future to hell, by giving it the damnable label of "Hypocrite".

Mat 6:5,6  
And when ye pray, ye shall not be as the hypocrites: for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have received their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thine inner chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall recompense thee. 

This, as it appears to be, is a "command", not a "request".  A "command' from a "king" these alleged "Christians" intentionally ignore, yet call him their "Lord/King/Christ/Savior/God/Messiah/Master".   None of which he actually is to them for even 5 minutes out of any year.

But beyond the blatant hypocrisy, is the very important "code-language" that is invoked in these "public discussions" which only occur because some "complain" about what they are "forcing" people to do against their own will, and in violation of America's own laws.  That "code-language" as one might suspect, is not (nor has anything to do with) "Christianity" or "Christ".  What one will find at the root of it without fail, is Romanism.  Calls for Roman Empire compulsion in matters of religion, to diminish the Constitutional separation of Church and State to as much "rubble" as can possibly be done, while at the same time, stretching the limits of "compulsion" as absolutely far as they can be "stretched". And the most amazing thing of all, they solicit the support of mostly "Protestant Christians" to pull of this anti-American deceit.

Despite what they have "told you" an "Invocation" is not a "Christian prayer" before a public event, it is an ancient Roman witchcraft ritual, conducted by the Roman empire, to put a curse on it's dissidents and resistors.  A form of "witchcraft' every "Christian' is forced to participate in, every time a Romanist makes his "witchcraft" a public compulsion.

INVOCATION - late 14c., "petition (to God or a god) for aid or comfort; invocation, prayer;" also "a summoning of evil spirits," from O.Fr. invocacion (12c.), from L. invocationem (nom. invocatio), noun of action from pp. stem of invocare "to call upon, invoke, appeal to" (see invoke). - Online Etymology Dictionary

The "Invocatio" Ritual, was the ritual Constantine's Roman witch doctor performed the night before his battle at Milvan bridge, where he got the bright idea worshiping the sun made him a "Christian".  So naturally the Roman "sun worshipers' cherish this particular witchcraft ritual and routinely ask "Christians" to lead it. (Which they are dumb enough to actually do for them)

And if this is not bad enough on it's own, which should be plenty bad enough for anyone even remotely familiar with a Bible of any kind, the "code-phrase" PUBLIC SQUARE, is not what you think either.  It is a reference to THE VATICAN.


Sense 1 public square [BACK TO TOP]
An open area at the meeting of two or more streets
Classified under:
Nouns denoting spatial position
public square; square
Hypernyms ("public square" is a kind of...):
parcel; parcel of land; piece of ground; piece of land; tract (an extended area of land)
Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "public square"):
piazza (I.E., THE VATICAN PIAZZA SQUARE); place; plaza (a public square with room for pedestrians)
Instance hyponyms:
Trafalgar Square (a square in central London where there is a memorial to Admiral Nelson)
Holonyms ("public square" is a part of...):
city (an incorporated administrative district established by state charter)

So should any real "Christian" in his or her right mind be "supporting" this "Roman Witchcraft" in American society, protected by the First Amdendment? drag America into compulsion to demonic spirits, for the "Roman Empire"? Why does this question even need to be asked? (And if you wish to "smirk" at it's demonic efficacy, and then pretend/claim "it doesn't mean anything", then you do they "insist" on doing it? If it "doesn't mean anything"?)  Either it does, and it's bad, or it doesn't and there's no point in doing it, but you can't have it both ways. And calling it "Christian", is just as blasphemous as calling the worship of "Satan", a "Christ" mass.  But such is the "opposite-speak" of these kinds of "Christians", who help themselves to a monopoly claim on the title, but then knowingly and intentionally worship it's "opposite".



Here's a rhyme, for the doctor Zeus of late,
Who used his skill, to prevaricate
Doctor Zeus was no doctor, and his words were not true
So here we shall not call him, the good Dr Seuss

Once upon a time, Mr. Gloppity-Goo
wanted to control, all the chidren would do,
so from his own heart, he invented a stinch,
he colored it green, and called it his Grinch

A greedy troll,  was  that Mr. Gilloppity-Goo,
that he wanted to control, all the children would do,
So he wrote up his stories, with pictures to suffice,
and sold them to greedy merchants, to sell for a price.

He told all the children, If they did not do as he said,
Thier parents were evil, and they should want them all dead.
He wrote little stories, to convince them it was true.
And sold them to merchants, Who sold them to you.

And now you go around, Thinking God is the Grinch,
That came out of his heart, with an ungodly stench,
Mr. Gillopity-Goo, was just an old evil man,
Who wanted to hate, what he could not understand.

Why he hated of course, he would never tell,
But smart boys and girls knew, it was an angel that fell.
He wanted Children to think, that being good was really bad,
So he made up a story, about a ped in a Hat.

The Ped told the children, to disobey their mom and dad,
and if they get caught, simply tell lies like he had.
But smart boys and girls, knew Gillopity-Goo was a fraud,
Because it's always much better, to obey only God.

And telling the truth, is not something we choose,
But we tell what we tell, simply because it is true.
And Mr. Gillopity-Goo died, and went far away from God,
Because in heaven, they do not admit frauds.

And Mr. Gillopity-Goo liar, was a fraud from the Go,
And that is why now, he reaps, what he did sow.
The Nazis and the Klansmen, all find him their friend,
Because they too will all go there, where he has gone in the end.

And the fire they all worship, as their God in the sky,
Will be the home they will go to, when their time comes to die.
So do not listen, to Mr. Gillopity-Goo, 
Because he was just an old man, with no love for the truth.

And Shame on Dartmouth for naming it's school after you,
For all the children you sickened and killed Mr Gillopity-goo,
Perhaps they will cure, all the sickness you caused,
But they will never replaced, the little souls, you lost.

And because you could rhyme, and draw a picture or two
Hardly makes you a hero, Mr. Gloppity-goo.
And it WAS appropriate, that you denounced God too,
Because God, had long ago, already denounced you, Dr. Zeus.

THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think