THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think




The Christmas productions of GRINCH and SCROOGE on closer examination are nothing more than hate propaganda directed against people who, for "conscientious reasons" preferred not to recognize Rome's Christ-Mass.  Who were these "awful scrooges"? They were actually the Jewish & Protestant New England "FOUNDING FATHERS" of America. And while they had no desire to celebrate Rome's Christ-mass, they were opposing Rome's slavery in the South, where the first "Christmas" in America was made STATE LAW, thanks to Valladolid Catholicism promoted by Jesuit slave-traders in Southern slave-port cities.  Later this theology became the basis of the Klan and its promotion of CHRIST-MASS in the 1920s.  "Scrooge" is a residual orgy of anti-Semitism  [as many Jewish children are aware], and promotional devil worship, composed by Dickens, who referred to his most famous "villain" as THE JEW and created the most vile anti-Semitic caricature ever penned in the history of the English language.   The "ghost of Christ-mass past", did not "haunt" Ebenezer [a real man Dickens misrepresented]!  But rather Dickens himself, who destroyed 20 years of letters to "hide" his own demonic past. And of course, the most amazing thing of all, if all this were not already enough, the beloved classic tale of "The Christmas Carol" narrates the story of a man not "rectified" to life until prays to "Demons" and "repents" for refusing them his  submission?!?!  And "Christians" support this story? Protestant Christians"??? "Christian devil worshipers" who think they worship Christ? And of course, in appreciation for this great act of delusional propaganda and antisemitism, Masonic lodges all over America hold "Charles Dickens Christmas Dinners" in his honor?



"Scrooge is a vicious caricature of the Puritan position. Considering that America is the last Christian nation thanks in large measure to the accomplishments of the Puritans, we should reconsider Scrooge's point of view. Puritanism, I have argued in the past, represents a "Judaizing heresy" in some measure: the concept of a new Israel entering a new Promised Land in emulation of the Book of Exodus seems like a crypto-Judaic effort to bring the Kingdom of God into this world."  - SYMPATHY FOR SCROOGE by ASIA TIMES ONLINE


(Speaking of the Gentile Saturnalia Festival)

1Co 10:20,21  But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would that ye should not have fellowship with devils.  Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils. 

People even faintly familiar with and/or committed to the ideas of the New Testament movement, considered the "Advent season" of the "sun-god" among the gentiles to be associated with the Devil and it's associated demonic spirits.   They scoffed at the idea of mixing "Christ" with these observances, as evidence of apostasy.  This theme will be expanded throughout in the New Testament and culminate in a dramatic prophecy about a "Christianity" which would rise up out of the city of Rome, embracing the Saturnalia, and presenting an "Icon" for "Christians" to worship based on compulsion, which would be a "False Christ", given to them by a man with the name of 3 Sixes.  

"The Saturnalia, New Year, Midwinter festivals, and Matronalia are frequented by us! Presents come and go! There are New Year's gifts! Games join their noise! Banquets join their din! The pagans are more faithful to their own sect. For, even if they had known them, they would not have shared the Lord's Day or Pentecost with us. For they would fear lest they would appear to be Christians. Yet, we are not apprehensive that we might appear to be pagans" 

"The Roman traitors clad their doorposts with green and branching laurels. They smoked up their porches with lofty and brilliant lamps" (ibid.). Addressing Catholic Christians of his day about Christmas, he admonished, "Furthermore, you Christians [should] have no acquaintance with the festivals of the heathen"

"Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the Church. Irenaeus and Tertullian omit it from their lists of feasts."
- Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913

Octavius of Minicius Felix
2nd Century CE

"But what makes you Christian people so offensive is your stubbornness. You are antisocial snobs. You will not show proper respect for our festivals."Glimpses Issue #139 : Why Early Christians Were So Despised;, Ken Curtis PH.D., Beth Jacobson, Diana Severance Ph.D., Ann T.Snyder and Dan Graves.©2003 Christian History Institute. "The Octavius of Minicius Felix" ; 2nd century A.D.

155-220 CE

"We Christians neither cover our doorposts with wreaths, nor...decorate our house like some new brothel. not celebrate along with you the holidays...The pagan Romans clad their doorposts with green and branching laurels...In the Saturnalia...Presents come and go...There Banquets...yet Christians should have no acquaintance with  the festivals of the pagans." - Tertullian, (A.D. 155-220), A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs, 1998, p. 342).

185-254 CE

"the Church father Origen was proclaiming it heathenish to celebrate Christ's birthday...The day was not even known to be Christ's birthday. It was merely an excuse to continue the customs of the pagan Saturnalia." -(Gerard and Patricia Del Re, The Christmas Almanac p. 20).

245 AD

Origen denounces the idea of  the syncretistic pagan celebration of Chirst’s birthday as though he were an ungodly Pharaoh. 245 AD,  - "Natal Day", The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913.




The "RELIGIOUS-REICH" consisting of Republican Neo-cons and disaffected Tea-Party "Patriots", equating Christ-mass with "Christian" and "America" are in error on both counts.  In fact, they are more than simply in "error" on these claims, they are 180 degrees apart from the truth.  They are actually claiming the exact opposite of the truth.  But perhaps the worst part of this error is the appeal to the less informed, that based on this lie, Americans should vote away their religious freedom (the same freedom thousands of Americans have died to defend) in favor of state sponsored compulsion of religious veneration to a Roman Icon.  And inexcusably, that is precisely and specifically what the first (Christian) settlers "escaped" from Europe to secure.   It is often said by these advocates, that "I'm all for civil rights and free speech, just not on December 25th"(out of the same mouth giving "speeches" about their transparent disingenuous "love" for "the Constitution") Well unfortunately, especially with America's pilgrim founding fathers in mind, that's the only day it's actually really needed.  If the Constitution is made void on that day, then you might as well not have it at all, as that precise and exact day being the whole point of it for many 

to begin with (and for some very important reasons, both civic and spiritual).

Pilgrims seeking freedom from state sponsored religious compulsion is a history well known and not really controversial.  It's not even debatable.  It's simply ignored on purpose, while dishonest calls for state sponsored compulsory Christmas laws are constantly made calling for enforcement of worship to Rome's Icon on every level of civic life... in the name of "America, a 'Christian' country", founded by "Christians".  America was actually politically organized by Masonic Deists and Protestants.  The Protestants being those most of whom vehemently rejected Rome's Christ-mass.  

To constantly call for it's institution by law as a state sponsored compulsory holy day, in the name of THESE people, is really beyond any insult one could adequately verbalize.   The sad and perhaps most cynical thing about this "trick" that is being played on Americans, is that the people behind these calls, know (they actually really know) they are lying.  But the people behind this "Christ-mass" jihad, believe in a theology that teaches "lying" to advance the cause of their religion, is actually a "good" thing, so they engage this kind of public deception incessantly, fully without conscience as to the rather heinous nature of their lie.  And make no mistake about it, it is heinous on every level.

The historical origin of Christ-Mass in Roman Paganism has been well known throughout history. But it was not simply the paganism of Christ-mass that solicited such immediate reactions from Reformation Protestants after the publication of the Bible in English.  It was the particular kind of "paganism" the Biblical text condemned as the worship of an Icon of a false Christ uniquely associated with THE MAN OF SIN (2 Thss 2).  A title used to describe the coming of a "Christian" ruler from an imperial throne in Rome (Ex cathedra) who would demand subservience from the entire world on equal with God himself. Signified by the name of three sixes.   Reformers were virtually unamamous in their opinion that this was realized in the the Papacy of Rome. In fact, so much so that original Reformation Protestants had nothing to do with Rome's Christ-mass. To what extent? To the extent of making it publicly actually against the law.


In 1644, within 35 years of the publication of the Bible in English, Protestant Evangelicals successfully moved Parliament to have state sponsored compulsory Christ-mass outlawed in England. Though the move was eventually reversed through the influence of the English Masons, America’s pilgrims continued to enforce the ban against compulsory Christ-Mass laws in the colonies recognizing the spiritual danger of this practice.


The pilgrims likewise, who risked their lives crossing the Atlantic ocean and settling at Plymouth, Mass., considered the dangers and even their possible deaths, mild by comparison if forced to remain in Europe in a state of vulnerability or subservience to the Antichrist, the Man Of Sin, who would speak as God ex cathedra, from Rome, demanding the worship of his ICON (Christ-mass), and place in jeopardy not only the freedom of their conscience, but possibly their lives and even eternal souls.  The Pilgrims took this drastic action, prior to the change in English law,  because the absence of freedom in Europe from compulsory Christ-mass law, even under the state Churches and their Protestant kings, required it.


Mayflower pilgrims in 1620 stated the first December 25th was spent in labor and cutting down trees "in order to avoid any frivolity on the day sometimes called Christmas."


1650, the general court of Massachusetts:


"Whosoever shall be found observing any such day as Christmas, or in any other way...shall be subject to fine of 5 shillings."


 "for preventing disorders...(by) observing such festivals as were superstitiously kept in other countries to the great dishonor of God and the offense of others."


Opposition to the observance of Christmas continued just past the second half of the Nineteenth Century. An article in the December 26, 1855 edition of the New York Daily Times stated,




"The churches of the Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists were not open on December 25 except where some mission schools had a celebration. They do not accept the day as a holy one, but the Episcopalian, Catholic and German churches were all open. Inside they were decked with evergreens."



As we hold that one day is no more holy than another, as all days are the gift of the most High, do we continue to maintain a firm Christian witness that our members do not join in any public fasts, feasts, so-called holy-days and religious festivals (such as times called "Christmas" and "Easter" by some); for though exterior observances of a similar kind were once authorized under the law, as shadows of things to come, yet they who come to Christ will we believe assuredly find that in him all shadows end. – 1993, QUAKERS Queries & Advices also containing A Concise Account of our Beliefs and Tenets and A Statement of Faith



We have no superstitious regard for times and seasons. Certainly we do not believe in the present ecclesiastical arrangement called Christmas...we find no scriptural word whatever for observing any day as the birthday of the Savior; and consequently, it's observance is a superstition, because (it's) not of divine authority...probably the fact is that the 'holy days' (were) arranged to fit in with the heathen absurd to think we could do it in the spirit of the world, with a Jack Frost clown, a deceptive worldly Santa Claus, and a mixed program of sacred truth with fun, deception, and faction. – - BAPTIST MINISTER, CHARLES H. SPURGEON



There is no warrant in Scripture for the observance of Christmas and Easter as holydays, rather the contrary (see Gal. 4:9-11; Col. 2:16-21), and such observance is contrary to the principles of the Reformed faith, conducive to will-worship, and not in harmony with the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. – 1899, General Assembly Of The Presbyterian Church U.S.,  Morton H. Smith, How is the Gold Become Dim,1973, p. 98.



Most Disciples of Christ, Churches of Christ and Church of Christ openly rejected the observance of  Christmas and continued to maintain their resistance to public pressure in their commitment to the scriptures, long after many other Protestants had given way to public pressure and media campaigns. Most still do not recognize the day as anything other than a secular observance and many still do not participate in it's customs.



Sometimes credited to Rabbi Ignatz Lichtenstein who as an Hungarian Orthodox Rabbi converted to belief in Yehoshua as the promised Messiah and began advocating a Jewish understanding of the New Testament.  Numbers are very general estimates and adherents are extremely diverse but the movement has been identified as one of the fastest growing trends in America. Most do not celebrate the ROMAN CHRIST-MASS, and find it objectionable.


The "Bible Students" movement, Russellites and Jehovah's Witnesses have been "bearing witness" of the unscriptural nature of CHRIST-MASS since the early 1900s. Though they are often a persecuted religious minority in many countries, they have never compromised their biblically oriented faith with Roman holy days, including the observance of CHRIST-MASS. [Which they still abstain from to this day]



Numbers of this segment are difficult to organize as it incorporates a number of religious movements, very diverse in nature, from "Restoration Charismatics" to Independent Fundamentalists. Many of whom however, agree on their rejection of the ROMAN CHRIST-MASS.


It was, and still is, no picnic explaining to your children that Jews don't celebrate Christmas. They stare at you in disbelief. Everyone keeps Christmas, they plead. It is the topic of every television program, the display in every store window. The Radio City Music Hall features its annual Christmas spectacle and the Metropolitan Museum of Art displays Christmas artifacts. What do you mean, We don't celebrate Christmas? Does that make us the Grinch? maybe Scrooge?  -  - Being A Jew At Christmas by


Therefore, a Muslim can't enjoin in any aspect of Christmas in the disguise that Jesus is our Prophet too, we are just honoring him by celebrating Christmas. We should recognize the bidah of Christmas and the Prophet's warning that all bidah should be rejected. Therefore, accepting Christmas invitations, attending Christmas parties, buying small plastic Christmas trees to please the kids (some Muslims actually do) should be avoided. - WHAT EVERY MUSLIM SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CHRISTMAS


Atheist parents are in a very difficult bind when it comes to Christmas because there are strong incentives to do what other parents are doing. Not celebrating Christmas and not telling kids about Santa might cause their children to be ostracized from others. At the same time, though, the numbers of religious minorities who also don’t participate are increasing, thus increasing the numbers of kids who are “different.” Being different isn’t easy, but who wants to be a hypocrite just to fit in? –

 Bah, Humbug! Arguing Against Christmas & Why We Need More 'Bah Humbug',





Luk 4:18  The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

   In contrast to the Slave-State of Alabama

   making CHRIST-MASS a legal holy day,

   Harriet Tubman an illiterate African American woman

   who relied on dreams, visions and hearing God’s voice

   for directions, inspired by the stories of Moses in the scriptures,

   was instructed by God to strike during CHRIST-MASS,

   and lead those oppressed and in bondage to freedom.

"Those holidays were among the most effective means in the hands of slaveholders of keeping down the spirit of insurrection among slaves"  - Fredrick Douglas, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass An American Slave, Boston: Published at the Anti-Slavery Office, 1845


Douglass believed that by keeping slaves drunk, slave owners tried to prevent any plans for insurrection. For a slave owner, a sober and thoughtful slave was more dangerous. Thus, for Douglass the holiday signified a way for slave owners to pacify slaves. Slaves and Christmas Celebration



Because of the long history of RACISM associated with ROME'S CHRIST-MASS, African-Americans have also long realized the "true meaning of Christ-Mass" in America; a racist holy day dedicated to the worship of a false Euro-Centered Caucasian deity Icon, posing as the Middle-Eastern Jewish Messiah.  Consequently, many conscientious African-Americans have rejected the Roman Holy Day and have chosen to spend their holiday season with something more productive, such as Hanukah Chanukah-Kwanzaa party symbolizes `a step forward'

Or even creating AN ORIGINAL modern alternative such as; Kwanzaa    





Charles Dickens famous story A CHRISTMAS CAROL was a slam against Protestants and Jews who found CHRIST-MASS objectionable... OBJECTIONABLE FOR GOOD REASON in both cases.






















" We are determined . . . to take possession of the United States, and rule them;

but we cannot do that without acting secretly and with utmost wisdom "

Do you really think it is either wise, or ethical to support such CHRIST-MASS PROPAGANDA, when chances are, you and your own historical heritage, is the target of it's mockery, ridicule and efforts of sabotage?

Main Entry: 1sab·o·tage 

Pronunciation: \ˈsa-bə-ˌtäzh\

Function: noun

Etymology: French, from saboter to clatter with sabots, botch, sabotage, from sabot

Date: 1910

1 : destruction of an employer's property (as tools or materials) or the hindering of manufacturing by discontented workers

2 : destructive or obstructive action carried on by a civilian or enemy agent to hinder a nation's war effort

3 a : an act or process tending to hamper or hurt b : deliberate subversion

Main Entry: sub·ver·sion 

Pronunciation: \səb-ˈvər-zhən, -shən\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin subversion-, subversio, from Latin subvertere

Date: 14th century

1 : the act of subverting : the state of being subverted; especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within

2 obsolete : a cause of overthrow or destruction

Main Entry: sub·vert 

Pronunciation: \səb-ˈvərt\

Function: transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French subvertir, from Latin subvertere, literally, to turn from beneath, from sub- + vertere to turn — more at worth

Date: 14th century

1 : to overturn or overthrow from the foundation : ruin

2 : to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith

Do you believe that these men in America's Protestant and Evangelical Pulpit's and supposed "Mega-Churches" (if you can call them that) are REALLY working to advance the cause of the real CHRIST? In America?  Or is their REAL AGENDA something else ENTIRELY?  It would be hard not to conclude the latter, if you do nothing else, than simply READ A DICTIONARY!


1 : to overturn or overthrow from the foundation : ruin

2 : to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith

To call such "Clergy" masquerading as "Protestant" and "Evangelical", only to be subverting both this country and your faith , "Filthy Traitors", would be more gracious that what the Scriptures called them, when these same people were doing this very same thing, in ancient Israel.

Mal 2:1-3  And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you. If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart. Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your festivals; and one shall take you away with it


"THERE IS REALLY NO SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE, ONLY A PILE OF STONES here and a pile of stones there" -Educational Secretary Benette, "Church and State" April 1997, - State Wall TIME Sept. 16, 1991 Cover Story p. 58 (Supreme Court to reconsider a key ruling on church-state seperation The Philadelphia Inquirer Jan. 18, 1997 Breaching the Church)

"Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic Church." -Bishop O'Conner of Pittsburg.


"If Catholics ever gain sufficient numerical majority in this country, religious freedom is at an end. So our enemies say; so we believe" -The Shephard of the Valley, journal of the late bishop of St. Louis.

"A sound view of the Constitution in its relation to religion probably awaits a change in personnel in our highest tribunal." -The Register, Jan. 23, 1955.  Confusion Twice Confounded, Monsignor Joseph H. Brady: U.S. Supreme Court is wrong in decisions regarding "seperation of Church and State." 


"But Constitutions can be changed, and non-Catholic sects may decline to such a point that the political proscription [ban] of them may become feasible and expedient. What protection would they have against a Catholic state?" -The State and the Church, pp.38,39, by Miller and Ryan, imprimatur of Cardinal Hayes.


The above decree as noted in the foot note under the THEODOESIANUS CODEX, was given at Thessalonica.  Thessaloníca, of course, is a famous city in the New Testament, whose early messianic community recieved the Apostolic correspondence from the Apostle Paul and to whom the warning of the coming "Man of Sin" was given in 2 Thessalonian 2.

2Th 2:3,4  let not any one deceive you in any manner, because--if the falling away may not come first, and the man of sin be revealed--the son of the destruction,   who is opposing and is raising himself up above all called God or worshipped, so that he in the sanctuary of God as God hath sat down, shewing himself off that he is God-- the day doth not come . (Young's Literal Translation)

Beyond the complete absence of knowledge about even the existence of the tragic Roman Theodosian Codex and Pope Sixth III by so-called Evangelical "leaders", (if this were not bad enough on it' own), is the corresponding complete lack of knowledge of any real Protestant historical fact, or even the historical background of the Reformation itself. (Conducted by Christian Catholics who came to realize what was happening in their very midsts) 

One of the earliest indicators of Rome's future march of butchery through the coming time-line of western history, was the SLAUGHTER OF THE THESSALONIAN CHRISTIANS in the streets of Thessalonika.  Estimates largely from the Roman empire (probably grossly reduced) range from 3000 to 5000 slaughtered in the streets of the city. 

The "official" cause of the slaughter given was simple "rebellion" as these poor misled Thessalonican Christiaans wanted to defend some ruler or general in Adultery, and the poor benevolent Roman authorities had no choice but to butcher them in the streets like animals.  But the slaughter was enough to upset even the Latin sicophants such as Augustine, into trepid condemnations of the imperial action.  Of course these official explanations, like most of Rome's official explanations, are generally complete fabrications, and only a little observation of material fact can demonstrate their blatent historical inconsistencies.  

Thessalonika was one of the most "Christian" cities in the empire.  It had a long history of very orthodox Christian belief, at a time when many Christians were of the pacifist persuasion altogether and began to forfeit their services to the Roman military as a result.  The most intriguing fact of course, is that it was the city of Thessalonika which possessed the warnings against "the man of sin" coming, who would "speak as God", EX CATHEDRA (From THE CHAIR)  which became LITERALLY FULFILLED in the PAPAL ASCENT of POWER.  And not suprisingly, here at THESSALONIKA, resisted IN THE STREETS, where also thousands upon thousands of very real "Christains" were slaughtered, and then buried under another Roman lie.

It is also not suprising that the infamous THEODOSIANUS CODEX continues to be the guiding principle of Roman-Universalism religion, even down to the very real and very detailed practice of asserting anyone who disagrees with it's rather arrogant and unhistorical-unscientific carte-blanc claims, is "insane".  This canard was invoked for decades in America against anyone who held to conscientious objections to "Christ-Mass" mostly without complaint from the public, and usually with complicity from the supposedly free press in America.  Until of course, Bill O'Reilly began threatening to use the federal status of 'Christ-Mass" to prosecute Jewish retailers for failing to enforce the Catholic greeting "Mary Christ-Mass" during the holiday season.  Then some began to realize there may be a real problem here with where this is all headed.

For decades in America, Roman-Universalist theological interests were allowed to go do far as to separate mothers and fathers from their own children in family court cases, citing their failure to practice "Christ-Mass" as a cause for the court to grant punitive requests by opposing attorneys.  The cruelty and inhumanity "Christ-Mass" was freely used as a legal sledge-hammer to prejudice courts and judges against otherwise completely normal parents, has gone on without challenge simply because the abusers of process indulge themselves unconcerned knowing they can.

This unjust, immoral and ungodly behavior by Rome has a very long history stretching all the way back to the middle-ages, when it routinely confiscated children, and forced them to be raised Roman-Catholic at will, from virtually any group it felt empowered to do so toward.  The march of butchery through western history has brought estimates of 50 million to 150 million dead, and literally no count on the number of confiscated children, bogus charges, false accusations, breaches of justice, unrighteous deciet, and slander.  How many ended up in "insane asylums" or had their children confiscated for no other reason than to properly ingratiate themselves toward Rome's pontiffs, or their Cathedral keepers?

The practice of claiming anyone who disagrees with the Roman pontiff and her zealots, are therefore "insane", has made it's way through western history up to our own present modern age, to the supposedly free Republic of the United States, formerly protected by protestant ideals of separation of Church and State, to be broadcast on U.S. Taxpayer funded FCC licensed TV, by a commentator along with an entire crew of like-minded commentators, who call for Torture from the Inquisition (they now deny ever happened) to be instituted as an American law, in a country with still a Protestant majority, along with their denunciations of any who object to Christ-Mass as "insane"?  How does this happen?

The most bizarre part of this picture is that it is the alleged "Conservative-Evanglicals" (the very ones who should be the very salt of the earth against this kind of abuse of power from Rome, in America) sit lapping it up, as a "conservative cause" and defending it, in complete betrayal of their very own Protestant heritage if not their very own Bibles.  The fact they can sick this animal on "liberal atheists" seems to give them satisfaction enough that their full betrayal of millions of  martyred souls, in many cases, the very founding fathers of their own faiths, if not their own country, laid to waste, is not troubling to their twisted conscience.

Any REAL evangelical who knows their history will more than know that when they hear this canard invoked, everything they ever wish to call religious freedom (or any kind for that matter) stands on trial, and will either be betrayed by them, or defended in the integrity of who they historically are, or at the least, ought to be.  Those with other minority beliefs in America, Atheists, Mulsims, Jews, etc., who are not Protestant evangelicals, certainly should have even more incentive not to let this kind of talk go unchallenged no matter when or where it may arise in public media, unless you do not mind history repeating itself, and making you, your country, or your faith or beliefs, the victim all over again. No one but Rome, was spared Rome's sword, not even her own believers.  




The Occupation of the SCROOGE Character was BANKING or that of a professional MONEY-LENDER. [An occupation notoriously JEWISH since the appointment of the Profession to THE JEWS by the Roman Papacy during the Dark Ages, thinking it damned them to hell, but providing the necessary financial services needed by the Empire]  The source of this social development at the hands of Rome itself provided one of the more famous anti-Semitic canards against Jews in Europe for centuries, even used by Hitler.

Christian rulers gradually saw the advantage of having a class of men like the Jews who could supply capital for their use without being liable to excommunication, and the money trade of western Europe by this means fell into the hands of the Jews. However, in almost every instance where large amounts were acquired by Jews through banking transactions the property thus acquired fell either during their life or upon their death into the hands of the king. Jews thus became imperial "servi cameræ," the property of the King, who might present them and their possessions to princes or cities.Jewish History - Wikipedia


Charles Dickens's father had spent time in debtor's prison in England during his childhood which by his own accounts had caused him a great deal of unresolved anger. 






Just prior to painting this ugly picture of a half-breed Puritan/Jewish Banker from New England, Charles Dickens had just published "Oliver Twist" in which one of the ugliest Jewish villains of literature for all time was portrayed in a character named "Fagin"


QUOTE: In Oliver Twist's Fagin, Charles Dickens created perhaps the most grotesque and villainous Jew in all of English literature. - Charles Dickens, Fagin and Riah by Milton  Kirker


When Dickens was asked about the Jewish identification of his villains, he responded by saying most criminals of that sort are all Jews.  He often referred to the villain characters of his novel simply by the phrase THE JEW. -

Polanski's twist on a Dickens Classic by Don Perlgut





Dickens Last Novel OUR MUTUAL FRIEND portrays a single Jew in a very positive light, thus allowing many to argue he was not anti-Semtic.  However Dickens was a prolific writer authoring numerous works and it was not until his last work, that the consistent theme of the "Evil Jew" varies. Why?


QUOTE: " 1860, when a Jewish banker, James P. Davis, evinced an interest in his residence, Tavistock House, which he had put up for sale. In a letter to a friend, he wrote condescendingly, "Unless there should be any hitch (which I don't expect), the purchaser of Tavistock House will be a Jew Money-Lender. An odd change in occupation!" A few days later, he wrote, "If the Jew Money-Lender buys (I say if, because of course I shall never believe in him until he has paid the money)..." But the "Jew Money-Lender" turned out to be honest and a gentleman, and Dickens quickly changed his attitude. He wrote, "Tavistock House is cleared today and possession delivered up to the new tenant. I must say that in all things the purchaser has behaved thoroughly well, and that I cannot call to mind any occasion when I have had money-dealings with anyone that have been so satisfactory, considerate and trusting." Dickens had finally had an encounter with a Jew. And it was positive." END QUOTE - Milton Kerker, Jewish Theological Seminary


Charles Dickens finally realized through his own personal experience that his hatred of a people he had never personally known was an unfounded prejudice. But in 1843 when THE CHRISTMAS CAROL was published, this personal enlightenment was still "the ghost of Dickens's Future".





The combination of traits into a popular negative STEREO-TYPE targeting American Evangelicalism and the canard stereotype of Jewish bankers, produced a "best-seller" for Charles Dickens. But the anti-Semitic undertones of this story are transparent to many still today:



"Scrooge is a vicious caricature of the Puritan position. Considering that America is the last Christian nation thanks in large measure to the accomplishments of the Puritans, we should reconsider Scrooge's point of view. Puritanism, I have argued in the past, represents a "Judaizing heresy" in some measure: the concept of a new Israel entering a new Promised Land in emulation of the Book of Exodus seems like a crypto-Judaic effort to bring the Kingdom of God into this world."  - SYMPATHY FOR SCROOGE by ASIA TIMES ONLINE

"Scrooge" is admittedly a name that was created in the imagination of Charles Dickens.  The man's name which served as inspiration for his story was actually "Scoggie".  So how did "Scoggie" become "Scroooge"?  The character itself gave birth to the change in name although most Dicken's scholars admit there was never a plausible explanation given by Dickens himself for the name.  Scrooge, a blend of "THE GREEDY JEW" stereo-type propagated by the Roman Church for centuries and "THE PURITANICAL PROTESTANT" (dressed in only black and white, [a complete lie from it's beginning]) was COMBINED and turned into the now familiar negative stereo-type, THE EBENEZER SCROOGE. The original name "SCROGGIE" (Pron. "Scraw-Gee") had been altered to SCROOGE (Pron. "Screw-g"). Ironically, when "Scrooge" is pronounced backwards... it audio-phonetically creates the phrase "JEW WORKS".  



To further illustrate Dickens use of inverted dictation, one of his favorite novels entitled; "David Copperfield" is noted by literary critics as having been the most autobiographical of all his works, and in keeping with that observation, the initials for "David Copperfeild" used as "D.C." ARE THE INVERTED FORM of his OWN INITIALS, C.D. (Charles Dickens), thus the use of INVERSION in his work, is an admitted feature of his writing, even by literary critics. - Charles Dickens, Gad Hill Place, David Copperfield


When the historical truth about Dickens, and his Antisemitism is pointed out, those who have Masonic and Roman Catholic affiliation and ideological sympathies, promoting the worship of Apollyon, will quickly rush to his defense, citing that such attitudes were "common" errors of the day, and should not impede the spread of his "Christ-Mass" propaganda literature.  Really?  

While it is true that such pathetic attitudes were widespread, it is not true they were universal to the age.  And the very people, authors and literatures where such pathetic attitudes were absent, will receive no "status" of such esteem, speaking to who they willfully choose as their own progenitors as servants of Apollyon.  The lie that such attitudes were universal, are contradicted by their very same claims that he eventually got over such canards, having actually and personally interacted with his own villainized "Jew-money lender" to obtain his estate at Gad Hill.  So either his earlier attitude was the common one, or the later attitude was the common one, in that both cannot be at the same time.

England was a relatively friendly home to many Jews after the persecutions of Catholic Spain and Portugal, and while antisemitism may have been common among many, there were just as many who were not so inclined.  Isaac Newton is a prime example. The excuse making for Dickens literature is no different than those who prefer to validate and esteem Hitler for his "great genius", and attempt to turn a blind eye to his atrocities, commonly done among Imperialist Catholics, who secretly hold neither shame or remorse over his genocides, and relish the Jesuit prospects of a restored Holy Roman Riech by whatever means necessary.

What forces within American society permit Hitler to be promoted as a "great man" without protests, denunciations and the required shame necessarily associated with such an historical fiend? Comparing Dickens to Hitler may not be an equivalence, in terms of physical genocide, but the end result may be no different and perhaps the damage  of their errors even greater from Dickens in the end.  For how many have been led astray into the worship of Apollyon, and lost their souls to the confusion of Satan for God, as a result of Hitler's writings compared to Dickens?

Mat 10:28  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both so

The "ideological genocide" Dickens was used to create, was a genocide of American Protestantism, which once clearly understood the difference between God and Satan, and had the moral standing to make that difference known to the rest of American society.  The same who once easily knew the identity of Apollyon as the Roman sun-god born on December 25th who comes as a false Christ to "Christians" in the authority of "The Man Of Sin" whose cup of mixture brings the torment of flames in eternity.  Dicken's Antisemitism has provided English Anti-semites a respectable literary tool to spread their seduction, deceit and underlying hate for centuries now without challenge in the institutional world of America, now that her originally faithful Protestants have been successfully exterminated and extinguished through Dickens work inspired by the trances of mediumistic mezmerism. (More about this below)  So to the faithful Protestant Evangelical, Dickens anti-semitic demeanor is no more respectable than any other Nazi anti-Semite, and no more less dangerous in their attitudes or the content of their literature.  "A Christmas Carol" is a trashy piece of Christmas propaganda with very strong anti-semitic undertones, and that is the critical opinion every,Protestant, Atheist and Jew in America should render it. Roman missionaries who prefer to use our public Schools and public institutions to shove this crap down the throat of Americans every year should be called on it every time they do it, and they should also be identified openly with the antisemitism of their heroic sun-worshiping anti-semitic author.

Further it should be pointed out to the less educated in the room, that venerating the demonization of every Non-Catholic in American culture every year, as something to be celebrated is unpatriotic, unconstitutional in spirit, and certainly not anything anyone of any sort of a valid Christian persuasion should be indulging, or excusing, as in Biblical terms, the behavior is clearly immoral and spiritually a blatent "sin".  For secular Patriotic Americans, the subject should be a "no brainer" just as easily.


"Successive generations have hailed the work as “the greatest little book in the world” and Dickens himself as “The Great Apostle of Christmas”. ...Many people found Dickens's performances hypnotic, and he executed his readings with a compulsive energy that allowed him little time to rest. His final readings, like the others, were a huge success, but he ended them like Prospero: "From these garish lights I vanish now for evermore." Ill health pursued him, and he died within weeks of his last performance." - CHARLES DICKENS AND "THE CHRISTMAS CAROL"

There is a great deal about CHARLES DICKENS the public is unfamiliar with. Along with his interest in the Occult, he had a large Bonfire in his backyard to destroy shocking letters and documents from his lascivious and demonic past.

Charles Dickens was a promoter of a form of occultism known as "mesmerism" and was credited with "curing" Madame de la Rue with his "powers" 1 year after publication of THE CHRISTMAS CAROL.- Charles Dickens and Mesmerism


"Mesmerism paved the way for hypnosis by asserting that the human mind could be effectively mined—and healed—when it entered the state of trance. Moreover skilled mesmerists, some believed, were able to facilitate the flow of healing cosmic forces. Dickens, after some practice, mastered the mesmerist’s method just as he had once mastered shorthand. Quite literally, he could put you under his spell." - Bedside Dickens, The Magnetizer

Main Entry: Mes·mer·ism 
Pronunciation: \ˈmez-mə-ˌri-zəm also ˈmes-\
Function: noun
Etymology: F. A. Mesmer
Date: 1784
1 : hypnotic induction held to involve animal magnetism; broadly : hypnotism
2 : hypnotic appeal

"Hypnosis originates from the practice of Mesmerism, being an attempt at what the surgeon James Braid described as "rational mesmerism". Braid based his methods of hypnotism directly on the practice of Mesmerism, but tried to give a more rational explanation for how the process worked." - Wikipedia 3-2010

Main Entry: Hyp·no·sis 
Pronunciation: \hip-ˈnō-səs\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural hyp·no·ses \-ˌsēz\
Etymology: New Latin
Date: 1876
1 : a trancelike state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject
2 : any of various conditions that resemble sleep
3 : hypnotism 1

Main Entry: 1 Trance 
Pronunciation: \ˈtran(t)s\
Function: noun 
Etymology: Middle English traunce, from Anglo-French transe death, coma, rapture, from transir to depart, die, from Latin transire to cross, pass by — more at transient
Date: 14th century
1 : stupor, daze
2 : a sleeplike state (as of deep hypnosis) usually characterized by partly suspended animation with diminished or absent sensory and motor activity
3 : a state of profound abstraction or absorption

"Mesmerism was developed by Franz Anton Mesmer.  It used hypnotic trances to heal people. In 1838 Dickens attended several lectures on the subject including some by John Elliotson.  Elliotson was the professor of clinical medicine who introduced the stethoscope to England.  He also had campaigned against corrupt medical practices.  Despite his many accomplishments Elliotson was forced to resign his teaching position in 1839 because of a scandal regarding mesmerism.    Despite the controversy Dickens was a believer in mesmerism.  Elliotson taught Dickens the technique and it quickly became apparent that Dickens was skilled in this area.  Initially he mesmerized family and friends just for fun or to help with minor illnesses.  However in late 1844 he took on a more serious case, that of Madame de la Rue.   Augusta de la Rue suffered from extreme anxiety.   It was so profound that it  caused noticeable facial tics or spasms.  Dickens was eager to help and during the next few months he treated her frequently.  The treatments were effective.  After a month Madame de la Rue showed much improvement.  She was able to sleep and night and visibly looked more relaxed.  Once the physical symptoms of Madame de la Rue eased Dickens became interested in their underlying causes.  The sessions began to focus more on Madame de la Rue's dreams, hallucinations and thoughts.  She spoke of being pursued by a  "phantom".   Their sessions became almost like those of a therapist and a patient."  - Charles Dickens and Mesmerism, Gad Hill Place

I have endeavoured in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me. May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it.

Their faithful Friend and Servant,
C. D.
December, 1843.

"Hypnotism ... opens the mind to believe almost anything. As one researcher put it, 'hypnotic induction ... consists of a system of verbal and nonverbal manipulation to lead a person into a heightened state of suggestibility -- more simply, a condition in which one will believe almost anything.' [Hypnosis And The Christian; by Martin & Deidre Bogan; Bethany House; p17]  That statement should alarm you because in essence it is saying that a person who is hypnotized can be told a lie and believe it. But does this really happen? The answer is yes. Bernard Diamond, a professor of law and clinical professor of psychiatry wrote in an article for the California Law Review that people who underwent hypnotism would 'graft onto their memories fantasies or suggestions deliberately or unwittingly communicated by the hypnotist and that after hypnosis the subject cannot differentiate between a true recollection and a fantasy or a suggested detail.' [California Law Review, March 1980; Article: Inherent Problems in the Use of Pretrial Hypnosis on a Prospective Witness; by Bernard L. Diamond; p 314]  ... Hypnosis is dangerous because the mind loses its ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy (truth and error)" David L. Brown, Ph.D. ,The Dangers of Hypnosis


Unknown to the general public, Charles Dickens was not only the "mind control propagandist" used by the Valladolids and Luciferians in America, to "seduce" Christians into accepting the worship of Apollyon as "Christ", he is the person in England responsible for advancing the idea, that it the "government" use "mind control" against it's own population, for the sole benefit of it's "elite" rulers.  This twisted and sick idea later became the basis of Nazi Germany's infamous "Nazi Propaganda" machine which literally applied these very principles (from England!) of "brainwashing" and "disinformation" against it's own citizens.

After World War II, these sick twisted demonic political "doctrines" were brought to the United States in operation "Paper-clip", where high ranking Nazi scientists were relocated to America and given immunity from their war crimes, in order to continue their "work" here in America for our own CIA.  One infamous project which came to the public's attention through the "Freedom of Information Act", as a "mind control program" known as MK ULTRA.  The shocking demonic stories of how our own government participated in this kind immoral, unethical, Anti-American subterfuge against our own citizens, which stretched even to the Nicolaitan practice of involving child sexual abuse, is shocking and pathetic.  This is the REAL "legacy"  of CHARLES DICKENS.  A despicable human being who spread child abuse, deceit, religious delusion, political betrayal, antisemitism and if there is any truth in the Scriptures at all, accidental or otherwise, literal damnation for untold millions.  There was nothing "admirable" about this very sick individual from England. The world is filled with authors who can write "stories". And his "stories" are nothing to "admire", despite all the demands, promotions and claims otherwise by his equally sick "Luciferian promoters", who incessantly demand everyone in the world simply must think otherwise.  Charles Dickens was, in the end, worse than his characters Fagin and Scrooge, and it was from within himself these characters emerged, and were projected onto those he had unjustly hated, because of his own flawed character.







The name EBENEZER SCROOGE was inspired from a grave stone bearing the name Ebenezer Lennox Scroggie;

In life, Scroggie was apparently a rambunctious, generous and licentious man who gave wild parties, impregnated the odd serving wench and once wonderfully interrupted the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland by grabbing the buttocks of a hapless countess. However, it was in 1841 when his entire life was misconstrued by Dickens. Dickens was in the capital to deliver a lecture to an audience of Edinburgh notables. He was wandering the city, killing time before the talk, when he visited the Canongate Kirk graveyard. There, as revealed by his diaries, he saw a memorial slab which read: "Ebenezer Lennox Scroggie - meal man". The description referred to his main trade as a corn merchant. However, the author mistakenly translated it as "mean man". Though he was shocked by the description, it gave him food for thought and two years later, art imitated life - or so the author believed. When A Christmas Carol , one of Dickens’ finest works, was published in 1843, it featured Ebenezer Scrooge, a "mean man" erroneously based on Ebenezer Scroggie. Dickens always believed his creation was rooted in truth. - Revealed: the Scot who inspired Dickens' Scrooge by THE SCOTSMAN.COM


Even the INSPIRATION for the NAME ITSELF, was a sadly mistaken  LIE by Charles Dickens. Quite the opposite of the truth in more ways than one.

The CHOICE however of this name from among the many that could have been used, and the composite character that made up his fictional EBENEZER SCROOGEwas not lost on the audience of his day


EBENEZER Erskine [ALSO FROM SCOTLAND] was a FAMOUS ANTAGONIST against the observance of CHRIST - MASS in SCOTLAND.  The same location the name EBENEZER was chosen from.  SCROOGE repeats many of the complaints against the observance of CHRIST - MASS  that EBENEZER Erskine had advocated and DICKENS, himself an Upper-class Englishman who advocated CHRIST - MASS againstEBENEZER Erskine's position, was well informed of the controversy.

[I]nstead of making progress in a work of reformation, we came in a short time to fall under the weight of some new and very heavy grievances: As for instance. . . . Countenance is also given to a superstitious observation of holy-days, by the vacation of our most considerable civil courts, in the latter end of December. -- EBENEZER Erskine, William Wilson, Alexander Moncrieff, and James Fisher (founding ministers of the Secession [Associate Presbyterian Church]), A Testimony to the Doctrine, Worship, Government and Discipline of the Church of Scotland (1734).




"Never was there, surely," asserted one of his most faithful admirers, "at any time, such a Master of Revels." In company, said another, Dickens "talked like a demon of delightfulness." 

- Charles Dickens: The Life of the Author , New York Public Library



In September of 1860, behind his home at Gad's Hill Place, Charles Dickens tried to cover his tracks. He gathered "the accumulated letters and papers of twenty years" and set them ablaze in his backyard.  What moved him to such drastic action? 


Dickens's two youngest sons, Henry and Plorn, carried out baskets and baskets of letters to feed into the fire.  His daughter Mamie begged him to reconsider and save some of the letters.  However Dickens was determined that the task be completed.  As they were finishing it began to rain.  Dickens said, " . . . I suspect my correspondence of having overcast the face of the Heavens." - Bonfire At Gad Hill


Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back

to the DELUSIONS of our childish days

- CHARLES DICKENS, The Pickwick Papers, 1836



2Th 2:11-12  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lieThat they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.





Charles Dickens is a hero among the "Christ-Mass" crowd, and his "master-piece" (occult master) of literature, known as "The Christmas Carol" is crammed down the throats of the American public every year, to keep them fully indoctrinated and colloquially brainwashed and deceived about what is really going on at "Christ-Mass".  But today, people are beginning to realize (once again largely as a result of the freedom of information on the internet) that some pretty serious deception is taking place at "Christ-Mass" time every year,  Some Masonic Lodges even hold "Charles Dickens dinners" in his "honor", considering his "work" to be so "ingenious", meaning i.e., "deceptive".  Able to turn what was once solidly aware historical Protestants from their own historical faiths, and theological heritage, for fear of being socially "ridiculed" as Dickens' "Scrooge".  The "Christ-Mass Carol" aside from satisfying the Masonic desire to see Protestants deceived into worshiping their Lucifer, and gratifying Rome's desire to impose compulsory worship of it's Idol, has possibly sent millions to hell (like those of Phoenix, Ariz), unknowingly blaspheming God as a result of this deceit.  Charles Dickens was not only wrong, but he was eternally wrong, and the actual harvest of souls, who have mixed and exchanged God for Satan,  and descending to hell as a result of his work, certainly renders him no better from an eternal perspective than Hitler himself, of whom, shared equally his own rancid Romanized antisemitism.

Charles Dickens was wrong:

(1) He was wrong about Ebenezer Scroggie, who was not a "mean man" but a "meal man".

(2) He was wrong about his occult syncretism of worshiping the Devil (Saturn/Saturnalia/Lucifer) as God

(3) He was wrong about his ascription of Hell, to New England Protestants who refused the worship of the image of the beast, and Heaven to those who embraced the worship of the Lake of Fire as God.

(4) Charles Dickens was wrong about "happiness", and the "fruit" of this "High Holy Day" of solar worship

(5) Charles Dickens was wrong about New England Protestants and their social deptiction

(6) Charles Dickens was wrong about Jews and the reasons he attributes as to why they abstain from honoring "Christ-Mass".

(7) Charles Dickens was wrong about the past, who who in reality must "hide" from his own "Ghosts of the Past".

(8) Charles Dickens was wrong about sickness and death being "cured" by celebrating "Christ-Mass" when it fact it is induced.

(9) Charles Dickens was wrong about life. (Including his own which embarrassed even himself upon reflection)

(10) Charles Dickens was wrong about eternity.  

He was eternally wrong.

Those who make a hero out of Charles Dickens, whose antisemitism was not much less virulent in his literature, than Adolph Hitler in his politics, are either incredibly deceived or simply stupid people, or .... absent these two, extremely wicked on an eternal scale.  There are no other options to explain the behavior.  No Protestant should listen to a such stupid pastor teach him about God, because if he is that stupid, he literally doesn't know the difference between heaven and hell.  And if he is that wicked, you have no business being there anyway, unless you do not mind losing your soul to the Lake of Fire he is teaching people to worship, as one of it's "angels", of whom, Chalres Dickens was among.  Like the Christians dying in Phoenix, Arizona, Charles Dickens knows better now that he is dead, unfortunately those who still promote the mistake of his earthly life, do not.

Merry Christ-Mass? 

What's "Merry" About This?




2Jn 1:7  For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. 

1Ti 4:1-3  Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry...

The Calvinist-Puritan fringe that took power in England in the 17th century caused the ban on Christmas. The Calvinists believed in a radical form of Christianity that sees everything in terms of black and white, either one is saved or not. This comes from their belief in predestination, i.e. God already knows who will be saved and who will be damned in the end. For this reason, all Christians must abhor merrymaking and all forms of frivolity. Even bereavement when a loved one dies is considered frivolity and was therefore shunned. The Puritans, who were the English offshoot of Calvinism, wore sombre colors, abhorred all forms of personal adornment and banned the theatre.


In life, Scroggie was apparently a rambunctious, generous and licentious man who gave wild parties, impregnated the odd serving wench and once wonderfully interrupted the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland by grabbing the buttocks of a hapless countess. However, it was in 1841 when his entire life was misconstrued by Dickens. Dickens was in the capital to deliver a lecture to an audience of Edinburgh notables. He was wandering the city, killing time before the talk, when he visited the Canongate Kirk graveyard. There, as revealed by his diaries, he saw a memorial slab which read: "Ebenezer Lennox Scroggie - meal man". The description referred to his main trade as a corn merchant. However, the author mistakenly translated it as "mean man". Though he was shocked by the description, it gave him food for thought and two years later, art imitated life - or so the author believed. When A Christmas Carol , one of Dickens’ finest works, was published in 1843, it featured Ebenezer Scrooge, a "mean man" erroneously based on Ebenezer Scroggie. Dickens always believed his creation was rooted in truth. - Revealed: the Scot who inspired Dickens' Scrooge by THE SCOTSMAN.COM

Scroggie was apparently a rambunctious, generous and licentious man who gave wild parties,...and interrupted the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland by grabbing the buttocks of a hapless countess

Does't quite fit the "historical stereo-type" (i.e., DECEPTION), does it?



Main Entry: 1hum·bug

Pronunciation: 'hum-"bug

Function: noun

Etymology: origin unknown

1 a : something designed to deceive and mislead b : a willfully false, deceptive, or insincere person

2 : an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception

synonym see IMPOSTURE


Main Entry: im·pos·ture

Pronunciation: im-'päs-ch&r

Function: noun

Etymology: Late Latin impostura, from Latin impositus, impostus, past participle of imponere

1 : the act or practice of deceiving by means of an assumed character or name

2 : an instance of imposture

synonyms IMPOSTURE, FRAUD, SHAM, FAKE, HUMBUG, COUNTERFEIT mean a thing made to seem other than it is. IMPOSTURE applies to any situation in which a spurious object or performance is passed off as genuine <their claim of environmental concern is an imposture>. FRAUD usually implies a deliberate perversion of the truth <the diary was exposed as a fraud>. SHAM applies to fraudulent imitation of a real thing or action <condemned the election as a sham>. FAKE implies an imitation of or substitution for the genuine but does not necessarily imply dishonesty <these jewels are fakes; the real ones are in the vault>. HUMBUG suggests elaborate pretense usually so flagrant as to be transparent <creating publicity by foisting humbugs on a gullible public>. COUNTERFEIT applies especially to the close imitation of something valuable <20-dollar bills that were counterfeits>. - Merriam Webster Online Dictionary




IMPOSTURE, FRAUD, SHAM, FAKE, HUMBUG, COUNTERFEIT "elaborate pretense usually so flagrant as to be transparent" - Exactly what CHRIST - MASS is HISTORICALLY by all accounts. "Scrooge" the hybrid Puritan/Jew was correct.


The Use of "BAH HUMBUG"? . . .   an obvious reference to the Founding Fathers At Plymouth Rock And the New England Protestants  whose descendants brought the Great Awakening, Women's Suffrage and the Slavery Abolitionist movement [but simply opposed CHRIST - MASS].

It is very easy today, to find even among "Christ-mass" keeping scholars and historians, ADMISSIONS, that December 25th, really was historically chosen because of it's syncronicity with pagan Sun-worship in Rome.  It is admitted in Catholic sources, along with even "Protestant" sources that are aligned with the Jhihad for COMPULSORY Christ-Mass laws, that the Solstice Date was about the Solstice, and not the real or actual date "Christ" was "born".

While the candid admissions today, are somewhat easily forthcoming, you have to remember back in the time of America's pilgrims, such forthcoming admissions were not found,  In fact, no such admissions were made at all, and to even claim this was portrayed by the "LIARS" as  "RADICAL" and "HERETICAL", depsite the fact it was ALL ALONG actually THE ORTHODOX position from history among those who claimed to follow the teachings of Christ.  Even centuries later! Even among Rome's own Latin theologians! Today we are now entering the 21st century.  It is now common knowledge, and commonly admitted.... THE PILGRIMS WERE RIGHT !!!! IT IS "BAH HUMBUG" !!! IT IS EVEN ADMITTED !!!

The date of Christ’s birth is not known. The Gospels indicate neither the day nor the month . . . According to the hypothesis suggested by H. Usener . . . and accepted by most scholars today, the birth of Christ was assigned the date of the winter solstice (December 25 in the Julian calendar, January 6 in the Egyptian), because on this day, as the sun began its return to northern skies, the pagan devotees of Mithra celebrated the dies natalis Solis Invicti (birthday of the invincible sun). On Dec. 25, 274, Aurelian had proclaimed the sun-god principal patron of the empire and dedicated a temple to him in the Campus Martius. Christmas originated at a time when the cult of the sun was particularly strong at Rome.”—(1967), Vol. III, p. 656 - The New Catholic Encyclopedia 



In fact, THE ERROR, and it's LIARS, and ACCUSERS against the PILGRIMS, are still the "HEROS" of their "Literature" and false "History" books

For no other reason than to continue to marginalize, discount and defame America's religious minorities along with it's REAL Protestant Heritage.









The CHOICE however of this name from among the many that could have been used and the composite character that made up his fictional EBENEZER SCROOGEwas not lost on the audience of his day


EBENEZER Erskine [ALSO FROM SCOTLAND] was a FAMOUS ANTAGONIST against the observance of CHRIST - MASS in SCOTLAND.  The same location the name EBENEZER was chosen from.  SCROOGE repeats many of the complaints against the observance of CHRIST - MASS  that EBENEZERErskine had advocated and DICKENS, himself an Upper-class Englishman who advocated CHRIST - MASS against EBENEZER Erskine's position, was well informed of the controversy.

[I]nstead of making progress in a work of reformation, we came in a short time to fall under the weight of some new and very heavy grievances: As for instance. . . . Countenance is also given to a superstitious observation of holy-days, by the vacation of our most considerable civil courts, in the latter end of December. -- EBENEZER Erskine, William Wilson, Alexander Moncrieff, and James Fisher (founding ministers of the Secession [Associate Presbyterian Church]), A Testimony to the Doctrine, Worship, Government and Discipline of the Church of Scotland (1734).


Many Protestant Churches in America, still bear the name "Ebenezer" on their marquee, such as Ebenezer Methodist or Ebenezer Baptist Church. [The National Historic site in Atlanta, where Dr. Martin Luther King preached]


174,0 for "Ebenezer Baptist Church"

9,480 for "Ebenezer Methodist Church"

620    for "Ebenezer Presbyterian Church"

509    for "Ebenezer Evangelical Church"

14,00 for "Ebenezer A.M.E. Church"

1,010 for "Ebenezer Congregational Church"

3,120 for "Ebenezer Church Of God"

849    for "Ebenezer Assembly Of God"

135    for "Ebenezer Bible Church"

348    for "Ebenezer Pentecostal Church"

17,10 for "Ebenezer Chapel" Church

 641   for "Ebenezer Church Of Christ"

1,350 for "Ebenezer Christian Church"


223,162 References [Partial listing] to Protestant Churches [TWO HUNDRED TWENTY THREE THOUSAND!!!]



10 for "Ebenezer Catholic Church" [Turns out this is not even a Catholic Church]


ZERO (0)

Unfortunately, most Protestants who now worship in these same churcheshave little awareness of why the name "Ebenezer" had become so important to Protestants during the Reformation [and why it became the name of choice for Dickens's vile caricature]. Never realizing THEY THEMSELVES are the TARGET of this PROPAGANDA






Would that include or exclude those who go by the NAME of EBENEZER?




Not only is the Vatican having the texts of the "new" Bibles re-written to hide what it says about the Solstice-tree ritual in Jeremiah 10, in complete violation of the underlying Hebrew text, literally and intentionally changing out entire words, SEE LIBRARY; CORRUPTING BIBLE TRANSLATION TO HIDE ANCIENT DEMONIC RITUAL is even going so far as to having the "hymnals" re-written as well. And it is no "accident" that one "hymn" they have "re-written" is "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". Why? Because within it's verses is an old Protestant appeal to ..... Ebenezer.




Robert Robinson (September 27, 1735 – June 9, 1790) was a determined English Dissenter, an influential Baptist and schola... He was also author of the hymns "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and "Mighty God, while angels bless Thee," the former of which he wrote at age 22 after converting to Methodism. The latter was later set to music by Dr John Randall, Music Professor at Cambridge.

The excerpt from his writings shown in the picture is from his world entitled, p. 236-237, Arcana, or the Principles of the late Petitioners to Parliment for Relief in the Matter of Subscription, in Eight Letter to a Friend - Miscellaneous works of Robert Robinson, late pastor of the Baptist , Volume 2,

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing is a Christian hymn written by the 18th century pastor and hymnist Robert Robinson. Robert Robinson penned the words at age 22 in the year 1757[1]. In the USA, the hymn is usually set to an American folk tune known as Nettleton, composed by printer John Wyeth[2], or possibly by Asahel Nettleton.[3] In the UK, the hymn is also often set to the tune Normandy by C Bost.[4] The Nettleton tune is used extensively in partial or full quotation by the American composer Charles Ives, in such works as the First String Quartet and the piano quintet and song "The Innate." - COME THOU FOUNT OF EVERY BLESSING,

The original text[5] of the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing":

1. Come, Thou Fount of every blessing,

Tune my heart to sing Thy grace;

Streams of mercy, never ceasing,

Call for songs of loudest praise.

Teach me some melodious sonnet,

Sung by flaming tongues above.

Praise the mount, I’m fixed upon it,

Mount of Thy redeeming love.

2. Sorrowing I shall be in spirit,

Till released from flesh and sin,

Yet from what I do inherit,

Here Thy praises I'll begin;

Here I raise my Ebenezer;

Here by Thy great help I’ve come;

And I hope, by Thy good pleasure,

Safely to arrive at home.

3. Jesus sought me when a stranger,

Wandering from the fold of God;

He, to rescue me from danger,

Interposed His precious blood;

How His kindness yet pursues me

Mortal tongue can never tell,

Clothed in flesh, till death shall loose me

I cannot proclaim it well.

4. O to grace how great a debtor

Daily I’m constrained to be!

Let Thy goodness, like a fetter,

Bind my wandering heart to Thee.

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,

Prone to leave the God I love;

Here’s my heart, O take and seal it,

Seal it for Thy courts above.

5. O that day when freed from sinning,

I shall see Thy lovely face;

Clothèd then in blood washed linen

How I’ll sing Thy sovereign grace;

Come, my Lord, no longer tarry,

Take my ransomed soul away;

Send thine angels now to carry

Me to realms of endless day.

The following version was adapted by E. Margaret Clarkson in 1973.[7]:

1. Come thou fount of every blessing

Tune my heart to sing thy grace

Streams of mercy never ceasing

Call for songs of loudest praise

Teach me some melodious sonnet

Sung by flaming tongues above.

Praise His Name I'm fixed upon it

Name of God's redeeming love.

2. Hither to thy love has blessed me

Thou has brought me to this place

And I know thy hand will bring me

Safely home by thy good grace

Jesus sought me when a stranger,

Wandering from the fold of God;

He, to rescue me from danger,

Bought me with His precious blood.

3. O to grace how great a debtor

Daily I'm constrained to be!

Let Thy goodness, like a fetter,

Bind my wandering heart to Thee:

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,

Prone to leave the God I love;

Here's my heart, O take and seal it;

Seal it for Thy courts above.

This version is found in America's 25 Hymns Vol 2 Arranged by Don Marsh

1.Come, thou fount of every blessing,

tune my heart to sing thy grace;

streams of mercy, never ceasing,

call for songs of loudest praise.

Teach me some melodious sonnet,

sung by flaming tongues above.

Praise His name I'm fixed upon it,

Name of God's redeeming love.

2.O to grace how great a debtor

daily I'm constrained to be!

Let thy goodness, like a fetter,

bind my wandering heart to thee.

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,

prone to leave the God I love;

here's my heart, O take and seal it,

seal it for thy courts above.


Raising Ebenezer

We are misguided when we modernize hymn texts.

by Gary A. Parrett 

[ 1/1/2006 12:00 ]

One of my mini-crusades recently has been trying to help raise Ebenezer. I seize every opportunity to publicly lament modern revisions of that beloved hymn, "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing," written by Robert Robinson in 1758. The revisions all seem to agree on deleting "Ebenezer" from the hymn's second verse, which begins, "Here I raise mine Ebenezer." Some of the "improvements" offered through the years include: "Hitherto thy love has blest me," "Here by grace your love has brought me," and "Here I raise to thee an altar."  Why protest such efforts to make the great hymn's message more accessible to very-likely-to-miss-the-point worshipers today? After all, the word Ebenezer likely calls to mind that old curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge.  [Notice the "Cultural Brainwashing that has taken place] But protest I must, for several reasons.  First, I protest on artistic grounds. As a hymn writer myself, I imagine Robinson felt he had found just the right expression to say what needed to be said. His phrasing, in this case, was succinct, biblical, pointed, poignant, and poetic: "Here I raise mine Ebenezer."  Second, the revisions are, at best, inconsistent attempts to be culturally relevant. How can the revisers leave in words like hither and fetter, as they typically do, while Ebenezer is heartlessly expunged?  Third, I protest on biblical grounds. Robinson's choice of Ebenezer (which means "stone of help") is a reference to 1 Samuel 7:12. After the Lord had given a great victory to Israel, "Samuel took a stone and … named it Ebenezer, saying, 'Thus far has the Lord helped us.' "  This single word ushers the worshiper into both the biblical episode and the greater narrative of God's redemptive dealings with his people. It points us, also, to Robinson's dramatic conversion three years before he penned the hymn, inviting us to reflect upon our own stories and to remember God's faithful dealings with us. By removing the word from the hymn, we likely remove it from believers' vocabularies and from our treasury of spiritual resources.  Finally, I protest as a Christian educator. What we have in such revisions is the worst sort of accommodation, even contribution, to biblical illiteracy. Our faith is filled with names and terms that were unfamiliar to us when we joined the family—atonement, propitiation, Sabbath, Passover, Melchizedek. What are we to do with such terms? We teach! How difficult would it be to simply explain the reference to Ebenezer?  Other types of hymn revisions are even more troubling. Consider the many choruses that have lifted titles or phrases from hymns of earlier days. "Jesus, lover of my soul" has turned up in a number of contemporary songs. In one such song, the worshiper is invited to promise Jesus that "I will never let you go" and "I will worship you until the very end." The original, written in 1752 by Charles Wesley, could not be more different in emphasis. "Hide me, O my Savior hide, till the storm of life be past" and "Other refuge have I none, hangs my helpless soul on thee" are cries of utter dependence upon God's faithfulness, not promises of our determined faithfulness to God.  Generally speaking, we are misguided to attempt to improve hymn texts. Of course, we cannot assume that hymnists of old were more spiritual than their contemporary counterparts (stories tell of Robinson painfully fulfilling his words, "Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it"). Yet most seem to have known their Bibles far better than we do. Frances Ridley Havergal, author of "Take My Life and Let It Be" and "Like a River Glorious," was a Scripture-soaked woman. We are told she memorized large portions of Scripture. I fear today we are too distracted to produce many such songwriters. - RAISING EBENEZER, by Gary A. Parrett, Hot Topics,



EBENEZER - 'eben hâ‛êzer  Definition:

Ebenezer = "stone of help"

A memorial erected by Samuel to mark where God helped Israel to defeat the Philistines - north of Jerusalem, by forcing the return of the ARK OF THE COVENANT  to God's People upon penalty of DIVINE JUDGEMENT .

1Sa 5:1  And the Philistines took the ark of God, and brought it from Ebenezer unto Ashdod.

1Sa 5:2  When the Philistines took the ark of God, they brought it into the house of Dagon, and set it by Dagon.


EBENEZER was the place in the scripture where



However, that wasn't the end of the story.

The Dagon Idol fell on it's face, the Philistines were cursed with tumors, and lost all their battles. Blaming their defeats on the Ark, they returned it to Ebenezer where they had stolen it. 1 Sam.4:1-7:12


Sa 7:12 Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.


It became the place where the ARK of the COVENANT was RETURNED to ISRAEL after having been STOLEN.  Thus it's popular usage among PROTESTANTS who rejected CHRIST - MASS.



PHILISTINE - Definition: (3) Adjective - often not capitalized a : a person who is guided by materialism and is usually disdainful of cultural, intellectual or artistic values 









The term "Mason" means "A craftsman who works with stone or brick".  The Masons trace their historical ancestry back to THE KINGHTS TEMPLARS.  Originally a Roman Catholic holy order of knight/crusaders who were excommunicated by the Roman Pontiff October 13th, 1307 in a act of brutal betrayal.  They were subsequently declared enemies of Rome and burned at the stake.  Many fled to England and found protection under the English king where it is alleged they founded the modern fraternal order of the Masonic lodge in York, England [birthplace of Constantine].  The Masons historically are a continuation of Templar Catholicism and claim to retain the "legend of the craft" [the esoteric secrets connected to the building of the tower of Babel] which are reflected in all "Gothic Cathedral" architecture in Europe from the Middle Ages.



The second incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan inherited CHRIST-MASS from within it's earlier Valladolid Catholicism after the Civil War, and was now infused with a number of esoteric connections to CHRIST - MASS through it's founder William J. Simmons, who was a member of no less than 12 different fraternal organizations.  Templar Catholicism promoted the holy-day in keeping with it's connection to Constantine and esoteric symbolism of pre-Christian paganism as part of a secret esoteric global tradition.  However the second Klan, and in particular it's founder Georgia minister, William Simmons, emerging from the excommunicated order of Templars known as the Masons, was virally anti-catholic and had no awarenessof it's roots of origin in Valladolid Jesuit Catholicism imported from southern slave-port cities throughout the deep south.

During the “Golden Days” of the American Ku Klux Klan during the 1920s & 30s, CHRIST – MASS became increasingly popular throughout the country, in previously Protestant sectors, which had openly rejected CHRIST – MASS only years earlier. 


At the same time Calvin Coolidge was lighting the first White-House CHRIST – MASS tree ever in the history of America20%  of the total eligible American population were active members in the KKK [2 out of every 10 people].  In some areas, it's membership was as high as 40% of the population


That same year, while Calvin Coolidge was lighting up the first "National Christ-Mass Tree", the huge Conferate Memorial stone engraving on the side of the mountain in Georgia, where second Klan held it's first reconstitution rally, was begun, largely funded by Klan money.  It was not completed until 1970, 47 years later.


QUOTE: The huge Confederate memorial at Stone Mountain, site of the founding of the second Klan; work was begun in 1923 with funding mainly from the Klan, and was completed in 1970." END QUOTE - Wikipedia 2-2-2007


The second Ku Klux Klan promoted the CHRIST - MASS holy day as an important symbol of Aryan white supremacyincluding the Nordic Odin-Santa Clause and the caucasian Apollo-Jesus.  Many Protestants who historically would have never entertained the idea of CHRIST-MASS observance were "converted" into the Klan's practice. In support of the “cause”, Klansmen members and it's membership clergy,  promoted the custom throughout American society as a "white holiday" within historically Protestant communities, playing on popular appeals to anti-catholic and anti-Semitic emotions, often targeted at the increasingly large European immigrant community beginning to dominate the land.









"In November 1923, First Lady Grace Coolidge gave permission for the District of Columbia Public Schools to erect a Christmas tree on the Ellipse south of the White House. The organizers named the tree the "National Christmas Tree."  That Christmas Eve, at 5 p.m., President Calvin Coolidge walked from the White House to the Ellipse and "pushed the button" to light the cut 48-foot Balsam fir, as 3,000 enthusiastic spectators looked on." - C.L. Arbelbide, A Brief Story of the National Christmas Tree", The National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of The Interior


All local chapters of the Klan had a "chaplain" and many Klan members were Clergy and Deacons themselves in white Protestant Churches, as was it's founder William Simmons.


Edgar Ray Killen, tried for the killing of civil rights workers in Mississippi, featured in the movie “Mississippi Burning” was himself a Minister.

During the same period in American history seeing the rise and establishment of CHRIST - MASS...



  Public race Lynchings become the object of entertainment for thousands of Americans. [Occuring one per every 2.5 days]
Post cards of race lynchings were sent at CHRIST- MASS time to loved ones and family members.


   Before the era is complete, CHRIST - MASS will become a firmly established American tradition,

   ...membership in the Ku Klux Klan will reach an all time historical high, 

over 5000 public race lynchings will have been committed, some during Christmas, 

while others celebrated as Christmas post-cards.





NOTE: Each event BAR marker indicating an event resulting in significant "expansion" of Christ-Mass in America, was also accompanied by a correlation in HATE CRIME spikes.




Would that be the ones with or without the white hoods?












  Unlike the CHRIST – MASS propaganda

  that is played over and over in the media

  and often promoted by the clergy from

  Protestant theological descendants of 

  Valladolid and Templar Catholicism,

  CHRIST – MASS is not an “American” Holiday

  and only “became one” as a result of

  influences that were historically alien 

  or often indigenously malicious.






Was Christmas celebrated throughout all the colonies? No. The celebration of Christmas was outlawed in most of New EnglandCalvinist Puritans and Protestants abhorred the entire celebrationand likened it to pagan rituals and Popish observances. In 1659, the General Court of Massachusetts forbade, under the fine of five shillings per offense, the observance "of any such day as Christmas or the like, either by forebearing of labour, feasting, or any such way." The Assembly of Connecticut, in the same period, prohibited the reading of the Book of Common Prayer, the keeping of Christmas and saints days, the making of mince pies, the playing of cards, or performing on any musical instruments. These statutes remained in force until they were repealed early in thenineteenth centuryIn 1749, Peter Kalm noted that the Quakers completely dismissed the celebration of Christmas in Philadelphia.


Why did the Masons hold special celebrations on December 27? December 27 is the feast of Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist. Saint John is one of the two patron saints of the Masonic order(along with Saint John the Baptist). Throughout Europe and the English colonies members of the Masonic order celebrated Saint Johns Day with special activities in towns and villages. In Virginia, it was customary for the Masons (dressed in full Masonic regalia) to hold a procession from their lodge building to the local parish church on Saint Johns Day. The Anglican liturgy for Saint Johns Day was observed at church but the Masons usually heard a special sermon that invoked the blessings of love, unity, fraternity, wisdom, and brotherhood. These are the qualities associated withSaint JohnThe sermons were often delivered by Anglican clergymen who were themselves members of the Masonic order. CHRISTMAS AT WILLIAMSBURG, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 



Charles Dickens, the English Anglican, was against slavery.  However.... his story "The Christmas Carol" attempted to discredit some of the very people in America who were leading the fight against it.


While the alleged awful "EBENEZER Scrooges" of New England were moving to outlaw slavery, enjoying one of the Greatest "Spiritual Revivals" of American History known as THE GREAT AWAKENING, having founded HARVARD UNIVERISTY, and urging the passage of laws recognizing the equality of women, Jesuits with their CHRIST - MASS were urging the South into a Civil Warwhich would kill more American lives than any war in historyAll in an effort to protect their slave trade from the Carribean and STILL advocating their "positions" from a "great debate" known as theVALLADOLID DEBATE.






What was the VALLADOLID DEBATE? It occurred between 1550 - 1551 in terms of official "doctrine" of the Roman Church.


The term Valladolid Debates came from when King of Spain, Charles V, ordered a junta, a group of jurists and theologians, to meet at Valladolid in order to hear the arguments in favor and against whether indigenous people such as those of Africa and the Americas had “souls” or not, and thus could be RIGHTFULLY CONFISCATED by the Catholic Church as property AND SOLD AS SLAVES!


 “…according to Catholic theology, ...Catholic theologian, Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda, ...affirming that the reduction of the Amerindians to slavery and serfdom was just and in accordance with Catholic theology.” - The Volladolid Debate by







Though it was not made "official doctrine" in Rome, Jesuits continued to "import" the arguments into the South among slave owners, justifying their continued slave trade.  [While New England Protestants are "Mocked" as "Scrooges" in the 1843 Novel, 18 years before the CIVIL WAR].



The THEOLOGY from the Valladolid debates continued to be advocated by former slave owners in the South and the KKK for centuries, long after the civil war.  Elderly white southerners can remember commonly hearing these vile doctrines within their own lifetimes still being advocated as late as the 1960s. Historic "Slave-port" cities in the south such as Savannah, Saint Augustine, New Orleans, and Mobile are still to this day, dominated by historic Roman cathedrals, monuments, religion and culture.





   In 1836, the SLAVE-STATE OF ALABAMA was


   THE FIRST STATE in America


   to make ROME'S CHRIST-MASS 










The founding date for the Ku Klux Klan [not incidentally] marking it's first organizational existence in the history of the United States, was CHRISTMAS EVE, 1865Among it's six founders; John B. Kennedy and Frank O. McCord who coined the common Scotch-Irish term "Klan" for it's organization.




Most Christians, not only in America, but throughout the world are completely unaware of a very large segment of social and Church history, which gave rise to some of the largest American Christian denominations now on earth.  And while many of these organizations today do many good, charitable and decent things for humanity, and there are many sincere Christians in them, they are completely unaware of a very significant and important difference that lay at the foundational base of many of these groups.  The reason is that like Rome's Solar-Mass to Apollyon now called a "Christ" mass, it is an unpleasant, ugly and therefore suppressed history. [Intentionally hidden or "re-constructed" in order to spin-doctor] Which is unfortunate. 


There were three different groups in American Protestant Christianity.  The first were, Biblical separationists who were after the manner of the New England Protestants, and advocated the words of our U.S. Constitution that separated "Church and State", which historically was much more of a concern to the Protestants than it was the Masons.  

The second were Protestant collaborators which were what would become "valladolid catholics", who worked with Rome to conduct the early Jesuit slave-trade. And the third were the Freemasons, who were at the time, also targets of persecution by Rome, and thus while not collaborators on some moral or theological grounds, generally separated out of necessity and logistics.  

These three groups had different frameworks for viewing the world, and America's relationship in it toward Rome. Masons wanted to create a rival Rome that would take the esoteric occultism from Rome, and create a counter to it (as an "opposite").  Rome wanted to be the "Holy Roman Empire" and the Masons wanted to be the "New Secular Order" (It's exact opposite, yet the same in terms of it's imperialism).  Valladolids wanted to create a working partnership with Rome out of economic motives. And separationists wanted simply to be free from Rome, somewhere, some place on earth. (Like the original Pilgrims as refugees to Plymouth)

In the beginning of the country, their differences emerged at the Constitutional convention, arguing over the role of slavery and it's relationship to the Constitution. The separationists (who also rejected slavery) wanted it outlawed.  The Masons and the Valladolids wanted it either left alone, or included by law.  The 2/3 majority won, but they compromised with the separatists, and slavery was left alone, neither included or outlawed.  But these three beginnings spawned three very different roads for religion to tread in America.  They were the seeds of three different "spirits", and they would throughout the history of America future, remain always consistent with their origins.

(1) The Secret society religion of the Masonic organizations (called "Christian" by way of assimilation)  [Christmas]
(2) The Valladolid catholicism of the Southern agrarian plutocracy.                                                     [Christmas]
(3) The Biblical separationism of the New England Protestants.                                                          [No Christmas]

Virtually all American Protestant "Christianity" finds it's seeds of origins in these three groupings of theology.

And the fourth presence in America (which was not Protestant, but present) was
(4) The Roman Catholicism of the Vatican itself (which did have presence in the colonies)                     [Christmas]


What is Valladolid catholicism?  Valladolid refers to the point in history at which Rome held a "Debate".  This "debate" is referred to as THE VALLADOLID DEBATE.  Historians for the Vatican spin-doctor this debate as a great achievement in human rights, critics say it was nothing more than a historical documented instance of the actual continuing policy of the Vatican.  It is a glass half empty and half full, and so was it's outcome, on this most agree on and admit.  The central question of the debate was whether or not non-white conquered people "had souls" or were they "the beasts of the field". A catagorey of Sub-human animal species in between Apes and White men.

It is claimed that at these debates, the Vatican decided in favor of the conquered aboriginals having "souls", thereby they could rightfully be forced to convert to Roman Catholicism, but if they had no souls, then such would be no more appropriate to "convert them" than making "Christian monkeys".  It was an attempt in reality to settle a fight between Rome's merchant slaver traders and Rome's missionary priests.  One group wanted their to exploit and consume their souls, the other group wanted to exploit and consume their bodies. The mercantile consumption of their bodies was getting in the way of the priests intent on consuming their souls, so the slave merchants (who wanted them to be seen as strictly animal) were having a conflict with the Priests (who wanted seem as spiritual) and the Vatican itself was getting confused by the conflict (why couldn't they "theologically" just decide they were "animal" but also "human" thus enjoying the benefits of both, sort of an "inferior human"?).  And this is the question Rome sought to resolve. (By having a show down between the two arguments and make a decision which has priority for the "Vatican") This was done at Valladolid, Spain.

The real history of what came out of these debates, much like the truth about Pope Sixtus III, has been suppressed because of embarrassment, and severely "doctored" for PR reasons.  But here are some observations which can be made fairly conclusively, based on factually documented known history, which came from Rome's own behavior afterwards.

While Rome may "claim" to the world (especially today) that these debates resulted in the Vatican's "recognition" of the humanity of conquered aboriginals, that is not exactly what came out of Valladolid, Spain through it's priests to the New World, and in particular to the Plantation owners, and their slave-port cities in the south where the Jesuit slave trade brought in thousand upon thousands of slaves to be sold as cattle, and much of the money, from which, went straight into the Vatican's coffers, as Jesuits had taken monastical vows.  

Slavery was an extremely profitable activity for the Vatican, and for which it was criticized profusely in Protestant countries (some of whom were guilty of the slave trade as well).  Disgust over excesses conducted by the Vatican in the slave trade (and jealousy of it's success), caused European Protestants to become increasingly zealous in criticizing the practice in Rome while it still existed among themselves.  Protestant clergymen saw the opportunity to strike a major PR blow to Rome and at the same time rid themselves of something almost all even in Rome (despite it's own slave racketeering)  viewed with disgust.  English Protestants, made the constant criticism and embarrassment of Quakers in London, eventually outlawed the practiced, before Rome, and later used the criticism against Rome, to make converts out of her own offended Catholics.

This was all occurring around the same time America was being founded. Consequently, the more the "Protestant" orientation of the early figures in American history (such as John Adams), the more inclined they were to be critical of Slavery (and of Rome).    The more Masonic or Valladolid the orientation, the more likely they were willing to collaborate with Rome, and wink or excuse it's practice of Slavery.  (Such as Thomas Jefferson with the Masons, and Calhoun with the Valladolids)

Quakers, General Baptists, Methodists, Plymouth Brethren, etc., all rejected slavery and it's racism.  In fact, the Baptists became so adamant about it, they excommunicated their fellow Baptists in the south. It is claim "southern Baptists" started before this excommunication, but if they had already gotten started, why were they "excommunicated"? Their PRIOR EXISTENCE was AS members of the AMERICAN BAPTIST CONVENTION.  The "names" were "in existence", but the Southern Baptist Convention, as a separate and distinct CHURCH, was NON-EXISTENT!  Not until AFTER they were EXCOMMUNICATED.  Regardless either way, they were still "excommunicated", and that is the point.  "Baptists" recognized that what was going on in the SOUTH, was NOT BAPTIST.  And in fact, it was so ALIEN to BAPTIST, that they felt COMPELLED TO EXCOMMUNICATE IT (AS NON-CHRISTIAN).  So what were these APOSTATES in the SOUTH WORSHIPING? AND CALLING CHRIST?

Only 4 years prior to their EXCOMMUNICATION, Alabama, became the first State in America, to pass compulsory CHRISTMAS LAWS, and make the Worship of Rome's Image, official government policiy. (SOUTHERN 'BAPTISTS" HAD BEEN INFILTRATED AND TAKEN OVER BY JESUIT VALLADOLID CATHOLICISM, BEEN GIVEN OVER TO IT'S DEVIL WORSHIP)

In return Southerners, had their own Baptist "convention" which accepted "slavery" and this was held in common with the Masons, thus creating a bridge between these two.  That is why later in history, Masons became much more involved with the "Southern Baptist Convention" than they did with the "General Baptist Convention".  Most older Southern Baptists of any age, can easily bear witness of this fact and remember their own encounters with Masons, and the involvement of many of their ministers with the Masons, in their Churches.  And this is why.

Masons had slaves, Southern Valladolids had slaves, New England Protestants denounced it.  Masons did Christmas, Southern Valladolids did Christmas, New England Protestants denounced it. And these two things were intimately connected.  CHARLES DICKENS "Christmas" propaganda imported from England, served to unify the Vallodolid Church and the Masonic Church in their "push" for laws of religious compulsion concerning the forced observance of Rome's Solar-Mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass in America.

It was being "used" in England as a social tool by the English government to squash the remnants of the "Puritan/Evangelicals" and their public protests against the re-institution of Rome's Solar-mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass in England, after loosing control of the government back to the Monarchists.  The English government antithetical to the Evangelicals in England, were largely England's Masonic Church, and were employing Charles Dickens work with the full belief they were literally "mesmerizing" their public back into doing Rome's Solar-mass to Apollyon. In other words, England was employing what it thought at the time to be "brainwashing" or "mind control" on/against it's own citizen population.

The "excitment" and reported "success" of his literature of "mesmerism" was brought to America by Masons, to do precisely the same thing to American audiences.

The Jesuits brought the theology of the Valladolid debates (which had been systematically put together for the debate!) to the Plantation owners in the south, as a way to "help" the Plantation owners reconcile their "Christian faith" with the foul practice of trafficking in slavery.  Jesuits didn't care if it was "offical doctrine" of Rome or not because they were passing it on to "heretics" anyway. And so the very doctrines of sub-humanization in reference to "natural law" from Valladolid Spain were "shared" and "spread" throughout the south among it's ruling families and aristocracy.  These doctrines became institutionalized in their circles as "Christianity" and part of the unofficial (or secret) "theology" of many Churches in the south, that needed the "Apologetics" of Valladolid theology, to justify their involvement with slavery, against the criticisms of Protestants in the north.

The primary claim of Valladolid theology was that conquered aboriginals (non-white, non-European) people were the "beasts of the field".  Consequently, "inter-marriage" was an outrageously offensive idea, similiar to being "married' to a "cow" or a "dog" (an immoral crime).  Reproducing with a non-white, non-European was giving birth to what was called "a mongrel baby" and an "abomination" of going after "strange flesh".  These textual constructs can be remembered by older southerners by any over the age of 55 or 60 they heard when they themselves were young, and talking to elderly white southerners.  These things were never preached openly in respectable Church services because it was considered a "secret" or "taboo" but it was taught, and repeated continually in the Valladolid catholic church in the south, which went by the names "Baptist" or "Presbyterian" or "Methodist" (with the word "southern" in front to distinguish it)

Why was it Valladolid "catholicism" and not just plain "Baptist" or just plain "Presbyterian"?   Because despite the labels they bore for example as "Southern Baptists" these Baptists had been "excommunicated" and they weren't "real Baptists" anymore.  Their theology concerning racism and slavery had come from the arguments used in the Valladolid debates, in Valladolid Spain, and been given them by Jesuit Slave traders in southern slave port cities where Catholicism itself was the dominant religion, and where these things were taught.  In other words this was sort of a "hybrid" religion, part Protestant and part catholic with a small "c".

Valladolid catholicism (as a Protestant religion) not only differed in the fact it "accepted" Jesuit slave trade theology that justified the practices of slavery, it accepted Rome's "Latin Fathers" as well.  General Baptists were not so inclined to be remotely interested in Rome, nor it's "fathers", they wanted to get as far away from Rome as they could get.  They were "purists" or "separationists".  And while they didn't mind being good students of history, they had no particular affinity to 4th century Latins and their theologies.

In the South, Valladolid catholicism as a new "hybrid" between traditional Baptist and Catholic, was different in this regard as well.  Valladolid catholicsm had embraced the concept of a "secret order" in imitation of the work of the Jesuits. Conspiracy theorists might even argue (they were "started by the Jesuits") but that wouldn't be true.  There was however, a very close connection.  Both culturally, and economically.  And the "idea" of a "secret order" as "Christian" was derived from the Latin fathers who "appealed to it" whenever they got stuck with no valid explanation. This is even found with Augustine ( who was not "orthodox" as they attempt to pass him off as, in fact, he was extremely heretical )

Valladolid catholicism, became a "syncretistic" form of Protestantism that had a hidden tradition of "esoteric" theology (secret society) Masonry integrated into it as well. So the 2 critical components that traditonal baptists in the north had rejected as "unchristian" and "Demonic" became "institutionalized" among the "Southern Baptists".  Along with Masonry and Valladolid catholicism, and certainly as a very important central part of the "secret theology" of the Empire's "sun-worship" was of course... Christmas.

And because of these three elements, brought together in the Southern Baptists (and Methodists, and Presbyterians) [there are "southern" versions/conventions/councils for all of them], it was natural to find that Alabama, (also the heart of Dixie) and the heart of the Jesuit Slave trade out of Mobile&New Orleans, was the first to establish it's "Christmas" as compulsory state law.  The northern Baptists, considered these southern Baptists full blown apostates headed for hell.(they also rejected both slavery and Christmas, and anything else from Rome including it's "fathers")

Even though everyone was using the same set of (Christian) vocabulary words, their definitions of what they actually meant by these same words, were as different as night and day.  In the north, accepting Christ made you "free", in the south accepting Christ made you "right".  Christ died to set all men "free" in the north, but in the south, Christ died to make men "right", not "free".  Christ's kingdom was egalitarian in the north, Christ's kingdom was "imperial" in the south. In the north Christ brought equality to all men, in the south, he brought authority and obedience to it. Same words.  The differences were so great that northerners tried to make "converts" among the southerners, attacking their apostate practices of compromise, in defense, southerners developed Valladolid catholicism to justify their practices.  

The "economics" of these two different theological systems were vastly different as well.  In the valladolid versions, Plutocracy was "divine order". The Aristocracy were "God's chosen". Subjugation and enslavement of "the common masses", "divine right".  Religious "compulsion" (imperialism) part of their "Great commission".  In the Free-church, these things were a "return to Papacy" (Romanism, a/k/a the "whore of Babylon", the "antichrist"), a violation of the "priesthood of every Believer", the "law of Christ", the "great apostasy" and "great delusion", and a repudiation of the "gospel" itself.  And naturally, the Luciferian worship of Apollyon as "Christ", was a major disagreement as well.  In the Valladolid church, it was "the secret" to be known by the "ruling elites", in the Free-church, it was the worship of the "Sun", the "lake of fire", the "delusion", and yes, Apollyon. (The counterfeit of the real "Christ"), the imposture.  The real "deity" of the "antichrist". In fact, most today do not even know that the term "Bah, Hum Bug", actually means "a deception", a "a fraud", an "imposture"!  This was the very theology "Charles Dickens" was being used as a "propagandist" to assault and destroy in England and America. (By Valladolids and Masons)

In England the Puritans had been defeated, the Monarchy had been restored to powered, but Puritan theology still had a presence among Protestants in England.  In order to counter their teachings on compromise with Rome, and in particular, their refusal to support government sponsored compulsory Christmas laws, Charles Dickens comes to the rescue with his work "The Christmas Carol" using the new "science" of "Mesmerism".  The hype was made with Dicken's story that it was so powerful with "Mesmerism" it would entrance it's audiences and "convert them" into Christmas keepers in one setting.  So the British Monarchy promoted his work in England, to clean up the remnants of Puritan theology still hanging around bothering everyone's conscience. It was one of the earliest examples (and successes) of government using "mind control" on it's population. The government was intentionally using what IT believed to be in it's own thinking, "mind-control" on it's population, in order to manipulate them into doing "Christmas" (or in other words "snuff out" the Evangelicals).  A precedent was set in the Western world, for government sponsored "propaganda" and "mind-control technique", to be used on it's own population to herd them mindlessly into Christmas, against their own theological frame-works (and it worked).  

In fact, it worked so well, that in 1843, Charles Dickens was sent to America, to do the same thing over here to American audiences as well.  This kind of use of "government propaganda" later became the inspiration for Hitler's "Nazi Propaganda" who originally simply imitated (and vastly improved on it) England's use of it with Dickens.

1 year later, after Dicken's blasphemy successfully staturated America, and result in new "state-sponsored" compulsory Christmas laws in America, red tides begin to appear off the coast of America's shores (and have continued unabated every year since).  Almost as an omen of blood to come, less than 20 years later the worst war in American history began, and it was all about the conflict between historic Protestantism, that rejected slavery and Christmas, and Valladolid catholicism in the south uniting the Vatican with Southern plantation owners. 

The Vatican promised arms, supplies and military assistance from France if the South would secede.  Which it did, only to find out that promises form the Vatican went unfulfilled.  The south was not only defeated, it was decimated.  And Protestant southerners felt betrayed by the Vatican. Intense Anti-Catholic feelings arose among Southern Protestants as a result, and during this same time frame, a group of southern Masons, steeped in the theology of Valladolid Catholicism met together in 1865, in a secret occult ritual ON CHRISTMAS EVE, patterned after the Roman Catholic Church of the Valladolid debates, began the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.  So important was in the influence of Rome's Valladolid theology, they adopted as their official dress, the very liturgical dress of Roman-Catholic Monks from Valladolid, Spain, the birthplace of their foul, demonic and Antichrist doctrines of demons.  And naturally once again, "Christmas" was at the very center of it.

The Klu Klux Klan worked as a more militant and scandalous arm of the more "elite" upper class, southern Masons in the south.  Jokes were told that if you could not "get accepted" into the "Masons" , they send you voer to the Klan, recognizing the similarity and connection of organization between the two.

Masonic President Woodrow Wilson, later went so far as to romanticize the role of the "Klan" in the "South" as "defenders" of the "white southerner" against chaos and anarchy in post Civil-War culture.  A line virtually every southern little boy was told growing up in the south, ... and line told about a racist terrorist Jesuit Assassin organization that quietly and secretly murdered people and corrupted entire police departments in every southern city, across America.  

And southerners to this day, have no knowledge of it's historic ties to the Jesuit slave-trade, and erroneously think because of the intense "Anti-Catholic" rhetoric of the SECOND CONSTITUTION OF THE KLAN, that the Klan had nothing to do with Rome. And nothing could have been farther from the truth.  The KLAN WAS ROME.  The grunts under the hoods simply had no idea who had originally pulled their string, with a theology systematically put together and committed to writing, in the very city from which their own hooded garments had descended. Valladolid, Spain.

During the 1800s, many upheavals were taking place across the country.  Along with the importation and popularization of Valladolid catholicism spawning the southern Protestants in Churches such as the "Southern Baptists",. another group began which combined the two hottest theologies of the day "esoteric Masonry" and "Valladolid catholicism" into a single new synthesis.  This new synthesis was called the "Mormon Church".


Joseph Smith, the premier "prophet" of Mormonism, had a vision and found a book, allegedly written in a secret Egyptian language,  which he magically understood and translated, that told the "secret history" of a whole lot of things that according to the hard facts of most historians, factually never happened. Some claims provable, some simply a matter of unverifiable speculation. But beyond the treatment of history as religious fantasy, were the very imprtant theological innovations that Joseph Smith proposed in his new religion, which were rather entertaining ideas intellectually for people who enjoyed "secret society" religion of the Masons, and the "secret society" religion of the Klan's Valladolid catholicism (merged now into one new exciting volume) called "The Book Of Mormon", "A New Revelation Of Jesus Christ", i.e., (a new racist mythology from Apollo impersonating the Jewish New Testament "Christ"... again)  Joseph Smith thought he would attempt to duplicate the occult/deception/mythology accomplishments of Constantine, and lead America into a new "Holy Roman Empire", this time out of Utah, rather than Rome or Constantinople.

Mormonism has been described as the one of the most racist theologies ever compiled and many of it;s doctrines are found, lifted right from the standard body of theology echoed throughout the south by southern Valladolid catholics.  The "curse of Ham" was the black man.  They were "black" because they were 'evil".   They were a "race" of sub-humans destined to be "slaves" by virtue of their inferiority.  White people were the "seed of Christ", and black people were the "seed of the serpent".  Although like other Valladolid groups espousing Rome's old theology, Mormons "repented" a few years ago (literally, just a few year ago).  As late as the 1970s blacks were not allowed to be Mormon clergy because of their "curse".  They made a few policy adjustments and pretended as though nothing happened, the president of the Mormon Church referring to their century of prior history, stating to CBS, Dan Rather, that "that's behind us now, don't worry about those little flicks of history". A little flick? He called it.

Having incorporated both the sun-worship of the Masons and the sun-worship of Valladolid catholicism, Mormonism had a double-whammy of lake of fire worship.  Their portraits of "Jesus" to this day consists of a comical blonde Anglo-Saxon walking in clouds with a Marilyn Monroe effect on his "Cape" blowing in the wind.  Very inspiring if you are a former Klansmen.  

They, as the Southern Baptist, are completely unrepentent, about worshiping Apollyon, the devil, because admitting the error in their history, admits to many other things aobut who they are, where they have come from, and what their religions really are, that simply cannot be emotionally dealt with for many, nor desired to be dealt with by most. (Who are farely certain now that worshiping Apollo as Christ, even if it is really Apollo (meaning the lake of fire) really doesn't "affect one's salvation" from the very "lake of fire" they are worshiping.  

The lie is much more pleasant than the truth. Ask any African-American who is familar with the history of Valladolid theology, if they thought these people were worshiping the devil and probably died and went to hell, you would probably hear not a "yes", but a smile of gratitude, and a "Oh hell yeah", as their answer.  Because that's what the truth actually was, and the truth they have had to live with their whole lives, and pretend they did not know.

Mormonism still to this day reflects the origin of it's racist Valladolid theology in most of it's teachings and illustration work, though publicly claiming to "be past that little flick in history". (A little flick the president of the Mormon Church called it) A little flick? It's foundational Mormon theology.


New England Protestantism had experienced a number of "revivals" and "burn outs" and the intellectualist culture of New England Protestantism was beginning to give way to new form of "liberalism" out of Germany, which called into question the validity of the Bible itself, a theology known as "higher criticism", which on historical review by even modern German theologians today, was admittedly inspired if not designed in part, by earlier attitudes of German antisemitism.  New England Protestantism, with it's emphasis on "education" and "knowledge" became an easy target for it's propagandizing, but the theology effectively pulled the plug on New England Protestant zeal for the Scriptures and Christian orthodoxy.  

As a "supposed reaction" Princeton Theological Seminary came up with what today is known as "Christian fundamentlism". (And yes, it was Princeton, believe it or not).  But the supposed "fundamentalism", Princeton came up with, like much of what comes out of Academic institutions concerning religion, was fatally flawed by politics and arrogance, if not intentionally designed to be nothing more than intellectual manipulation.

Fundamentalism as a movement arose in the United States, starting among conservative Presbyterian theologians at Princeton Theological Seminary in the late 19th century. It soon spread to conservatives among the Baptists and other denominations around 1910-1920. The movement's purpose was to reaffirm key theological tenets and defend them against the challenges of liberal theology and higher criticism.- Mark A. Noll, A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada (1992) pp 376-86

To counter this effect, a movement was birthed out of Princeton University called "fundamentalism".  Which was a call to return to the "fundamentals" of the Christian faith, spelled out by a University Professor of religion.  Far from revitalizing New England Protestantism, the "Fundamentalism" movement out of Princeton University, became the final nail in it's coffin. With one stroke, New England Protestantism became Solomon's baby cut in two pieces, "liberal" and "conservative", and the polarity would never be healed. To make matters incredibly worse, the "fundamentals" which they selected were not even "fundamental".  They had been defined primarily by Princeton's reliance of LATIN CHURCH FATHERS completely outside the context of THE REFORMATION movements in Europe and the actual JEWISH HISTORY of the New Testament and it's cultural context.

The term "fundamentalism" has its roots in the Niagara Bible Conference (1878–1897), which defined those tenets it considered fundamental to Christian belief. The term was popularized by the "The Fundamentals", a collection of twelve books on five subjects published in 1910 and funded by the brothers Milton and Lyman Stewart. This series of essays came to be representative of the "Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy", which appeared late in the 19th century within some Protestant denominations in the United States, and continued in earnest through the 1920s. The first formulation of American fundamentalist beliefs can be traced to the Niagara Bible Conference and, in 1910, to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, which distilled these into what became known as the "five fundamentals": - George M. Marsden, "Fundamentalism and American Culture", (1980) part III

The inspiration of the Bible and the inerrancy of scripture as a result of this.
The virgin birth of Christ.
The belief that Christ's death was the atonement for sin.
The bodily resurrection of Christ.
The historical reality of Christ's miracles.

Ironically, while promotion of "fundamentalism" became a form of political hyper-conservatism, theologically, it's hidden foundation was actually LIBERAL, meaning it had actually compromised the simplicity and purity of the message of New Testament faith promoted by reformers, with Romanism and it's "ecumenical councils", including it's worship of Apollyon as a "Christ" mass.  It's very foundations had been built on the sands of Rome, rather than Jerusalem above.  

"Fundamentalism" became one of the biggest "opposite-speak" movements in American history (continuing today in this very capacity among many "Churches" throughout America).  And while "fundamentalists" are "targets" of a great deal of disinformation and mis-characterizations by media and academic sources, the error of this movement ironically, is not that were "too conservative", because the things they were "conserving" were neither historical nor Biblical in nature.  They are arbitrarily "strict" over things that were not even part of the content of the Bible.  And those "weighty" things which actually constituted huge substantial portions of it, they just completely ignored.

For example, "Fundamentalism" has been "self-defined" as "Biblical", and "Liberal" is "Unbiblical".  And this dichotomy is the major "difference" in the minds of almost all "fundamentalists". To emphesize this "Biblical" nature they cite "doctrinal statements" such as the following (The full statement concerning "Biblical Infallibility" is not reproduced in the quote above).  The full statement is 

I believe the the Bible to be the (1) verbal plenary (2) inspired, (3) inerrant, and (4) infallible, "word of God"

One "oath" is not enough.  This statement itself is completely "unbiblical" on a number of points.  The term "word of God" was never (in the Bible) EVER applied to anything written by men. Never. Not a single time. While it's occurance can be found scores of times, in it's variations, hundreds, as "the word of the Lord", the "word of God", the "word", etc., it is NEVER applied to anything ever written (excepting only the Decalogue believed to have been written by God himself) . 

As a technical theological phrase from the Scriptures, it is applied completely, exclusively and only to the communication God has directly with the person, coming from his own "mouth" (metaphorically). (be it a "dream", a "vision", an internal "still small voice" or an audible hallucination).  This alone was called "the word of God". It was God himself "spoke", not what someone else "wrote" that he said. Once written, it became the "word of the prophet Isaiah" or the "word of the Prophet Jeremiah", etc., and referred to as "the Scriptures" (i.e., writings).  Never the "word of God", otherwise you would be "confusing" the identity of the "prophet" as "God". (verging on a form of blasphemy) Which is precisely what many fundamentalist do without even knowing it... and which by way of "transference" extends this "unbiblical" authoritarianism to any crazed "religious-leader", whose study and therefore superior "knowledge" make him one and the same as the "word of God" when he "teaches the Bible".  

And as it is pointed out, this "statement of faith" concerning the Bible, once broken down into what it actually means, has no functional reality despite it's Latinized over-compensations, because these lofty declarations are extended only to "the original manuscripts", none of which anyone today has.  So in other words, it is meaningless huff-puffery.  And here is why this was such a damaging deception...

For all Protestantism, the Bible (and the priesthood of the believer and their conscience, that must understand it) still is, and always has been, the final guide for "faith and practice", whether they are a "liberal" or a "conservative".  And this is true in common, in whatever variations of theology or denomination, for both "Liberals" and "Conservatives".  Meaning that at the core of "faith in the Bible", it is also an expressed "lack of faith" (or refusal to simply "trust") in "government" to dictate to you as a person, what you must by law, decree or dictate, believe about it, or God.  And it is this part that is just as important as the former, if not in the end, even more so. For both of these two sides of the same coin, make up the true "faith" of the Protestant Reformation, and that which brought western civilization it's "religious freedom" in matters of conscience.

When this doctrine of "Biblical Infallibility" is traced throughout history to it's origins, one will find it emerged from declarations about "Papal Infallibility".  The Papacy declared itself infallible, it's Church councils infallible, and the Bible infallible, along with Mary being a "perpetual virgin" and "infallible" too.  Pretty much anything it ever said, did or thought, was "declared infallible".  If the Pope farted on a couch, the couch became "infallible". Despite the fact, no such statement is ever once found in the Bible itself.  In other words, the very "confession of faith" foundational to "fundamentalism" (from Princeton Univeristy itself) WAS NOT BIBLICAL! And the things that were historical and Biblical, "Fundamentalists" used "the five fundamentals" to simply willfully ignore, no matter how egregious the actual sin or humongous the error was, as "not fundamental", ...such as the Luciferian worship of Apollyon as "Christ"???  (You would think worshiping Devil instead of God, would be somewhat "a fundamental" to any definition of sincere "Christian" faith by anyone?)  But there it is, from Princeton no less.  

Worshiping the Devil instead of God, is NOT a "Christian" fundamental ??? Meaning you CAN be a "Christian devil worshiper" after-all, and STILL be a "Fundamentalist"!!!  If you notice in the "five fundamentals" the "actual worship of God" is never even mentioned.  Historic Presbyterians from the Reformation were graphically explicit on this point, not even mentioned by the "fundamentalists" as a "fundamental" (Thus the deception).  The beast this deception has unleashed on American society has come to be hated by all, including many fundamentalists themselves, who eventually leave it, for almost anything (including atheism) as an alternative.  This is not intended as a slam against fundamentalists, as there are many very admirable people who are "fundamentalists", but .... how "fundamental" is worshiping God as opposed to the Devil? (That it not even be cited as a "fundamental"?)

And the people who came up with these ideas at Princeton, knew perfectly well, that is precisely what their own PRESBYTARIAN FOREFATHRS had called this!!! They KNEW IT and ignored it, as not "a fundamental".  Liberals began doing Christmas because, persuaded by transient and temporary arguments from "German Higher Criticism" which sounded good at the time, but were constructed literally by theological forerunners of German Nazism.  


Conservatives began doing Christmas because "fundementalism" became extremely popular in the south, (especially since it left out the worship of Apollyon) as a tool against "New England liberalism", and suddenly took on it's marriage with southern Valladolidism which remains present (in milder versions) to this very day in many of these same contemporary circles. It was championed at the "Scopes Trial" in which the "fundamentalist" interpretation of Genesis was advocated in the legal system, seeking the "court" as a mechanism of enforcement. (Once again based entirely on Romanism, and Rome's own interpretation of Ge. 3, in contrast to Jewish interpretation that gave rise to the 'theory of evolution" to begin with, as the "correct interpretation of Genesis"!!! That Darwin studied as a comparative religion student in England! )

Christmas established in the south with southern Protestants through Valladolid catholicism, established in the north with liberalism's falling away under the disinformation of German Higher Criticism, and established in the west through Mormonism.  And now, the stage was set to begin establishing Christmas not only as compulsory federal law, but institutionalizing it's rituals into government and public life, as a form of "progressive elimination" against all remaining Christmas dissenters.

And today, the "bulwark" of the "Christmas war" culture warriors, are coming from Southern valladolid catholicism, Mormonism (the integration of Valladolid catholicism and Masonry) and the Vatican.  The same alliances it has had throughout history. From the civil war, right up until the Nazis in the 1930s, who also required the state compulsion of Christmas against all religious groups, and the "progressive elimination" of any dissenters.  Jews, Jehovah's witnesses and Protestant/Evangelicals who refused to worship the image of the beast.  6 Million Jews were executed in Hitler's Germany, but unknown to many, 7 Million Protestants. Many of whom, evangelicals, who simply refused Hitler's worship of the sun (i.e., the devil) as a "Christ" mass.  




PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS Catholic Theological Society of America June 8, 2003



The authors of its articles are well known to us; in fact, most of them are members of this Society: M. Shawn Copeland, Diana Hayes, Bryan Massingale, and Jamie Phelps herself. Reading their studies shows that the issue could have been more accurately titled, “The Catholic Marginalization of Black Theology.” This point is made most sharply by Phelps when she describes White Catholic theological silence thus: “. . the silence of U.S. Catholic theologians about racism is parallel to the silence of leading German theologians and intellectuals during the Naziatrocities and prosecution of the so-called ‘final solution’ against the Jewish people.”5If ever there were a sentence that seems to come right off the page and seize the White reader by the throat, it is this one. It demands a response. An initial reaction might well be to dismiss Phelps’s claim as rhetorical overkill, a tactic to get Whites to pay more attention to issues that she thinks are important. Butthat is a reaction born of ignorance. Her comparison of White Catholic theologians to the German theologians is more than justified by Basil Davidson’s conclusion that the slave trade “cost Africa at least fifty million souls;”6it is more than justified by the extremes of suffering endured by the kidnapped Africans and their descendants for 244 years of legalized slavery;7it is more than justified by the seventy-one years ofoppression and discrimination known as Jim Crow; more than justified by the fifty-one of those same years during which one black person was lynched about every 2.5 days somewhere in the United States “at the hands of persons unknown;”8and more thanjustified because racism continues to infect our country today. The German theologians under National Socialism are an easy target for criticism and condemnation. They can provide illusory reassurances of our moral superiority. But Phelps’s analogy says, if you want to see someone who has failed tomeet the responsibility of being a Catholic theologian when it comes to one of the greatest, if not the greatest, moral issue of our nation, look in your mirror.


McBrien’s invitation was the occasion for Nearon’s own awakening because Black Theology was uncharted territory for him, too. Although he was black, his blackness had played no role in his religious life or theological career up to that point.So, before he could chair this Research Committee, he felt the need to educate himself. Yet, even at this early stage of his work, Nearon could say to the CTSA, Catholic theology is racist. If this fact can be blamed on the cultural situation, if it is more the result of omission and inattention than conscious commission it is still a fact.


So I have to confess that I am a racist. I am a racist insofar as I rarely read and never cited any Black theologians in my own publications. I never suspected that the Black churches might teach me something that would make me a better Roman Catholicecclesiologist. Occasionally, I have assigned a short article by a Black theologian to mystudents, but never a complete book. I have learned much from other forms of Latin American and feminist liberation theology but paid little attention to Black theology. SoCone is talking about me when he says, “They engage Feminist, Latin American, and other White reflections on God. Why are they silent on Black theological reflections? If one read only White Catholic theologians, one would hardly know that Blacks exist in America or had the capacity for thought about God.






Rev 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man








FOLLOWED BY OUTBREAKS IN 1854, 1856, 1865, 1878, 1897, 1880, 1882, 1883, 1885, 1908, 1916, 1935, 1946, 1947, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1957, 1959, 1963, 1964, 1967, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. 2005, 2006, 2007

Rev 14:9-11  And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his ICON, ...The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Rev 16:4  And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; 


America was not the only thing that "suffered" strange and evil consequences of Charles Dickens propaganda tour in America.  2 Years after his trip to America, Charles Dickens Died.  Naturally everyone dies and they have to do it sometime.  But Historical Biographers of Charles Dickens directly attribute his "grueling tour" of America, as the cause of his demise.

His biographers credit the successful, but grueling, American tour, as contributing to his death, only two years later in 1870, at the age of 58. - THE REPUBLICAN, Charles Dickens visited Springfield twice and wrote about the first visit in his "American Notes"

Charles Dickens propaganda tour came with a price to America.  But in the end, it came at a much bigger price to Charles Dickens himself.  For it was this very tour, that brought the end of his life on this earth.  And promptly after his death, he had the wonderful opportunity to "become one" with that "fireball" in the sky, a/k/a "the Lake of Fire", that he spent a good portion of his life promoting the worship of, and mocking those who refused his own delusions of damnation.

Charles Dickens knows better now, but do you?  Just because Charles Dickens went to spend the afterlife in the lake of fire he promoted the worship of, doesn't mean you have to.

Rev 2:6,7 ...the deeds of THE NICOLAITANS, which I also hate. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; TO HIM THAT OVERCOMETH (the Nicolaitans) will I GIVE TO EAT OF THE TREE OF LIFE which is in the midst of THE PARADISE OF GOD.


If the theoretical idea as proposed by some scientists in quantum physics is correct, that observation influences reality, it would not be anything other than logical to conclude as the esoteric doctrines of Roman & Masonic (i.e., Nicolaitan) Sun-worship, in the deceitful guise of "Christianity" and it's "Christ-Mass", are spread across the earth, the SUN would INCREASE in heat and radiation as it's consquence, as a result of the shift in collective human consciousness, "magnifying" and "worshipping" the SUN.

If the theological idea as proposed by the prophets of Scripture is correct, that synthesis of Sun-worship with worship of God is in actuality the worship of Satan (humanity's destruction), it would not be anything other than logical to conclude as the esoteric doctrines of Roman & Masonic (i.e., Nicolaitan) Sun-worship, are spread across the earth, God's Judgement on Sun-worship would spread across the earth as promised and prophesied in Revelation 16.

Rev 16:8,9  And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.  And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. 


is one of the many natural by-products of warmer temperatures in water

What might be even more amazing is that this correlation remains consistent over the lifetime of the Christian Era from it's inception until today in regard to the prophetic statements made in the New Testament concerning divine retribution against Sun-worship and the natural environment.  This fact would in no way excuse the direct connection between human behavior caused by greed and the refusal to repent of known actions which are contributing to this condition in the environement.  But rather one being symptomatic of the other, the entire syndrome or complex of which, is a spiritual gravitation toward self-destruction caused by the "Con+fusion" of God & Satan.

A Leading Baptist Theologian At Southwestern Theological Seminary

Speaks Out

Do not think for one moment that all the openly anti-scientific denials from the 
"let's make Christ-Mass" a compulsory "Christian" state law crowd 
is not directly related to their deceitful syncretistic esoteric worship of 
(because it certainly is)


Rev 16:8  And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. 
Rev 11:18  And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, ....and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. 


The Bible makes it very clear that God's judgment is on the very people of "Mystery Babylon" who "Destroy the Earth". And that their "Destruction of the earth" is one of the very reasons, God's cataclysmic judgement comes upon humanity, and for which these same people "stand before God's Great Throne of Judgement", and "give an account".

One of "Adam's" charges was to "steward the earth" (to literally "care" for the "garden of Edin") ... and "name the animals". Neither of which would have had any place in the very first chapters of the entire Bible if both were "irrelevant" and only there to "be destroyed" by "consumption". It is because of these kinds of dangerous maniacs, that are both running and ruining Christian religion in America, that we are in such a pathetic mess today as a nation. Not only does the Bible make it clear, the environment is an important "measure" of both God's blessing, and his "curses/judgements", it is also something that was to be KEPT CLEAN. The very definition of A DEMON in the Bible, is "AN UNCLEAN SPIRIT". 

ἀκάθαρτος, akathartos, ak-ath'-ar-tos, impure, morally (lewd) or specifically (demonic)): - foul, unclean.


1. Not clean; foul; dirty; filthy.
2. In the Jewish law, ceremonially impure; not cleansed by ritual practices. Num 19. Lev 11. Rom 14.
3. Foul with sin. Mat 10., That holy place where no unclean thing shall enter.
4. Not in covenant with God. 1 Cor 7.
5. Lewd; unchaste. Adultery of the heart, consisting of inordinate and unclean affections. No unclean person - hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Eph 5.

Physical "filth" is "symptomatic" of "spiritual filth" in the Scriptures. In fact, (though not always), they often go even together. Demonized people are often found in homes which are completely over-run in extreme filth. When these kinds of people "get in charge" of religion, corporations or government, they do the same thing to everyone else's physical environment as well. From the water, to the air, to the food supply, it becomes "filthy".

Sun-worshiping "Christmas" Christian devil-worshipers, have by their own "declarations" not ONLY created a "delusional theology" to justify their moral and spiritual "uncleaness", but pretty much admitted with their own mouths, (in their own words and actions) to the public, they have "an unclean spirit". ("akathartos pnuematon", i.e., a demon) And it is THIS VERY "SPIRIT" THAT "DESTROYS THE EARTH".


       Synopsis: SARAH PALIN'S "UNCLEAN SPIRIT" Leads to promotion of "Desctructive" and "Unclean" policies concerning the Environment, illustrating how THE UNCLEAN SPIRIT, "Destroys the Earth" REV. 11:18, and how the divine "Charge" written 2000 years ago before anyone ever heard of "Environmentalism", has become a MODERN REALITY. It's "Cause"? AN UNCLEAN SPIRIT.  ἀκάθαρτος


One of the feature arguments used to promote the Roman-Catholic holy day of "Christ-Mass" as a good "Secular" observance (therefore let us wink, wink at it's open violation of the US Constitution) is that it is "good for the economy".  Certainly ,many retailers would be inclined to agree with that argument noting their own sales for the year directly affected by their performance during the "Christmas" holy days.  But the actual effect of "Christmas" on the economy is not truly reflected in simply the sales receipts of any particular retail store during this time, but the economic effect it poses on the economy as a whole.  Under that measurement, the total effect of the "Christ-Mass" holy day is a net loss.  It is a "sacrifice" made by the nation as a whole, to benefit the status of a few.  More is discussed about this aspect of Christmas under the Title: "THE JOY"   Suffice it to say here that THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT is the truth that Christmas is by far, the saddest, most dangerous, and economically devastating time of the entire year for most American families, quite the opposite of what it's Roman and Masonic missionaries loudly and incessantly claim every year in our media.


Luk 21:25  And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring

The "RELIGIOUS REICH " is working to make Rome's Solar-mass on December 25th dedicated to the solar-god of the Roman empire, (known among  PROTESTANT  Scholars for centuries as the worship of "the Biblical Apollyon" Rev.9:11) be made compulsory law on everyone in the entire country, in the false guise of "Christ" and America being a "Christian country".  And it was no accident if you believe in divine appointment, that their pinnacle legal act of betrayal to our Constitution came on the very December 7th, (Pearl Habor day), just before 9:11.  December 7th marking the worst attack on American soil, by a foriegn power, in history. 9 Months later, another attack came echoing December 7th. It was also "the worst attack on American soil" surpassing even Pearl Harbor in casualties.  In the smoke of 9:11, was seen the face of this very Apollyon itself (Rev.9:11), by the entire country, to the amazement, curiosity and commentary of secular news reports.  And of course, the "RELIGIOUS REICH " offered all it's typical politicized explanations, none of which had anything to do with the more than obvious... Revelation 9:11.
Rev 9:11  
And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, 
whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. 
(a/k/a Apollo, Born on December 25th in Ancient Rome)

If the deception of these people, were content to exist on it's own, in it's own corner of the universe, minding it's own corrupt business, there would be no problem in saying nothing about it to anyone and leaving it alone to have it's own delusions.  Americans are used to seeing religious kookery and con-artistry, and have learned long ago the freedom that permits this, also permits the truth itself, to live in peace and freedom, and one will not be had without the other.  But when the con-artisty and delusion becomes an empire, and it is an empire that denounces that same freedom to live and let live, and then seeks the compulsion of all others to drink from the same cup of damnation that it is destroying itself with, then it is time something must be said, and something must done, for the sake of both one and all. Their work is a destructive deception and this is the real REVELATION" about 9:11, you can find by SIMPLY OPENING YOUR BIBLE TO REVELATION 9:11.

You want a "Revelation" about 9:11?
Then read, Revelation 9:11.
It's that simple. 
(It's also about the "Solar-mass" to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass, on Dec. 25th)
God is trying to tell you something, Pastor.
And it has nothing to do with "Gays, Liberals, Secular Humanists, or Atheists"
It has to do with YOU.

THE CHRISTMAS LIE - It's Bigger Than You Think!