THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think




The REAL story about Rome's "Christ" mass IS in the Bible.  Every year, you will hear Ministers get up and read from the Bible at Christmas.  But the oddest thing about THE CHRIST MASS STORY,  is that the Ministers never read the parts of the Bible that actually speak about THE REAL STORY.  Instead they read about the Birth of Christ.  Which of course, would be fine, if that was when he was born, and that was in fact what was being really "celebrated" and "honored" and "worshiped".  But that's the problem, it isn't and only believing in a "Lie" that makes it "so", through an intentional act of "self-delusion".  (Or in other words "make-believe") as in you "make yourself" believe something that is patently not true.  This "act of compulsion" on the self, translates into the need for an act of complusion on everyone else as well, and what is at the root of these "calls" for absolute "Compulsion on all" through legal agency and government law.  All along admitting they know he wasn’t really born then,  and isn’t really the reason for their Christ-mass? Find out the shocking truth about why the state is being used to enforce compulsory homage of an Icon that masks the worship of an ancient Roman solar-daemon mentioned by name in the New Testament as the false Christ of those would follow the antichrist.  This solar-daemon was also by no coincidence, the actual protector deity of Rome's Pontiff Maximus, and thus his empire !! This is the Chrstmas story they don't want you to ever hear about. Find out the truth that motivated America's original Pilgrims to cross an entire ocean and risk their own lives ( many of whom even losing their lives) to find religious freedom on the shores of America.... freedom from CHRISTMAS.  Read the truth about THE REAL STORY , that the now familiar but fictitious "Nativity story" was created to hide.  Literally invented and carelessly patched together with "Christian" Bible verses, not to "save the pagans" as Rome claims, but to hide from the "Christians" what they were doing. Christians who, throughout history, would never agree to this worship, even despite the state sponsored, state enforced lie, masking what it was.




You probably already know Christmas is a bit of a Lie. You obviously know there is no Santa Clause (if you are old enough to read this).  You probably already know Jesus wasn't born on December 25th.  And you probably already know the date was really based on the winter solstice.  But you probably don't know WHY this lie and all its various parts, are told...

And though a lie, YET believed and practiced anyway.  And that is the biggest part of the Christmas lie that is a big lie.  The lie that is being told at Christmas is not simply a harmless little benevolent lie,  told to entertain children.  It is a WHOPPER. to deceive adults.  How big a WHOPPER will leave you in shock and disbelief.  You will swear the truth simply cannot be what it apparently is.  And you will look for excuses, rationalizations and even consider the cost of simple denial,  When you read what you are about to read.  But it is all true.  Whether you admit it or not, it is true.  Whether you believe it or not, it will still be true.  Agree with it or not, it will not matter.

It is the same truth, that has been true, for 4000 years.  And gave birth in part, to not only the world's three largest religions,  Judaism, Christianity and Islam,  But even the founding of America itself.  What you are about to read,  is the truth about Christmas, that no one is ever allowed to tell.  And until the age of the internet,  most Americans were never allowed to hear, because it was censored.  Ministers were even fired over it to keep it a secret and keep their people deceived.

Consequently, the general public were never told the truth, not by their Ministers, not by their school teachers, not in their Churches,  not on their TVs,  not on the News, not even on the educational channels,  and some, not by their governments.  It exists in parts and pieces throughout any common library,  shadows and shapes of it will occasionally surface,  fragments like broken bits of tiny glass left on the floor, That you don't see until you happen to step on it,  and suddenly become aware of something painful


Mat 15:7-9  

Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. 

THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORY IS IN THE BIBLE.  Every year, you will hear Ministers get up and read from the Bible at Christmas.  But the oddest thing about THE CHRISTMAS STORY,  is that the Ministers never read the parts of the Bible that actually speak about THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORY.  Instead they read about the Birth of Christ.  All along admitting they know he wasn’t really born then,  and isn’t really the reason for their Christ-mass?  Except he really is. But he isn't. But he should be,because he is. But he isn't. But he is.  Do you see the mystery?

And the shocking and perhaps most unbelievable thing about Christmas,  is that it existed before Christ was ever born.  Not only did it exist before he was born.  But it existed before he was born by thousands of years.  In fact, Christmas (though not called this) was celebrated before the time of Abraham.  It was already being celebrated when Abraham was called out ofUr.  And all of the parts of the Bible that speak about the practices that Christmas were intended to continue, which span throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, are precisely the parts your Minister will never read at Christmas?  Isn't that strange?


(Something Spiritual)

Instead they read about the birth of Christ, knowing he wasn't born then. Knowing no one who ever followed him did such a thing.  Knowing they do what he never commanded or even requested.  Instead he reads all the parts that have nothing to do with Christmas.  Things that happened in other parts of the year,  In the context of other events and festivals and even people.  But he will never read at Christmas, the parts of the Bible, the Prophets and Apostles actually wrote about Christmas?

But they do it never-the-less... "for him". Because they love him so much, they do not care what he said. or who he really was,  or when he was really born, or what his name really was, or what he even really looked like. much less, what he really wanted.  Do they love their wives, or husbands, or children this way?

They are good Christians. and want to force all of the country, through the penalty and punishment of law, to be good Christians just like themselves.  Because they love the person born at Christmas so much, who really wasn't born at Christmas. that they do not care what he really thought, what he really taught, who he really was, when he was really born, what his religion really was, what he really looked like, or even what his name ...really was?...They love him so much.

In FACT, These  Ministers love him so much,  They will never read the parts of the Bible he actually spoke about this time of year and it's practices.  Because if he did... you might get up and walk out the door of his Church.  Because you love him too!

And that is why He never reads them.  and why you have never heard THE CHRISTMAS STORY, ...THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORY that is. THE CHRISTMAS STORY you have heard, is the one they tell you as a known lie, But ask you not to mind that it is a lie, nor look too closely at the lie, they tell you they are telling you, to keep from having to tell you the truth.

But when you find out THE TRUTH this lie is told to cover up, you will realize why people (American's first Christians) not only risked their lives, but even died to escape it. Yes died.  It is in fact that serious. At least to the Christians who founded the majority of America's once Protestant faiths,  And even America's own Founding Fathers. These are the "Christians" that founded America.  And they were literally dying to escape Christmas.   The same who are now quoted by "good Christians" who say they love their country, just like they do the person born on December 25th, who wasn't, but was, but anyway they don't care.

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the beast,

Not a Christian was thinking, from the greatest to least,

Not in the School, not on TV, not even the Church, 

Not a Christian was asking, "Why this fake birth"?

Martyrs had been hung, by the gallows unfair, 

In hopes for Ole Nimrod, and his tower in the air 

The children were lied to, and confused in their head, 

As Apollo, returned, through the lies they were fed


It is a "Mystery" isn't it ! 

....a "Mystery" that stretches all the way back to ancient Babylon


Luk 2:10,11  And the angel said unto them, Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people: 

for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.

In 1 | 1 BC-AD, the year of Christ's birth, it is the eve of Christ's birth, December 24th, the holy Virgin Mary with the Christ-Child rides into Bethlehem on a humble donkey, seeking a place in the Inn, but alas the Inn-keeper informs the holy couple that his Inn is full, and she is forced to give birth to her child in a humble stable.  She has been told to name her son "Jesus" for he will "save his people from their sins".  The holy child is laid in a manager as his Halo shines, surrounded by angels, and he does not cry.  Angles break forth into singing to nearby shepherds in the field announcing the birth of the Holy Christ child. Shortly thereafter, three Kings from the east miraculously arrive with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

It's an almost universally recognizable story now anywhere in the world, it's proponents have been so successful implementing this story and it's ritual in virtually every country on earth no matter what their government may be, from Muslim countries to Atheist, this story is told, and "celebrated" every year.  And it's missionaries have worked effortlessly in America, to not only make this story an institution in a country, where it was once actually illegal, they now want to make it's telling and it's homage, mandatory, compulsory and above the U.S. Constitution.  This sounds good to "Christians" who have been trained by their Churches to easily recognize it as the story of the birth of their Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom they believe will and should rule the world.

And while the story above, surrounded by singing choirs and beautiful lights and tinsel and greenery and nativity scenes, can be very moving, it is in fact, a complete and total FABRICATION, or in other words, a lie.  Not one piece of it is actually from the Bible, and none of it has anything to do with December 25th, and none of it has anything to do with why we go through these rituals every year at this time. That's the beginning of the TRUTH about "Christmas".

All one must do, who wishes to know the truth about these practices, is simply is simply listen to the standard "opening text" always read at the commencement of these "ceremonies". They always begin with "unto you is BORN THIS DAY, A SAVIOR".  Well, that would be true. "A savior" was born on this day, but it wasn't the one in the New Testament. Instead it was the "Savior" known throughout the ancient world, as the sun-god, by different names, whose earliest origins are historically (really and truly in Mesopotamia) found at Babel.

These "ceremonies" inspired by Roman and Masonic (Secret Babelism), are nothing more than a "replacement" ritual, not a "celebration".  And below you will see how clever this ritualistic "ceremonial replacement" actually is.  And "straightening out" this garbled mess and it's centuries of dilution, mixture and replacement is a major task for anyone precisely because the work of intentional political and psychological subterfuge runs so very deep, and extend so far back into our past.  It is a monument to deceit, embedded in deceit, covered up in deceit, excused with deceit, and all explained away with even more deceit.  It is a lie, hid under a lie, covered up in a lie, excused with a lie, and retold as a lie, that you are asked to "believe" is the "truth", despite all the lies... which are then lied about.  And that is what these things are. Not accidents. they are contrived, engineered, planned, designed and executed lies, covered up with even more lies.  Because after all, "Christmas" Nicolaitanism is a "religion" of lying, so it should come as no surprise to anyone, lying is what it does, even about God or Christ.


(Hitting the "Reset Button" with a Bible)

1. Christ was not born in 0 BC/AD  - 

The Roman calendar syncronized events in the Roman Empire and it's Ceasar as points of reference to arrive at 1 BC, 1 AD which in reality had nothing to do with Christ's actual birth, which occured anywhere from 2 to 7 to even possibly 18 years earlier. - GREGORIAN CALENDAR,, 6/11/12 (more will be discussed about this below)

2. Christ was not born on December 25th. - 

This date was selected because of the "birth of the Sun", the primary deity of the Roman empire, whom the Roman Christ (patterned after Apollo) took on the appearance of in Rome's Iconography.  Because of the practice of "horoscopes" said to fatalistically "determine" a person's life, birthdays were not observed among Jews, who had all but outlawed the practice in Israel, where in the New Testament it was intentionally not noted. Most scholars place the Biblical narrative's timing to have been either fall (Sept-Oct) or spring (April).  

THE DECEMBER 25TH RITUAL IN ANCIENT ROME midnight, the first minute of December twenty-fifth, you would have seen that temple (of Mithras) all lit up with candels, and priests in white garmets at the altar, and (altar) boys burning incense; exactly as you see in a Roman Catholic Church at midnight on December twenty-fourth in our own time. - Bishop William Montgomery Brown, Science and History for Girls and Boys - (Galion, OH: The Bradford-Brown Educational Company, 1932), pp. 138-139.f.


APOLLYON (APOLLO) - As sun-god and god of light, Apollo was also known by the epithets Aegletes (/əˈɡliːtiːz/ ə-glee-teez; Αἰγλήτης, Aiglētēs, from αἴγλη, "light of the sun"),[13] Helius (/ˈhiːliəs/ hee-lee-əs; Ἥλιος, Helios, literally "sun"),[14] Phanaeus (/fəˈniːəs/ fə-nee-əs; Φαναῖος, Phanaios, literally "giving or bringing light"), and Lyceus (/laɪˈsiːəs/ ly-see-əs; Λύκειος, Lukeios, from Proto-Greek *λύκη, "light"). The meaning of the epithet "Lyceus" later became associated Apollo's mother Leto, who was the patron goddes of Lycia (Λυκία) and who was identified with the wolf (λύκος),[15] earning him the epithets Lycegenes (/laɪˈsɛdʒəniːz/ ly-sej-ə-neez; Λυκηγενής, Lukēgenēs, literally "born of a wolf" or "born of Lycia") and Lycoctonus (/laɪˈkɒktənəs/ ly-kok-tə-nəs; Λυκοκτόνος, Lukoktonos, from λύκος, "wolf", and κτείνειν, "to kill"). As god of the sun, the Romans referred to Apollo as Sol (/ˈsɒl/ sol; literally "sun" in Latin). [13] Apollonius of Rhodes, iv. 1730; Pseudo-Apollodorus, Biblioteca, i. 9. § 26, [14] Álvaro, Jr., Santos, Allan. Simbolismo divino. Allan Álvaro, Jr., Santos. - Apollo,, 6/1/12

QUOTE: In Rome December 25 was made popular by Pope Liberius in 354 and became the rule in the West in 435 when the first "Christ mass" was officiated by POPE SIXTUS III. This coincided with the date of a celebration by the Romans to THEIR PRIMARY GOD, THE SUN, and to Mithras, a popular Persian sun god supposedly born on the same day. The Roman Catholic writer Mario Righetti candidly ADMITS that, "to facilitate the acceptance of the faith by the pagan masses, the Church of Rome found it convenient to institute the 25th of December as the feast of the birth of Christ to divert them from the pagan feast, celebrated on the same day in HONOR of the 'INVINCABLE SUN' Mithras, the conqueror of darkness" END QUOTE - (Manual of Liturgical History, 1955, Vol. 2, p. 67). - AUTHOR 1 Professor. Mario Righetti (docente di Liturgia a Genova, Accademico pontificio, consultore della Congregazione dei Riti e perito conciliare al Vaticano II) fu l’autore della più voluminosa storia della liturgia latina del XX secolo; presentazione in B. Mario Righetti (professor of liturgy in Genoa, Academic pope, consultor of the Congregation of Rites and expert reconcile the Vatican II) was the author of more voluminous history of the Latin liturgy of the twentieth century; presentation B. BAROFFIO, Mons. BAROFFIO, Msgr. Mario Righetti (1882-1975). Mario Righetti (1882-1975). Un'esimia figura del clero e della cultura italiana , in "Rivista Liturgica" LXII (1975), pp. Un'esimia figure of the clergy and of Italian culture, "Liturgical Magazine" LXV (1975), pp. 597-606.

3. Mary did not ride into Bethlehem on a donkey - 

Luk 2:4,5  And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)  To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child. 

This association comes from Roman "tradition". But what most fail to fully appreciate, as in virtually all of these subtle corruptions of the Biblical narrative, is that this item is a "fossil" of history, that has frozen it's origins in tact.  And those origins are documented in the New Testament. As you will see below, the "stretch" got a "Donkey" to Mary, was a fairly substantial one.  but what is more important, is WHY the stretch?  WHY the unnecessary "addition"?  The actual REASON for this stretch of an addition, is documented in stone in Rome's own catacombs, where necromancers fondled the flesh of rotting corpses, and practiced sorcery with the dead.  Rome has attempted to pass these devil-worshipping practitioners of necromancy off as "Christians" to the world, since their beginning, but their origins are very far from "Christian".  They were in fact the very "Nicolaitans" the New Testament condemned, in no uncertain terms, as both damned and apostate, and historically, as the prototype movement itself for the coming Antichrist.

There is no "Donkey mentioned" in the Biblical record.  Travel was commonly done on camel, and in oxen drawn wagons when carrying supplies. "Donkey's" a/k/a KJV "Asses", were actually "less common" than Oxen, because "Oxen also served the purposes of temple sacrifice". Long term travel which required bringing supplies, almost always involved the use of "Oxen drawn carts".  The streets of ancient cities were had literally "carved" into the pavement "trenches" from the wheels of these "carts".

3rd most common - CAMELS: KJVA- Gen. 12:16; 24:10,11,14,19,20,22,30,31,32,35,44,46,61,63; 30:43; 31:17; 32:7,15; 37:25; Exo. 9:3; Jdg. 6:5; 7:12; 8:21,26; 1Sa. 27:9; 30:17; 1Ki. 10:2; 2Ki. 8:9; 1Ch. 5:21; 12:40; 27:30; 2Ch. 9:1; 14:15; Ezra 2:67; Neh. 7:69; Est. 8:10,14; Job 1:3,17; 42:12; Isa. 21:7; 30:6; 60:6; Jer. 49:29,32; Eze. 25:5;[singular] Gen. 24:64; 31:34; Lev. 11:4; Deu. 14:7; 1Sa. 15:3; Zec. 14:15; Mat. 3:4; 19:24; 23:24; Mark 1:6; 10:25; Luke 18:25; (62 Occurances)

2nd most common - DONKEY: KJVA- [plural] Gen. 12:16; 24:35; 30:43; 32:5,15; 34:28; 36:24; 42:26; 43:18,24; 44:3; 45:23; 47:17; Exo. 9:3; Num. 31:28,30,34,39,45; Jos. 7:24; 9:4; Jdg. 5:10; 19:3,10,19,21; 1Sa. 8:16; 9:3,5,20; 10:2,14,16; 22:19; 25:18; 27:9; 2Sa. 16:1,2; 2Ki. 4:22; 7:7,10; 1Ch. 5:21; 12:40; 27:30; 2Ch. 28:15; Ezra 2:67; Neh. 7:69; 13:15; Job 1:3,14; 24:5; 42:12; Psa. 104:11; Isa. 21:7; 30:6,24; 32:14; Jer. 14:6; Eze. 23:20; Dan. 5:21;[singular] Gen. 22:3,5; 42:27; 44:13; 49:11,14; Exo. 4:20; 13:13; 20:17; 21:33; 22:4,9,10; 23:4,5,12; 34:20; Num. 16:15; 22:21,22,23,25,27,28,29,30,32,33; Deu. 5:14,21; 22:3,4,10; 28:31; Jos. 6:21; 15:18; Jdg. 1:14; 6:4; 10:4; 12:14; 15:15,16; 19:28; 1Sa. 12:3; 15:3; 16:20; 25:20,23,42; 2Sa. 17:23; 19:26; 1Ki. 2:40; 13:13,23,24,27,28,29; 2Ki. 4:24; 6:25; Job 6:5; 11:12; 24:3; 39:5; Pro. 26:3; Isa. 1:3; 32:20; Jer. 2:24; 22:19; Hos. 8:9; Zec. 9:9; 14:15; Mat. 21:2,5,7; Luke 13:15; 14:5; John 12:14,15; 2Pe. 2:16; (154 


1st most common - OXEN: KJVA- Gen. 12:16; 20:14; 21:27; 32:5; 34:28; Exo. 9:3; 20:24; 22:1,30; 24:5; Num. 7:3,6,7,8,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,71,77,83,87,88; 22:40; 23:1; Deu. 14:26; Jos. 7:24; 1Sa. 11:7; 14:14,32; 15:9,14,15,21; 22:19; 27:9; 2Sa. 6:6,13; 24:22,24; 1Ki. 1:9,19,25; 4:23; 7:25,29,44; 8:5,63; 19:19,20,21; 2Ki. 5:26; 16:17; 1Ch. 12:40; 13:9; 21:23; 2Ch. 4:3,4,15; 5:6; 7:5; 15:11; 18:2; 29:33; 31:6; 35:8,9,12; Job 1:3,14; 42:12; Psa. 8:7; 144:14; Pro. 14:4; Isa. 7:25; 22:13; 30:24; Jer. 51:23; Dan. 4:25,32,33; 5:21; Amos 6:12; Mat. 22:4; Luke 14:19; John 2:14,15; Acts 14:13; 1Co. 9:9; [singular] KJVA- Exo. 20:17; 21:28,29,32,33,35,36; 22:1,4,9,10; 23:4,12; 34:19; Lev. 7:23; 17:3; 27:26; Num. 7:3; 22:4; Deu. 5:14,21; 14:4,5; 18:3; 22:1,4,10; 25:4; 28:31; Jos. 6:21; Jdg. 3:31; 6:4; 1Sa. 12:3; 14:34; 15:3; Neh. 5:18; Job 6:5; 24:3; 40:15; Psa. 69:31; 106:20; Pro. 7:22; 14:4; 15:17; Isa. 1:3; 11:7; 32:20; 66:3; Jer. 11:19; Eze. 1:10; Luke 13:15; 14:5; 1Co. 9:9; 1Ti. 5:18; (166 Occurances)


Most likely, if any "Donkey" had been involved in this scene at all, it would have been pulling a CART filled with "supplies" for the journey, and the pregnant mother.  But, at least based on the evidence in Scripture, odds are at least 3 to 1, there was no "Donkey" at all.  So why the Donkey?  The DONKEY was a particular animal associated with the actual origins of this "theology".  Originally, associated with BALAAM.  The earliest mention in the New Testament that link these aspects of SYNCRETISM of the Roman Solar-mass as a "Christ" mass is found in a reference in the following:

Rev 2:14,15  But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. 


The connection between Rome's Nicolaitan movement, and it's worship of Apollyon, is fully documented in this archaeological excavation, because in this very same tomb (where the oldest "Christmas nativity scene" ever discovered on earth) has been found, is "Apollo as Christ in a complete and perfect reflection of Rev. 9:11, down to it's very environment, where it was found.

But while the connection between Nicolaitanism and "Mary" on a donkey is documented in the New Testament, the New Testament doesn't give the actual reason such was the case. To this question, the answer is provided in Roman devil worship (which is inaccurately called "paganism").  The "devils" that Rome worshiped were each attributed a power (or specialty) over a particular sphere.  The "devil" given power over the "sphere" of "fire" (which of course the Sun is, and which is actually "born" metaphorically on December 25th) is the devil which they they named "Vesta" or "Hestia".  "Vesta" as "Mother-goddess" was conjured up through the "hearth" or "fireplace", which she was attributed with as having the "power" of the "sacred eternal flame" (or eternal hell-fire as the Bible would describe it).  Being the one who was the "keeper of the sacred flame", she naturally was "transposed" onto "Mary" by Roman Nicolaitans.  Because she was a "Mother-goddess" associated with the "fire place" (hearth), this devil was associated with all things "domestic", and the animal which symbolized it and with which she was associated, WAS THE DONKEY.  And thus why, Rome's "Mary" comes riding on a "Donkey", on December 25th.  She is a fictional character which is half Biblical and half demonic, like everything else Nicolaitanism engineered for the public.  A great theology to intentionally induce a "split in consciousness" (i.e., demonization), or what some moderns might refer to as a variation of cognitively induced Schizophrenia.

Hestia, called the “one of light,”was embodied by the flame — so there are few representations or images of the hearth-flame goddess. According to the Ancient magician Pythagoras, the fire of Hestia’s hearth was the center of the earth because she literally was the flame. Hestia represented the unity of family and state, hospitality, and the spiritual center of the home. Vesta was the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hestia. In Rome, Vesta’s sacred flames were tended by the vestal virgins. The vestal virgins were thought to have served for thirty years, beginning their term in childhood. - From a "Neo-pagan" site on Witchcraft

The "Lava Core" of the earth, of course, is the "first hell" in the Scriptures [Luke 16:23,24]. So "Vesta" (Rome's "Mary", and her "Sacred Heart"), are literally the FLAMES OF HELL.  People "praying to her" are praying not to the "Mary, the mother of Christ" of the Bible, but literally the "fires of hell". 


What most Christians (who have been deceived by Nicolaitans) fail to appreciate, is that the same iconography that puts "witches" on "brooms" is the same thing that puts "Mary on a Donkey" and "Saint Nicholas" coming down your "chimney".  In fact, their origins are actually from the same sources historically in Rome's religion.  The "sacred fire" in the "fire place".

So, if  your "Church" has an "outreach ministry" to people involved with "witchcraft", you could start with your own "Christmas" Pastor and his demon conjuring rituals involving "Vesta" (called the "mother of witches") who comes riding every year to your "Church" on a "Donkey" in a demonic ritual called his "Christmas play". (which is in reality the virtual equivalent if she came riding on a broom in the sky, since both symbolized the conjuring up of the same demon in Rome)

Of course, Roman Catholics think Protestants are idiots.  And for the most part, they are unfortunately correct.  But, there are many "Protestant idiots" who think they are "Catholics", in the Catholic Church who don't realize since they actually wish to be "real Christians", they're not really "Roman Catholic" and have no business being there.  Being a "root doctor" or a "Voodoo-ist" or a "witch" and "Roman Catholic" has never been a problem for Rome despite it's "genocides against "witches"".  It's just when the "witch" or "warlock' or "wizard" or "root doctor" or "devil worshiper" no longer serves the interests of the Roman antichrist, that it becomes any kind of  "problem".  And if  you don't believe this, just visit New Orleans or Miami.  There you will find their cities filled with "Catholic" Voodoo and Santeria "witches" and "Sorcerers" with their own "retail shops" selling everything from "magic candles" to "roots" to "spells" to "curses" to "holy water", all for a "fee", with a big picture of Rome's Apollyon "Sacred-heart Jesus" on their wall and a rosary nearby.  So obviously being a "witch" has never been a problem for Rome despite claims to the contrary, just being a "non-catholic" one, or one that poses a political threat.  This fact speaks to the nature of Roman Catholicism's foundational syncretism (mixture) with things that are spiritual opposites, specifically, i.e., "God and Satan", and is faithfully found once again, in the very definition of it's Solar-Mass "Mary". ("Vesta", the "mother" of all witches). Rome's "Mary", in other words,  is actually a Roman witch.

4. Mary did not give birth the night she arrived in Bethlehem - 

Luk 2:6,7  And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, ("days" are plural)

Days are compressed into a single evening, along with other events which extend years afterwards (such as the visit of the wisemen), so that all the patterns can be stacked upon one another in a single story telling, i.e., "legend" or "myth", to duplicate the pattern of Rome's "Solar-Christ", Sol/Apollyon/Mithra, who was born on December 25th in a big profane blasphemous orgy of Syncretism. (And then like a drunkard the next day, pretend like they have no clue what just happened)

5. There is no conversation with an Inn-keeper, the night she didn't arrive not on Donkey, and didn't give birth-

Luk 2:7  And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. 

(Their stay consisted of several "days" Lk 2:6,7)  The conversation with an "Inn-Keeper" is pure fiction, along with the Donkey, along with Mary/Vesta riding on it, along with the Nephilim Baby, and it's "Nikes" (familiar spirits from Greco-Roman idolatry), originating with the Harlot of Inanna (i.e.,Whore of Babylon).  Any Christian who participates in this demonic fiasco who does not sense a very "deep" grieving of the real "Holy Spirit" within them, probably doesn't really have the "Holy Spirit" in them to actually "grieve".  

Eze 9:4,5  And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: 

6. There was no stable - 

"In peasant households of the time, animals were kept in the lower part of the house, partly so the animals wouldn't be stolen, and partly because the heat from their bodies provided a kind of rudimentary central heating." JESUS WAS NOT BORN IN A STABLE, Christianity Today

"Room" in the Inn, probably refers to the fact there was no empty room to serve as a temporary "birthing room". Birthing is a very messy business, as anyone who has either given or witnessed one, can testify too.  Blood, odor, feces and screaming do not make for a nice "atmosphere" in a primitive, small roomed "Inn", which would have been structured much more like a "hostel" or a "dormitory" than a modern "hotel" or "Inn".

An vacant area affording privacy for birthing would have been important, and in a crowded facility such privacy would not have been available, without resorting to one of it's "storage areas", in this case the area direclty beneath the house, where domestic livestock were kept.  The "birthing rituals" would have been performed, and Joseph in keeping with Middle-eastern custom, was probably no where to be seen.

Ezekiel 16:4: “As for your birth, on the day you were born (1) your navel cord was not cut, nor were you (2) washed with water to cleanse you, nor (3) rubbed with salt, nor (4) wrapped in cloths.”

(1) Navel cord cutting

(2) Washing with water

(3) Rubbed with salt

(4) Wrapped in birth cloths

7. The REAL Joseph was NO WHERE IN SIGHT

While all this was being done by another woman (a midwife), Joseph would have, in keeping middle-eastern custom, been no where in sight. among the modern Arab peasants, that the men including the father studiously avoid the very house where the birth is taking place. The fact is that in such a crisis the normal activity of the community is suspended and the men, who normally take the initiative, become for the moment nonentitites. In the Book of Ruth not only do the women assist at the birth but they hold the initiative right through until the time when they actually name the child and so integrate the new life with the community. (The Legacy of Canaan: The Ras Shamra Texts and Their Relevance to the Old Testament [Brill, 1957] 179)

Not quite the same picture as the completely fictitious "nativity scene".  Blood, feces, screaming, umbilical cords, midwives, salt rubs, animals, and a husband no where in sight.

8. There was no "Halo", no "luminescence", nothing "glowing in the dark" - 

Php 2:7,8  But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man,


Whenever you ask the reason why, or explain why, and it is not the most flattering explanation possible, another will always be quickly offered in place of the truth. It is common to human experience, and no truer than in the area of religion as well. The first thing a cheating husband says when his wife walks in on him, naked in bed with another woman is; "It's not what it looks like!". Right.  And this explanation extends itself to pretty much everything in the Roman State-church. Nothing is ever as it looks, there is always another explanation.  

But, the wife knows without even a discussion, what has happened when she sees her naked husband in bed with another woman.  And the only thing an explanation will provide are more lies to hide behind.  Despite all the "explanations" is the very real "occult" reality, that these people are the theological descendants of Nicolaitans, not Christians, and they claim.  And this is just another item of historical proof of that reality. No one in the New Testament would have ever associated a "Halo" with anything other than Baal worship. In fact, "images" alone, regardless of how they depicted it, would have been enough for them to declare Apostasy.  And that quick realization, would have been no more fallacious than any woman, who found their husband naked in bed, with another woman.  The visuals irrefutably speak for themselves. The "Halo" is actually and quite literally, THE LAKE OF FIRE. Rev. 19:20; 20:10,14,15;

Homer describes a more-than-natural light around the heads of heroes in battle,[1] Depictions of Perseus in the act of slaying Medusa, with lines radiating from his head, appear on a white-ground toiletry box in the Louvre and on a slightly later red-figured vase in the style of Polygnotos, ca. 450-30 BC, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.[2] On painted wares from south Italy radiant lines or simple haloes appear on a range of mythic figures: Lyssa, a personification of madness; a sphinx, a sea demon, Thetis, the sea-nymph who was mother to Achilles,[3] The Colossus of Rhodes, was a statue of the sun-god Helios and had his usual radiate crown (copied by the Statue of Liberty). Hellenistic rulers are often shown wearing radiate crowns that seem clearly to imitate this effect. The halo represents an aura or glow of sanctity which was conventionally drawn encircling the head. It first appeared in the culture of Hellenistic Greece and Rome, possibly related to the Zoroastrian hvarena - "glory" or "divine lustre" - which marked the Persian kings, and may have been imported with Mithraism. Though Roman paintings have largely disappeared, save some fresco decorations, the haloed figure remains fresh in Roman mosaics. In a 2nd century AD Roman floor mosaic preserved at Bardo, Tunisia,[15] a haloed Poseidon appears in his chariot drawn by hippocamps. Significantly, the triton and nereid who accompany the sea-god are not haloed. In a late 2nd century AD floor mosaic from Thysdrus, El Djem, (illustration) Apollo Helios is identified by his effulgent halo. Another haloed Apollo in mosaic, from Hadrumentum, is in the museum at Sousse.[16] The conventions of this representation, head tilted, lips slightly parted, large-eyed, curling hair cut in locks grazing the neck, were developed in the 3rd century BC to depict Alexander the Great (Bieber 1964; Yalouris 1980). Some time after this mosaic was executed, the Emperor began to be depicted with a halo,[17] which was not abandoned when they became Christian; initially Christ only had one when shown on a throne as Christ in Majesty.[18] - HALO, (RELIGIOUS ICONOGRAPHY), - 6/11/12

But simply pointing out this "sun-symbol" as being transposed onto Biblical characters misses the real error (as though worshiping another god is not bad enough on it's own).  The REAL ERROR is that it is literally NOT a "Christ of the Flash" that is being shown to you. It is a VISUAL of a "symbolic solar christ" which is specifically and certainly, not "of the flesh" (as literally a point of factual reality, no one's "flesh" "glows in the dark").

This "convention" is a bold straight-forward visual display of Nicolaitan theology to it's core component; Roman Sun-worship... a "Christ" who is definitively NOT "Of THE FLESH". 

Jn 4:1-3  Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 

9. Christ as a baby cried - 

The "Christ" of the Nicolaitans, is actually not Jesus (Yeshua) Christ of the Bible, but actually a Nephilim (a demon). Nephilim, are the offspring of the "fallen angels" and humans in the Torah.  They  are also the actual origins of "Demonic spirits" that crave residence in human flesh.  That is why this thing is always wanting to "come into your heart" and "speak", which is no where to be found in the New Testament either. It craves residence in human flesh.  The "Holy Spirit" (i.e., Spirit of the Holy) is the only thing ever said to "indwell' Christians in the New Testament.  Check it out. This fact is truly shocking. Rom. 8:9,11; Col. 3:16; "Spirit of Christ" is the same designation as "Holy Spirit", but it is "Christ's words" that are to "indwell you", and his "Spirit", not "Je'sus".  This sly maneuver has completely slipped by most Christians unaware of these subtle but important distinctions.

Because Apollo really was a Nephilim, naturally when you "mix" god and Satan together and disconnect "Christ" from his real "flesh", you end up with a "Savior" that is actually "Nephilim" demon.  And that is precisely what Apollo (Apollyon, Rev.9:11) was.  This is NOT the Christ of the Bible. It is a Demonic Spirit.  The Christ of the new Testament was a real man. A human being, literally "troubled in every way such as we", meaning he had digestive issues, gas, bowel movements, and he cried as a Baby because he got hungry.  Without these normal biological responses, a real Baby would have died, because their brain would have created no impulse to eat and breast feed.

But the technicalities of biology, though mentioned here, are not the issue or the point. The point is that all these normal human functions were surgically removed from the "Christmas" Christ baby, and in it's places, is offered a Nephilim after the manner and likeness of Apollo. Down to such incredible detail as even it's physique, it complexion and it's hair and eye color.

Rom 1:3  Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh

Php 2:7,8  But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. 

Heb 4:15  For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. 

The fact that this "Baby", glows int he dark, and "never cries", is iconographic evidence the "Christ" that is being "worshiped" on December 25th, is NOT the "Christ of THE FLESH". But ANOTHER ONE entirely, that is NOT OF THE FLESH, and is nothing more than "A SYMBOL".  Is this a "minor little thing" that doesn't really matter?

2Jn 1:7  For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist

Hardly, in fact, it literally couldn't get any more important in the scriptures than this.

10. The "angels" were not "Nikes", had no wings, no sun-discs over their heads, and did not sing anything

           The  popular "Christms Angel" is not what you think it is.

Synopsis: This video shows the "Christmas Angel" sold all over the world, associated with "Christ" and the "Church", is another "cultural fossil" which records the religion of "Nicolaitanism" taking over Biblical "Christianity" and falsely and deceptively appropriating it's name to promote it's global deception.  The very same "deception" prophesied specifically by the real Apostles themselves:

Rev 12:9  And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 

Rev 16:14  For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, 


ANGELS: ...As to their outward appearance, it is evident that they bore the human form, and could at times be mistaken for men (Eze_9:2; Gen_18:2, Gen_18:16). There is no hint that they ever appeared in female form. The conception of angels as winged beings, so familiar in Christian art, finds no support in Scripture (except, perhaps Dan_9:21; Rev_14:6, where angels are represented as “flying”). The cherubim and seraphim (see CHERUB; SERAPHIM) are represented as winged (Exo_25:20; Isa_6:2); - INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIA

Have you ever seen an Angel?  Here's how you know, if you meet a stranger and you never see them again... you might have seen a Biblical angel.  And that just about it apart from a few paranormal events that might occur while they are there.  If you ever saw a Biblical Angel, you wouldn't even know that is what you were looking at unless they dressed strange, or God turned a flashlight on them to get your attention.  They look absolutely nothing like the pictures of "Christmas Angels", and once again, despite all the excuse making on earth that Romanists come up with to excuse the extreme departures from the Biblical record, it is no "accident" these "departures" have been introduced and mainstreamed in public consciousness.

Luk 2:8,9  And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. 

Roman and Masonic Babelists are in such a hurry to stick a fireball on the head of "the Angel of the Lord", they completely miss the fact, the text says it; "SHONE ROUND ABOUT THEM".  Meaning NOT THE ANGEL, BUT THE SHEPHERDS !!!  Or in other modern words, some one turned a flash light on the Shepherds. Not a literal flashlight, but light appeared around them from an unkown source, and scare the heck out of them...."and they were sore afraid."

It should be noted that the "Angel of the Lord" comes upon them (first) and there is no REACTION, until THE GLORY OF THE LORD SHINES ROUND ABOUT THEM.  And that is what frightens them. Not the "Angel", which they do not even react to initially.  Why? Because a Biblical "Angel" looks exactly like a person and the reason is because, in fact, sometimes that is all they are. (And sometimes not)  But you wouldn't know the difference.  And that is the whole point of the Biblical Angel.  They are human forms and human servant spirits.  They are not "birds with wings".  Now there is a reason that "Christmas Angels" are not like this.  There is a reason the "Christmas Angels" have bird wings, are depicted as females or impish, and are "sold by merchants", and below, that reason is fully explained.


The departures, are not just the "same thing" pictured a "different way", but precisely as they did with everything else in the Biblical record, including the very Christ they all claim to be either serving, following or worshipping, Angels too, were carefully and intentionally "transformed" into something that was their SPIRITUAL OPPOSITE.  Naturally if you have the WRONG CHRIST, the "spirits" which serve him in the "spirit world", will bring along with him, THE WRONG SPIRITS.  And that is precisely what these exchanges were designed intentionally to do.  There is absolutely no accident involved here.  These changes were fully intentionally and remain as such to this day.  And below you will not only see what "changes" were "symptomatic" of "the wrong Christ", but what "spirits" it brought WITH HIM.

Why is the sky filled with "Singing Angels"?  Because, the one born IN ROME, (that doesn't cry as a Baby), that has a "Halo", and was in fact born on DECEMBER 25TH, was HEAD OF THE MUSICIANS.  He was the "god" of MUSIC.  He even had "Long hair" like a Rock Star musician.  The Christ of the New Testament (who you never see in these circles) actually had the typical frizzy cropped black short Jewish hair of the period, as noted in the Scripture. (Not that it actually matters who you are actually REALLY worshiping at Christmas right?)

And there REASON your "Christmas Christ" is surrounded by NIKES, rather than "spirits" or "spirits which "appear as people" because [Surprise!]...





In Greek mythology, Nike (Greek: Νίκη, "Victory", pronounced [nǐːkɛː]) was a goddess who personified victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. The Roman equivalent was Victoria. Depending upon the time of various myths, she was described as the daughter of Pallas (Titan) and Styx (Water)[1][2] and the sister of Kratos (Strength), Bia (Force), and Zelus (Zeal).[1] Nike and her siblings were close companions of Zeus, the dominant deity of the Greek pantheon. According to classical (later) myth, Styx brought them to Zeus when the god was assembling allies for the Titan War against the older deities. Nike assumed the role of the divine charioteer, a role in which she often is portrayed in Classical Greek art. Nike flew around battlefields rewarding the victors with glory and fame. Statuette of goddess Nike found in Vani, Georgia. Nike is seen with wings in most statues and paintings. Most other winged deities in the Greek pantheon had shed their wings by Classical times. Nike is the goddess of strength, speed, and victory. Nike was a very close acquaintance of Athena, and is thought to have stood in Athena's outstretched hand in the statue of Athena located in the Parthenon.[3] Nike is one of the most commonly portrayed figures on Greek coins.[4] Names stemming from Nike include amongst others: Nicholas, Nicola, Nick, Nicolai, Nikolai, Nicolae, Nils, Klaas, Nicole, Ike, Niki, Nikita, Nika, Niketas, and Nico. - NIKES, (Mythology)


The Greek philosopher, Plato (429–347 BC), identified her with the Libyan deity Neith, the war goddess and huntress deity of the Egyptians since the ancient Pre-Dynastic period, who was also identified with weaving. This is sensible, as some Greeks identified Athena's birthplace, in certain mythological renditions, as being beside Libya's Triton River.- Aeschylus Eumenides. 292–293. Cf. the tradition that she was the daughter of Neilos: - see, e.g. Clement of Alexandria Protr. 2.28.2; Cicero, De Natura Deorum. 3.59.

It is thought that Neith may correspond to the goddess Tanit, worshipped in north Africa by the early Berber culture (existing from the beginnings of written records) and through the first Punic culture originating from the founding of Carthage by Dido. Ta-nit, meaning in Egyptian the land of Nit, also was a sky-dwelling goddess of war, a virginal mother goddess and nurse, and, less specifically, a symbol of fertility. Her symbol is remarkably similar to the Egyptian ankh and her shrine, excavated at Sarepta in southern Phoenicia, revealed an inscription that related her securely to the Phoenician goddess Astarte (Ishtar). Several of the major Greek goddesses also were identified with Tanit by the syncretic, interpretatio graeca, which recognized as Greek deities in foreign guise the deities of most of the surrounding non-Hellene cultures.  A Hellenistic royal family ruled over Egypt for three centuries, a period called the Ptolemaic dynasty until the Roman conquest in 30 B.C. Anouke, a goddess from Asia Minor was worshiped by immigrants to ancient Egypt. This war goddess was shown wearing a curved and feathered crown and carrying a spear, or bow and arrows. Within Egypt, she was later assimilated and identified as Neith, who by that time had developed her aspects as a war goddess. The Greek historian, Herodotus (c. 484-425 BC), noted that the Egyptian citizens of Sais in Egypt worshipped Neith and that they identified her with Athena. The Timaeus, a Socratic dialogue written by Plato, mirrors that identification with Athena, possibly as a result of the identification of both goddesses with war and weaving.[6]  E. A. Wallis Budge argued that the spread of Christianity in Egypt was influenced by the likeness of attributes between the Mother of Christ and goddesses such as Isis and Neith. ...[7] - "The Gods of the Egyptians: Vol 2", E. A. Wallis Budge, p. 220-221, Dover ed 1969, org pub 1904, ISBN 0-486-22056-7


Luk 2:13  And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying ("saying" not "singing"), Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. 


Apollo was the god of music (principally the lyre, and he directed the choir of the Muses) and also of prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery (but not for war or hunting), poetry, dance, intellectual inquiry and the carer of herds and flocks. He was also a god of light, known as "Phoebus" (radiant or beaming, and he was sometimes identified with Helios the sun god). He was also the god of plague and was worshiped as Smintheus (from sminthos, rat) and as Parnopius (from parnops, grasshopper) and was known as the destroyer of rats and locust, and according to Homer's Iliad, Apollo shot arrows of plague into the Greek camp. Apollo being the god of religious healing would give those guilty of murder and other immoral deeds a ritual purification. Sacred to Apollo are the swan (one legend says that Apollo flew on the back of a swan to the land of the Hyperboreans, he would spend the winter months among them), the wolf and the dolphin. His attributes are the bow and arrows, on his head a laurel crown, and the cithara (or lyre) and plectrum. But his most famous attribute is the tripod, the symbol of his prophetic powers.- APOLLO, Encylopedia Mythica

11. There were no "Nikes" surrounding Christ either, in the stable that was not

Luk 2:15-17  And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us. And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. 

The reason he is "surrounded by Angels" is because the one you are actually "worshiping" was "head of the Nephilim".  They are "angels" (sort of), just not the kind you would REALLY want filling up your house, every year.  They were the "offspring" of FALLEN ANGELS- SEE, THE REAL CHRIST OF CHRISTMAS


Even such minor insignificant detail as the blasted  "Christmas Star" has been flipped from it's Biblical description into another occult symbol for the worship of ROME'S POPE!

14. He didn't glow in the dark.

Apollo was the god of music (principally the lyre, and he directed the choir of the Muses) and also of prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery (but not for war or hunting), poetry, dance, intellectual inquiry and the carer of herds and flocks. He was also a god of light, known as "Phoebus" (radiant or beaming, and he was sometimes identified with Helios the sun god). He was also the god of plague and was worshiped as Smintheus (from sminthos, rat) and as Parnopius (from parnops, grasshopper) and was known as the destroyer of rats and locust, and according to Homer's Iliad, Apollo shot arrows of plague into the Greek camp. Apollo being the god of religious healing would give those guilty of murder and other immoral deeds a ritual purification. Sacred to Apollo are the swan (one legend says that Apollo flew on the back of a swan to the land of the Hyperboreans, he would spend the winter months among them), the wolf and the dolphin. His attributes are the bow and arrows, on his head a laurel crown, and the cithara (or lyre) and plectrum. But his most famous attribute is the tripod, the symbol of his prophetic powers.- APOLLO, Encylopedia Mythica

15. He didn't have "blonde hair" and "blue eyes".

Mat 5:36  Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black

16. He wasn't born at the spot of the "Church of The Nativity"

There were a lot of possible places Rome could have arbitrarily or fictitiously chosen to propagate as the "Spot" where Christ was born.  Any spot would have done equally well, if you are just making up fictions, which is what Rome has done.  But perhaps the one and only place you would not go to, is the very one they did.  The very spot known from ancient times as the very location of Devil worship.  And of course, if this is not enough on it's own, it is the worship of a "Devil" which was born.... of course, on December 25th.  Thus why Rome called it "the Spot" where "Christ" (not the one "of the flesh") was "born".

According to [*Giuseppe Ricciotti, C.R.L], the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is built over a cave that was originally a shrine to Adonis-Tammuz. The Church Father Jerome[13], who died in Bethlehem in 420, reports in addition that the holy cave was at one point consecrated by the heathen to the worship of Adonis, and a pleasant sacred grove planted before it, to wipe out the memory of Jesus. Modern mythologists, however, reverse the supposition, insisting that the cult of Adonis-Tammuz originated the shrine and that it was the Christians who took it over, substituting the worship of their own God.[14] - WIKIPEDIA, 7-21-12, TAMMUZ

*Abbot Giuseppe Ricciotti, C.R.L., (Rome, 1890 – 1964) was an Italian canon regular, Biblical scholar and archeologist. He is mainly famous for his book Life of Jesus Christ edited in 1941 and reedited and reprinted several times.[1]  Ricciotti was born in Rome on 27 February 1890. In 1905 he entered the novitiate of the Roman Catholic religious order of the Canons Regular of the Lateran, taking religious vows the following year. After his seminary studies and completing mandatory military service, he was ordained as a priest in 1913. After ordination, Ricciotti continued his studies at the University of Rome, where he took courses in both philosophy and theology. At the same time he did coursework at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. During World War I he was required to interrupt his studies and to perform military service, during which time he served as a military chaplain, volunteering for service at the front lines, and was afterwards awarded a Silver Medal of Military Valor for his service in the trenches, where he was seriously wounded. Because of this experience, he came to oppose any kind of war. After the war, Ricciotti resumed his studies and gradutated in 1919 with a degree in Biblical Studies. From 1924 onwards, he taught Hebrew literature at the University of Rome. He also taught similar courses briefly at the University of Genoa and at the University of Bari, where he taught from 1935-1960. In addition to this, Ricciotti set up and directed a small seminary in Liguria. In 1935 he was appointed Procurator General of his religious congregation. During World War II, due to his office he was able to give refuge to many refugees at the congregation's motherhouse at the Basilica of St. Peter in Chains. During this period, he also served as a consultant to the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy. He held this position for his congregation until 1946, when he was named as the Abbot of Gubbio. Giuseppe Ricciotti died in Rome on 22 January 1964.[1]  Ricciotti's first important work is Storia d'Israele (English: History of Israel), published in 1932. Also in 1932 he published Bibbia e non Bibbia (English: Bible and not Bible) where he supported the need to apply the Higher criticism to the study of the Bible, to be based on the original texts and not on the Latin Vulgate. In 1934 Ricciotti took a stand against the increasing antisemitism publishing the translations in Italian of sermons of Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber in favour of the Hebrews.[1] The period in which he worked was one of deep suspicion of Biblical Studies in Italy. As a result, Ricciotti was partially involved in the late stages of the Modernist crisis. He was attacked, along with his friend Ernesto Buonaiuti, by the most conservative Catholic wing. Differently from Buonaiuti, his positions were finally judged not to be modernist, and he accepted criticism by the Pontifical Biblical Commission to some of his works. His masterpiece is Vita di Gesù Cristo (English: Life of Jesus Christ), edited in 1941 and published many times. The scholar Nicolotti writes: "His works on biblical texts, of a rather conservative character, show a solid historical and philological training, not at all alien to the contemporary acquisitions of the critic."[1] Giuseppe Ricciotti also wrote: La Bibbia e le scoperte moderne (English: The Bible and Modern Discoveries), 1957, and L'imperatore Giuliano l'Apostata secondo i documenti (English: Julian the Apostate), 1958. Additionally, he edited a new translation into Italian of the Bible from the original texts.

And it is not enough this was simply a devil worshiped as being born on the winter solstice, it's actually the one mentioned by name, whose "worship" was so severely condemned in the Scriptures by the voice of God, it justified the death penalty, cited above.

It is the very location of the worship of "Tammuz" a/k/a "Adonis" mentioned specifically in the Scriptures, for which apostates in Israel were soundly and viciously condemned... to death.  And mistaking this filthy site of ancient devil worship with "Christ" is about as "Nicolaitan" as one could possibly make it, if they set out from the beginning to do so with more than full intent and design, which is precisely what occurred.

Eze 8:3  And he put forth the form of an hand, and took me by a lock of mine head; and the spirit lifted me up between the earth and the heaven, and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem, to the door of the inner gate that looketh toward the north; where was the seat of the image of jealousy, which provoketh to jealousy. 
Eze 8:4  And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel was there, according to the vision that I saw in the plain. 
Eze 8:5  Then said he unto me, Son of man, lift up thine eyes now the way toward the north. So I lifted up mine eyes the way toward the north, and behold northward at the gate of the altar this image of jealousy in the entry. 
Eze 8:6  He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should go far off from my sanctuary? but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations. 
Eze 8:7  And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. 
Eze 8:8  Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. 
Eze 8:9  And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. 
Eze 8:10  So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, pourtrayed upon the wall round about. 
Eze 8:11  And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up. 
Eze 8:12  Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth. 
Eze 8:13  He said also unto me, Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations that they do. 
Eze 8:14  Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz. 
Eze 8:15  Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these. 
Eze 8:16  And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east. 

17. And if all this were not already enough, "Jesus" was not even the man's name.

The Jewish religious leader written about in the New Testament is named Yehoshua, which means "God Salvation," or "Yahweh delivers." Yehoshua is normally translated JOSHUA in English.   Yeshua and Yehoshua were often as used equivalent.   Most historical scholars believe that Jesus would have been referred to by the shorter name Yeshua ("Salvation"), at least in Jerusalem and the rest of Judea as a resultof customary usage. A common casual expression of the name Yehoshua indicating intimacy or familiararity used by friends or family is Yeshu.  Yeshua or Yahoshua was translated by the early Christians as Iesous in Greek.  - Dr..James Price  Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Temple Baptist Seminary


"It is known that the Greek name endings with sus, seus, and sous [which are phonetic pronunciations for the chief Greek god of Olympus] were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as means to give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus." - Dictionary Of Christian Lore And Legend, Professor J.C.J Melford, 1983,p.126


AND WHY IS THIS PATCHED TOGETHER "NATIVITY STORY" RITUALISTICALLY REPEATED EVERY DECEMBER 25TH? midnight, the first minute of December twenty-fifth, you would have seen that temple (of Mithras) all lit up with candels, and priests in white garmets at the altar, and (altar) boys burning incense;exactly as you see in a Roman Catholic Church at midnight on December twenty-fourth in our own time. - Bishop William Montgomery Brown, Science and History for Girls and Boys - (Galion, OH: The Bradford-Brown Educational Company, 1932), pp. 138-139.f.

Because it's not the "Christ of the flesh" they are describing in this "Nativity", and the "Christ" they are describing is a "Roman synthesis" Christ (which the very name of the Roman religion which "invented it" bears "Catholic/Universal"), which was "created" as purely a "Symbol" for the Roman Empire. And it's "Christ" which is being "honored", "venerated" and yes "worshipped" is actually the pagan Nephilim demon sun-god, Apollo, (Apollyon Rev.9:11)  which simply "absorbed" the attributes of all the pagan [and Jewish] religions of it's "conquered" empire consolidated under Rome's Pontiff Maximus.

* It is APOLLYON who was born on December 25th.

* It is APOLLYON who "glowed" as a baby

* It is APOLLYON who had a "Halo"


* It is APOLLYON who was "surrounded by NIKES"

* It is APOLLYON who had "Choirs of Muses singing" at his "birth"

* It is APOLLYON whose magic number was "3"


* It is the FALSE PROPHET Balaam who had a Donkey

* And it is THE BALAAMITE NICHOLAITANS who MIXED the worship of ROME'S APOLLYON with "CHRIST" as a "CHRIST" mass.

The entire list of "Deviations" from the Biblical narrative story can all be traced directly back to elements of APOLLO, which clearly demonstrate historically the design of this "Nativity story" was nothing more than Rome's "Cover-story" to continue worshiping it's own deity under the label of "Christ", as actually a competitive REPLACEMENT OF HIM!


In fact, not only did many of these events not even occur in the BIBLE, the ones that did, did not occur in the ways, times, and places they are presented associated with the "birth of Christ" at all.  They have been sewn together to CREATE a "Myth" that actually describes the "birth" of not only something else, but someone else entirely.  And the REASON this story was patched together and plastered on December 25th, is what you are never told at CHRIST-MASS, and yet, that is the REAL STORY OF CHRISTMAS!!

Mat 15:7-9  

Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. 

You are not "fooling anyone" but yourself with these "vain traditions" as the Scriptures call them, that you call a "Christ" mass, the same religious behavior, that he himself CONDEMNED TO HELL.  These "Tricks" have been going on with religion even before "Christ" was ever born, and they are no better today, done by a "Church" or someone who claims to be a "Christian", than they were before when they were being done by a "Rabbi" who falsely claimed to be "Jewish".  in fact, despite the change of terminology, it is actually the same people today, doing the very same things as before, with some new vocabulary words.

2Ki 17:9  

And the children of Israel did secretly those things that were not right against the LORD their God, and they built them high places in all their cities, from the tower of the watchmen to the fenced city. 

And to understand the full impact of what Christ was saying about them, you would have to read the designation or definition of the term "hypocrite" from the Tanakh, because it was not simply claiming someone was a "little inconsistent" in what they said from what they did. "Christ" was calling these people, damned liars.


Job 8:13  So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite's hope shall perish: 

Job 13:16  He also shall be my salvation: for an hypocrite shall not come before him. 

Job 27:8  For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained, when God taketh away his soul? 

Isa 33:14  The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings

And why did he call them this?

Mat 15:7-9 Ye hypocrites,...But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. 

This is literally the DICTIONARY DEFINITION of what Rome's preachers & priests do over "Christmas". Christ called it the VAIN WORSHIP of a HYPOCRITE.



Which do you do, dear minister? It's a serious question, you should give a lot of thought to, if you wish to be "saved" by the same "Christ" who condemned these things to "everlasting fire".  And if you wish to "teach salvation" you certainly, have no business openly and willfully disobeying Christ's command over this issue.  You will be "spreading your own damnation" wherever you "minister" your willful hypocritical rebellion against God for the sake of a "commandment of men". Go get an honest job, and save your soul.

Mat 23:15  

Woe unto you, ... [Christmas] hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves


As you have seen above, there is not a SINGLE ASPECT of the "Christ" mass STORY, that has been LEFT INTACT, with it's Biblical counterpart, it uses as a FIG LEAF to hide it's dastardly deed behind. NOT ONE. It is a COMPLETE REPLACEMENT using vague "parallels' to BAIT AND SWITCH the "worshiper" from a Jewish Messiah, to the Roman sun-god, promoted by ROMAN/MASONIC NICOLAITAN SYNCRETISTS. And as you have seen (or will see) in the other parts of this site, this REPLACEMENT, was based on the idea "Christ" was not "literal" (in the flesh), but purely a "universal symbol", just like "Thor", or "Osirus" or "Shamash" or "Mithras" or "Sol Invictus". (It was ALL THE SAME)

As you will see (or have seen) also, this REPLACEMENT is not "accidental" in any respect. It is FULLY INTENTIONAL. It is DEISGNED. It is PLANNED. It is ICONOGRAPHED and CHOREOGRAPHED.  And "pretending" you do not "see anything" when it is BLATENT in it's efforts, really is in the full sense of the word, "delusional".

But that REPLACEMENT does not simply exist in  history PAST.  It is not something that just happened 1600 years ago, in some dark corner of western civilization. It is an ACTIVE PROGRAM OF REPLACEMENT going on to THIS VERY DAY.  In fact, it is RE-CREATED EVERY YEAR, with precisely THE SAME INTENT it was given since the 4th and 5th centuries. TO REPLACE HIM.  And how ANTITHETICAL are the REPLACEMENTS that are ritualistically and annually conducted through this "ceremony"?  If not going from a Jew to a ROMAN is not enough for you, how about going from a Jew to a PALESTINIAN SUICIDE BOMBER?  Of course that is absolutely rediculous isn't it? And yet, that is precisely what "Christmas" in BETHLEHEM today, is being used to promote. And who would be behind THIS BIZARRE REPLACEMENT? Well of course, the same people who were behind the original replacement to begin with. 






Rev 18:24  And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of every kind of person having been slain on the earth. 

The Christmas Lie is MUCH BIGGER Than You Think.


...and THIS is what they DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW about it.





It was celebrated before he was ever born

And would be celebrated in much the same way as it is today,

If he had never even existed





in defense of the state's observance of Christ-Mass, it was openly declared and publically recorded in our own Public Congressional Record (Congressional Record E13461 December 14, 1971), that Christ-Mass was neither a "Christian" holy day, nor begun by Christianity.

"As Christmas comes down to us today it is a rich heritage of customs, traditions, folklore, and legend, drawn from many lands and people --- The idea of celebrating on or about December 25 was born among ancient people long before the birth of Christ.  In Rome, it was the 'dies natalis invieti solis'- the birthday of the unconquered Sun In the same manner, other customs originally pagan in origin have been assimilated into our Christmas heritage -- the decorative tree, the glowing candles, the story of Santa, stockings by the fireplace, greeting cards, yule logs -- all are now associated with the birthday of Christ." 




Most people are not aware that Christmas is actually a religion on it's own.  It is actually not even Roman Catholic though that is how it came into power in the Empire.  The earliest "Latin Church Fathers" simply laid the intellectual groundwork for it's introduction through assimilation, but actually never knew the "Holy Day" called "Christ-Mass" because it was not actually part of their religion.  The "Christmas religion" is a "mystery religion" or a system of religion that is spread and transmitted through "secret socieites" which in one form or another trace their beginning back to ancient Babylon.  The religion of "Christmas" is called "Mystery Babylon" in the Bible, and it's god is Shamash, the Babylonian sun-god born on December 25th, which later became "Apollo" in Rome.  The worship of Apollo/Shamash as "Christ" is in keeping with how the god changed it's name throughout the world as it was passed from culture to culture, taking the name of whatever god it defeated.  In ancient Israel, this god was given the title of the sacred name, YHVH, which enraged the Prophets who recorded their Protests in the Tanakh, and called it out, and denounced it in the strongest terms possible, by it's original Babylonian and Canaanite names.  These protests make up major portions of what "Christians" refer to as the "Old Testament".  In the New Testament, the Apostles, copied the same manner of denounciations for the same trend, that was taking place among people in New Testament communities even before the end of the writing of the last documents in the New Testament.  Later this religion took over not only what people today refer to as the "Roman Church", but eventually even the Roman Empire, through Constantine the great.

Like every LIE, THE CHRISTMAS LIE has been crafted to HIDE THE TRUTH about something, 

and what they are hiding from you, is the first thing you should have been told about it.


When you read the rest of this site, you will find out.




It is hard for "innocent by-standers" to believe or understand the intensity and ferocity, with which Nicolaitans, be they Roman or Masonic, guard the day of worship, of it's state ICON, from the days of the Theodosius II Codex, especially if they believe the lie (or have been pushing it) that Christmas is just a fun time of year for Santa-Clause and good cheer and oh yeah, baby Jesus.  

The imperial Saturnalia-Apollo cult of Constantine, which became the law of the empire during the time of Pope Sixtus III (Literally 666),  has it's missionaries all over the world, and they are not restricted within simply the Roman Church, actually the "Department of religion" of the old Roman empire.  The Christ-Mass Lie has it's "angels" in every place spreading it's message, it's philosophy and it's theology among all groups and within all institutions. Their tactics are always the same and predictable;  Divide, conquer, ridicule and persecute.  Which of course is in keeping with the general hypocrisy of what is claimed about this holy day and it's Icon, and what is actually working through it.  

The long history of distortions (or outright lies whichever you prefer) have not stopped with the central character of the New Testament it claims to actually represent (which is a major part of THE LIE), but extends throughout history, touching the interpetation of historic people and events, one hardly suspects of the connection.  The founding fathers of America, the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts are but one, among many, that serves as our next prime example.

The volunteer missionaries of the Christ-Mass inquisition in America actually cite the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock as justification for demanding compulsory homage to Rome's Nicolaitan Icon at Christ-Mass, arguing America was "founded to be a Christian country" therefore all America should be forced to observe it's Solar-Mass now called "Christ-Mass".  The claim is astounding beyond logic, and is hard to believe it could be attributed to simply pure ignorance.  Some of these people work as teachers in the public education system.  In fact, it is so outrageously wrong with only the slightest familiarity with the historical truth, it is not plausible that people who have made a lifetime career educating others would have never once, not even by accident, run across the actual truth? To call them blatant public liars would seem harsh, but to think they were really that ignorant, would be arrogant, and just as cruel.  But obviously, it has to be one or the other.

It is a complete myth (or lie) that the Pilgrims came to America to have a "Christian nation" which would observe compulsory Christmas.  This somehow get's quoted by people promoting compulsory Christmas laws in America and there could be nothing more opposite to the truth than this.  Some of the people in the Religious-Right who pass this off, are educated enough to remove the possiblity it is simple ingorance at work.  Pilgrims came to American to escape state compulsion of religion, and the primary culprit or nemesis, motivating their effort to escape, was actually Rome's Christ-Mass, which obviously doesn't serve the lie quite as well.  And if any "new nation" aspirations can be quoted at all, it ishistorically in the context of actually escaping the shadow of the Antichrist in Europe, which they unanimously agreed was the Papacy. 

The fact that "lying" is actually canonized and sanctified as a "religious service to God" in Nicolaitan religion should not make this surprising, although still shocking to actually see acted out with such brashness and lack of shame.  But THE LIE get's much bigger than even this.  On the one hand, while venerating the Pilgrims as an ambigious symbol of Nationalism and state sponsored Roman Religion among "conservatives", they also put them in black and white costumes, and create ridiculous cartoonish caricatures of insane religious zealotry and fundementalism for liberals  to hate who know they rejected Christ-Mass, lying to both groups at the same time, for basically the same motivational reason: promotion of (the idol of the Empire) now called Christ-mass .

It is not simply that Christmas was "pagan", although it was (as people generally intend the term used) and that is an issue for people attempting to practice a real Christian faith of any sort.  And this should not be offensive to anyone within itself, there are Buddhist doing the same thing with Buddhism, feminists reconstructing historical feminism, pagans seeking the same for paganism, add infinitum.  But that statement really does an injustice to the real problem with it, which is much more severe than simply being "Pagan".   "Christians" do a lot of "pagan things" and the term "pagan"  itself is a distortion of history.

This point is usually taken as an obsession with Christ-Mass missionaries within positions of influence such as the media or academia as a point of derision for some reason. (As though "Christians" are the only ones who have no right to do what everyone else is doing with their belief systems as well?)  Which doesn't make a lot of sense if you honestly think about it.

Often, it will turn out that these statement are made by Americans of Roman Catholic affiliation or members of various secret societies once linked to the Roman Empire, now seducing America's evangelicals into the practice, seeking to use their positions of public influence to simply fulfill their creed of "by any means necessary".  Of course, making false statements in order to do that, can also be an abuse of public trust within these positions of influence, for which they are employed.  In academic settings, public education becomes reduced from education, to indoctrination, often revolving around patently false statements, (known to be false), but repeated for the sake of devotion to a personal creed, which everyone does not share, and which is being spread at the expense of the truth, accurate reporting in journalism, scientific fact, or a real education.

Most are not aware, that within the body of theology identified by Christ-Mass practice, is the belief since the time of Saint Chrysostom (an Empire "Saint") continiously for 1000 years up to the time of Ignatius Loyola, "lying" and "deceit", usually thought of  as anti-thetical to relgious pactice forbidden by the Decalogue, the New Testament, and the echos of these in the Quran, , was actually canonized and sanctified as a "religious service" to "God" (by way of the Nicolaitan conquest of the "Church of Rome").  It was redefined, not as a "sin", but "good management" and a "skill", rather than "a sin", or as the Scripture calls it, "an abomination to God" for which "practitioners" of it as a philosophy, are damned to eternal hell.  (These are precisely the "practitioners" historically those texts were written to refer too)  Not the occasional, accidental liar.  And their eternal destination in hell, or the "lake of fire" (which they do in fact worship and seduce innocents through deceit into the same) is both logical and justified.  It is after-all for them, a conscious choice to engage these practices knowing from the beginning the warnings they have consciously fought, suppressed, persecuted, slandered and victimized throughout history, to snuff them out.

Lying is both a part of it's religious practice and it's philosophy, extending well beyond lies told to children on December 25th, to the contents within Encyclopedias, history books, archeology or even lab results if necessary.  It is a philosophy which has actually turned deceit for God into a "Religion", even to the extent of lying about the identity of God, or even Satan.  Thus why it's normative practice of teaching deception of children at Christmas, leaves it's proponents completely clueless as to why such would even be an issue?  Lying and religion go together and subconsciously the practice of decieving their children is neither unusual nor offensive, especially if they intend to "do good" with the LIE.  But who's to decide what "good" really is?  The one telling THE LIE? Christ addressed this fallacy by noting there were none good apart from God.  Lies told in disobedience to God's will are not "good", no matter what your "intent" may be, and lying about God's nature and his worship, has never been justified as his "will" in the scriptures with a single example. Not even once. Deciet is an act that comes from a spirit, and Christ said; The TRUE worshipers of God are "Those who worship him in spirit and truth".  Notice this is directly aimed at the issue of "worship". 

Even Jews and Muslims are confronted with and mystified by the strange demand among some esteemed leaders in their own religions, that ROME'S Christ-Mass be observed in their own lands and religions?  Which obviously makes even less sense than it does for "Christians" whose connections to it through the Vatican in the western empire, at least have some historical precedent or facade of logical justification.


Biblically oriented Protestants recognize the irreconcilable conflict immediately, but are often "seduced" to accept the practice of deception, encouraged by their own Churches and ministers, who were seduced themselves decades ago to accept it's body of  theology.  Of course, these Protestants are not aware that lying and using God's name to do it are comdemned in the Decalogue with the promise of an unconditional curse from God.  But these differences in ethics and epistemology, point to the historic differences between once Biblically oriented faiths, and the religion practiced in the "name of Christ" originally known as the "Nicolaitan" movement, and thus why "Saint Nicolas" is it's "Patron Saint" and "father Christmas".That "Christmas is pagan, therefore not Christian", (as people generally intend the term) is only a small part of the whole story about Christ-mass, and though that is obviously one of the hardest things for Nicolaitans (the term they were originally known by) to deny among Protestant Christians, who have Bibles and the cognitive ability to critically and independently read them, denials will be even issued here. And normally, that's where the debate begins and ends.

But what most people do not realize, no matter what their orientation is in terms of "religion" or lack thereof, is that "Christmas" is actually a religion unto itself, predating real "Christianity", the Christian Vatican, even Jesus Christ himself.  It is probably one of the oldest "religions" on earth, but by no means alone in it's antiquity, for there has always been also, in every culture, among every people, in every religion,  it's anti-thesis.  And the TRUTH of the matter is that while the "Lake of fire" worshippers have successfully converted religious icons from every part of the globe into puppets of their twisted and deceptive ideology, virtually all of those REAL FIGURES IN REAL HISTORY, UNIVERSALLY CONDEMNED THEM AND THEIR PRACTICE.   This fact, is also smothered in propaganda and disinformation and will later have an entire article posted on it on this site tracing it through history, from Asia, to Arabia, to the Native Americas.  SUN-WORSHIP was NOT a monolithic relgious practice throughout the world as is falsely claimed.  It has been MADE SO by people who wish to promote that ideology regardless of what is actually written and dug up by archeology.  Documentation exposing this deceptive claim will be shown, just as they have tried to do with the history of America's own Pilgrims, so too they have done throughout the world, to everyone's history, from that of Native Americans, to Asians, to Arabians, to Christian Romans, the story is the same, and so is the script they repeat to all.  

The solar-cult and it's worship of the "Lake of Fire" (Lord) is it's OWN RELIGION, it's central high-holy day being the birth of the Sun.    Even in the history of Buddhism, one will find the same patterns of infiltration, subterfuge and substitution that one sees in the west, along with the same patterns of imperialism and victimization through deceit of it's original practice and beliefs.  The Serpent and the Sun, along with it's "high places", are obvious fixtures in modern Buddhism, and are as uncritically accepted among Buddhists, as the very same "lake of fire" worship is accepted among modern day Catholics.  But just as in Roman Catholicism there was a marked entry point in history where Nicolaitanism conquered Roman "Christianity" (given the hypothesis it was ever there to begin with), so too one will find the most bizarre state of contradictions in the history of Buddhism too.  Siddhārtha Gautama who originally rejected the Polytheism of Hindusim, now carved in stone Idols all over Asia, with the Sun on his head, and the Serpent at his foot, under the Fig tree receiving enlightenment, condemned Idolatry, denounced polytheism, and forbade not only the building of "High Places", but even their visitation by his own disciples, all of whom now, have their temples on the very "high places" he forbade, filled with idols he condmened?

It is not known by people in Asia, people in Arabia, and people in America, nor by their fellow seekers in Rome, in Jerusalem, or in Mecca, that all of these original prophets, and their original messages, and have intentionally supplanted and institutionalized with something they all condemned, and warned against.  The warnings were universal in scope, in religion, and in consequence, as well as the attempt to intentionally oppress, and supplant these very warnings, by a religion of deceit that worships the Biblical definition of the devil.  There has been a concerted effort to deceive the nations and it's innocents, and it is still going on to this very day, among all people and all their original religions.  It is most easily observed by Christians, in "Christian countries", by what it has done to (and within) Christianity.  But what it has done to "Christianity", it has also done to Judaism, and Islam, in no less a degree, repeating the same script of collusion and corruption and distortion and division. 

It is known about, acknowledged, believed in and promoted by secret societies, and in the west, it pervades western institutions including governments and Churches, and including now the Vatican.  At first glance, Christ-Mass will emerge as a Roman-Catholic institution in recent history, therefore it is easy to see the line of demarcation in it's history  as a Protestant-Catholic controversy, which it did become.  But as you continue to research farther into it's history, than even the earlier ages of the Catholic Church, it will be discovered that laying this at the feet of Roman Catholicism is far too simplistic, far too easy and a bit unfair.  Roman Catholics were the first to be victimized by what is behind it.  In fact, the truth is that Roman Catholics were the first objectors to it. The first to fight it. And the first to go so far as to leave or be excommunicated from the Church over it.  And Roman Catholics have been more victimized by it, as anyone, anywhere, if not in the end, more so.  Obviously it made the centralized authority of the Vatican an early target in it's conquests, but it's acquisition of official Vatican power was not completed for 4 centuries under the guise of "Christianity".  A period of time twice that of America's own bicentennial existence.


Until you understand what is behind THE CHRISTMAS LIE, you probably won't understand much of what is going on around you, nor what has actually happened in history (much of it rewritten to hide the truth).  The world will be filled with odd and bizzare inexplicable contradicitons that make no rational sense whatsoever, and will have to be attributed to causes without effect, or effects without logical causes.  Such as "Christian" clergy, that secretly worship the devil, promotes "holy days" where the devil is obviously "venerated" playfully and overtly, such as "All Hallows Eve" or as you will see, in much greater degree than even Halloween, CHRISTMAS.  You will observe the strange and bizzare behavior of "Christian empires" in history that spend most of their spare time, "slaughtering Christians"?  Communist dictators who exploit the working class, Muslim Caliphs who kill Muhammad's own family, and the bizarre condition of Roman Rulers claiming to be "the representitve of Christ on Earth", who simultaneously issue commands to have his entire blood-family exterminated?  You will see historic mosques in Islam, built on the site of Muhammad's own home, whom his own blood-family were kicked out into the streets, exposed and made homeless to build (by a supposedly "Muslim" Caliph, using Christian Masons)?  You will see idols of Buddah all over Asia in temples dedicated to his practice, both of which he condemned? And of course, the most bizarre thing of all, Atheists who promote the keeping of Rome's "Christ-Mass" and the worship of the Sun? Atheists? Why would Atheists worship anything?  Isn't that the whole point of Atheism?  And Atheists not just in America, but in Asia too.  The dictator of North Korea going so far as to take the name of the Sun... and coincidently celebrating the "Christ-Mass" in Atheistic, Communistic North Korea?  But if you understand THE CHRISTMAS LIE, and what is behind it, and what has been behind since it's beginning, you will understand why all of these things exist exactly as they do.  And why they are all lies, intended to victimize all equally, to cover up what they are too cowardly and corrupt to openly admit, but instead  spread through alliances of seduction, deciet, sabotage and corruption in 'secrecy' throughout the world.

Why was it spread through "secret" societies? The answer to that involves more than a single reason.  The most important answer to Christians, Muslims and Jews however, is that what they teach and do, has been known as devil worship where ever the original message of the Prophets, in all lands, among all religions, or any of it's scriptures, have traversed.  And the same people doing it, will be the first to mock the charge the most loudly.  That is part and parcel of it's predictable behavior.  It's Nicolaitan missionaries insist that is simply a misunderstanding, that the worship, veneration or channeling of Satan is different, if you focus on the good side of him known as Lucifer, or as in the case with the Roman brand, simply merge his identity with that of God or Christ making them indistinguishably but secretly one and the same.  A technique of syncretism not restricted to Christianity, but applied among every group.

Like a chameleon it will change it's colors to match whatever audience it is attempting to "seduce", but it is actually it's own religion, a "religion" based on deceit, not authentically Catholic, not Protestant, and technically (a discussion reserved for later) not even really truly Pagan, in the purest and most primitive use of the term.  To the "Christian", it makes appeals to the "Birth of Christ" and will demand it be observed because America is a "Christian nation"!  But to the secular materialist, it will just as easily put on a completely opposite face of pure commercialism, and make appeals to debauchery, "having fun" and "making money" and mock "Christians" who show the slightest reservation toward their prostitution of sacred matters.  It will go to Thailand and make appeals to Buddha's serpent, to communist China and make appeals to industrial producton, to Muslim countries and make appeals to the "Prophet Jesus", and here in America brag it is really "pagan" to what it thinks are "Liberals", while demanding it as the Icon of "Christian" conservatism to conservatives. It lies to everyone mercilessly.   

It uses all, and serves none but itself.   It is actually an ancient religion of deception, an actual religion of deciet!  that traces it's OWN ORIGINS, in it OWN WORDS,  back to the beginning of civilization, in BABEL. It is one thing to simply make this accusation, anyone can make any accusation they please, that doesn't mean it is actually true.  But this isn't the deduction of a critic that December 25th's solar worship comes from BABEL, or that it's religious pathos is DECEIT.  It is actually the claim of those who founded it's practice in ROME, and the charges of those who first fought against them.  It is the direct claim of those who instituted Rome's Solar-Mass to Apollyon as a "CHRIST" -MASS.  Not only did they openly CLAIM this, they did so because they actually thought this was GOOD, when they did it.

But the important thing for you as a public consumer to know, no matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what belief system you have embraced, the forces within it that are advocating the embrace of Rome's Solar-Mass to Apollyon, are not simply accidental occurrence motivated by innocent intellectual positions which see benefits to the practice.  They are intentional designs, implemented through coordinated efforts at deceit using influential members of institutions and groups, put there by design, down to even the level of Atheism, or Communists in Atheistic Communist nations (which by all logic should be spared victimization by this "religious movement").
If you think this is some kind of unfair "religious based" projection coming from some half-crazed "fundementalist", you have bought one of their lies, and you could not possibly be farther from the truth.  This is what they identitify it as in their own wordsin their own teaching on it, and in their own adoption of it's symbolisms, and it's RITUAL.  It is A RELIGION.  A religion from ancient Babel.  ...not "Christian", not "pagan", not "commercial" not even "secular", but using all of the above and anything else that is necessary to get it's way.  This is A RELIGION that is based on the utilitarian practice of deciet. And of course, as a RELIGION, using public tax-payer funded American government and it's law and institutions is a direct violation of our own U.S. Constitution, which doesn't mean anything to the Supreme Court justices, who are themselves members of this religion.  Thus sanctifying it's imposition on all Americans.
That is why it has no problem putting on completely opposite incompatable "faces" with each group it works to seduce.  This of course, once again, in the scriptues is called "Satan", and the practice of this religion, i.e., utilitarian religious deceit from Babel, making a religion out of lying, murder and perversion, is referenced in the title given by Christ himself to it when addressing it's presence in 1st century Israel where he noted it's origin to be (Ha Sawtawn) "The Father of Lies".   Amazing as it may seem, the Christmas religion (though not called this then) was being practiced in Israel when Christ lived!  And if you accept the New Testament, that is one of the reasons, among others, he ended up on a cross, instead of in a throne though heir to the deposed Davidic monarchy, though such fate was proposed by New Testament writers to have been inevitable and planned to induce the mistake from the beginning.  In fact, in a later section, this will be explained and shown why this was an intended strategy to create an irreconcilable conflict against Babelism.

Once the Arabs recognized the deceit being perpetrated through the translation of the Vatican's New Testament into Arabic, the Arabs reacted and broke their ties with ROME, starting their own movement with their own prophets, who originally were not starting a new religion at all, anymore than Christ actually was.  

Just as Christ's family was murdered, so too the Babelists infiltrated Islam through the Caliph, literally importing "Christian" "Masons" to build Islam it's new unauthorized temples.  Temples now called "Mosques",  Muhammed never built, and whose building was literally accomplished by both killing and throwing out into the streets, naked and homeless, his own flesh and blood descendants.  Treating him and his own family with no more dignity than those who had belonged to "Christ".  The first Mosque was literally destroyed by Lightening and burned to total ashes, as though God in heaven himself had registered his protest against what had been done.

Babelism is actually a pan-religion.  It is held and spread in "secrecy" behind the scenes through influential members of society who are offered "memberships" in one of their many "secret soceities", sometimes even affiliated with informal extensions of religious institutions, or even government itself.  It puts itself in any and every container because it has no problem with lying, so it doesn't care what anyone's "beliefs" actually are, nor what lies have to be told to manipulate it's "believers".  It teaches it's missionaries to take the outward form of any religious or ideological container, like a hand within a glove, so that it can manipulate all through all.  

It actually "worships" all gods, one god, and no gods all at the same time, claiming to be religious to the religious, secular to the secular, and even atheist to the atheist.  Yet it worships both God and Satan (as Lucifer) as secretly the same thing, because it's cardinal doctrine is that of "Mixture" or "Syncretism".  Thus why the emphases developed in early Judaism on "Kosher", or the Prohibition AGAINST "Mixture", in everything from clothing to FOOD!  But that MIXTURE is actually one of BABELISM'S most important and sacred foundational doctrines.  Without this "Mixture", it would exist no more, from whence comes it's original Hebrew description "Con+fusion".  

It is "Con+fusion" that is dressed up in many well sounding slogans and phrases, that solicit the naive assistance of the ignorant in every land.  But the real danger of this "confusion" of course, is not simply "confusion" over food, clothes, or A mixed with B as generic points of reference, but "Confusion" over God and Satan.  "Confusing" Satan for God, is basically in the Scriptures identified as Blasphemy, which destroys a person's psyche (i.e. Soul), like the magnetic orientation of a broken compass which can no longer point north, and lead to an eternity in "The Lake Of Fire" (which is THE SUN, which it worships).  It's obviously neither cruel nor illogical to assert that what you CHOOSE to worship, will determine your final spiritual state.  Who really can argue with such straightforward conclusions?  One of the whole reasons you worship something to begin with, is to obviously "become one" with it, especially upon death and the survival of consciousness.  This was the origin of the "lake of fire" or "Hell-fire" warnings given by the Prophets of monotheism, recorded in the Scriptures of the world, for all to see in every age since the earliest days of written antiquities.
What everyone in the general public needs to be aware of is that Nicolatian Babelists betray whatever they claim to be, because all of these things are simply being "used" for the ultimate purpose of importing "control" over the hearts and minds of what they see as the "ignorant masses", plain and simple.  Nimrod was said to be a "mighty hunter", and almost all commentators and linguists have recognized, from the grammatical constructions in Hebrew, this to be a "hunter of people". In other words, a "tyrant".  In modern words, a "Dictator" or "Fascist".  Fascism is a major political ideological componant of this secret religion and surfaces in it's practices repeatedly, continually and throughout all history where it has been practiced.  And another major reason for it's division of knowledge between it's indoctrinated inner circle and the general uninformed "unenlightened" masses, who really do not savor the prospects of being ruled by anyone's fascism.

Nicolaitan Babelists are only masquerading as "Christians", despite their great positions of authority or esteem within "Christian" circles, which now permeate America the same way they eventually permeated christian Rome and eventually seized control.  "Christianity" is only a "tool" for a political end, and that end is always consistent with restoring the tower of Babel (whatever that might arbitrarily mean in any given age) in the spirit of Nimrod, the grandmaster, in any society.  That perverted twist of logic being it's "lofty" and idealistic goal, but in actuality, nothing more than just private elitist justification for devil worship, child rape, and moral justification for any act of private personal evil that advances one's own personal monetary gain or power, while maintaining a 'facade" publicly of something "good".  Yes, it's pretty disgusting, and thus why it is held in "secret".  Can you really blame them for wanting to keep it "secret"?  From ancient Babel, to Israel, to Rome, to Arabia, to Japan, Nazi Germany, modern Europe to now America, the story always repeats the same script like a Nigerian email bank scam, with a new lot of local wealthy suckers eager to be thought of as "enlightened" or "powerful", in the the loop or in "the know".  Who in the end, become not "enlightened" but deceived and deluded into their own destruction if not literal damnation, and not nearly even half of what they could have been, if simply remaining real and ethical, honest and noble, or in simple faithfulness to a God, that perhaps at one time they actually knew and had not betrayed.

It is important for citizens of western civilization, no matter what their particular religious persuasion might be, to understand that while the secret cults of the Nicolaitans may have taken over a society, even it's Christian institutions from Protestant denominations to the Vatican itself, these men are not "Christians".  Yes, they pose as "Christians" in the west, but they pose as Muslims in other countries, and they pose as Jews in Israel.  They pose as impostures in whatever religious context they may find themselves, faithful to none, and prostituting all, but always promoting the worship of the Sun, through subtlety, secrecy, sabotage and deceit.  They do it to Catholics in Rome, Protestants in America, and Jews in Israel, and have overcome all to institute themselves in permanent historical power both within these regions, and it's associated religions, though prohibited and condemned since antiquity among all.

This distinction is an important one to make for everyone because unlike what is popularly spread by Nicolaitans themselves, that the definition of any given religion or it's body of orthodoxy, is purely one of statistical dominance, the definition of a religion, any religion, like that of gemology, is defined by what the stone actually is itself, not the majority of stones you have simply piled up in a corner and stuck a sign on top declaring them to be so because of their quantity.  Religion is defined by belief. To not believe it's body of ideas, is to no longer be, or have the right to bear, the name of that religion.  In the same way a diamond is not made a diamond simply because it is what most stones are, nor limestone, limestone.  These things have definitions.

Nicolaitans are not now, nor have they ever been, "Christians".  Yes, they move among, exploit, deceive, profit from, manipulate and seduce "Christians" because Nicolaitanism is a "religion".  But Nicolaitanism is not "Christianity" even if it takes over everything in the world with the word "Christian" on the sign on the door, it still does not make it so.  The reason Nicolaitans will never be "Christians" no matter how many institutions they infiltrate and take over, is that recorded in the very writings of the Apostles, whether you believe them to be Catholic, Pre-Catholic or Jewish, is the denunciation of the Nicolaitans as diametrical opposite to the followers of the real Christ.  This historical documentation means that this definition is forever fixed, written into the definition of what "Christ" and believing in "Christ" actually means, by definition, which also by definition excludes Nicolaitans.

Nicolaitans claim to be "born-again", whatever that might mean in the context of your own theology, they claim to be "Christians" or followers of "Christ", believers in the God of Israel, etc., etc. but the Bible, the New Testament, the Apostolic Canon itself, makes it very clear that no matter what may come in the future from that day forward, Nicolaitans are outside the realm of the followers of Christ.  They are "lost".  They are a people who accept blasphemy of God as the norm.  They call God, Satan, and Satan, God, and have completely lost their magnetic north spiritually to such an extent, they will suffer eternal separation from God, and they are so deluded they do not know this state exists within them.  And the danger of their work, is that they reproduce this condition in everyone they defile.

When Nicolaitan (or Babelist) clergy read about themselves in these writings in the Bible, the question naturally arises, why do they not become convicted or concerned? Why do they not change, or repent of what they know they are doing wrong?  The answer primarily goes back to the question of definition.  Nicolaitans have been indoctrinated to think that as long as they have conquered 51% of any given group, they are entitled to all the rights, benefits, titles and privileges of that group, no matter how disparate the definition between themselves and that group actually are.  It is the induction of a set of ethics and standards found most commonly among con-artists selling snake oil.  And also explains why privately held deception is such an accepted practice among them.  The "uninitiated" never suspect everything they are being told, is a complete and total lie.  Often a bizarre fabrication so antithetical to reality, it is even hard to imagine, and this natural distance of deniability, is their wall of protection.

No one likes to admit they have been suckered, so denying the obvious becomes a matter of emotional well-being for those they victimize.  Nicolaitans know this, and depend on it to continue their work, their bases of support, their loyal followings, no matter what they do or have done, or will do even worse in the future.

Nicolaitans (i.e.,Babelists), usually realize they cannot win their argument with someone who has an open Bible and an educated rational mind to read it, so they will turn away from it quickly in public settings, to public redicule and secret persecutions, invoking the word "pagan" themselves to offer it a defense, as the reasonable party within the debate.
The most remarkable and bizarre element of it's facade of all, usually coming from it's suppposed "Christian" clergy?  "Christian clergy" defending the practice of what they themselves call "Paganism"?  Which they also must defend Rome's genocide of, supposedly when it became "Christian" and demanded everyone worship it's Idol upon pain of death?  Pagans were slaughtered along with everyone else, including Constantine's own pagan priest, and thousands of faithful Catholics.
This is behavior which compensates for the fact they are defending an indefensible religious lie which has injured everyone, and have nothing else to work with, to gain their way, other than rouse an ignorant mob in their defense.  And due to the fact that the label "Paganism" is much preferred by them to what they are actually doing.  It is their fig leaf to hide the real darkness of what the Bible actually pointed out in 95 AD (approx.) and called "the depths of Satan".  Given the Biblical descriptions of who they are and what they are doing, "Paganism" is a welcomed deception to hide behind, looking magnanimous and "Christian" at the same time.  Thus their preferred, but very bizarre public contradictions.  The Bible, no matter what else you may think about it, does serve as an amazing documentary source of information from Antiquity about this religion, complete with composition dates and descriptions, which if nothing else in your mind, should be credited with this one amazing fact. And perhaps a hidden agenda for why the Bible was also sometimes promoted as a tool, by even people who did not actually believe in it themselves.  There was apparently a higher purpose at work.

But letting the debate begin and end with "Christmas is pagan" let's this massive deception off the hook way too easy.  If that is all that were really wrong with Christ-Mass, America's pilgrims would have never risked losing (and in some cases, actually losing)  their own lives to cross the Atlantic ocean to escape it. There also would never have been an Abraham, a Moses, a Christ, or even a Muhammad.  And unfortunately today, the majority of what people think as their "religions" did not come from these men at all, nor anything they taught or worte, but later Babelists who infiltrated their societies, their people, and their faiths, ...took over their messages, and made them into the exact opposite of all that they had really stood for and taught. A universal condemnation from God ...of Babelism.

The term "Pagan" itself is an invention of Roman Catholicism, and was used as a propaganda term to condemn all that was outside of it's domain, prior to it's establishment in 440 A.D. as the law of the Roman empire.

late 14c., from L.L. paganus "pagan," in classical L. "villager, rustic, civilian," from pagus "rural district," originally "district limited by markers," thus related topangere "to fix, fasten," from PIE base *pag- "to fix" (see pact). Religious sense is often said to derive from conservative rural adherence to the old gods after the Christianization of Roman towns and cities; but the word in this sense predates that period in Church history, and it is more likely derived from the use of paganus in Roman military jargon for "civilian, incompetent soldier," which Christians (Tertullian, c.202; Augustine) picked up with the military imagery of the early Church (e.g.milites "soldier of Christ," etc.). Applied to modern pantheists and nature-worshippers from 1908. - "PAGAN" - Online Etymology []

This website does not accept the designation "pagan", other than by way of simple accommodation to others,  for that reason.  The Bible does not use the term, and the use of it leads to many misunderstandings about the nature of pre-Christian religion throughout the world.  Some pre-christian religion, was not condemned in the Scriptures.  Some of it was.  Therefore to call all of it by a word the Prophets and Apostles themselves rejected would be inaccurate and misleading from a Biblical or even historical perspective.

The definition of whether a pre-christian religion was benevolent or malicious, had to do with the focus of it's worship.  There were (and still are) primitive societies and tribal belief systems that recognize an all encompassing creator-God, recognize it is both eternal, all powerful, and invisible. This fact is attested to in Romans 1, and observed by Sociologists and Anthropologists who have been studying primitive societies now for centuries.

There were two types of pre-christian, or pre-Judaic religion that were seen as "fallen" or "corrupted" or what would later be called in the Greek language "Apostate", meaning in modern terminology "dangerous" or "self-destructive".  The first type revolved around the departure of the definition of God itself, splintering or fragmenting the unified nature of the all encompassing deity (and thus the psyche of the individual) as a (unified collective consciousness "Elohim") or (Singularity "YHVH"), into individual competing (and conflicting) parts (gods), each lying, tricking, decieving, raping, theiving and killing to gain dominance over the other.  Thus creating the same condition within the psyche of it's adherents, fractured, in conflict, and in a state of cognitive dissonance.

This held up a psychological image of extremely negative and destructive character traits to emulate and idealize.  In terms of spirituality or psychic phenomenon, invoking, conjuring, or creating "spirits" of this nature would understandably lead to harm for people.  The second type of malicious pre-christian, or pre-Judaic religion involved attributing the unified invisible nature of the creator to singular objects within the creation itself.  This was understood as fragmentary as well.  When the objects involved were things like dolls, busts, statues, rocks, or various animals, or heavenly bodies, this practice came to be known as Idolatry.  Idolatry served commercial purposes in the ancient world, as much as it did religious ones, and within the system of Nicolaitan theology called Christ-mass, it retains it's original purpose of commerce.

One particular development in the malicious brand of pre-Judaic religion however, and a milestone and a distinguishable "marker" which would be cited for millenias to come as "The Mark", (which began with Cain) was the development of the religion of the "empire" recorded in the first 12 chapters of the Torah.  This particular version of religion was considered the most malicious and destructive of all religion and literally a curse upon the earth to all humanity, in that it incorporated at the core of it's error, an act that brought the destruction of the soul itself after death, or what we now call "eternal damnation".  

All of the errors of Apostacy were syncretized into a single operating body of psychology and spirituality, for use as political propaganda, centered around the arrogance and self-absorption of a human emperor and his kingdom. The kingdom of "Nimrod".  In the Bible, this form of religion was considered the arch-enemy of God, and despicable to the most extreme eternal degree.  Even the names given in the Bible to describe it are contortions of it's own original words, changed to illustrate it's corrupt and dangerous nature. His kingdom was called "Babel", originally "gate to God", but meaning "CONFUSION" in Hebrew. (Or in other words, a dangerous religious "LIE" based on sophistry, that mixed or "fused" God and Satan, life and death, salvation and damnation together)

This disdain is continued throughout Biblical literature, until the last book written, and the condemnation of it's injustice and deception remain consistent, along with promises that it leads it's "followers" into eternal damnation, destruction by fire, the torment of the flame.

Rev 18:7-8  How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.  Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. 

What the Torah is condemning in it's first 12 chapters is not the simple "paganism" of a shaman (or what we would call today a "Prophet") in a jungle, or a mountain, or desert seeking spiritual experience and prowess.  In fact, Abraham himself might be technically considered in such an ill-defined category.  It is the development of the Imperial religion (a synthesis religion of THE EMPIRE) that would BE FORECED on people through compulsion and lead as a result to either their earthly persecution, death, or if embraced, their own destruction spiritually in terms of the real definition of God, and their own psyche (or soul).  Thus why such a religious system was considered so heinous, and why people through history, from Abraham, to the American Pilgrims, have fled it to the ends of the earth.

If you employed the use of the Roman Catholic term "pagan", you would have to say that Melchizadek was a "pagan", but it was Melchizadek who taught Abraham, about the "Most High God". So obviously the term, like so much from Rome, is an error based on Rome's own propagandizing designed to benefit itself at the expense of history, and it is neither a term, nor a concept, you will find used in the Scriptures.  Rome (the Empire and the same as being described above in Nimrod) has played games with the term "pagan" to "confuse" people, first condemning it's own citizens of the Empire, to the flames of death as "pagans", then later, in the modern era, claiming to be it's defender, simply because of all that it stole from them while it was killing them.  And this behavior was not restricted to "pagans".  They did the same thing to the Jews responsible for writing the texts in our Bible.  But the term "pagan" itself is like a disease a doctor invents to give you a sugar pill he allegedly cures, then claims he did you a favor by charging for his own fake medicine,  because he knew you were really healthy all along.

The problem with the religion of Nimrod (perhaps Nudimmud) , and it's practices, is not that it was "pagan" as Rome has used this propaganda term, it is that it actually worshipped the opposite of God, was committed at it's very core to oppressing people for the sake of it's "Empire", and consequently had very malicious aims toward people it chopped up into "classes" and groups as sacrificial fodder.  It's primary methodology was/is to manipulate the masses through deciet, reducing all that is not "itself" to cattle at best, and disease to be exterminated at worst.  That opposite "spirit" was given the title "Ha Sawtawn", meaning in Hebrew "the adversary".  The one that will "oppose God", and actually fight against "God".  It achieves this goal by not doing away with God, but simply turning the definition of God onto itself, so that it recieves what only God should be given;  Worship and submission. Thus why it is such an awful deception.

Today, we think of this in the sense of being a "Devil worshipper" or "Satanist", but this too is actually an invention centered around Roman Catholicism.  Modern "Satanism" is simply a reactionary movement to Roman Catholicism, taking everything that is opposite to it as it's "religion".  But of course if the compass is broke, going opposite to where it is stuck, really doesn't get you to 180.  So in this sense, modern "Satanists" are not really actually real "Satanists", because their point of reference for what wasn't "Satanism" was Roman Catholicism, and was not 360 degrees north to begin with.  They certianly might be very very malicious and destructive, but as far as really representing what "Satan" actually is, they could in fact be very far from it.  While they may extol the virtues of "evil" versus "good", both of these polarities come from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil" (both polarities).  That is how the Scriptures define actual or real "Satanism".  Modern Satanists, might more accurately be called Roman Catholic "Evilists" perhaps, rather than "Satanists".  

The original definition of "Satan" or "Ha Sawtawn" has developed within the Scriptures, as all concepts have, in keeping with the theological concept of "progressive revelation".  But the elementary concepts are in keeping with the more detailed descriptions, and the later descriptions were continually added to the earlier ones to expand and increase the volume of information on the subject in the Biblical text.

In every case in the Biblical text, "Satan", the adversary, the opponent, the accuser, was associated with (if not actually defined by) the Sun-worship of the Empire.  Thus the idea of it being associated with the "Fire" one sees in the sun. (Or what would later be called, the "Lake of Fire") This association remains consistent even into the words of Christ.

Mat 23:31-33  Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? - Christ
While the advocates of this empire religion were spreading their elitist esoteric "wisdom" associated with the worship of the Sun and the deification (absolute power) of the human Emperor, the Hebrew prophets brought a simple and clear warning about the error of this religion.  Along with the many psychological delusions it creates about the inflation of the self for already over-inflated selfish people..., in spiritual things, the whole point of "worshipping" something is to merge one's being with it, and ultimately, the survival of consciousness after death, to end up "within it".  Why would anyone who thinks about it, really want to go down a spiritual path, that while promising temporary earthly power and social status within the Empire, end in a permant state of damnation? (i.e.,Fire?) 

Mat 16:26  For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? 
or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? - Christ

It is simply an undeniably logical point, aside from the fact it may have actually been rooted in the empirical observations of actual experience.  NDE (near death experiences) accounts do include descriptions of what researchers call "hellish like experiences", and ironically these experiences are not reported by children.  Spontaneous resuscitations, obviously would have occured in the ancient world, just as it does today, when trauma injury bodies are mistakenly left for dead, and recover, and bring back personal accounts of OOB (out of body) states of consciousness and what we call today "hell".

Why would you spend your life worshsipping something, you wish to have no place in, in eternity? If you worship "Eternal Life", then if you become one with that, you will have "Eternal Life", but if you worship the earthly "power" of the empire instead by worshipping the SUN, then that is where you will go as well, and you will experience the "Opposite" of "Eternal Life", which is ...  "Eternal death".  Or.. as it came to be known later "damnation".

This was all very logical and simple in the beginning when it was spoken by the Prophets, in many lands, throughout the world.  Melchizadek being one of them.  Abraham being another.  The urgency and passion with which the prophets warned people not to embrace the religion of the Empire and embrace it's sun-god worship (even using the names of the Messiah or YHVH) can be seen throughout the Scriptures.  As these practices came into Israel, the Protests of the Prophets, and later the condemnation of the Apostles was unconditional, passionate, and uncompromising.  Worshipping the false sun-god of the empire (ha Sawtawn), would lead to damnation, and simply plastering the name of Yahveh on it, made it only a bigger, more egregious, and more dangerous delusion.

As you will see, the founding fathers of America, the Pilgrims, were not the only victim of Rome's Christ-Mass lie.  The Jews who agreed with Christ, or perhaps rather in reality Christ AGREED WITH, have been made historically non-existent.  They were literally wiped out in genocide decreed from the Vatican itself.  Their existence expunged from historical record as though no such thing ever happened or ever existed, including to the extent of the extermination of the real Christ's own blood-kin family. (All to support the Christ-Mass lie), which will be discussed in detail, later in this site.

The "enlightenment" spoken of by the Imperial cult, was really the self-deification of the Emperor.  A plurality of "gods" was employed simply as the model for the Emperor in "becoming one".  The real "worship" was of himself.  Realization that the earthly power of the Empire made him a functional "god" to the world he conquered, through killing, deceiving, raping, lying, fighting, stealing, and oppressing to become the alpha-male of the world by any means necessary.  

The more people who emulated this ideal though, the more difficult it would be for that same Emperor to actually rule anyone in a society, and the more hellish (and brutally unjust) daily life in such societies would become.  So, the secrets or mysteries" of "enlightment", were reserved for the "ruling elite" who would actually have need as the rulers of the empire, to know these things.  But the common populace needed another set of instructions to follow, which would render them pliable and useful citizens of the empire and it's real "god".  And this was the origin of the acceptable double-standard.  Within the Imperial cult, because the double-standard must be employed by necessity, religious rituals occured where the general population acted out one thing (with one understanding of it's reason), and the "enlightened" participated and promoted knowing it's "real meaning", often oblivious to the common populace.  Social ritual (holidays, festivals, feasts, etc.) were employed as a form of "magic" using the general (but uninformed) population.

Acting out a collective ritual by the masses, though their minds and reason would not be either fully engaged or informed,  was understood to be "creating" or "manifesting" a "spirit", desirable or beneficial to the Emperor and his kingdom.  Often these reasons were totally self-serving, and thus no point in "sharing them" with the lower classes who would neither appreciate the manipulation, nor be interested in the selfish reasonings.  As members of the lower classes made their way up through the social ladder of society, they would become aware of the "real meaning" of the rituals, and how they responded to these discoveries, identified them as "friend or foe" of the empire. (i.e., Socially acceptable or anti-social)

This, as is today, was accomplished through memberships in "Secret Societies".  Christmas in America was promoted from within Europe's Secret Societies left over from the Empire,  who were present in America, such as the Masons, depsite the objections of many Baptist, Presbytarian, Methodist, Quaker and Plymouth Brethren that made up the general populace of the country.  As these groups recruited clergy among Protestant/Evangelicals to join their ranks, opposition to state-sponsored compulsory Christmas began to fade.  More and more of America's evangelical clergy were now promoting the practice within the American "Free Church" community, spreading the very thing the Bible, even in the words of Christ himself, called real "Satanism" written about in Genesis 3, Eze. 8, Matt.23:15, John 8:44 and many many other places.

"The man...COMPROMISES with worldlings, 
and to quiet his own conscience, he invents a 
theory by which such compromises are justified, 
even commended.  He receives the praises of the 
judicious, but he has, in truth,
                                                                      - C.H. SPURGEON., 1888, Sword and the Trowel 

The irony of having "Christian ministers" who are in reality, actually the Biblical definition of Babel's Satan worshippers, is beyond the ability of most to fathom, yet in the same breathe you will see commonly expressed such a disgust for the hypocrisy of these leaders,  they do openly observe, that they cannot hardly contain themselves (never realizing the two truths present in their own mind, are actually connected).  But this truth, is too shocking to be believed.  And that denial, resulting from shock,  is what a hypocrite actually depends on to keep his "face".
Religious hypocrisy in the Bible was condemned in the harshest language possible, more than any other "sin".  Once again not because it's writers were so self-righteous, but because the disconnected realities between what is publicly claimed, and what is secretly real through private or personal action, indicated an intentional deception is at work, which is really the shocking truth when blatant hypocrisy is observed.  A deception that someone either "loves or serves" God, when in reality they are actually knowingly serving, obeying, using, invoking, listening to, believing in, or even calling upon...  it's opposite. (i.e., Worshiping)

Main Entry: 1wor·ship 
Pronunciation: \ˈwər-shəp also ˈwȯr-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English worshipe worthiness, respect, reverence paid to a divine being, from Old English weorthscipeworthiness, respect, from weorth worthy, worth + -scipe -ship
Date: before 12th century

1 chiefly British : a person of importance —used as a title for various officials (as magistrates and some mayors)
2 : reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also :
 an act of expressing such reverence
3 : a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual

Please note, definitions 2 and 3 in the above Webster's dictionary defintion. WORSHIP is RELIGIOUS PRACTICE and RITUAL.  This is very important because in the denials always issued along side "sun-god worship" is the claim that the "sun" is not being "worshiped".  But the term "Worship" itself refers to the PRACTICE and RITUAL.  What you actually have in  your "head" at the moment, is actually secondary to it's very definition.

The Empire's "mystery" religion has always put one thing in the head of the common plebian, while retaining it's real meaning as the exclusive domain of the socially privileged, with it's social status and "official authority".  Otherwise the Empire would be granting definition, and thereby control of society itself, to common people, the lower classes.

So double-standard for the "mystery religion(s)" of the Empire on the one hand provided stability for the commoners, and at the same time, the "wisdom" of self-deification for it's rulers.  The religion one observes in the texts of the New Testament, was primarily one which appealed to the lower classes.  Most of it's teaching contradicted the ideals of the Empire's class based "mystery religion" through secret societies and their degrees of initiation, and their use of double-standards.

Mat 23:10-12 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ. But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Contrary to the injustice of the "mystery religion" class system of the empire, it was commanded by Christ to his disciples as a duty to God, to "abase" religious leaders who sought to exalt themselves over the common people based on their money, power, or "degrees" from the Empire's Academies and it's inequitable and manipulated systems of social status. 
The double-standard was always despised, just as it is today.  It is innately oppressive, unjust and based upon entirely on the very spirit of deciet.  It inevitably robs hummanity of it's God-given dignity, and renders the general population to the level of cattle.  It communicates to the commoner, that even though the ruling class say they believe something is true, they really do not.  They simply want you to believe it is true so that they can maintain an unfair advantage over you, profit from you, or exploit you without conscience, using deciet (and often invoking God's name do it).  Thus the high levels of Hypocrisy observable to the outsider of these practices. 

In the common Christian era, this double-standard revolving around the use of two different theologies, or i.e., the use of two different worship systems, one for the common populace, and another (opposite) hidden one for the Secret Society or Mystery religion of the Empire, is what we commonly refer to as, God and Satan, (though they usually prefer the name "Lucifer") because unlike the original theology of pre-christian Rome, which was syncretisitic, the theology of the New Testament is "mono-theistic".  Meaning there is only one, and everything else that pretends to be like or the same as that one but isn't, is actually it's imposter, competitor or opposite.  Thus creating an irreconcilable split between the practices of the Empire's secret religion, and what it claims publicly to it's people.  In other words, you can no longer have your cake and eat it too.  You cannot be in reality a "follower" of Christ, and a devil worshiper too, even if you call your devil "Jesus Christ" or claim you do it "for" him.

Because the information which the common population needs to hear, to realize this is being done to them, is censored, the bizzare contradictions of hypocrisy and it's hypocrites who speak "for God" to our society, continue unchallenged by the common people.  The rank and file ministers themselves know they have no control over what is happening, and the only thing they can do about it, is volunteer to be a personal sacrifice.  A sacrifice that will for the most part never even be known, or appreciated, and will harm his entire family.  The fact, that even such is the case, tells you clearly what is happening.

Precious jewels are defined by a set standard of specifications which do not change because the number of them found, goes up or down.  Diamonds are not Diamonds because they are the most plentiful rock to be found on a pile of gravel.  A diamond is known by the fact it has qualities and characteristics to it that define it as a diamond, even if there is only one left on earth.  The definition of what is is, remains the same.

The definitions in the Texts of Scripture are static and remain the same.  You either understand them the way they were written, or you obscure it's meaning with excuses and contortions to avoid admitting what you read.  This is what the Christ-Mass minister does, as a profession, to keep his job.  He spends his entire professional life making excuses for why he does what he does, and explaining why what you read doesn't mean what it says.  And he assures you that because he is so smart and well educated, he is correct, and you needn't worry. "Trust me", he says, which is always the first thing a rapist or a con-artist wishing to avoid scrutiny always says.  And that is why some ministers have now decided to simply stop lying about all this.  Those are the ones, dear reader, you should be listening to.  If a minister is not willing to lose his job because he refuses to lie in God's name, you will be spending your entire life listening to a blasphemous liar, to learn about God.  What on earth do you actually think you will ever learn?  

Christian ministers who embrace the Image of Rome, and worship in a way and toward an object, that has been defined as the enemy of God in the Scriptures (i.e., Satan), do not re-make reality simply because they no longer admit that is what it is.  You do not prove a muddy rock is really a pearl because you can find much more gravel like it in the mud, than anyone can a pearl.  It is what it is.  And it does not change simply because the gravel out number the pearls.

People who think they have become"pearls" because their minister points out he made them look like the most common rock in the mud, are being deceived by a liar who loves his paycheck or position more than God, plain and simple.  And in New Testament terms, as harsh, and as clear as any language can possibly make it, that minister is not even going to make it into heaven, no matter what comes out of his mouth.  He is a spiritual traitor.  And he is dangerously unqualified to be teaching you anything, other than how to be selfish and tell lies people want you to tell.  Which might be a good education for a prostitute, but hardly one that will turn you into a follower of Christ.. or the Torah, or Muhammed, take  your pick actually. It is a scam.

Even though, self-deification is a popular psychological technique in Rome's narcissistic culture, self-deification in reality turns the elite into a class of self-absorbed brats who suffer from dysfunctional levels of megalomania, eventually leading to self-delusion, exposing entire nations to vulnerability, poor decision-making and eventually bringing their own downfall. This is a continuous recurring cycle that is observed in the rise and fall of the Empire throughout history, all over the earth.   It's effect is as damaging to the ruling elite of the Empire, as the led poison from the old Roman plates.  If you do not believe it, simply turn on the TV and take a look.

The prophets however had another vision for society.  By worshipping the source of all life which existed beyond time (Eternal life), no such double-standards were needed.  Because the deity is above all, all are equally subject, and there is no need to hide anything, or create class divisions, or practice hypocrisy.  And the more the common person emulated these, the more peaceful and admirable a citizenship would become, the less vulnerable to self-deception and delusion it's rulers would be, and the more just and equitable as a society the world would become.

The problem of course, between these two systems, is that the one that creates all the problems is actually dominant in the short term, though in the long term in carries within it, the seeds of it's own destruction, much the same way that cancer is often stronger than someone's immune system but kills it's own host.  Life may be better, but death can be stronger in the moment, and since people are taught to want stronger, rather than better, and think short term, rather than long term, they choose their own deaths.  And that is why the end of hummanity has been prophesied by the prophets, apart from the intervention of God.  The concept is so logical now, that secular science courtesy of Carl Sagan, has created it's own formula for it's inevitability.

Christmas, far from simply being pagan (which is a word invented by the Empire itself to contrast other forms of spirituality with it's Imperial cult), is actually part of the "mystery religion" of the Empire.  So technically, Christmas is not actually "pagan".  And neither is it "Christian".  It is Imperial.  It is also malicious.  It is the religion that practices self-deification, creates hypocisy, worships the sun, will lead people to an eternity in the Lake of Fire, and has one thing it tells to the masses and another it tells to the elite, and that is why the strange unexplainable mixture of opposite ideas within it, that are logically contradictory, to the common American from the outside.

The development of the Empire religion has been documented throughout the Bible, because as it interacted (and conflicted) with the descendants of Abraham (who rejected it and left it), these conflicts are recorded.  The struggle between these two, include the historical references to the conflicts which occurred within national Israel.  

Surrounded by it, Israel as the land bridge between 3 continents and their empires, would constantly be facing the attempt by unpatriotic Hebrews, seduced by it's imperial status and glamor, to import it into the national religion and culture of Israel.  Because Israel was a Constitutional Democratic Theocracy, this was a legal act of Treason.  It was in effect embracing the ideology, the spirit, and the consciousness of what was literally seeking your extermination as a nation.  

If you wanted to participate, as a result of simple persuasion, in societies built on these ideals, all you had to do was walk in any direction for a couple of hours, and you would be in the middle of such a place.  There were plenty to choose from.  But because the Empire sought complete dominance of it's customs observed uniformly throughout the entire world, there was no place that offered refuge from them by law, other than the tiny nation of Israel.  To seek to extinguish this last little refuge from the Empire, from within, by it's own citizens, who could walk a few hours in any direction and have a whole world of what they wished, was simply inexcusable and malicious to the very core.

At one time, America was such a place.  It was the only nation on the earth that had by law, created a protection for it's own people from the religious manipulations of the Empire, it's compulsory rituals, and it's Imperial sun worship.  It was in recognition of this fact of separation of Church and State, that many began to echo the sentiment, that America was the last best hope for mankind.  And this is what was meant by the word "freedom".  It was essentially freedom from the Empire.  The Empire that joined Church and State, and reduced the will of it's people to herded cattle, at no matter what cost to their own lives, or even souls, that may follow.

In the New Testament, these conflicts are recorded as well, at a time in which the importation of the Imperial mystery religion was in full swing and precipitating the coming obliteration of the nation.   The New Testament prophets (now called "Apostles" because the older term "Prophet" had been forced into disrepute by the Empire), not only recorded the conflict, but imagined what it's future behavior would be (and what resulting conflicts) would come from it.  Our modern day "Christmas" is overtly included in their descriptions.  This is what the Pilgrims had discovered.
Like a man who has been lying to two women, and telling each, they are the only one, Christ-mass advocates have been playing both sides of the fence, since it's inception.  And that is actually one of it's original belief systems, which extend well into it's theological or spiritual aspects, pretending public worship of God for the masses and privately (the Biblical Satan) at the same time; a mixture, a "con+fusion".  Two opposite things "fused" together into one indistinguishable gross distortion, that ultimately served no one's good, but it's liars.

And it wasn't that Pilgrims simply "just didn't want anyone to have any fun" as you constantly hear from either idiots or the intentional liars who are promoting it, repeated like political sloganeering.  You see dear reader, you are being lied to and the lying has gone on for hundreds of years and it has victimized you and millions of others, in ways you are hardly even aware.  When someone tells you the truth it is considered threatening and embarrassing, and all attempts are made to immediately bury it. You are being lied to by people who wish to perpetrate essentially a fraud that serves them well, and costs you greatly, and so they simply cannot tell you the truth about it.  Not about much of anything actually, including this topic on Christmas.  

 There were MANY "pagan" things that the Pilgrims acccepted without protest, if you must use the word "Pagan". There is no historical evidence that "Christians" invented shoes.  Egyptain "Pagans" invented Beer, yet the Pilgrims not only were good at brewing it, they enjoyed it.  Most are not aware of the fact that the Pilgrims were actually also religious progressives of their day.  The term "Paganism" as it is often misused, refers colloquially to virtually the entire world before the advent of Roman Catholicism in the west, excepting only Judaism.  All of it's art, it's music, it's culinary,  it's science, it's medicine, it's poetry, it's astronomy, it's law, and it's government.  So in this sense, the use of the word is rediculous and inaccurate.  

But in this sense, the Pilgrims aware of their own cultural inheritances from these previous eras, and had no problem with natural elements of intellectual development, social organization, artistic expression, culinary arts, music,  or anything else that actually had "pagan" (meaning pre-Roman Catholic) origins which presented no threat to one's spiritual welfare or required no violation of their conscience in obedience to the scriptures.  
These things were holistically embraced as simply part of life (and enjoyed).  At the Pilgrim Museum, you can see the craftmanship, artisitc appreciation, and benevolent social interactions of the Pilgrims as well as their clothing, pottery, furnature, etc., and their secular legal contracts.  You will quickly realize the "stereotypes" you were (and perhaps still are being) taught in your history classes, were patently false, including the idea they were narrow-minded people.  But no one addresses why these stereo-types were created in the first place.

It was Rome, not Protestant evangelicalism, that perpetrated the idea that no one on earth in any land or any culture, nor at any time in history, either knew God or went to heaven, apart from knowing, and embracing Rome's Icon.  This theology was unwittingly inherited from Rome by many evangelicals who were unaware that Protestant reformers did not engage missionary activity for nearly a century, because they read the witness of the scriptures that all men knew their creator instinctively (Ro.1:19) and were only accountable for what they knew (Acts 17.27,28,30) 

Reformers read of (the pagan Jethro) who actually had to teach Moses about God.  They read of Pharaoh Necho who was given authority over Josiah (the most righteous king ever in Israel) because Josiah did not realize this pagan king was on a mission from God.(2 Chr.35:21-25)  They even read of prophets in other religions entirely, whose real yet only sin was not truthfully prophesying, what they knew God to be truthfully telling them! (Nmbrs 22:8).  Now whether you agree with this theology or not , this IS historically what the Reformation Protestants believed for a very long time, rightly or wrongly so.  Today, the Christmas evangelicals blush, hide, sheepishly excuse and revise their catholic imported doctrines for public consumption on "the lost" who have never heard, to the extent of even causing Billy Graham himself to eventually quietly admit (in print) his entire life message on this point, may have been wrong.

Yet society at large is completely under the impression, it is the Protestant/evangelical who invented and perpetrated this narrow mindedness, not Rome, though every single baby on earth not sprinkled by a Roman priest was designated strictly for the flames of hell even before birth!  To the inflexable extent of having to have Rome's priests present in hospitals to sprinkle at birth, and administer last rites, lest the eternal God would sling a poor soul into eternal damnation on nothing more than a botched ritual technicality.  And yet, it is America's Pilgrim who is presented to the world in our schools, our Churches, even our History departments, as narrow-minded zealots, dressed in black and whitel... dressed in the actual colors of a Roman priest & nun... black and white... the Pilgrims themselves actually didn't wear (and never would have)!!!  You see the distortion?

Reducing the Pilgrims argument against Christ-Mass to "it is pagan, therefore not Christian", is actually better than you will even hear admitted from most Christ-Mass ministers who still refuse to admit the truth about the obvious.  Why? Because it exposes their own posture when it comes to the veracity and sincerity of their own personal convictions, concerning the reality of their own religion.  Instead they offer distortions and lies to their own congregations, to justify what they know is not true.  "Christmas is pagan" is a statement which this site would NOT encourage others to make.  It is way too contrived, too simplistic and a reductionism that actually HIDES the full story of why the Pilgrims would not do it, and risked their lives to escape it.  It is the statement preferred by those who are guilty of the lie. And let it be made clear as it can be possibly made in this sentence, that thesis is not the point of this site.  It makes it way too easy for the shallow and insincere to dismiss the objection without thought or consideration.  In fact, I would encourage readers of this site to start challenging the comment, based on the fact that "Pagan" is a Roman Catholic word.  There is, in reality, no such thing as a "Pagan", unless you accept Rome as the standard of what it isn't (which we do not).

And you will see that quite often when academics are forced to acknowledge in passing that everyone in the world did not embrace the Icon of Rome's Imperial Solstice without protest, this will become their favorite appeal.  They will use the claim, to actually mask the reason, and then with a reductionist summary point to the character flaw of the protestor, rather than even simply an accurate restatement of whatever objection that was actually maintained.  You will see this done consistently, over and over.  It is intentional.  The same technique is used in their treatement of history itself, and it has also created major distortions (or shall we say LIES) about the history of civilization itself.  


To illustrate the extremes this propaganda campaign has engaged intentional deceit, to warp and distort history, the average person on the street still to this day, thinks the Pilgrims hated everything and anything "fun" and were SO "Puritanical" that they dressed in only Black and White clothes and even hated colored fabrics.  And that the only reason they rejected Christmas (some Christians not even aware of THIS?) was simply because they were such "prudes".  But nothing could be farther from the truth and letting this idiotic juvenile slander campaign to persist under the pretense of either intelligence or education is beyond excuse... and frankly anti-American.

The fact is this is complete historical distortion resulting from the CHRISTMAS LIE. It could easily be argued that the Pilgrims that came to America were as much LIBERAL INTELLECTUALS as they were Christian fundemantalists.  It was 1620 after-all.  Most people back then did believe in the Bible in one way or another and they were a religious group.  What religious groups don't quote their Bibles?  That hardly turns them into the cartoons they have been transformed into by Rome's disinformation.  They relocated from England to Lieden,  Holland, PRECISELY BECAUSE Holland was known throughout Europe (just as it is today) for being one of the MOST LIBERAL places in all of Europe (Repeat, just as it is today).  How many "Bible-thumping fundementalists" just can't wait to re-locate their enitre families to Amsterdam, Holland to enjoy and thrive in it's liberal environment (even today)?  You see how these lies fall apart on closer examination?  You haven't been told the truth, and the lie you were told was told to "protect" Rome's golden calf called Christ-Mass.  And regardless of whether you choose to interpret America's pilgrims as "Liberals" seeking religious and intellectual freedom, or fundamentalists seeking to create a religious commune, there is one undeniable glaring historical reality admitted by all who are familiar with this history, friend or foe, Pilgrims did not come to America to establish compulsory Christmas law. In fact, they were here to ESCAPE IT.  And the lies that have been told to cover up both their THEOLOGY on this matter, and their POLITICAL CONVICTIONS about why THAT FREEDOM was so important, has been unjustly, inexcusably and tragically EXTINGUISHED from the PUBLIC.

The Calvinist-Puritan fringe that took power in England in the 17th century caused the ban on Christmas. The Calvinists believed in a radical form of Christianity that sees everything in terms of black and white, either one is saved or not. This comes from their belief in predestination, i.e. God already knows who will be saved and who will be damned in the end. For this reason, all Christians must abhor merrymaking and all forms of frivolity. Even bereavement when a loved one dies is considered frivolity and was therefore shunned. The Puritans, who were the English offshoot of Calvinism, wore sombre colors, abhorred all forms of personal adornment and banned the theatre.

If one only gives these claims but a few moments of the simplest thoughts indicative of a third grader, and compares them to the known realities of history at the time, it will become appearant to the rational and objective, that there has been a massive indoctrination campaign engaged to distort perceptions concerning these people.  They are to be understood as "radicals", and dressed in "black and white clothes" they never wore... ?  using the term "Radicals" to describe them is much like Bill O'Reilly who describes everyone or anyone he ever has a disagreement with as "far-left" or "loonie", thus making himself "the center" of the universe for all things, even if he is the only one there.

The fact is, the people the Pilgrims were running from, dressed in only black and white, not the Pilgrims.  The people the Pilgrims were running from, were the "Radicals" who had no problem with things like the Spanish inquisitions, torture, genocide, fraud and brainwashing, not just people, but western civilization, the entire civilization!  But these were not "the Radicals", oh no, it was the "Pilgrims" who simply wanted a little freedom to live their own lives, their own way before God. They were "Radical" for wanting a basic human right, while those who really were dressed in black and white, damning the entire world to hell apart from the complete and total worshipful submission to a Religious dictator and it's Christ-Mass Idol, why they were? What? Reasonable and moderate? What a lie from hell this is, and yet, so typical, like a child who lives with horrific abuse from their birth, it is not even noticed.  

When the Pilgrims came to America (to escape Rome's Christ-mass)  they dressed just like everyone else of that day, in English and Dutch clothes, AND they were avid BEER BREWERS.  Just as Holland is known for it's renowned beer today.  Because the water was not considered safe, their primary (if not exclusive) form of hydrations came from Alcoholic beverages such as Beer and Wine.  

The Pilgrims shared their trip and their settlement with secular Merchants, whose only interest in the venture was turning a profit.  When shortages, the need for medical care, and other necessities came to their settlement, no discrimination or preference was given to the Pilgrims over the Merchants.  They were not anti-social religious zealots as is portrayed.  This is of course, the REAL HISTORY, that the liars who are busy telling whatever lies they have to continue to tell, to get everyone to worship the Roman Idol on Christ-mass, will not ever tell in your schools.  

It is an unfair, unjust and actually idealistically illegal standard that allows the promotion of this sectarian Roman Catholic holy day in predominantly Protestant America within government tax-funded institutions and public education, but bans any criticism or historical discussion of it as well, from Protestant, Jewish or even Islamic sources.  Certainly everyone should have the right to maintain their own religious festivals with their families, in their homes, or even in their religious temples.  But the goal in the Christ-Mass lie, is to use compulsion to force people to pay homage to it's Icon, and commandeering the public institutions of America to force everyone to do it.  That is a little different. That is not "freedom", that is dominance.  It is actually the attempt to remove freedom.  "Freedom" to have you as a "Slave" is not "Freedom" it is "slavery", and such is the political double-speak of Rome's missionaries.

So if your son or daughter has one of Rome's Christ-mass missionaries for a teacher in school, no matter what grade, they will get nothing more than large doses of disinformation about this whole era, and know virtually nothing real about the people who settled the third colony, we call the founding fathers today.  Third? Yes at least third, depending on how you count. 

The first of course was Saint Augustine, Florida, the Christmas loving, slave port city, acquired by genociding it's original Protestant French Huguenots, and whose history afterwards was dominated by the cruelest practices of the Caribbean Jesuit slave trade under the Spanish empire.  Where the city was used as a base to spread "Christ" through forced conversions of slaves, after deciding whether or not they were human in the Vallidolid debates, in Vallidolid, Spain. That is obviously an embarrassing start. 

Remember, according to the standard brainwashing we recieve about history now in this country, the Jesuit slave-traders were not "the Radicals".  The Jesuit slave-traffikers who were confused by their own forced conversion practices using slavery, eventually having to acknowledge (if the "slave-beast" gets "converted" to Roman Catholicism, he must be a "human", after all?)... this... this is not "Radical", no, it is the "Pilgrim" who was "the Radical" and a " religious zealot crazy"! Why of course, the "Pilgrims" were the "Radicals", not the Jesuit-Slave traffickers. Of course.

The second was the Christmas loving, notoriously immoral, Jamestown, Virginia, a materialistic for-profit venture to expand the English empire and get rich, which became famous primarily for slavery, greed, rum and tobacco.  That obviously isn't too inspirational.  It was also the first English center for slavery in the New World.  (Although later, the English would get tired of the slave-trade, and the Quakers (who were said to be not "real Christians" because they dared to questioned Rome's lies) back in London would begin a crusade to ruin it's reputation.

So yes, the third, (depending on how you count) and the only one with any remaining dignity left, ...and ironically the only ones that came to America to literally escape Christmas, thus the black and white cartoon characters later offered by Christ-Mass missionaries. Who, on the one hand steal the dignity of the Pilgrims, to claim for themselves what they actually never possessed, (Like Merry Hyatt and her mandatory Christmas Carols) but on the other, distort and twist all record of history to make sure and keep the same Pilgrims discredited enough to never resurrect their life's message for actually being here to begin with. (To escape Christ-Mass)

You will read over and over, from University level websites, and even academic publications from Collegiate level publishing houses, that Pilgrims, while we all love and respect for starting America (which they didn't), but on the other hand, were just fundementalistic prudes who hated "fun", and who killed Native Americans, end of story, let's move on. The fact is the entire claim is a known historical lie, which is still continually repeated anyway.  Professional Historians apologize for the ridiculous discrepancy, explaining the "black and white clothes" thing was an "erroneous stereo-type".   But no actually it wasn't an "erroneous stereotype" at all, it was an intentional lie.  And it is still repeated... in our public school system... by teachers.  
And the lies do not stop with the Pilgrims, they touch every chapter in the history books.  And public institutions are used to spread this kind of propaganda that are even while spreading it, admitted lies, yet they will continue to be told, as though for sentimental reasons the continual lying is justified.


Even the public highways in Massachusetts display the cartoon Pilgrims dressed in Black and White on D.O.T. signs along the roads.  This was simply and honestly an intentional lie designed to manipulate mass perceptions about who these people really were and what they really had to say.  Like all the rest of THE CHRIST-MASS LIE that extends throughout your entire common history book which would after serve better as a "coloring book", than a history text.  

But the distortions (or shall we call them what they are? "Lies") do not stop with the school teachers.  Volunteers from every corner are summoned to make sure Rome buries the truth, slander the innocent, and create whatever cartoon is necessary to keep the gullible Protestants deceived and the remaining general American public biased against those they should be heralding, admiring and learning from.

Saint Augustine, Florida is America's oldest city.  It was founded by the Spanish-Catholic Conquistadors after genociding a settlement of French Hugenots.  It served as America first bastion of slavery, and native American genocide, and every year a 3 day festival re-enacting the first arrival of the Conquistadors (as the first Europeans) onto the shores of the continental U.S.  When you go there you will enjoy the sights of live Conquistadors, Spanish soldiers, period replica marine craft, and it is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida.  All is perfectly peaceful and there is not a native American activist in sight.  But go to the small out of the way, town of Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts where the Pilgrims landed and made peace with the Wampanoag, and you will hear native American protesters decrying the evils of the "Pilgrims" throughout the entire day.. primarily for all the evils the "white man" did who followed them, but mostly were not the Pilgrims.

There has only been one treaty with Native Americans not broken in America between Europeans and Native Americans.  Only one.  Only one in 400 years worth of U.S. American history on this continent.  And guess who kept it?  The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.  The people who rejected Christ-Mass

The Plymouth Rock colony was annexed by the Massachuessetts Bay colony (which included much larger representations of secular commercial [Christmas keeping] English, thus eventually over-turning the bans on state sponsored Christ-Mass) and actually literally 
forced the PLYMOUTH COLONY out of existence.  By the time atrocities began to snowball against the native Americans, Plymouth Colony no longer even existed.

The Christ-mass Church which came immediately after the arrival of the first Pilgrims, built their cathedrals, and soon after began fighting with and slaughtering Wampanoag Native Americans, even seducing and soliciting the later involvement of some descendants of these first Pilgrims. 

Relations with native Americans immediately turned from one of mutual assistance and cooperation to one of Empire "Conquest". The Chief of the Wampanoag, whose forefathers had actually helped the original Pilgrims, had his head decapitated and impaled on a pole, placed in front of one of their very First Christmas keeping Churches, and kept it there for 25 years!  This is really what happened!!!  The Native American Protestor at Plymouth Rock repeated this story numerous times throughout the day to the shock of the tourist crowd there to learn about the Pilgrims.  

But the original Pilgrims, at the Plymouth Colony, following the example in the New Testament, did not even build Churches.  And the Churches these things were done by and in front of, no longer represented the same ideology, and in some cases, the same people, nor even the same colony anymore as the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock !  Pilgrims met together at their civic town hall to hold joint meetings and shunned the building of Churches.   

But these distinctions are ignored by native American activists, who seem to be working more to protest and denounce the most innocent, than charging the most guilty? (perhaps not knowing or caring about the difference) that is if one is to assume these blaring discrepancies in the treatment of history at local sites, are actually simply accidental.

Of course today, this all gets laid indiscriminatly at the feet of the original Plymouth Pilgrims as the "evil White man" which Rome is very happy to see and actually promote, in now predominantly Roman Catholic Massachusetts.  It serves as a great opportunity to run down the Protestants and enjoy a good turkey dinner at the same time, while they put up their Christmas trees for Christmas!  While the Catholic Conquistador death squads, celebrate their arrival with anonymity  in Saint Augustine.

It is both good and desirable to see native American history get it's hearing.  And actually, even in Plymouth, the information is a welcomed window on the past. There are many people in America who are descendants of Native Americans, and want to know the truth about their history.  Many Natives have been assimilated into the general population.  And it is just as important that the things which have been done in this regard to native Americans are learned, as it is to learn and hear the truth about Christmas.  And it needs to be told as it really was, not the way it's been fixed.  

But it is hard not to notice that the fiery rhetoric of this national organization of  Native American protestors, appear to be choking on a Pilgrim gnat at Plymouth, and swallowing a Conquistador camel in Saint Augustine?  Perhaps there is a reason for the difference other than what it appears to be.  But the attempt to cast the Pilgrims in as poor a light as possible, for grievances they are the least guilty for, in the entire history of America, does not make a lot of sense, but it DOES remain consistent with how Roman Catholic Massachusetts has always created portrayals of it's first Protestant settlers, escaping Rome's Christmas, in an unfairly negative light. In fact, it is typical.

Unfortunately, all this unseen under-current in public sources of information and education, go largely unchallenged and turn what should be real education on real history into nothing more than disinformation sessions and propagandizing sources for the Vatican's empire (it's religion and it's Icon).  The Native American activists representing by title Native Americans united from all over the continental United States, who spend Thanksgiving day denouncing Pilgrims all day long in Massachusetts for things other people did, while ignoring Saint Augustine, Florida...also display the solar symbol on their banner behind them while speaking, ironically not necessarily definitively or directly linked to Mashpee Wampanoag religious symbolism of the area or even the period? 

Native Americans were as diverse in religious matters as modern Americans, and did not share a monolithic empire theology (centered exclusively around the sun) as found in Europe's State Church.  Solar symbols are now extracted from the entire body of native American symbolism for predominance, when this magnification was not representative of every local native American group (groups which numbered in the hundreds, each with their own local tribal system). And actually more reflective of Southwestern tribes, where human sacrifice was practiced, (the Solstice Empire tribes) than those found in the east.

"Pagans", as people intend the term be understood,  were slaughtered and butchered by Rome along side everyone else, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Scientist, Physician, and Natives of all lands regardless of what they believed or worshiped, whatever refused to bow it's knee to the Imperial Icon of Christ-mass was "marked" for destruction.

As mentioned earlier, the real religion of "Christmas" which is actually the Imperial solar-cult of ancient Babylon, along with it's missionaries, intentionally working to "interpret" all of human history in a way that flatters itself, and promotes it's lies.  You will constantly hear the claim, that it's solar-cult was "universal", and whenever possible, it promotes it's own views irrespective of whatever the truth actually was or even is for any given, time, place, people, religion or event in history.  Their treatment of the history of the Pligrims, is only one micro-example.  

But what most people do not realize, when they hear many of these propagandized claims about history, is that arguments can be made for many perspectives of history.  Some arguments have relative degrees of truth in them because that is what the researcher is actually attempting to find and understand, and some are simply the attempt to argue a known lie and give it the best case one can build for it.  "Christmas" religion falls in the latter category without fail.

STATE SPONSORED CHRISTMAS PROPAGANDA authorized the marginalization and stigmatization of Jews, Protestants and virtually all other religious minorities objecting to Rome's Solar-Mass, as distorted figures to hate and demonize over their conscientious objections to the worship of Rome's "image".  The Sun-worship alliance between Rome and the Masons created a major taboo against objections to it's solar-mass.  Unspoken codes of enforcement were used not only in the business and economic world in terms of job promotions and hirings, but even in family court cases over child custoday cases, to punish and persecute Americans who refused to participate and endorse the worship of Rome's "image".  Of course, if Rome's Papacy were mocked this way every year in America, by Protestants, Muslims and Jews on Major Network channels, there would be dead people in the streets of New York city. So obviously, only Rome's interests have the right to abuse fellow Americans this way.


We know simply as a fact that everyone did not "agree" with the Imperial solar-cult.  You may find it spread all over the world, but you also find all over the world a continual unbroken chain of rejection and denunciations from some of history's most esteemed intellectual and spiritual leaders.  You will also find the original founding of 3 world religions, all of whom originally and verifiably rejected their cult. (All 3)  From Abraham, to Melchizedek, to Moses, to Jethro, to the Prophets, to Christ and even to Muhammed, the solar-cult was renounced and condemned as the worship of Satan.  So obviously it wasn't so "universal" as is constantly claimed. Otherwise you would have never seen the emergence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all originaly saying virtually the same thing about the solar-cult, and all corrupted into something entirely different, by the same people in 3 different societies?

But these rejections and denunciations are not limited to simply Middle-eastern monotheism.  They have effectively done to all of history, from American Indians, to Middle-eastern monotheists, to Asian Buddhists, even in other parts of the world, and other cultures, what they have done to America's history, and to the history of "Christianity".  

Buddhism today is no closer to the real historical Buddha than Rome is to the original historical or Biblical Christ, or Mecca is to Muhammed.  And the excuses made for these intentional corruptions all sound the same, and inevitably come from the same class of people within each society.  Buddhism openly practices things Buddha condemned, just as "Christianity" today practices things that "Christ" condmened, Judaism with Moses, and Islam with Muhammed.  The interesting thing about all of these corruptions is that the corruptions in virtually every religion on earth are engineered to result in the same form of religion.  Solar-worship, Idolatry, Bamah houses, and fake religious leaders with hidden agendas.  And the fact that these changes always seem to come from the same people within each different culture, is not simply mere "accident".  These are the "missionaries" of what the New Testament calls "Mystery Babylon" and it is rather amazing that you can actually trace their connections, their common fraternity, bringing the same corruptions and the same lies, to everyone on earth, no matter where on earth you look.  Under the section entitled "LAW", this "universal" scam by "Christmas" (i.e., Mystery Bablyon) missionaries, or what was once known as "Satan and his angles reserved for the Lake Of Fire (which they worship)", will be discussed in more detail.

Once you begin to see the connections, and realize the agenda that is actually at work throughout the world (deceiving and victimizing everyone on earth not just "Christians" in "Christianity"), you will be amazed at how predictable everything becomes from a text book in Mexico written by a Knight of Columbus, to a Supreme Court ruling in America by a Mason, to Islamic Jihads in Saudi Arabia, to what Buddhist "leaders" are doing in China.

There are "Christmas" missionaries in Islam!  No religion on earth should be more antithetical to "Christ-Mass" than Islam, but there they are, arguing why "Muslims" should observe "Christmas" (and all of it's idolatry) with all the vigor of a Christian evangelist... as a "suppposed" Muslim!  If you spend a few years studying the early formation of Islam, and the actual texts of the Quran, within the framework of "Mystery Babylon", you will see very easy how the Caliphs brought the MASONS into Islam, and actually treated Muhammed's own family, virtually the same way they did Christ's! THE SAME EXACT THING, EVEN THE SAME WAY?!?!

It was not unnoticed, that the symbol of Native American "Unification", behind the speakers denouncing Pilgrims all day long, was "The Solar Disc", more indicative of the Southwestern tribes, who sacrificed humans for their sun-temples by ripping beating hearts out of chests of children, than the eastern forest tribes in places like the north or south east, whose religious preoccupations often centered more around corn, than solar worship.

Native Americans who adopted "Christ-Mass" were treated well and used as propaganda pieces, often mistaken as "adopting the white-man's ways".  The fact is these native Americans could have adopted every white-man custom in Encyclopedia Britannica , and would have still have been hated, if they had not bowed to the Empire's Solstice Icon.  As many "white-men" were still hated,  including the first Pilgrims themselves.  

Squanto having been subjected to forced servitude, and the Pilgrims themselves refugees from it's Christ-Mass...  Squanto and the Pilgrims may in fact have shared a mutual experience for a common Imperial nemesis in Europe, that not even native American reconstructionists, are willing to explore?  Why? Why is this, the most obvious connection of their link, never either admitted or even intellectually explored?  The answer to this question is actually already known, but asking it rhetorically will hopefully provoke the reader to look whose behind these historical discrepancies even in modern historical reconstructionism by group "activists" who prefer to villianize the least offenders, while simultaneously ignoring the most grotesque offenders and shifting their blame onto relative innocents?   

In Carolina, Christmas forces within the state fought against the Quakers to establish homage to the Christ-mass Icon, resorting to actually paying Christmas keeping German settlers to come over and swell the population numbers against the Quakers, including importing an Anglican minister to Carolina to head up the project, and then voting to have the Church of England made the State-Religion, for the Colony-State of Carolina.  Quakers were not the "fundementalists Bible-thumpers" depicted by the typical Christ-Mass propaganda.  In fact, Quakers are notoriously liberal and progressive, but yes at the time, they were committed to being Biblically oriented as well.  This hardly makes them historical villains.  In fact, people who are aware of America's struggles against social injustices, know the Quakers have ended up in the right column of history with near perfect score. (and this includes their original posture towards Christ-Mass)

The trick of importing "Christ-Mass" adherents to over-whelm and eventually drowned out the presence of Christ-Mass objectors (or opponents of the Vatican) has been used throughout history to change America into a compulsory Christ-Mass country. Massive European immigration was used to tip the political scales to get Christ-Mass passed as a Federal holy day, despite the fact the U.S. Constitution actually proscribes the legislation.  It was later used to obtain districts in which Catholic majorities would dominate both houses of congress, and eventually 60% of the Supreme court, despite representing only 20% of the population.

The current controversies over immigration were sparked when the Vatican actually ordered it's priests to refuse to comply with immigration law, being the benefactor of Catholic-Mexican immigration.  The priests were instructed to stand down the federal government, and force it to arrest them.  The Federal government backed down and reversed it's course.  To date, U.S. Borders are still porous, as requested by the Roman Catholic church.

Immigration Reform and the Catholic Church

By Donald Kerwin

Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.  


May 1, 2006


Cardinal Roger Mahony electrified the US immigration reform debate by announcing on March 1, 2006 (Ash Wednesday), that he wouldinstruct archdiocesan priests and lay Catholics to ignore provisions [i.e., break the law] in a House-passed “enforcement only” bill (H.R. 4437) — were they to pass — that would make it a crime to assist unauthorized immigrants


Since then, the Catholic Church has played a central role in [i.e., orhestrated] the immigrant-led protests that have swept the country. -Catholic Church Fights Border Security For U.S.

When it comes to persuading the other 80% made up now of an array of smaller Protestant groups, in favor of it's own Christ-Mass, the missionaries of the Roman solstice Icon always play both ends against the middle.  To the Christian-conservative, anyone refusing to submit to their compulsory Christ-Mass law is involved in a "Liberal plot by godless atheists".  But to the Liberal crowd Rome says "it's just a bunch of Bible-thumpin' fundementalists".  To the "Pagan" it is "those idiotic Christian fundies" that hate Paganism, to the Christian fundementalists, it is those Pagan new-agers trying to stop the worship of Christ in America, a Christian Nation.  And the truth is that it really is all of the above together and then some.  Most people in America do not support government enforced compulsory religion, not even Rome's Christ-Mass (not if you discuss the matter in terms of government control, political and religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and fairness, which is what this is really about).  Thus all the Christmas lies. 

Christ-mass is NOT REALLY PAGAN.  It is a promotional item among Nicolaitans that everyone "worshipped the Sun", but this claim is not true.  While Sun-worship did spread across the globe under the force of the empires, Sun-worship was/nor is the mark of primitive religions.  It is the mark of Imperial religions.  Primitive spirituality interacted with nature as a whole, idolatry was sometimes present though not always, sun veneration if present, was often part of the whole body of veneration, not necessarily the over-riding dominant aspect of it, as in imperial religion.  Most modern Neo-pagans identify with pre-christian solstice worship often not realizing that even in it's pre-christian form, the pantheon of gods in Europe were for the most part nothing more than later localized adaptations of Rome's own Pantheistic system, which came from Greece, from Persia, from Egypt, and from Babylon.  Not pastoral pagans sitting in a field all by themselves in Norway.  In fact, very little is known about pagan religion prior to it's interactions with imperial sun-worship.  Prior to extant writings made available primarily through the influence of the Empires, there is nothing more than a few figurines, bones, cave paintings, a few burial sites and a great deal of speculation.

Nor is it CHRISTIAN.  It is ROMAN, pure and simple, the rule of which is the origin of the term REICH, as in "THIRD REICH".  It betrays all and serves none.  It serves itself only.  Nothing else. It simply plays both ends against the middle like common fools and laughs at both behind their backs. Constantine killed the dissident Jews, New Testament Christians, the Pagans, including his own Pagan Priest and eventually got around to slaughtering the Natives in far away lands through his theological surrogates.  Rome's religion is actually Rome, even when coming from England, and that is why it's god is always a Roman.   As Hitler himself eventually discovered after asking the Vatican to move to Berlin.  Rome will tell you Christ-Mass is Christian, Rome will tell you Christ-Mass is Protestant, Rome will tell you Christ-Mass is Pagan, Rome will tell you Christ-Mass is "Native American" and if you go to China, Rome will tell you it's really Buddhist. (per example Thomas Merton)  Rome will even tell you it's Icon is really just secular, as long as you will pay it homage, Rome does not care.   Because even though all these other groups in the world may not know, Rome knows precisely what Rome has been doing for a thousand years with this deceit.  And that is why it is guarded with such ferocity, political intrigue and historical subterfuge.

Pilgrims rejected Christ-mass because they did read the Bible on their own, and did discover what it had recorded about the actual history of the time, and knew they were being told lies.  Who likes being the victim of someone elses lie? Especially in matters of religion?

The Pilgrims also knew what the Bible had prophesied about the Anti-Christ, which the entire western world had become clearly aware of as having been fulfilled in the Papacy of Rome (and those are simply the true historical facts).  Because they did read and study the Bible as a source document on their own, they came to believe, as it is written, that paying homage to Rome's Icon on Christ-mass could endanger their soul.  

Now you might not think there is two nickles worth of credibility to the Bible, and even if occasionally there is, prefer not to grant them.  But as you will see later in this site, the idea that Christ-mass is a potentially dangerous practice, both politically and spiritually, is not as far fetched as you might think.  

In fact, it is so reasonable, the information is never repeated even when being dismissed for fear someone might hear and find they quickly agree.  Thus the reductionism, and the distortions of history, we have come to accept without demanding an account or explanation as to cause,  even down to something as simple as America's own Pilgrim Founding Fathers, dressed in black and white cartoons, or charged with killing Wampanoags in front of "Churches" they actually did not build .

And if there is anything of continuation of consciousness after death, the idea that your "soul" would gravitate toward what you spent your life worshipping is not unreasonable by any means.  And if it is gravitating to the SUN (Lake of fire in the Sky), because that is what you were tricked into (or perhaps chose to) worship... that would be both logical and unfortunate to say the least.  

But being forced to do it through government compulsion, and be forced to stand idly by and watch it crammed down the throat of innocent children, even those of objecting parents ...that of course, would really be unconscionable and inexcusable on every level.  That was the Pilgrim's complaint with Rome's Christ-mass, and the truth about the REAL PILGRIMS ...they never permit anyone to tell your children in School because it is "religious"?  But do not think it "too religious" to force them to observe the same Christ-Mass, these very Pilgrims had fled from in Europe?


Along with massive doses of disinformation, that is continually and unconscionably cranked out, to hide this work of historical and spiritual subterfuge, is the doctoring of history with blatant deceit wherever it can be inserted.  The more obvious the error of the age, or event, or leader, the more the deceit factory begins it's production of disinformation about what really truly, actually happened.  And the liars in positions of authority in our society reward the deceived, and punish the seeker (or discoverer) of truth, and this is not done simply because of moral deficiency, mindless prejudice, or a lack of intellectual ability, as many if not most innocently assume.  It is done with full knowledge and intent, that the lie be "promoted" and the truth be "punished" wherever and whenever possible.  And Santa-Clause is the perfect object lesson for little boys and girls. (As is "Trick or Treat")  The Pathos of deception (executed in the name of it's "Christ" or "God") is reinforced throughout the year's Romanized rituals, each intended to convey the same "mixed message", that most attribute to accident, rather than it's real source, fully intentionally designed and engineered, societal indoctrination into "Babelism", both as a theology and as a philosophy.

And of course, the public 'brainwashing" get's no louder over the clear and embarrassing facts of recent history, which until recently, still lived in the actual memories of elderly Europeans and Americans who actually lived through the events themselves and in person, and knew full well the truth about the historical events which precipitated their unfortunate occurrence.  And this of course exemplified in no greater example than Hitler and Nazi Germany, who in the end made "Christmas" the "mark" of "Germanic Christian solidarity" between the "two great confessions" in  the "Restored Roman Reich" in Germany.

Biblically speaking, the compulsory worship of the "Image of the Beast" (State Icon), is the ultimate "spiritual goal" of Nimrodism, figuratively or historically, (i.e., Nudimmud) and his Babelism, so it is quite impossible to fully execute it's "global plan" or "world order" without this inhumanely deceptive ritualistic component, fully institutionalized throughout it's domain, and eventually the world.  The Biblical narrative records and describes the worship of haSatwan at the Solar-Mass through the ages, Babylon, Egypt, Perisa, and Rome, emerging, figuratively or historically, at Babel, and the successive Empires defined by this theology, and these clear and embarrassing references have to be smothered, or at least distorted beyond recognition in State-sponsored Babelism theology, along with the actual despicable acts from real subsequent documentable history that have been produced in pursuit of it.  (Which there is absolutely no conscience against doing whenever possible)  

This commitment to institutionalized deceit and "non-reality" lead to what appears to be collective insanity, and/or grotesque inexplicable "ignorance" in the populace, but is really the mass production of commitment to deception as an ideology, or "theology" that one is observing.  Deception to any and all degree in order to manipulate the right outcome of control or power or behavior to benefit the Reich and it's Master.  Nothing else matters.  And consequently, nothing else prospers, is healthy, is righteous, is true, is ethical, is just, is worthy, is wholesome, is Godly, is spiritual, etc., etc.  It is truly an ideological disease state, that kills everything including eventually even it's host.  And is totally antithetical to anything within the same Bible, or Quran, or Torah, (etc., etc.) it is generating these very lies out of to seduce, deceive and manipulate their common people.

For literally decades, the lies were spread that Hitler was an "Atheist".  He did all the things he did because he was a "godless liberal atheist".  This disinformation was spread from America's pulpits by every religious collaborator to the Nazi movement within America, who kept repeating it with such deafening loudness, dogmatic insistence, and unbridled frequency, that as planned it finally became the prevailing veiw of the common "Christian" Protestant evangelical in America, whose own family had members who fought in this war.  Masons and Romanists alike promoted this falsified history of Nazi Germany wherever they had access to do so, and control to enforce it, among America's Protestant conservatives.  Many did not realize the utter fabrication of this distortion until the age of the internet came along, and discovered Germans in Germany had quite another take on the matter.  And not one at all similar to the version they had been spoon-fed from their lying Romanist and Masonic puppeteers in America.

The people spreading these lies in America, knew full well the truth all along.  They cared less their deception hurt people, hurt the country, hurt it's Christians, or even hurt confidence in their faiths, because it was "good" for the Reich.  It was "necessary" they be deceived. And so... in the spirit of it's saint, ho, ho, ho Meeerry Christ-mass!  Christians were shocked to discover that Hitler was not an atheist at all, but a Christian, and a very devout one at that, and particularly a devout Roman-Catholic, so devout as to aspire to the priesthood.  Phony arguments to the contrary was just as cherry picked and distorted as the texts in the Bible they distorted too just as bad, to warp Protestant evangelical theology to their "cause".  Hitler was a Roman Catholic and as "conservative" as America's own Catholic conservative Pat Buchannan or William F. Buckley.  In fact, Hitler was MORE conservative than even Barry Goldwater, because what "Hitler" was attempting to "conserve" was the ROMAN EMPIRE, which predated Goldwater's America by hundreds of years.  Goldwater would have never accepted "Torture" or "Genocide" from the Inquisitions, as did Hitler.  Those were "conservative" Roman-Reich values.  On the Catholic cable channel's discussion forum, EWTN, even today right now, "burning heretics at the stake" is defended and rationalized by "conservative" Catholics. Not liberals.

Part of America's "disinformation" is even over the terms "liberal" and "conservative", "conservative" being everything "good", and "liberal" being everything "bad".  That is a product of brainwashing, pure and simple. What is hiding behind much of this "mixing", this "con+fusion", is Roman Reich Nazi-ism, plain and simple.  "Liberals" are targeted for extermination by Nazis, sworn enemies in both the Knights of Columbus oath, and the Jesuit oath of Extreme Induction, whose very existence is seen as a "threat" to Rome.  In fact, many of the so-called "Liberals", and it's frequent use by Roman Catholic "conservatives", is nothing more than political code for "Jew", meaning any "Jew" concerned for what is true, or just within any society, or their own religious freedom from compulsion.  This extreme "anti-liberal" hatred was never true in most of American Protestantism because most American Protestants were not even that involved with politics enough to even care, seeing the separation of Church and State, not simply as an American political doctrine, but a spiritual principle as well that protected most of all, the sanctity and integrity of a pure and undefiled faith that could minister to any without discrimination, liberal or conservative.  It has been infused into Protestant attitudes by design.  America's free-church Protestants were always "Christian" first, and then American.  "Liberal" and "Conservative" were about as relevant to the original Protestant concerns as whether you had your hair parted in the middle or the side.  And while these "Anti-liberal" jihadists among American evangelicals traverse the land demonizing "liberals" as "unbiblical" or "ungodly", they were busy making friends with Nazis, kissing Popes who recieved worship as God, making deals with the devil to torture, mame and kill innocent civilians in South America through right-wing death squads, and moral hypocrites so despicable as to not be even possible to excuse as to mere error or human weakness, but rather full deceit with full intent.

The under-handed dealing, lying, cheating, stealing, thieving, toruture and rogue killing was done without exception by "Christ-Mass" promoting, insisting, demanding, Religious-Reich Masonic and Roman Babelists.  And often their targets, despite all the explanations, came down to those who would not (refused) to worship the "image of the beast" (and were subsequently destroyed).  Those are the historical facts.  Sects such as Jehovah Witnesses (who refused Hitler's Christ-mass) were exterminated along with Jews of the same persuasion. And the fact that many of these religious groups held their abstinence from Hitler's Christ-mass in common, was neither incidental nor by accident.  And the sooner you wake up to these facts from real history, as a Protestant, the better AMERICA (as a Protestant country) will be for it.  This is the defiled corrupt hateful history of Romanism, and her Romanists, not American Protestants who have always historically denounced these things for what they openly and obviously are, according to the Bible... the work of the devil, his whore from Babylon and his anti-christ tyrant who still to this day, sits on the seven hills of Rome.  It is not narrow-minded or biggoted to repeat the theological truths that kept Europe safe for centuries, and birthed American ideals of religious freedom, which is as much the freedom to exercise your own personal faith (whatever it may be or lack thereof), as it is to be free from the compulsion of someone elses.

Babelists do not share these American values.  In fact, they despise them as much as any Terrorist anywhere, and work feverishly night and day, with money donated to them by uninformed Protestants to destroy their very own country, just as fast and as soon as they possibly can.  They do in fact side with Hitler, and they do in fact have as their intent the restoration of the Roman Reich by "any means necessary", through any lie necessary, and this of course, and perhaps most of all, not only includes, but depends upon THE CHRIST-MASS LIE, a SOLAR-MASS to ROME'S APOLLYON, hidden in deceit and promoted among "unwary Christians", as a "Christ" MASS. (Which of course, is exactly opposite of what they even know, it really is)




Main Entry: 1wor·ship 
Pronunciation: \ˈwər-shəp also ˈwȯr-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English worshipe worthiness, respect, reverence paid to a divine being, from Old English weorthscipeworthiness, respect, from weorth worthy, worth + -scipe -ship
Date: before 12th century

1 chiefly British : a person of importance —used as a title for various officials (as magistrates and some mayors)
2 : reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also : an act of expressing such reverence
3 : a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual

You'll understand why THE REAL CHRIST said 

those who were ALIENATED from Religion in 1st Century Israel




Because he is now doing the same thing, only worse












Cerinthus was simply not who Rome claimed (and still claims) he was, because Rome claims he was two antithetical things at the same time which do not exist together and completely cancel each other out as ideologies, and Rome is not who THEY claim they ARE.  And this is the unraveling of "The Mystery" behind the SOLAR MASS TO APOLLYON as a "CHRIST" MASS.  

Rome claims Cerinthus was a "Judaizer" and at the same claims he was a "Nicolaitan", and then it claims "Nicolaitans" were married "swingers" who "swapped wives". And just about every claim made in it's "cover" reeks with self-contradiction, and furthermore flat out contradicts (180) what the New Testament records about the "Nicolaitans", which in fact, Rome had become.  

Cerinthus was either a Judaizer, and not a Nicolaitan, or he was a Nicolaitan and not a Judaizer, if you accept the witness of the Apostles found in the New Testament which describe the 2 in completely opposite practices, and ideology.  And while Judaizers were a major pain and irritation, it was the Nicolaitan who had earned the title "Antichrist".  And it was the Nicolaitan who displayed an intense antisemtism, who rejected the Jewish flesh of Christ, who embraced all the pagan deities and pedophilia practices of the Roman empire, and offered a purely "symbolic Christ" devoid of any historical reality, as the total sum of all the pagan "mystery religions" of the Roman empire. I.E., in other words, today's "Roman Catholicism".

Nicolaitanism isn't "Christian" and people do not get "saved" by "converting to it", they become damned because it practices blasphemy as a theology.  At least that is precisely what the Scriptures do in fact teach about this subject.  And Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass, was the center-piece "high holy day" of their entire theology. The same we call "Christmas" today.  When you participated in it, you became guilty of "being one", and thus why "compulsion" is such an important part of this corrupt and wicked theology of damnation.

America's Christians have the right, especially if they are being asked to throw their own Constitution away for the Vatican, to know where Christmas came from, who invented it, who established it, and why it was done (at very minimum).  They have THE RIGHT to know these things.  Not the fixed up, phony, fabricated versions that get peddled to them to suck them into a dangerous political deception.  CERINTHUS, is in reality the "founder" of the original "doctrine' of CHRIST-MASS.  

He was a follower of a sect of syncretistic gnostics that appropriated the name "Christian" for themselves, but were known as THE NICOLAITANS.  He is also identified as THE ANTICHRIST (that already is "in the world"), in the New Testament.   This site will provide concrete evidence, that this fact from history has been doctored, buried, smothered and hidden from Christians all over the world, along with the real story about POPE SIXTH III, the NICOLAITAN Pope who took the very name of the ANTICHRIST as his PAPAL NAME (or was even worse, elected WITH THAT NAME and REFUSED TO CHANGE IT) , precisely BECAUSE he was a NICOLAITAN. And what excuse on earth can one possibly imagine that would excuse the Roman Church for placing a man with this name in charge of the world, and to him given "all buying and selling" they obviously read right out of the book of Revelation, they had in their possession?

What do you think you would do if the "steering committee" came to you and announced they found a new pastor for your Church and his name was Sixth III?  And what kind of "minister", after coming to know the Lord, wouldn't change his name, if that in fact had been the curse his mother put on him when he was born? Come on, this is way to obvious here to be simply ignored.

And while these things may be news to most Protestant/Evangelical Christians because these things have been suppressed and hidden from them by their own minissters, these facts are well known and continually either hidden or "spin-doctored" by both Roman and Masonic Babelists, whose real theological origins are both found with CERINTHUS, and his devoted follower POPE SIXTH III, the NICOLAITAN POPE who "instituted" CERINTHUS apostate doctrine as THE STATE LAW in ROME.  

These are not speculative "conspiracy theory" charges.  These are the statements, of the very people, who instituted this practice to begin with... IN THEIR OWN WORDS!  How much denial and delusion does it take to reject the very description of it, given to it by it's own designers and inventors?  This is what they said about the identity of the very "Christ" they have forced the world to worship on December 25th, QUOTE:"Because he was wiser than them all, therefore they called him THE BEAST, to lead their molded bodies astray" END QUOTE.  That is who you worship on December 25th.  That's what they called it.  

So to the inventors of the practice, we shall now say, "Oh no, but you are wrong, that's the Jewish Messiah of our New Testament! We recognize him by the sun spikes sticking out of head on the idol you set up for everyone to worship!"  (It really could not get any more obvious than this)  These people thought this was a "secret wisdom", and these "Church fathers" being passed off by the religious-reich and the very ones involved in this gnostic mix of Christ and the Antichrist, and that includes most of all, Augustine, who himself "confessed" his belief in these gnostic "occult doctrines" he claimed was "secretly" handed down from the Apostles.  The whole reason it was "a secret" was because it never happened.  That's what you do when you want to tell a lie about history, you pretend it's a great "secret" and then make up whatever you please.  Stupidity school children can easily spot.

Yeah, and my great, great, great, great Grand-daddy who was a cousin of the Apostle Paul's friend of a friend, had a secret passed on to him too, that the secret they told Augustine was a secret lie they told him on purpose because he was so compromised, deceitful and arrogant.(2 Thess 2) Any liar can play that game.

SECONDLY, although this site is going to address this issue primarily from a Christian perspective because that is where most of the lies are being perpetuated and targeted, it is far more than just "Christians" who object to Christmas.  


Luk 6:31-35  
And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them. And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? for sinners also do even the same. And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? for sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again. But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil. Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful. 

Many atheists do not feel comfortable being forced to sing worship songs to a god they do not even believe exists.  And what kind of insanity hides itself under a "Christian" flag, and demand they be rendered null and void as Americans for the sake of Rome every year on December 25th??  There is something innately unjust about this kind of compulsion, that even an atheist becomes keenly aware of at Christmas time.  Many Muslims object to Christmas too.  Rome's Christmas Idol worhsip violates the Muslim faith just as much as it does the Protestant faith, despite it's allies in Muslim countries, who likewise have sold out the Muslim people, as much as the same have done to Protestants here in America.  The same is true for a great many Jews of many different persuasions, and any honestly faithful to the Torah, as well.  The fact is, (and this is what they are actually worried about) there is well under-way a basis for a broad consensus of America to stop funding and forcing Rome's Idol worship day, down eveyrone's throat, no matter what their beliefs, or even how young and innocent they happen to be.  Little school children have no business being forced to sing worship songs to a Roman deity born on the Solar-Mass, anymore than they should be forced to engage in a Black sabbath at school and sacrifice CHICKENS? What's wrong with these people?

It is "do unto others, as you would have them do unto you", not "do unto others, BEFORE they do unto you".  And I really don't think Sean Hannity would like having his children, forced to sing worship songs to Martin Luther or Mao or Karl Marx, but forcing the children of other parents to do the same for his personal Catholic fetishes, apparently causes him not the slightest discomfort as a "great American" (what a joke).  When exactly in American history did "Great Americans" wear swastikas on their arms?

Christian? Let this site do America a public service, and clear up that confusion right here and now. These people are not Christians. Not as in "followers of Christ" Christian. Not if you accept the definition given to the phrase from the Bible, or even history.  Actually they are Cerinthians, or Nicolaitans, if you prefer the Biblical term.  That is why their real behaviors (and Beliefs) are (and remain) HIDDEN. Why they have secret meetings, secret hand shakes, secret hand signals, secret code words, secret archives, secret meetings, secret agendas, secret members, secret oaths and secret lodges.  Because they know if you knew who they were openly, no sane "Christian" with any real "Christian" left in them, would tolerate their seduction, lies, or perversions, any longer than it would take God himself to tell them all to go to hell (which he actually does in sacred text, no less) and where anyone who believes that same sacred text should offer directions likewise  imitating in obedience to the one who inspired it.

Just because people claim to be something, doesn't mean they are.  Nicolaitans use opposite speak as a philosphical principle, and they will claim a lot of "opposite things" to reality.  They will do it in Churches, they will do it on TV, they will do in in the Corporation,  they will do it in Educational Institutions, they will do it in publications, they will do it in research papers, they will do it in labs, and they will do it in Politics, government and law.  (They are "antinomianalists", meaning "lawlessness")  So you need to understand their use of the "facade" of Christianity is about as authentic to "Christ" or sincere to real "Christianity" as chihuahuas are native wildlife in Iceland.  It's a "front" and nothing more,  Sorry for the confusion.  But chances are, no matter what kind of American you are, and no matter what your beliefs may be, you have been equally as victimized in your own corner of the universe by them, as have the "Christians" (whom they mock, decieve and injure the most).  The more you learn about them, the less you will tolerate their claim to the title. And see the need to correct the confusion as quickly as necessary in any public context, because they have no real intent whatsoever of being "real Christians", anymore than they intend to be "real Communists" or "real Atheists" or "real Muslims" or "real Catholics". .. because by definition they have made a religion out of DECEIT.  They worship Lucifer by their own confessions.  (Even when they claim to be Atheists) And it all gets real simple when you realize who they really are, and what they REALLY believe. They are liars, and lying is their religion, that is why they do it so much, that when they run a "news organization", it ends up making people dumber than starring at a blank wall.  At least people who stare at blank walls for their "news" don't have to spend twice as much time guessing which part of what they just heard was a lie?

This site has consulted with former members, ministries who specialize in reaching them, and private international research on the subject extending as far away as ancient ruins of Asia minor, and modern day Israel and have been looking at their connection to Christmas for decades.(Which was the cause of investigation to begin with)

Now, if you happen to be one of those who have made a religion out of lying, and violence and force, and false accusation, and slander, and pedophilia, and plastered the name "Christ" on it, you yourself need to understand, that they deceived you in the most awful way. Your doctrines, are not "secret" anymore, the sophistry is lame, the knowledge is false (much built on deceit), but most important of all, if you really do think there is anything to the afterlife, or the words of any prophets (take your pick) you need to beware of what you have become involved with.  Because it will cost you much more in the end, than it will ever give you.  As a Jew, as a Christian or as a Muslim.  You might as well be calling yourself a "Martian" because you are not even on the right planet when it comes to the God of Moses, Muhammad or  (and especially) "Christ" and you are certainly, in no uncertain terms, "not saved" by him.  In fact, if he was right, you are going to die and spend your eternity in the same "lake of fire" you are deceiving people into the worship of.  You are a Nicolaitan.  That's your patron saint, that's your religion, and that's your historical origin. And that's also your spiritual condition according to the New Testament.  The sooner you realize it, the sooner you will get saved (from them, their delusion AND their "Lake of Fire")

God "hates" what they are doing on every level. the real God of the Prophets, of Christ, and the Scriptures, are their enemy. And he hates what they are doing, as much as he hates that false Christ, and what it is doing to others.  That "Christ" is a prostituted figment of a sick twisted blasphemous imagination that is regarded with such obsessive hypocrisy, that it cannot tell the difference between a fictitious Roman solar devil, or a real Jewish prophet and messiah, who will do nothing for you (including certianly not "save you") except to keep it's victims deluded long enough so that they can die and go to hell where they belong.(at least according to the Bible (2 Thess 2 - Look it up)  And when the public realizes what these people have been doing to their faiths, and souls, and countries, no matter who they are, or where they live, they will agree with the same Prophets that once were thought too harsh, that in the end, they got what was fully deserved.

2Th 2:11-12  And for this cause God shall send them* a strong delusion, 
that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 
*  (speaking of the very same "Nicolaitans" who would follow Sixth III [the "Man of Sin"]) 

And what an amazing "delusion" it is?  They worship the very place they will spend all eternity?!?! The "Lake of Fire" in the sky! 

And yes, even among the devout and faithful Catholic community, (who are by no means the enemy, but the innocent victims) there is a growing realization that the Nicolaitan movement did in fact, historically infiltrate the Vatican and take over it's operation, forced to face the embarrassment of nightly news reports of priests and bishops continually caught, evading, hiding, and avoiding legal accountability over their involvement in the rape of little children.  Some are now beginning to realize this secret culture of gay male prostitution and pedophilia among today's Roman clergy, (while simultaneously targeting gays & lesbians as cheap favorite political targets, like Hitler, to garner support and seize power) have a very real history of emergance in the halls of power within the Vatican itself, originating from what Rome itself once identified as "Antichrist Nicolaitans".  (Before of course, one became the Roman Pope) The Roman Solar-Mass is not intrinsic to a true Catholic faith, anymore than the pedophilia that came with it, through the Nicolaitans, and their forceful imposition of the worship of Apollyon in the Roman Solar-Mass.  And many good and decent Catholics, if faced with being forced to unconditionally accept the secret pedophile culture of the Nicolaitans, responsible for imposing Rome's Solar-Mass worship onto the world, in order to continue being Catholic, will leave the Catholic church, as many already have, and their true Catholic faith will be no less for it in the end.

And while it may be problematic for Vatican bureaucrats to figure out to rid themselves of the curse and stigma of, at the very least, the secret sexual culture of the Nicolaitans, and still maintain a credible Roman-Catholic doctrine of Papal Infallibility and authoritarianism, institutionalized by these same Nicolaitans they now wish to continue to be, there is no reason other than the limitation of imagination, that could not find a way to return to a more historic and original expression of Catholic faith, as found in their own Latin fathers, who also once rejected the Nicolaitan proposition of mixing Christ with the Roman Solar Libation to Apollyon, now called a "Christ" Mass.  After-all, Roman-Catholics were themselves, the first to protest it, and eventually because of their own protests, create the impetus in Western Europe for the Reformation, which was after all, led by Rome's very own justifiably angered and outraged Priests.  Savanaroli, as many other reformers, never left the Catholic Church, they were kicked out, as in the case of Savanaroli, for doing what anyone who is sincere in their faith would have done in his situaiton, and confronting the Medici crime family in Venice that had taken over the Vatican itself.  These are the not the villians of western civilization as some of the Jesuit persuasion would mindlessly and without conscience turn them into, they are the heros, both of Catholic faith and western democracy.

Roman Catholics have been victimized most of all by these corruptions, and more than any other group of people, have the most to gain in over coming them within their midsts.  Evangelicals and their grotesque apostate leaders in America, who have degenerated into less ethical honor than used car salesmen, con-artists and corrupt immoral politicians, impressive to none but the most poor, ignorant and vulnerable of our society, are victimizing everyone in America, and perhaps most of all Roman Catholics who do want the best both for their country, and even their own Church, much less their own families as believers in Christ.  They need a faithful witness concerning truths that have been intentionally buried and smothered, not compromised Protestant collaberators with Nicolaitan pedophiles, who are themselves worshiping Rome's ancient devil on the Solar-Mass calling it "Christ", and satisfying it's consequential lust for little boys TOO.  American Evangelicals, a long time ago when it admired the leadership of those who were the greatest in spirit among them, as the most selfless and poor,  once understood these things.  It is a disgrace, a shame, and an injury to all, perhaps even on an eternal scale, they have ever been forgotten.

THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think