THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think


How the solar-icon of the Roman empire was layered onto the Biblical Christ to create a Roman-Christ

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10:34 PM on December 15, 2019 
Please read: â??The Way home or face The Fireâ??.

Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the â??I AMâ?? Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

The man that wrote â?? The Way home or face The Fire â?? also made the DVD
â?? 7/7 Ripple Effect â?? about the London bombings in 2005. This manâ??s name is
John Anthony Hill, His Spirit-being ( names ) are: JAH, Muadâ??Dib and Elijah.

Friends of Muadâ??Dib:

Muadâ??Dib means â?? Teacher of Righteousness â?? in Arabic.
Psalms 68:4 Sing unto God, sing praises to His name: extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His name JAH, and rejoice before Him.

1:2 And He said: Whoever finds the explanation of these words will not taste death.
1:3 Jesus said: Let him who seeks, not cease seeking until he finds, and when he finds, he will be troubled, and when he has been troubled, he will marvel and he will reign over the All.
1:4 Jesus said: If those who lead you say to you: "See, the Kingdom is in heaven", then the birds of the heaven will precede you.
1:5 If they say to you: "It is in the sea," then the fish will precede you.
1:6 But the Kingdom is within you and it is without you.

LLTK, ( Long Live The King )

P.S. Abdiel Freemanâ??s articles on Before itâ??s News and other links.