THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think

A   R   T   I  C   L   E


TITLE:                                          40 FALSE CLAIMS OF ATHEISM



Jesuit inspired Atheism often "attacks" Christians in a rapid fire barrage of false claims, intended to "over-whelm" by shear "volume". Most of those claims are "repeats" of the same "material" over and over and over in different forms. Here is "the list" of most frequent "charges and accusations", and why are outright false claims inspired by "propaganda" efforts.  Not a "truth movement" as is "claimed".


1. Claim: "Babies" are "born Atheists"

      The Truth:  Babies are not "born atheists" (babies are born without any knowledge of anything, including "of Atheism")

                                   "Atheism" is the "anti-thesis" of "theism" (Neither of which "babies" know anything about)

                                    Babies are often reported anecdotally responding emotively to symbols of their parent's orientation

                                    Babies inherit by default, the belief system of their parents, whatever it is.

2. Claim: "Theism is the result of "ignorance"

     The Truth:   Theism isn't the result of "ignorance" (it was believed by the world's most sophisticated empires)

                                    The majority of Nobel prize winners have been "theists".

                                    Anthony Flew, the world's premier "Atheist", became a "theist" as a result of his conclusions

3. Claim: "Theism" was just a "superstitious" or "primitive" way to "explain things"

      The Truth:  "Theism" wasn't believed in to just "explain things" (Anymore than Atheism today is "just to explain things")

                                     "Atheism" is an "ancient belief" as well. Between the two models of reality, the models proposed by "Theism"

                                       have been consistently more accurate in "cosmology", than "Atheism".


4. Claim: "Atheism" is the "default position". All "burden of proof" are therefore on "Theism".

     The Truth:  "Default positions" are defined by law in societies. In "western democracies" the "default position" is already legally

                                    defined    as "Theism".  Therefore the "burden of proof" is on the "Atheist". Also, conceptually and philosophically,

                                    Atheism isn't a "default position" (because it is a positive assertion, concerning non-existence). So it is not a position of

                                   "neutrality". ("Neutrality" would be represented by "soft agnosticism")

5. Claim: The "future" belongs to "Atheism.  People are increasingly becoming "aware of the truth of Atheism".

     The Truth:  The "future" does not belong to Atheism. Current trends have Theism outpacing "Atheism" worldwide)

6. Claim: The idea of "God" came from "fairy tales".

      The Truth:  "God" is not a "fairy tale" (Fairy tales were a particular genre of literature, invented long after "God" in language)

7. Claim: "Religion" is the basis of "intolerance" in society.

      The Truth:  Religion isn't the basis of intolerance. Atheism has far surpassed Theism in the 20th century for genocides.  Atheistic

                                    countries among world leaders, in persecution against LGBTQ+ communities and in human rights violations.

8. Claim:  "Religion poisons everything".

     The Truth:  "Religion" doesn't "poison everything".  "Bad religion" is a "poison", just like "Atheism". "Quality of life" and "freedom"

                                    metrics are consistently higher in former "Protestant" countries with Protestant legal traditions.

                                    And.. not all "religions" are the "same", just as all "medicine is NOT the same" or "all math is NOT the same".

9. Claim: "Atheism" is "proven true" by Evolution.

      The Truth: Atheism is not proven by Evolution (Evolution was proposed by Theists, as the original interpretation of Genesis,

                                   over  5 centuries before Darwin in England )  Proof of it's accuracy, cannot disprove it's source.

10. Claim: "Atheism" is "smarter" than "Theism".

       The Truth: Atheism is not "smarter than Theism" (Prison population is twice as "non-religious" as general population, & new  

                                    studies on Atheism in Europe show precisely the opposite is the case)

11. Claim: "God" is "unnecessary". You can be good without God.

        The Truth:  Even Atheistic morality  based on "Self-consciousness" is unfeasible. Atheism considers "consciousness"

                                      to be an "illusion" and human "free-will" to be "non-existent". (No logical basis for "law" other than use of force

                                      as in pure "authoritarianism")

12. Claim: Believing in "God" is like "believing in Pink Unicorns" or "Spaghetti monster"

        The Truth: Believing in God is not like believing in "Pink Unicorns" or "Spaghetti monster"

                                     (These illustrations show the problems inherent in Epicurean idolatry [which was "Atheistic"])

13. Claim: "Religion" causes "War".

        Truth:  Religions do not "cause wars" (War is caused by geo-political conflicts over wealth and power). If "claim" were true,

                          there would never be a "war" in an "Atheistic country". (Obviously not the case)

14. Claim: The "Bible" justifies "slavery".

         Truth: The Bible doesn't justify slavery (The Abolitionists were all Bible-quoting Theists, Jefferson was an Epicurean Atheist)

                           Race based, chattel-slavery was forbidden in the Torah. "Servitude" was temporary. Slaves had "civil rights".

15. Claim: The "Bible" is "disproven" by "science".

         Truth: The Bible is not disproven (by science) [The modern scientific framework of the universe in science, came from, and was inspired by  Genesis]. From Ibn Khaldun's "evolution" (Muslim), to Dalton's model of the "molecule" (Quaker), to  Einstein's model of "relativity" concerning "light" (Jewish), to Lemaitre's "Big Bang" (Catholic). [All Theists, and every tradition present]

16. Claim: "Going by" an "ancient book" is "nuts".

        Truth: Going by an ancient book isn't nuts (most of our knowledge is based on ancient books, from "law" to "science"

                          per example, Pythagorean theorem [still true, is "ancient", and basis of modern geometry])

17. Claim: Bible is a myth

        The Truth:  The "claim" that the Bible is a "myth" (is the "myth") Mythology is a certain type of literature, the Bible is an

                                       "anthology of cultural literature" with a wide range of types which include "poetry", "songs", "philosophy",

                                       "public health laws", "court records", "genealogies" and "legal codes".   Reductionist "claims" that the "Bible" is

                                        "a myth" is a vast "over-simplification" of it's "literature", and the result of "cultural bias". Per example: Is the       

                                         literature of "Plato" referred to this way (despite the fact he frequently discusses "the gods")? No.

18. Claim: You "don't need God" to explain the universe

        The Truth: It would be impossible to have a universe without God (as defined in the Scriptures = the invisible things of nature

                                     seen in the creation of the word [Ro.1]))

                                     On the other hand, you don't need "Atheism" to "explain the universe". (it's a "non-essential")

19. Claim: No evidence Christ ever existed

        The Truth: There is as much historical evidence for the "existence" of Christ, as many famous historical figures.

                                     (Christ's existence is the consensus of modern secular/skeptical historical scholarship)

                                       Jews literally changed the "architecture" of their "synagogues" in Israel, after the life of Christ and wrote against

                                      him in the Talmud. (Why do this if he "never existed"?)

                                      There is no "evidence" anyone ever challenged the "existence of Christ" (including among ancient Jews)

                                       (who naturally would have been "the first" to do so)

20. Claim: Religion is anti-scientific

        The Truth: (Reformation Europe was the foundation of modern Science) Many "reformers" were themselves "scientists".

21. Claim: Theism lives "in the gaps"

        The Truth: Theism, properly defined, needs no "gaps",

        The "Physical world" is seen as "fully integrated" with the presence of it's invisible, omnipresent "creator".

         Classical Atheism, has been "gapped out" by "Science" (It is no longer a "reasonable claim") See video, Atheism-14

22. Claim: Hell & Heaven are "imaginary"

        The Truth: [a]Actual experiences of post-mortem NDE [even unexpectedly by Atheists], suggest there is more going on than

                                      imagination [b] Laws of Quantum gravity does explain "descent" of residual OOBE consciousness into the earth's

                                     "magnetic center", which is also not incidentally, it's "lava core". (Unless "bonding" with a 3rd agent whose force is

                                      greater than gravity, has occurred)

23. Claim: Evolution disproves Genesis

        The Truth: The idea of Evolution historically, was based on Genesis. Therefore it cannot "disprove" it's historical source,

                                      by being "true".

24. Claim: Science gets you to moon, religion gets you terrorism

        The Truth: The Lunar Landing was led by Theists, in the "space-race" against the Atheist Soviet Union.  "Marxist" revolutionaries

                                     were "the primary source" of "terrorism" (world-wide) prior to the advent of PLO Islamic terrorism in the 1970s.

25. Claim: There is no supernatural

        The Truth: All modern science studies the realm, previously known as the "supra+natural". The "natural" only describes 5% of the

                                      known universe.

26. Claim: NDEs are hallucinations caused by the brain

        The Truth: The hallucination theory does not account for remote viewing phenomena that routinely occurs while "unconscious".

27. Claim: Demonic possession is mental illness

       The Truth: Mental illness cannot cause physical biological changes and anomalies in physical space, documented in "possession".

20. Claim" "Theists" have the "Burden of Proof"

       The Truth: "Any claim" has "a burden of proof", even those which assert negations.

21. Claim: There is "no proof for God"

        The Truth: "God" as defined in Scripture has positive empirical existence (and "proof thereof") in the natural universe

         There is no "proof" for the "existence of God" in "Latin Theology", because "existence" is not one of it's "attributes".

         And that is why "Atheism" was revived & promoted by Jesuitism, to serve as a "tool" of the "counter-reformation".

         While there is positively concrete "proof" of the "existence of God" from Biblical theology, there is no "proof" of "Atheism".

22. Claim: If you were "born in another country", you wouldn't believe

        The Truth: China is the most Atheistic country on earth, with the fastest growing Christian movement.

23. Claim: Faith is just a word for believing in a lie

        The Truth: Distortion of the concept of "faith", "faith" in the scripture is based on observation of evidence, concerning "God"

24. Claim: Christianity is the worship of the sun

        The Truth: Biblical Christians died refusing to do it, and are the only ones ideologically, who still reject Christmas.

25. Claim: Religion is just to control people

        The Truth: Atheism implemented totalitarian states, a large portion of religious history in the west

                                     was based on resistance movements, against the ruling status-quo, dictatorships, monarchies and empires)

26. Claim: "Science" is the only way to "know truth".

          The Truth: Science is not the only way to "know" truth (per example, math). "Science" frequently "thought" the wrong thing in

                                      "history" because of "amorality", "moral shortsightedness", "moral deficiency" and it's willingness to either "accept" or

                                        promote "deception" at the bequest of it's "host governments".

                                        The "hard science" of pharmacology, is corrected daily by "non-scientific juries", (now a billion dollar legal industry)

27. Claim: "Materialism" is the truth

        The Truth: "materialism is almost certainly false"  See article:


28. Claim: There was no "garden of Eden" (It's a myth, fable, metaphor)


        The Truth: 5 potential physical locations have been identified all in the same region. Most likely in northern  Persia

                                     as the Persian name suggests.

        Claim: There was no "talking serpent" (fairy tale, myth, fable)

        The Truth: Eastern depiction of "serpent of enlightenment" (present in all traditions of "polytheistic enlightenment") including

                                   "Egyptian" which the narrative was written to serve as rebuttable. "Communication/inspiration" is depicted as "speech"

                                    to illustrate ideas present in process.

29. Claim: Design in nature is random and accidental

       The Truth: (no definition of Evolution excludes the role of (1) gravity (2) electro-magnetism and (3) force in creating that design)

                                     which is also the Biblical definition of God in physics. Random Chaos without these "forces" cannot produce "design".

30. Claim: Religion retards society

        The Truth: (most advanced societies on earth in science, have been historically Theistic, far outpacing Atheistic countries)

31. Claim: Richard Dawkins is telling the truth

         The Truth: Dawkins admits his primary purpose is propagandizing for Atheism, not pure objective "science".

32. Claim: Atheism is the best way to stop the religious-right

       The Truth:  "New Atheism" is actually aligned with the plans for a Vatican global state.

33. Claim: Atheism is not "religious"

       The Truth: Atheism has been ruled a "religion" by the US Supreme court, and has "Churches"

34. Claim: Atheism does not accept "unproven beliefs"

        The Truth: Atheism IS an unproven belief

35. Claim: God does not exist

       The Truth: Biblical definition of God has empirically verifiable existence (and does exist).

36. Claim: God is a "belief only"

       The Truth: God's existence has a basis in physics. The "non-existence of God" is the "belief only".

37. Claim: Atheism advances Science

       The Truth: Atheist countries based on Scientism have damaged science, and lagged behind in development and achievement

38. Claim: God is evil

        The Truth: God is no more subject to moral judgment than nature

39. Claim: Evil proves God cannot simultaneously exist or be good

        The Truth: Most evil is the result of human choice, and the negligence of humanity to be informed by intuitive

                                     means, to individually and personally, avoid disastrous outcomes, circumstances and events.

40. Claim: Atheism is logical, religion irrational

      The Truth: Theism is axiomatic in classical logic, Atheism argues formally for the acceptance of Absurdism, Nihilistic delusion

                                   and Solipsism, to defend it's "position".