THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think

A   R   T   I  C   L   E


TITLE:                                 AN ODE TO EPICURUS AND HIS RIDDLE



Jesuit "Atheists" feign over the words of "Epicurus" despite it's obvious "hypocrisy. If you construct a "test" that supposedly "disproves the existence of God", but it is a "test" that also would "disprove your own", where's the "genius" in such a "test"? (Such is the "desperation" of some "Atheists")



In his heart there is no God,
The Scriptures say "The Fool Hath Said".
And Epicurus made up a riddle,
But alas, that fool is dead.

And what riddle, that fool did ask,
Any fool, can easily reply.
And can do so, with such ease and poetry,
It shows, his riddle was just a lie.

Can you live, by the same judgements you make?
Or are they just, for everyone else?
In the fashion of any old hypocrite?
That just justifies, himself?

Let's see?

Let it be asked of you Epicurus,
(Though as a fool, he's long since died.)
If you Epicurus, really were a good man,
Why did you, Epicurus, tell such a lie?

And if you Epicurus, can not answer,
Your own riddle, that you yourself did write.
What kind of fool, should quote you,
And claim their reason, has found the light?

So here's the question, that answers you,
Since you see yourself, oh so wise,
What can you see, but darkness,
If you never, open up your eyes?

No one can see, what they will not see.
Nor learn, what they refuse to know.
But claiming your ignorance, is also your proof?
Well, that's just stupid, to the bone.

And though, to Epicurus, this is written,
(He can't read it because he's dead.)
But hopefully, it will dissuade,
At least one fool, from what, he said.

So, you claim God does not exist?
Because he doesn't do, whatever, you think he should.
But humanity's base, and lustful self,
Well, that's perfectly fine, and even good?

Really? (You don't see the irony?)

Well here's the riddle, that you too face,
And you conveniently, choose to forget!
The same paradox, with which you nullify God,
Proves, you're just twisted, inside your head.

And here is now, the proof of it,
Set forth, in rhythm and prose.
Spoken by, the voice of reason,
To Epicurus, down below.

If you're able, but not willing,
To stop yourself, from your own evil,
It can't be said, that you are good,
(And such is true, of all people.)

Because if your able, but not willing,
It can't be said, you're even wise.
So your wisdom, is just foolishness,
And your logic, is filled with lies.

And if your willing, but not able,
To stop speaking, those deceptions,
Then, what is speaking through you,
Is pure evil, from it's conception.

And if it is, actually, moral evil,
From conception, you will to do,
How could you stand, in judgement, of God,
When it is evil, that is coming, through you?

If you're ABLE to stop your evil,
But unwilling, to make that choice.
Why should anyone, listen to you?
When evil, is what you voice?

And if you're willing, but not ABLE,
Then you're evil, because you're weak.
And your evil, is a compulsion,
That forms each word, you speak.

So why would anyone listen?
To such an evil man, like you?
To be the arrogant, judge of almighty God,
for what you think, that God, should do?

Oh poor Epicurus,

If you were able, to know God,
But unwilling, to even learn how?
Why is your ignorance, on that subject,
A model, for so many fools like you, now?

And if you weren't, even able,
To know God in any way,
Why is such, total incompetence,
An excuse, for all the evil men do today?

So either,

You were just plain evil, Epicurus,
Or you were an incompetent, and boorish fool.
And what was speaking through you,
Made you, a snakey and evil, tool.

If God does, in fact, exist,
Whether for good, evil, or in the middle.
Only a very foolish, and evil man,
Would make up, such an incredibly stupid, riddle.

Because, if you can't even pass,
Your own paradoxal dichotmous test,
It hardly should become the measure,
Of all in the universe, that's best.

As for you, and your arrogant riddle,
The answer's already quite complete.
God is able to stop our evil,
But unwilling, to make us extinct.

God is able, to prevent our evil,
But unwilling, to charge the case,
Because if God killed off every single evil fool,
It would destroy, the human race.


You were just another mortal fool,
Who destroyed your life, with vain excuses.
And you left nothing behind you,
But minions, of misled duces.

Is God, evil or impotent?
For allowing us, to still exist?
Only an idiot, like you Epicurus,
Would ever think, to so insist.

Epicureans, would quote your riddle,
Then with Sheep, they would fornicate.
Their minds, were so filled with evil,
They were famous, for being reprobate.

Minds riddled, with such perversions,
So extreme, they would rape a beast.
Are hardly, moral authorities,
On God almighty, to say the least.

And only a fool, would quote such a fool,
And reject, all eternity.
Because God lets life, continue to live,
And won't exterminate, all humanity.

Would it not be better, to let fools be fools?
And let the wise, just remain wise.
Until our days, are all fulfilled,
And all such fools, will die?

Than to murder, each and every child,
That was ever bad in school?
Just so some Greek, sheep fornicators,
Would never, have this tool?

Would it not be better?
To have life, precisely as it is?
And give the world, it's freedom,
Than to destroy it, for Epicurus?

So if anyone, wants to claim God is evil,
For letting fools like Epicurus exist,
Then we are all faced, with the same dilemma,
Because we too tolerate, fools to persist.

Because we all know, down deep inside,
It's much better to live, and let live,
Than to murder each and every fool,
Until we all, no longer, exist.

Yet for this, goat-fornicators call God evil,
And all the fools that follow them, call him weak,
But God knows, if he killed off every evil thing,
There'd be no one left of, to speak.

We have all played the fool, Epicurus.
And have done, that which is just evil,
But the wisdom of God, for all mankind,
Is to show mercy, to all it's people.

It's both God's goodness, and his strength,
That forgives us, and forebears.
And allows fools like us, to keep on living,
Despite the riddles, we do dare.