THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think

A   R   T   I  C   L   E   S





Parents are encouraged to promise their children, their most coveted possession for Christmas. Sometimes making them put off the attainment of their most desired materialistic goal until that very day, which may be months away. All this to enhance the Pavlovian conditioning to associate the day, with fulfillment of their greatest wish or pleasure. And every kind of "Gift" imaginable is given at "Christmas". But there is ONE GIFT, that is NEVER GIVEN for "Christmas".  Find out what THAT GIFT is.
Psychologists have written extensively on the "psychology" of "cult-brainwashing", and while "brainwashing" as an "official diagnosis" is no longer considered a "clinically true" diagnosis, psychologists still have plenty to say about "cult psychology". But it turns out that that very same "psychology" is present in the social mechanics of what is used to "enforce" conformity to "Christmas", in society. 


What do we really know about "Near Death Experiences", and what do we know, that we don't want to know? Find out the "whole story" about "Near Death Experiences", including the parts, they would prefer you never knew.
Most people are not aware of the fact that "Christmas-Christianity" is premised on "Atheism", and given enough time and enough thought, it's adherents will often become "Atheists", when in truth, they should return to the "Biblical definition of God" and "drop Christmas".  Many "converts" to "Atheism" from "Christmas-Christianity" run around the internet spreading false facts and disinformation in their new found "zeal". But the truth is, their "new religion" isn't any "truer" than their old one. In fact, it's actually the same "religion".  This is the 2nd chapter of that examination, that looks at why the "existence" of God is really known.
Jesuit inspired Atheism often "attacks" Christians in a rapid fire barrage of false claims, intended to "over-whelm" by shear "volume". Most of those claims are "repeats" of the same "material" over and over and over in different forms. Here is "the list" of most frequent "charges and accusations", and why they are outright false claims, inspired by "propaganda" efforts.  Not a "truth movement" as is "claimed".
Jesuit "Atheists" feign over the words of "Epicurus" despite it's obvious "hypocrisy. If you construct a "test" that supposedly "disproves the existence of God", but it is a "test" that also would "disprove your own", where's the "genius" in such a "test"?  Here's the answer to his riddle, that some "Atheists" find so "awe inspiring".

V A C C I N E   C O N T R O V E R S Y

There is constant noise in Christian circles about the "Covid-19" vaccination being part of a "vaccine conspiracy" or even "The Mark Of The Beast".  There is no doubt there is a "vaccine conspiracy", and there certainly is a "Mark of the Beast", but neither has anything to do with those who are offering to immunize the public against a deadly pandemic disease.  Read more to find out "the truth" about "the truth" when it comes to "Covid-19" vaccinations., the "Mark of the Beast", and "Vaccination Conspiracy".