THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think

B I B L E    S T U D I E S



A great deal of "effort" has gone into not only "hiding" what happened in the events surrounding the creation of "Christmas", but also creating "alternate Eschatologies" to "cover-up" how those events were described in Biblical prophecy. This short study will demonstrate how those "Eschatological mythologies" were created to "hide" what has really happened in history.


Think Matthew 24 is "happening today" in all the "Events" of the news? Go beyond the "ink-blot free association" method of "Futurism" to discover the truth.  It's not what you've been told.


The Historical Interpretation with Astronomical Dating, is the "Biblical interpretation" of prophetic material, such as found in the book of Revelation, as instructed by the authors themselves, of the literature in the New Testament. Refusing it, is a rejection of the original instruction, given to it's first readers, by it's own author. And is an act of willful "rebellion", that will lead to  the spread of religious "ignore-ance", concerning "Revelation" God fully intended, all humanity, to know.




Recently, the "History Channel" pulled another one of it's non-historical "stunts" attempting to show Christ was a "Druze" based on DNA testing from the completely bogus relic known as the "Shroud of Turin" (a/k/a "Shroud of Tourists").  [You would think when they discovered the DNA on the "Shroud", belonged to a "Druze", they would "drop the claim". Instead they did a 180, and rather than revise their claim on their bogus relic, decided they would rather revise the identity of Christ instead, [and keep the relic at the expense of "Christ"]) "Gnostics" have also joined the charge inspired by their new found Bibles at Saint Pachomius Monastery in the form of the Nag Hammadi library, and instead of admitting "Catholicism" was not authentic "Christianity" but rather "Gnosticism", have decided instead to claim that "real Christians" were really "gnostics", and "Christ" was just a "symbol" for the sun. Along with this is the "pile on" by certain anti-Semitic "Church groups" which claim "Christ" was actually a Roman, or really a "Gentile", or really a "Greek", or really anything other than what he was.  All these claims however are clearly and flatly contradicted by "primary source documentation" in the New Testament. (As you will see in this survey from the New Testament texts themselves)

The "Christmas-Church" teaches if you do not "believe in the Trinity", you will "not be saved".  Amazingly, neither Christ, or any of his own Apostles "believed in the Trinity" (So according to the "Christmas-Church" none of them were "saved"). Their doctrine of "The Trinity" was not taught in history, until hundreds of years after "Christ" and the "Apostles" lived and taught. And none of what they taught, included "The Trinity". Consequently, it is completely "absent" in the New Testament. (Well sort of, it is "prophesied") Unfortunately though, the truth about how it affects "salvation", might be exactly "opposite" of what most people have been deceptively told. In 95 A.D., It was prophesied to be the coming "doctrine" of the "Antichrist".



The New Testament records that the Apostle "Simon Peter", was "never" in the city of Rome.  But there was another "Simon" who was in fact in "Rome", and was quite "Popular" among the Romans. But his name was not "Simon" Peter.

"Ignatius of Antioch" not only "coined" the name "Catholic", but also "introduced" the Catholic "Mass" as a "replacement" for the Passover Seder commanded by Christ.  It is "claimed" by the Catholic church, that he was an "early Bishop" of the city of "Antioch", and a "disciple" of "the Apostle John". However, from the New Testament, it is learned that "neither" of these claims, were in fact, true. "Ignatius of Antioch" was someone else, in reality.
When you read contemporary sources on “Saint Ambrose””Bishop of Milan”, you will read a string of extremely complimentary things, He was so “wise”. He was so “educated”. He was so “Christian”. He was so “enlightened”. He was so “kind”. He was so “well loved”. He was so perfect in every way… you would never guess he was one of the most morbid and “creepiest” figures, in all of “Church history”.


As of the year 2000, 161 countries (about 88%) of the world’s 188 countries, subscribed to some version of the 3 predominant Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  That comes out to be about 3.3 Billion people in the world, and roughly 55% of the earth’s total population.   The vast majority of these people all think they "have the word of God", by virtue of the fact, they possess either the Torah, or the Bible, or the Quran.  But if you track what all three of these books actually "teach" the "word of God" really is, you will see in none of these sacred texts, is that term "the word of God" ever given to a book. Not anyone's book. Not even the Torah. Not even the Quran. (In all 3 literatures, the term is used consistently, the same) To refer to God's "speaking".  Why? Because anyone, who even pretended to be a "prophet", would have fully known better. But, which also means, the vast majority of the world's 3.3 Billion "theists", are effectively "living", without "the word of God", in their lives, today. (Despite their books)


"The routine" practice of religion in America today, is to buy, sell, swindle, cheat and extort believers out of their personal finances, often at the expense of their own suffering families.  It is nothing short of "criminal behavior", in the "sight of God", that God has personally promised "damnation".  But these famous wealthy "money-grubbing" TV "preachers", are not the only ones, you should STOP giving your "money" too. (Because you are being "scammed) The "collection is for the Saints" [1 Co.16:1] . (Not wealthy preachers, and their multi-million dollar "Church buildings")


Literally just about anything on earth gets "called" "Mystery Babylon", in prophecy sermons today. That is because most "prophecy sermons" today, are being preached from the very pulpits of precisely what "Mystery Babylon" really is, at least according to the Babylonians themselves. They should know what it is, since they are the ones who "started it all". And that is precisely what "Abraham" had been "called out of" (becoming the proto-type of "the Ecclesia" for all ages to come)  Find out what he was "Called out of", and what John was making reference to, in his use of the term. You might be "surprised" to find out (you're still in it).



Solar-day creationists demand the only "true" way to read Genesis, is as a 24 hour "solar-day".  What they often do not tell their audiences is, that is the "later" interpretation, that emerged after the "Babylonian captivity". It was introduced by an attempt to "replace" the book of "Genesis", with the "book of Jubilees", that reflected more closely, Babylonian "sun-worship".  The "solar-day" interpretation, was fiercely advocated, not by Protestant Christians who were familiar with the earlier interpretation (and had no problem with it), but by "Freemasons" who "interpreted" "God" as "the sun", in keeping with Babylonian and Egyptian (occultism).  As seen in the illustration pages of every "Masonic Bible".