THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think

L  I  B  R  A  R  Y


When counter-reformationists plaster the word "Polished" on every mention of the name "Sixtus" that occurs on the internet, they are busy spreading a "Lie". And it is a very important lie intended to actually "Hide" John's reference in Revelation 13: 18 to the coming of a Roman ruler by the name of 3 sixes. Read this collection of source material, to see how bad a lie, that propaganda really is.


Excerpt from Roman Historian Pliny, on why the "Christians" were considered "trouble" for the Roman Empire.  Notice what Pliny says the main problem that they cause.


Find out how the "spiritual compass" of western civilization came to be "broken" and switched it's "North" for "South" in the theology of "the Christmas Church". (An exact "opposite" of what "Christ" "founded")


The section of text in which the 7th century Armenian Scholar, Ananias of Shirak, "defends Christmas" but in so doing, documents there were "dissidents" against the practice as late as the 7th century, and those who were still refusing to participate in it, had traced it's origins to Cerinthus, of the Nicolaitans.


Excerpt from the oldest manuscript of Freemasonry in existence and associated comment from Dr. Albert Mackey, author of an early official "encyclopedia of history" on Freemasonry, entitled "The History of Freemasonry", explaining Masonry's believed to be "origins", at the time of the publication of his "history".  This document also shows that "Freemasonry" was in "existence" prior to the "Reformation" and that it's basic "belief system" had inherited "the Shepherd of Hermes" as it's "spiritual orientation".


Discovered as a "hidden library" (of "secret" Gnostic doctrine) connected to "Saint Pachomius Monastery" in Egypt.  Reveals the "origin" of "Constantine's" name for the first "official Church" ever built from the ground up, as a "Catholic church". "The Thea Sophia" (Later renamed the "Hagia Sophia").  The name was found in the Nag Hammadi library as one of it's "books", entitled "The Sophia of Jesus Christ". It displays the "origin" of "Constantine's" use of the name, along with the "ideology" that went with it, and continued in the "Catholic church" for centuries as a secret "Oral tradition" allegedly derived, directly from the "Apostles". (Which actually had come from the "Desert fathers" at Nag Hammadi, who were in reality "Gnostics", not "Christians") The "Christmas-Church" was from it's beginnings, an "antichrist" "Church", evidenced by the discovery of the "Nag Hammadi" library.


One of the most important declarations in the history of western civilization, and a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, written to the city of Thessalonica, 3 centuries before it's occurrence. (And it is the historical "origin" of the "Christmas-Church")


The Chronicle of Zuqnin documents conditions of ecclesiastical "authorities" in the city of Antioch, recording that "believers" were lied to, stolen from, persecuted, tortured, and imprisoned under a hierarchy of "Bishops", the common "Christian" in the city of Antioch did not even really consider to be "Christian". This was the same "religious hierarchy" that was responsible for the "creation", "spread" and "requirement" of "Christmas", under order of the Theodosius Codex.


The Theodosius Codex is a compilation of Roman laws enacted after Emperor Constantine's rule. Excerpts from the Theodosius Codex highlight the fulfillment of prophecy from the book of Revelation, as they occurred in history. (In the historic emergence of "the Christmas-church")


A collection of declarations, citations and explanations on the nature, meaning and intent of Papal Vatican Rome, and it's "theology" of ecclesiastical "authority".  These are an "anthology" of "direct quotes".


The "Christmas-Church" was responsible for the "extermination" of the entire "blood family" of Christ and the Apostles.  That is not a "outside accusation", that is the historical testimony of one of it's most educated scholars, and who served as a Professor in Rome, at the Vatican's own Biblical Institute.


Description of the "torture chambers"  located in the headquarters of "the Christmas-church" by a high ranking ecclesiastical official within it's organization, who was so shocked by what he saw, he left the "Christmas-church" forever.


The "Christmas-Church" has a very long tradition of intentionally fabricating completely false claims about history. But you might be surprised how completely blatant they have been about it, throughout history.

The "Christmas-Church" has been the primary source of "censorship" of information in western civilization for millennia. An actual regular "bulletin" of what things were to be "censored" was annually published, called  The "Index of Forbidden Books". It was regularly published by the Vatican, all the way up until 1948.

Most people "assume" if something is found in a "public reference" work, such as an "Encyclopedia", the information is actually there, because it is "true". Unfortunately, the "Christmas-Church" works in a systematic and organized fashion to make sure you only hear and see what they decide you can.