THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think




What is Christmas? Where did it come from? Why do people do it? And more importantly than all this, why is compulsion used to enforce it? (Even against people who have no religious or cultural history with it?) The answer to the last question might be surprising.

There are literally thousands of websites on the internet, all detailing the various narratives about Christmas, everyone is used to hearing about it. This is not one of those websites. This website will not tell you once again, everything you have always heard about Christmas. It is going to tell you what you may have never heard about it. (But is actually true)

If you do not want to know the truth about it, you need to click the back button and return to your previous page. Because the "truth" about Christmas is not for the faint or weak in heart. It is painful. It is a patch of "scorched earth", still black with soot and ashes, and covered with skeletons and bones, from the middle-ages. But you will never hear this from those other sites. They don't want you to be reminded of where it came from, or what it's observance actually meant.
You will be constantly assured by those who promote it, that those obscure matters are completely "irrelevant". Maybe, maybe not. But obviously, you would need to know what they are, before a personal decision can even be rendered. Blind assurances from those who either personally benefit from the practice, or are personally addicted to it, are hardly to be trusted.

"INFORMED CONSENT" has become the cornerstone of entire sections of law in modern jurisprudence.
 The absence of informed consent is what distinguishes the difference between love and rape, or a consumer purchase from a theft. It is even a basic concept in "democracy" itself, expressed in the phrase "the consent of the governed". Without "informed consent", many common activities can be properly identified as "criminal" actions.

But when it comes to the promotion and enforcement of Christmas through various forms of compulsion, for some reason, "informed consent" is considered to be something "objectionable". If your intention is to use domination, to enforce your will onto others (without their "consent" informed or not), there is obviously no need, or place, for "informed consent". Because, that is precisely what you are attempting to evade. 
If you say you ARE for "informed consent", then you have to be willing to hear the information, that actually "informs" you. If you self-censor all information to the contrary, and insist on that state for everyone else as well, you are spreading something no better, as any other activity, that does precisely the same thing, in all the other areas of life, where such activity is determined to be "criminal" by courts of justice. (because there is no "informed consent")

For example... the practice of intentionally targeting "children" to effectively "brainwash" them through a barrage of yearly "Pavlovian" conditioning, is not really "sweet" or "adorable". In reality, it is cold, calculated,  sinister and abusive, in nature. In fact, the practice evolved out of legalized pedophilia in the Roman empire, and specifically targeted orphans. There was no "informed consent" either wanted or respected, in this activity. It was manipulating children in the most sinister way. (The most vulnerable, when they cannot decide, think, say or do anything about it) 

Most religious activities in most religions in the world, are rightly reserved for adults, who can engage in "informed consent", for that very reason. But not "Christmas". And there is a reason for that. And ...It is not what  you have been told.
The yearly propaganda productions of bestial animals or evil greedy heartless old men, are not by accident either. They are part of the enforcement tactics used to squelch dissidents, and the spread of "informed consent".  In fact, they were created to target a specific religious minority in both England and America. Who were they? And why was this done? (And is still done to this day?)

As a propaganda form, it is known as "POISONING THE WELL". A tactic named after an ancient military practice used by the Roman army. And there is a reason this is considered necessary. If there were nothing to find out about Christmas, these propaganda forms would not be necessary.  But they are, still to this day. Do you know what they are hiding behind them? Are you "informed" as to why they do this and have elevated it's annual repetition to an almost religious status? Probably not. And where would you get that information from, since they do not want it ever to be known? (To such an extreme that if a "minister" ever discovers it, and mentions it, there is a concerted effort to have him immediately "removed"?) Why? Why would it matter? Who cares? Apparently somebody does. (In a very extreme way) Who is this?
That is the point of this website. This is what they do not want you to know about "Christmas". Christmas is a lie. But it is not just any old lie, or a little white lie. It is the biggest lie, you will ever be told in your life. It is a "BIG LIE" in the full technical meaning of the phrase.

When you learn what has been hidden behind the "Christmas lie", you will understand many of the strange contradictions, much of the hidden symbolism in western culture, and the real history behind what most people in the world today, consider to be "Christianity", but in reality is knowingly and intentionally, it's precise opposite. Prepare to be shocked by what you discover.

THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think