THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think





"Christmas" is a conjunction of two words, "Christ" + "Mass".  It is an amazing thing to see strange mutant "right-wing" religious leaders who call themselves "Protestants" demanding private citizens "mouth" the confession of faith, "Merry Christmas" or be terminated from their employment.

The irony and hypocrisy of this scene is almost beyond belief. But there it is.  Obviously there is something extremely fraudulent taking place in this bizarre charade. No one who is "really" a "Protestant" would ever "demand" such nonsense. 

First, because a genuine "Protestant" would know the "history" of why they are a "Protestant" to begin with.  And "demanding" American citizens (in the "spirit" of a violation of their constitutional rights), mouth subservience and acquiescence to "the Mass" is beyond humorous and disappointing. Politically, it is also very dangerous.
Morally, spiritually ..and politically, on every level such demands are "dangerous". Such "mob" actions do threaten the very fabric of a "free country" and certainly theologically, a consistent faith.

But beyond spreading the destruction of a "free country" with threats of religious compulsion and mob based persecution, there is a tremendous "theological" significance to this characteristic, as well.  Because the worship rituals which celebrate the "Mass" on December 25th, are not really a "Christ" "Mass".

They are a "pagan" "libation". Something that all real "Protestants" have known, since the "Reformation" 500 years ago.  So seeing "right-wing" religious leaders who call themselves "Protestants", demand subservience to this, is truly an act of public fraudulence, beyond both comprehension and description.


Beyond the fact these very strange religious "mutants" who claim to be "Protestant", are demanding the unconditional submission, subservience and "lip service" to a Roman "Mass", the truth is, their deceit (or ignorance) is on full public display. They are revealing themselves to be impostures and con-artists. (And literally nothing more).  Men and woman posing to be one thing, but in reality, are exactly and precisely it's opposite. In which case, the unavoidable conclusion would have to be, they are not even really "Christian".  They are something entirely different altogether. They are unregenerate fraudsters. And they are not "saved" in any sense of the word.  And... Unfortunately, they have passed this state onto millions and millions of people who blindly "follow them". 

They are "Hypocrites" in the full "Biblical" sense of the word.  In common parlance, invoking the word "Hypocrite" simply means they are "inconsistent" or "contradictory" claiming one thing, but doing another. But in the "Biblical" sense of the term "Hypocrite", means their character is of such moral depravity, they are headed for certain "eternal damnation". All of their virtue is simply a "narcissistic" public act, for the purpose of deception, to "gain" something for themselves. And that is a very strong meaning. But it would appear to be appropriate for this group of inexplicably strange religious "mutants".

For IF you really truly genuinely "believed" that Rome's December 25th "pagan libation" was a "Christ-Mass" and not an exercise in "pagan assimilation" focused on the worship of Apollyon (Rev.9:11, Apollo), then you have no excuse for not being a "Roman Catholic".  None whatsoever. Your very existence is a blatant act of "Rebellion" and "Hypocrisy".

You have "no business" preaching from a "Protestant" pulpit. You are in essence "out of order". You are "in rebellion" to your "superiors" (in Rome).  And you are an "unauthorized" schismatic. A heretic, worthy of both "damnation" and corporeal physical "punishment" according to the canon laws of the very Rome you serve. (Which is capital punishment) asked for by your own "confession".

(And as a "Protestant", you are a complete and total "Fraud"So there is no way this can come out "good" for you. This glaring theological "Hypocrisy" is "evidence" of your certain "damnation", on both counts. No matter which way you turn. You have "damned" yourself, with your own words

And unfortunately, it should not be lost, that all those who have blindly followed you in this extreme "Hypocrisy", are just as "damned" as you.. the religious "leader", they have "followed".  Their spiritual destruction is on your hands.



In the conjunctive term "Christ-Mass", we have already seen the word "Christ" is being intentionally transposed onto "Sol Invictus" a/k/a "Apollo", which was the principle "god" of the Roman empire. In other words, it's the "God of Rome". (Not the New Testament "Christ").  So that part of the term is already fraudulent. (It is not "Christ")

But the term "Mass" is not "Fraudulent", it really is a "Mass". But it would more accurately be called a "Solar-Mass", because the Biblical "Christ" is not the focus.  But while it is truly a "Mass", there is nothing "Christian" (meaning instituted by Christ) about the "Mass". It was the "assimilation" of the pagan (Mithric) "Libation", which was performed on December 25th, in honor of the "birth of the sun". It was a part of Rome's "SUN worship" ritual.  If you keep on doing something, but just call it a new name, you haven't "stopped doing it". If this were true, Heroin addiction could be instantly "cured", by simply calling "Heroin", "Jesus". And then they could say,"I'm addicted to Jesus", instead of "I'm addicted to Heroin".

"Apollo-gists" will claim that everything they do, is always RIGHT, no matter HOW WRONG it is. They have an "excuse" for everything. (But never a "repentance" for anything) But in the end, an excuse is no more than that. An excuse. It doesn't change the facts of what it is. An intelligent mind can find an excuse for anything. But that will not change reality. It simply obscures it. If you look for excuses that is all you will ever find. But if you look for the truth, you will not settle for somebody else's excuse.

The truth is, the "Mass" did not come from "Christ". Nor does it "celebrate" him. Nor is his "real presence" anywhere near it, much less in it, because the "Christ" it is celebrating is not "Christ". It is Apollo. ( Who is quite pleased with it )

In fact, the "Mass" itself is both a deliberate  rejection and a desecration, of what Christ actually commanded to be done.  You cannot "claim" you are "celebrating Christ", when what you are literally doing, is a "rejection" of what he literally commanded. That is complete "opposite-speak" at it's finest. What  you are doing is "rebelling" against him. (And he won't "be present" in your "rebellion")

The "Mass" is actually, an "abomination of desolation". Because while "Catholics" are mistaken about the "Mass", they are correct that what Christ commanded, was his "Body" and his "Blood". And without it, you do not have his "Body" and his "Blood" in "the Lord's supper". Because what you are doing is not "his supper". It is the "replacement" of it. In spite of his "command" to do it. Thus why the "Mass" (which IS it's replacement) results in "desolation".

No one is "going to heaven" because they participated in a "pagan libation" in honor of the Roman empire, and in the worship of it's primary god, the SUN.  And for anyone to think that "honors Christ", is seriously just kidding themselves.



The oddity of "Christian Devil Worshipers"

Does calling a "Devil" by the name of "Christ" magically turn it into "Christ"?  Most people in the world actually think so. Because they really do not believe there is actually a "Devil" there to begin with. So you could call the "blank space' anything and it would not matter.  This is the common western approach to "religion", especially from the Vatican and it's allies.  But there are several problems with this idea.

The conceptual reality of various kinds of "spirits" are derived from primitive culture's "phenomenological" experiences of them.  "Theology" itself, is based on the conceptual reality of "spirit"...

John 4:24 

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

"Christmas" fails on both counts. It is the "wrong spirit" and it is not the "truth".  That's a pretty simple reality. But it gets much more complicated, when you begin to "dig into" what "spirit" it actually is.  Because there is a "spirit" in it, and it is not the "Spirit of God". It WAS the "spirit" of "devils" or what early Christians referred to as "SATAN", before it was "Christened" by Pope Sixtus III as "Christ". But unless you believe a Pope by the name of 3 sixes, magically changed "Satan" into "Christ" (just because he said so), then the spiritual entity that existed before Pope Sixtus III, is still there, except now he has a "new name". In terms of "Theology" nothing could have been more "disastrous". It would be the equivalent of replacing "water" in the Fire Truck, with gasoline. ( And still thinking it will "put out a fire" because both are "liquids" and "wet" )

Have you ever wondered why...
 the more "Christian" some people get,
the more "Demonic" they begin to act?

That is what happens
when you give "devils", the name "Christ"
(and switch "North" and "South" on your spiritual compass)

The "consequences" of "spiritual confusion" do not stop with just emotions and behaviors. It extends into one's eternity, if not changed. Heaven becomes Hell, down becomes up, love becomes hate, righteousness becomes crookedness. The internal "compass" has been "broken".

When you take something that is clearly NOT Christ, and call it "Christ", you break this internal "compass" within "Christians".  They are better off with NO CHRIST at all, than one that is really "Satan", but CALLED "Christ", for political convenience and social convention.   They are given the disease, and inoculated from the cure, at the same time. It is what the Scriptures call 'blasphemy" of the "Spirit". You have to "repent" of it because it destroys the soul, it cannot be simply "forgiven" or "overlooked".

Mat 12:31

Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.


T H E    M A S S    O F    " C H R I S T - M A S S "



What "counter-reformationists"  among Protestant Evangelicals never bother to explain to their victims, is that "Christ-Mass" is all about a "Mass", that is the reason for the conjunction "Christ"+"Mass".

And they also do not bother to inform their victims, that participation in it's social "rituals" are all about the "celebration" surrounding that "Mass".  They prefer instead to shift focus on the word "Christ" in "Christ-Mass", but that is actually a form of open deception called "distraction".  "Christ-Mass" is a Roman Catholic "Mass", plain and simple.

So it is extremely hypocritical and contradictory, for any real Protestant Evangelical, to on the one hand demand subservience and compliance to the social rituals surrounding that Roman Catholic "Mass", and at the same time, claim to "reject" that "Mass".

Because obviously you cannot have your "cake" and "eat it too". Either you are for it, in which case you should immediately surrender yourself to the local Roman Catholic diocese for disciplinary action, or... you are "against it". In which case, there is no reason for you to be demanding anyone pay homage to the "Christ-Mass" on December 25th. 

This blatant contradiction is simply "ignored" by the Satanic "religious-right" Christmas  ministers. And that intentional "ignore-ance" exposes who they really are.

Christ never commanded a "Mass", and anyone who "demands" what he never commanded, does not "represent him". In fact, they "defy" him and they are "against" him. Or in other words, they are "anti" - "Christ".

But the "Mass" is actually much worse than simply never "commanded". Although that fact should not lost or be considered irrelevant. Because if you demand, what he never commanded, you are definitely not "representing" him. You are "representing" something else, that is not him.

But the Satanic ministers of the "religious-right", actually "demand" what he never did. And that is how you know they do not "represent" him. They represent something, that is NOT him. Something that is "Counter" to Christ. Or "against" Christ.  Something "anti" Christ. (They pretend to be "for" Christ, but preach and do, the exact "opposite" of everything he taught and did?) Thus, that is who they really are.




Satanic ministers [Mk.8:33] like to place a great deal of "solemnity" on their made up rituals in honor of the birth of the Sun. And they like to refer to the "rebirth" of THE SUN every year as the "ADVENT SEASON" and the "INCARNATION".  But the only thing that is being "Incarnated" and "ADVENTED" is "the SUN", which they secretly worship and consider "Lucifer".  Unless you are planning to spend your "eternity" with them and their "Lucifer", it might not be a good idea to "join with them" in these worship rituals.

And all the little wafers and crackers they like to eat at this time, are all rituals derived from their SUN WORSHIP. Not Christ. And, all you have to do, to see who they are in history, is take the aluminum cap off your head, and sit down, and READ your Bible.

The ONE THING that the real "Christ" actually did command his followers to do, they would rather physically die, than do it. That is how much they actually truly hate and despise him.  (The real "him")


Even AFTER they realize they are wrong,


So you see, these practices come from religious sources, that are "against" Christ, not "for him", as they "claim" to be.  They want him REPLACED with something that is NOT HIM.
"Apollo-gists" who "never repent" of anything, no matter how bad it is, cannot admit to themselves that are ever wrong in any way, shape or form, ever, so they made up the lame "excuse" for their "Apollo" worship,  it "wasn't really the Passover", even though that is what the Apostles actually said it was. (Because then that would mean they are wrong, and that could never happen)..because they are "Apollo-gists".

It was "secretly" their Apollo cracker-fest. (Don't believe your "lying eyes")

1Co 5:8 

Therefore let us keep the feast,
not with old leaven,
neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness;
but with the unleavened bread
of sincerity and truth.

Because this ritual plays such an important central role in the religion described in the New Testament, it is very clear that the "Apollo-gists" are spreading another religion.

A religious practice that comes from another "mysterious" source? What source would that be? What source would be inspiring these "Apollo-gists"? To demand SUN WORSHIP ritual on December 25th, the birthday of the SUN? And eat magic SUN crackers? (And actually have the nerve to call that "Christ"?) What has gotten into these "Apollo-gists"? What "god" could these "Apollo-gists" be serving? Must be something in their "Apollo-getics".

Something that Christ had no part of. Never taught. And whose adherents never followed. It is a religion from a completely different source. With different rituals and practices. A source that did not actually like what "Christ" actually taught and did. They felt compelled to aggressively REPLACE it. And hide that replacement with lies to "cover their tracks"!!!   It was a source that was "against" Christ. Or "anti" Christ.


"There can be no two things more different than the celebration of the Lord's Supper in a Christian home in the first century and in a cathedral in the twentieth century. The things are so different it is almost possible to say that they bear no relationship to each other whatsoever." - WILLIAM BARCLAY, THE LORD'S SUPPER, P. 132, Del Birkey


The Apostles in the New Testament, were very "touchy" over the subject of the "Lord's Supper", because they considered it to be the "Flesh" and "Blood" of Christ, they really didn't want anyone "replacing it". So John wrote some incredibly damning prophecies about a group of Gentiles called "Nicolaitans" that were doing just that. And he warned them, that they would be "drinking the cup of God's wrath", and go to hell for it.


There are many warnings in the New Testament of this nature, against the rise of the "Nicolaitans" to power in the Roman empire. None of it is good.

And yet, this is exactly the direction that Satanic ministers [Mk.8:33] in the New World Order, "religious-right" want to take not only all of America (by force if necessary), but even the whole world. "Christmas" is full participation in what John said would be the object of God's wrath, not only in this world, but in the one to come. To put it bluntly, the text says ...

The SAME shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, ...without mixture into the cup of his indignation: and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angles, and in the presence of the Lamb.


That's some pretty serious language, don't you think? Do you really want to "celebrate" and "participate" in the "Mass"?  Do you think "Satanic ministers" in America should have the right to force this "damnation" on all Americans? Do you think that's good?

It's certainly not something, anyone should be "voting" for. (And if you are "sitting" under the ministry of one of these people... RUN like your salvation depends on it. Because it really does)




Theologians and Bible scholars throughout the ages have recognized in the person of Antiochus Epiphanes, an Arche-type of the New Testament "Antichrist".  He was famous for desecrating the Jewish temple by slaughtering a pig on the Jerusalem temple altar as a sacrifice to the Gentile sun-god, on December 25th.

As an "arche-tpe" he replaced the required kosher Temple sacrifice, for a pig. And exchanged YHVH for Zeus. (The god of the Greek empire)

"Christmas" too, took place on the pagan day of Sun worship, and it too was blighted by the sacrifice of an unkosher pig on the altar (of the "Lord's Supper") in place of the one God had told his people to give.

It too resulted in the "Abomination of Desolation", because not only was the true temple of God (which are his people ) left "defiled", that altar has never been "cleansed" and "rededicated", as was done with the physical temple in Jerusalem.

And if you really do believe that the "flesh" and "blood" must be received through the "Lord's Supper" as Catholic theology teaches, in order to have it an be saved, this REPLACEMENT resulted in the damnation of every victim it forced itself upon in history. That is, if you really do believe his "supper" is the "flesh" and "blood" without which, you are not "saved".

This event would be as serious a mistake, as anyone could have possibly, made in theology, and in history. The absolute worst. Completely aside for the fact, that the very definition of God himself was being replaced, with it's opposite.

Is anyone in their "right-mind" expected to believe this corruption, this switch of opposites, between the Biblical God, and a Roman devil, caused no consequence ever in the history of humanity forward, for all time. Absolutely none?

The answer to that question cannot be as is claimed, because if you look into history, at people who became zealous for the religion of Rome, they also became demonically dangerous to humanity, in their zeal.

Millions were slaughtered on the altar for this "god", and even today, it is no accident, that Nazis and Klansman, wave the flag of Rome the loudest and the highest, over "Christmas" and it's Aryan Deity, the Apollo-Christ of Pope Sixtus III (literally 3 sixes).

If you have been eating crackers and wafers during the "Advent" of the SUN, for Lucifer, but really do want to experience the "Body" and "Blood" of the real Apostolic New Testament Christ, maybe you should consider "Repenting" and returning to a Biblical New Testament "Passover", which he actually commanded.

Lucifer, never died for your "sins". And there is not much he can do to "save you" from them, with those wafers,  crackers and yeast rolls. 

You might as well just order a pizza and have a beer

(and call it "the Lord's supper").

It's just as "efficacious".



Satanic "right-wing" Christmas ministers [Mk.8:33], are extremely hypocritical because while they will extol the "virtues" of early "Christians" (who were "Fed to Lions" and "Burned Alive", before bowing to a statue of Caesar), they will simultaneously, tell the victims of their deceit, that it is only "what's in the heart that counts". (Whenever someone begins to ask "too many questions" about their more than obvious "Hypocrisy" concerning "Christmas")

According to them, obviously, all these "Christian martyrs" died for nothing, because they were "stupid". (Never realizing they could have simply "bowed to Caesar" and "thought about dinner").  And when John mentions them in the book of Revelation, in the presence of God in heaven for their "martyrdom",  John was just being "stupid" too.

But it gets much worse, than that. According to this "interpretation", Christ himself, was the "chief-stupid" of all.

Matthew 4:8 -11

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.  Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.


(Little did Christ know, according to "Christmas-Christianity", he could have "bowed to Satan" and thought about "pita bread and Hummus", and rightfully gained all the "kingdoms of the world"). No "cross" necessary. (Poor "misled" Christ)


Satan did not ask for a "thought". Satan asked for a physical action. In fact, Satan did not really care what Christ "thought" at all, as long as he would "bow down". That is an outward physical action. An "Act", only.  According to "right-wing" Satanic ministers [Mark 8:33] that promote the forced worship of Apollyon (Rev.9:11), Christ would have been perfectly fine, if he had just "bowed to Satan" (and thought of something else in his head, while he did it), like a nice  piece of  "pita bread", with some "Hummus".

Satanic ministers [Mk.8:33] who demand the world pay homage to the birth of the SUN (as Christ), will often assure their victims, when their victims begin to "ask questions", that it only matters "what is in your heart". (Because then you do not have to worry, if you have been deceived into worshiping the Devil). Because obviously, you are not "thinking that" in "your heart".

Unfortunately, that promise is found no where in the Scriptures, at all. That claim is directly contradicted, actually in the most serious terms possible. In fact, it is an exact opposite, to what the Scriptures actually teach. (But that is what happens when you worship "the opposite of Christ" (as "Christ"), you very often do come away with "opposite" ideas. (Because that is after all, what you are really "worshiping")

But in "truth", it matters what you do, almost to the "exclusion" of "what's in your HEART".  The reason being, is that the Scriptures actually ASSUME, your heart (if it is "Human" at all), is basically WICKED.  Thus why it needs "redemption" and "salvation".

The "heart" can be very easily DECEIVED. (And what one is "thinking"in their "heart", will not change in the least, what is happening IN REALITY)

Deuteronomy 11:16 

Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;

The Scriptures warn that "all nations" will be "Deceived" (into worshiping "the Devil", A/K/A "Lucifer") [Rev.18:23].  It doesn't say they will knowingly do it. The word "Deceived" means "to deceive".  There is no statement anywhere in the Bible, that the "nations" will either intentionally or knowingly, ever "worship" the devil. (Not one) They are deceived into it.  "Deceived" means they do not know they are doing it! (And how do you think that is going to happen? Hint: What is the one thing "all nations do"?) PS. If you have to think about what that is, more than 3 seconds, you too have been "deceived" into doing it, as well.

The primary definition of the word "Deceive" according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means (1) To cause to accept as true or valid, what is false or invalid. ("Christmas" is "false" and "invalid"). There you have it.

That is the very definition of the work, of the "right-wing" Satanic "Christmas" minister [Mk.8:33], who is in fact, doing this work, all over the world. (Precisely as was prophesied in the New Testament)


Deu 4:15 

Take ye therefore good heed unto yourselves; ...Lest ye corrupt yourselves,.. And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, ..shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the LORD thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven.


If you now realize, you have been DECEIVED into worshiping the DEVIL (a/k/a "Lucifer") as CHRIST, all you have to do is "Repent" and change. Repentance takes only a moment to do, but it WILL have "Eternal" benefits. People who "worship Satan" as "Christ" (even though they have been "deceived") will not be "saved" by Christ. ( That is his own personal promise to them - Matt.7:21-23 - regardless of what they "think" is in their "heart" )

The reason he points to this terrible consequence, is that he says they "worked iniquity". The English word, translated as "Iniquity" means "Lawlessness".  All their "religion", all their "good deeds" and all their  "charity", was in conscious rebellion against God's law (the Torah).


                                         (the "Christmas" Minister)

Please, do not follow this "minister" to hell.