THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think


Satanists in Illinois want "their tree" back.  And it is actually their tree. Of course, their demand is causing a lot of "consternation" with the competing "Luciferians" who pose as "Christians", and want to keep their "deception" a "secret". So much for "secrecy".

But at least the "public" gets to see where their "tree" really did come from, and why it is being "erected" in everyone's homes, airports, government buildings, and at the nation's capital. But for many, it is too much "truth". And so they are working feverishly, to find a way to stop this "embarrassment".  So the all the Christian-posing "Luciferians" can comfortably slither back into the cover of "darkness".

For "Christians" who follow the New Testament as their "guide" for "faith and practice", and have learned the truth about "Christmas" as a whole, there is nothing here either new or shocking. In fact, the moment of honesty and clarity is despite it's over-all sadness, somewhat refreshing. Because Genesis 3, is precisely where this "Tree" and it's "solstice" ritual, actually really do, historically and theologically, actually come from. They really do.  (Not from "Christ") And everyone but "Christians" seem to already clearly know that. (And why is that?) Why is it that "Christians" are literally the "last" to know? (The question is simply rhetorical, because that answer too, is already known)

The Bible mentions the practice, not just once, but hundreds of times, and in past ages of Biblical faith in America, precisely because of those numerous references, "real Christians" had nothing to do with it. (PS. They still don't) There's just not that many "real Christians" left. 

The religious industry proliferates the practice almost as much as they "generate" modern "political" pseudo-Christians, who neither know Christ, nor their own Bible. And most unfortunately, do not have the slightest clue, that they do not.

They have been "sold" a "Luciferian" Christ, completely unaware their "Christ" is a big ball of fire in the sky, called THE SUN. And...That one day, they will have the unfortunate opportunity to join it. It is not a "Christ" of "salvation", it is a "Christ" of damnation, and they do not know the difference. Or even that there is one. If you try to tell them, they will only be offended. And the only information they hear or see is what their rich or famous preacher tells them.  (And if their preacher is not a Mason, then he's simply the useful idiot)

There is a lot more going on "spiritually" with "the Tree" than most people know. And the annual ritual of erecting one in your home synchronized with the panoply of "solstice rituals" serves a very important function within the SUN WORSHIP system. Ritual "Trees" do not come alone. They come with "spirits". The head of demons, was a "spirit" known as "Azazel" ("spirit" of "the wilderness"). Thus why "the tree" is ritualistically "brought into the home".  We will go into that in detail in the section on "the Christmas spirit". The solstice tree ritual is possibly one of the oldest rituals on earth. It is the beginning point, for the Genesis story in the Bible.

In fact, Genesis was actually written to serve as a "rebuttal" to it. "The tree" comes with a "serpent". In almost all traditions of SUN WORSHIP, both the tree and the serpent, are described together. The serpent ranges from a variety of local breeds, such as the Egyptian Cobra, to completely mythological, such as the "feathered serpent" of the Mayas, or the "rainbow serpent" of the aborigines. But there's always the "serpent", with "the Tree". That is why Moses wrote what he did in Genesis 3 about it.

When Moses described the "Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil", he was describing what is known in the SUN WORSHIP tradition, as the "tree of enlightenment", or as was the case in Egypt, the "tree of Life", or the "paradise tree". (All different names for the same tree) . Moses reversed the values in the Egyptian tradition, by placing the label of the "tree of life" with "God" and what he "says". And instead of the serpent bringing "enlightenment", it brought "deception" and "death". (Which is what it does) SEE "The Christmas Magic" for statistics, if you doubt it.

One of the first things a neophyte pagan will do, is go pray to a "tree". That is not an accident, it is "instinctual" when you reject God. Because, spiritually and symbolically, it is a conduit for energy from the "under-world". (It symbolizes an "opposite" to "heaven")  "Trees" (themselves) are also the oldest form of idolatry on earth, and play a "central" role in symbolism and ritual, in traditions of "self-deification".
The first "idols" were themselves, nothing more than "spirit trees". The idea of "carving them" came later. But whether they are "carved" or in their "natural state", placing them above God's word is "idolatry". There is nothing innately wrong with trees, but disobedience to God in reference to them, is "idolatry". Even though they are just "trees". You can make an "idol" out of anything, including "trees".

When Christmas "dissidents" charge "Christmas trees" are "idols". That would be correct. They are. In fact, they are the world's first "idols". They were known as "spirit-trees".
Isa 57:5  Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree...
But "the tree" was more than the earliest form of idolatry, it evolved into the actual staging area, for the idols themselves.  It was the location for the "idols", which were placed underneath it. The practice is duplicated today, precisely as it was, thousands of years ago.
Because Moses was writing a "rebuttal" to this religious "system", which had already spread all over the "world", the "spiritual values" which Moses attributed to it, were reversed, from what was "claimed" for it.
Instead of being "enlightened", (that they were themselves, "gods"), they were "deceived", because God was the creator, before they ever existed. Though the real focus of this "religion" was "self-deification", Biblical writers described it as "devil worship".  And the focus of "self-deification" was really "Satan". (Who did precisely the same thing) Thus this was his "spirit" or "state of consciousness". (That's quite a disagreement) There is no "synthesis" between these two views. They are "eternally" counter to one another.



For there shall arise ψευδό-χριστοι, and ψευδο-προφήτης, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.


For ψευδό-χριστοι and ψευδο-προφῆται shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

"Pseudo-Christoi" and "Pseudo-Prophaetace" is translated as "false Christs" and "false prophets", but these terms were coined by "Christ" before the word "Christian" came into existence.  The term "Christian" was intended as a derogatory term for Jews who "followed" Yeshua of Nazrat (Nazareth), as the prophesied Jewish "Messiah" or "Christos". "Christ-ian" (Χριστ-ιανός) literally meant "little Christs", as in"Xristoi", meaning "christs".

The term "psuedo-christoi" was Christ's reference to the same, except with the addition of the prefix "psuedo", translated "false" or "fake".  Not only are the "psuedo-christoi" "false Christians", they also "preach" a "false Christianity", as in the term "pseudo-prophaetace" (false prophets/preachers).  It is identified in the New Testament as a "Christianity" that does not "save". (Matthew 7:21-23) Because.. It has a "false Christ" as it's focus. (Rev.9:11)

The "Pseudo-Christoi" cannot "justify it's "Sin-thesis" between these two spiritual "paths", so rather than openly discuss their efforts with the public, and explain their "theory" of "theology" (which is focused on "Lucifer"), they literally simply "deceive", just as it was prophesied BY CHRIST himself, in the New Testament.

When it comes to the issue of erecting the "Tree of Knowledge of good and evil" in your "living room", for the children, they will intentionally tell the public a truck load of false stories. Most of the time, not always (excepting the "useful idiots"), they actually know they are lying. It is actually "a public policy" to do so...

So you see, if you are talking to "Pseudo-Chrisoi" about their "Sin-thesis" with "the Tree" (meaning the Tree of Damnation), they really will not have any choices about it. No matter what "the facts" about it are.  They are "stuck" with it, no matter what. (Even if it is SATAN HIMSELF)

But the "Majority" of the United States (in terms of "Christianity")  is still "Protestant". That means only the "Luciferian" sector should be promoting the veneration of the "Tree" (meaning the Tree of Damnation). Ministers and Preachers who are NOT "Luciferians", have no business "defending" rituals of Satan worship. (Which is what erecting Satan's Tree at Solstice, is totally and completely, all about.)  It is A RITUAL. Please note the word... SPI RITUAL

"Luciferians", are both "Protestant" and "Catholic", and the SOLSTICE RITUAL is what they both have in common and share, put it bluntly, they are both (technically speaking) "Devil Worshipers". But rather than tell their victims what they are "seducing" them into, they simply lie to the public about it, until a full blown Satanist shows up, and wants "credit" where "credit is due".  Then the "Luciferians" get mad about it. Ironic isn't it? We have so much "Satan" in America now, it is "bumping" into each other.

But make no mistake about it, what they are not telling you, is precisely what you need to know, if you are a "real Christian". Because this "Tree" IS erected, in honor of, what the Bible clearly calls, "Satan". ( By "whatever name" you choose to call him )

If you ARE a "Biblical Christian", this "ritual" is not for you. Don't "pretend" it is. You would be "lying", to yourself and others, to say otherwise.




There are myriad upon myriad of “fictions”. Most of these “fictions” were simply concocted, as “propaganda”. One such tale is that Martin Luther instituted the “Christmas tree”. That is an intentional bold faced lie. It is told to “seduce” Protestants into the practice, using deception. And unfortunately, there are some Protestants who have eaten that rat poison, not suspecting they were simply being lied to.  SEE: "Antichrist For Dummies-part29-Rev11" for details

There is no basis for it in real “history”. The fraudulent pictures of Luther and his “Christmas tree” were fabricated by Masons in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1800s to promote the practice among “Protestants” (who refused to do it). They picked up the propaganda from counter-reformation Lutherans, in Germany. There was no truth to it. But that didn't stop "Apollo-gists" from making frequent use of the deception.

Your "Christmas Tree" really did come, directly from "Satan's Tree" in the Garden of Eden, straight to your living room, for your children to "play with".

Here's is how it "happened".

Deuteronomy 7:26

And you shall not bring an abominable thing into your house and become devoted to destruction like it. You shall utterly detest and abhor it, for it is devoted to destruction.

- English Standard Version






Jer 10:2  Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
Jer 10:3  For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
Jer 10:4  They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

References to "Groves" and the "Green Tree"

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Counter-reformationist ministers, along with their “Apollo-gists” like to very loudly and very dogmatically proclaim, Jeremiah 10, has NOTHING to do with “Christmas trees”.  Anyone who suggests it does, is either ”ignorant” or “stupid”.

They make their “argument” by doing the following…

1.  They give a modern date for the invention for “Christmas trees” and show “Jeremiah 10” was written long before that. Thus demonstrating a  reference to it in Jeremiah, would be a “logistical” impossibility. Therefore it has nothing to do with “Christmas trees”.

2.  They cite the fact that in the text, “Idols” are mentioned. Therefore the “tree” is being “cut down” in order to “carve idols”. They claim the nails and "fasteners" refer to a very large wooden idol, that was made from the tree, and thus needs to be "stabilized' in place (from falling over), because it is so "large". Therefore it has nothing to do with “Christmas trees”. The text is about “idolatry” only.

3.  They show that “Christians” invented “Christmas trees”, and as such, it is a “Christian” practice,  therefore “Christmas trees” are not “heathen”, and is not referenced by the prohibition against the “way of the heathen”.

Those three points (in their mind) render the text in Jeremiah completely outside of any possible reference to “Christmas trees”. End of story.

But is that “really” all there is to this story?

Why does the language of the text, sound so similar and recognizable?

Is that really just a completely random coincidence? Unfortunately, the counter-reformationist minister, and his “Apollo-gist”, have not been completely transparent with their “audiences”. They are very eager to “get rid” of what people are actually seeing in that text, but they are not too concerned about what the text actually meant. Nor what was happening in Jeremiah’s day, that prompted him to write that text.

It’s not that these things are “not known” to “counter-reformationists” and their “Apollo-gists”, its just that they do not think anyone has the right to consider it relevant, if it contradicts their “program”. 

Because, they have the right to “be in charge” of these matters, no matter what Jeremiah wrote. They really don’t think what Jeremiah wrote, is therefore, actually that “relevant” anyway.

They just can’t get up in their pulpits and say that. But that is the truth. They really do not “care” what Jeremiah wrote, one way or another, whether it is about “Christmas trees” or “not”, they are still going to do everything exactly the way they do it, regardless of what any prophet wrote thousands of years ago. Including Jeremiah.

So if you think quoting “Jeremiah 10” (no matter what it says) is going to mean anything to “counter-reformationists” and their “Apollo-gists” concerning "Christmas" and their "Trees", you can stop reading now, because it will not happen.

But what can happen, is that you can warn your friends and family. Because unlike the “counter-reformationist” minister, who not only, does not care about his own soul, or anyone else’s, you do and will.

Yes, Jeremiah 10 is about “Christmas trees”. In fact, that is precisely, what Jeremiah 10 is specifically and precisely about. It is about “Christmas trees”. That is why when you read it, that is precisely what IT SOUNDS LIKE it is about. Because IT IS. And in the following information you are going to see why.



Let’s begin, by going over their own points.

1. The “Date” of the “invention” of “Modern Christmas trees”.


A.  No one “invents” trees. They have been around since before humanity. They have been used in “religious ritual” since before recorded history. (No one “invented” their use in “religious ritual”)

B.  Marking the appropriation of “religious ritual” using a venerated or sacred tree is not it’s “beginning point”. It would at best be an “entry point”. (Probably however, not even really that either, as undocumented usage can occur for centuries prior)

C.  The application of a “new name” to an already pre-existing ritual usage, is called an “appropriation”. “Appropriation” dates are not “beginning points”.  Therefore, if an ancient practice is “appropriated”, and there is a “pre-existing” reference to the ancient practice, (in an ancient source), the ancient source can make reference to the “ancient practice” despite the “new name” and it’s more recent “appropriation”, in modern times.

Because of these facts, the modern "date" of the "Christmas tree" ritual, is not "relevant" in dismissing the "prohibition", as being applicable against it. (Or in potentially having the ritual described in ancient texts, prior to it's appropriation)

 2. The text clearly mentions idols.


A. The text does mention idols. It also clearly mentions a number of other things as well. One of the other things it also “clearly mentions” is “the tree”. The tree is not simply “incidental” element to the making of the idol in the text. The “tree” is also described as a “religious ritual”, all in it’s own right. That is why Jeremiah gives it the detail that he does.

B. The “Idols” that Jeremiah DOES describe, are those that are made as “graven images” and “molten images” (v.14). Jeremiah specifies the KIND of idols he is making reference to in the text in verse 14. They use sculpting tools and metallic molds, and are specifically made "by fire". The maker is called a "refiner". There is no mention of  "carving" tools. The only wood-working tool that is mentioned, back in verse 3, is the “ax” for “chopping the tree down”. (Two (2) different material mediums are mentioned, with 2 different sets of tools). 

The “idols” are “graven” and “molten” indicating they are pressed/molded/made from materials, other than “wood” from the “tree”. In Hebrew, the artificer (v.14)  is called "a refiner" [that is a worker of metals] but included the "firing" of clay pottery (or clay figurines).

(The “tree” is serving another function, completely aside from the production of the associated “idols”) The tree is only cut with an “ax”. No further mention of wood-working of the tree is cited. (Only that it is “beautified” and “fixed”) not “shaped” or "carved".

3. “Christians” invented “Christmas trees”, therefore it is not referenced by “the way of the heathen”.


A.  “Christians” did not “invent” tree ritual. Tree ritual preceded both Christianity and Judaism. There is nothing “in” either Christianity or Judaism that involves “Tree ritual”, commands it, or provides a positive example of it, to be emulated. It is a “foreign” (Gentile) practice and concept. (Jer.10, "customs")

B. The prohibition in Jeremiah is all encompassing. It is a prohibition against assimilation of religious practices (of any kind).  This would include the “appropriation” of “tree ritual” (which it also happens to describe, along with “idolatry”). So it clearly does “include” the use of “Tree ritual” (by any name). The “name” of the “tree-ritual” is not “given” by Jeremiah, so the name that you call it, does NOT MATTER. It is addressed in the prohibition.

C. The “name” you give it, or the “date” that you appropriate the “tree ritual” into your “customs”, is “irrelevant” to Jeremiah’s meaning, intent and scope of his intended “prohibition”. Don’t do it. Don’t start doing it at a later date. Don't call it another name, then do it. Don’t ever do it. The modern “Christmas tree ritual” appropriating the ancient practice, IS included in his prohibition.




When we look at what is actually known about the period in which Jeremiah was prophesying, we discover that the explanations given by “counter-reformationist” ministers do not match the facts.  The "idols" were not huge "wooden" idols that needed "stabilizing". They were "small idols" (figurines) placed "under the green tree" (precisely as is done today) and in fact, about the same size.

What the archaeology of the period actually shows, is that Jeremiah was very much talking about “Trees” and “idols” (both) because (just as in our custom today), it was their “custom” to place the “idols” under the “tree”. And the “tree” was (separately) “beautified”, precisely as Jeremiah describes.



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Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers... shall inherit the kingdom of God.


But ...murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

NO  -

DO NOT BE DECEIVED (1 Co.6:9)... Idolaters do not "go to heaven".

Now might be a good time to "Repent"

(The people "demanding" you do "Christmas" for them, will not be offering to "go to hell for you")

Jude 1:21-23

Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire;