THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think



THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS, according to it's "founders"

"Apollo-gists" claim the celebration of Christmas had "nothing" to do with "Paganism" or "Sun worship". And that "Christmas" is "completely Christian" in origin.  But the people who FOUNDED the observance, DISAGREE. Hear them, in their own words.





If you think there is no "Antichrist" on earth, until after "the rapture" because that's what it teaches in the Book of Revelation, or that some President or Muslim or Atheist or Jew is the "Antichrist", then you need to see this video series. Because those ideas, are precisely and intentionally wrong, and here is why.
Everyone knows Atheism is based on Science, is proven by Evolution, is modern, is against religion, and  is opposed to the "Religious-Right". That's the "story", ...But the truth is, unfortunately, not what everyone knows. And there is a reason this is the case. The "religious-Right" and "Atheist-left" are in reality, the right and left hand of the very same people, working on the very same ends in society, both works, based on deceiving the public.

This is what they didn't bother to tell you about Atheism before you ran to it from the "Religious-right".  And also, why it requires deception, in order to be believed.  Atheism is not "scientific", it is actually a medieval propaganda form, created by the VATICAN in order to HIDE Science and destroy religious competition in western civilization.  Not promote the "understanding of Science", but actually hide it! DON'T BELIEVE IT? Watch this Series. A large portion of which, is Atheism as actually explained by the most prominent Atheists themselves!
Every year Americans are bombarded with a form of media production known technically as "Propaganda", the sole function of which is to manipulate the behavior of it's audience for political reasons. It's use of "mind control" techniques, and "brainwashing" extend as far back as it's earliest creators. It blatantly distorts and suppresses the truth about this "holy day".
You shall know them by their "fruits"... Murder, Mafia, Terrorism, Obstruction of Justice, Hypocrisy, Deceit, Racketeering, Money Laundering, Larceny, Theft by Conversion, Homosexual Prostitution, Pedophilia, Child porn, Genocide, Drug Trafficking, Conspiracy, Sabotage of Democratic States, (including against Italy and the U.S., and of course the UK), Pilferaging, Embezzlement, Accounting Fraud, Tax Evasion, Abuse of Process, Child Abuse, Masonry, Mafia, Contract killing, Nazi Fascism.. and last but certainly not least, the undeniable prophesied seat of the Antichrist in the Bible.
Think the History Channel, in its documentary on "The Antichrist", was telling you anything about "the history" of the "Antichrist" ??? You better think again. They didn't do a documentary on the "History of the Antichrist" at all... they actually HID it. This video series will tell you both HOW and WHY.
Pope Francis says he's concerned about "Global warming" (a/k/a "climate change"), and quotes scores of Biblical texts in his Papal Encyclical to address it. Ironically, he completely omits the most obvious text in the entire Bible about it, and ignores what that very same text says to do in order to stop it. (And it actually does give directions for stopping it) because it was prophesied nearly 2000 years ago as a "Divine Judgement" on the Antichrist. All we must do is "repent" and stop following him, and renounced the idolatry associated with his religion. But... of course... that isn't what Pope Francis told the world. Why do you think that is? (And not to mention the fact [not accidentally] that the Vatican's "Christ-mass" is the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions for the entire year, every year) Of course, nothing will be said about that either.



Finally something they all agree on... "Christmas Trees" have nothing to do with "Christ" and are "Pagan" worship.  But people who follow "Christ" ....should  do them anyway?


The popular "images" of "angels" being placed throughout the house at "Christmastime" and all over the "Christmas tree" catch many by surprise when they discover the fact that "Christmas angels" are actually replicas of "Demonic spirits" from Ancient Babylonia. Not their "New Testament". And what is worse, is that the people who have been pushing these "Christmas Angels" actually know what they are, and they are proliferating them into "Christian homes" on purpose. Hark, the demons of Apollyon are singing... in your home, at your own "family altar".

"Come out of her" It's not a casual suggestion. It's a command, not just to Christians, but to all the people of the earth. Come out of it or perish in it. It is a choice everyone must make, and it is a choice that will determine your eternal destiny... or perhaps indicate what you have chosen. (Either way, the results are the same)
Find out how you have been lied to, and why. From ancient Ephesus, to modern day Tele-evangelists, trace the origin and promotion of the "Rapture" doctrine. (Whose been teaching it, why they have taught it, and what does the Bible really have to say about it)
This is the shocking truth about ARMAGEDDON, World War 3, and the end of the world. Think all the TV hype about Armageddon is there to "warn the world" about Armageddon? Think again. Like all the other political disinformation and deception activities Nicolaitans are engaged with the Public through the medium of TV, the subject of Armageddon itself, proves to be no exception. There is an agenda in hyping up "Christians" with fear and terror concerning a future "Armageddon" and it has nothing to do with the Bible. In fact, (like everything else) they are actually working on HIDING Armageddon, not "revealing it" to anybody. And the stakes are high in this disinformation game they now play with the American, and more specifically, Evangelical/Protestant Christian Public.
There is no "polite way" to respond to cashiers, waiters in restaurants, or strangers who mouthed the required confession, other than acquiesce, or to simply keep quiet. But for those, you know personally, who make it a personal mission in your world, to intentionally harass you when they know you do not observe Christmas, by bombarding you with "Merry Christmas" every year... here is something, just for them.



Tired of the same ole' "monolith" of "Christmas worship" every year? These creative songs might just bring a moment of unexpected "cheer" to your ear !!